Wednesday, December 26, 2007

David Banner gives back to his hood.

Rapper David Banner celebrates Christmas by doing the right thing,helping those mis fortunate people who live in the poorest state in the union.David Banner who is a proud Mississippi native has the vast support of these forgotten marginal downtrodden Black folks in the deep south.He along with a White female magazine editor took a verbal jab at Reverend Al Sharpton of the Harlem based National Action network.He also chastised what he called fake gangster rappers who make it rain on hoes in the club instead of giving the money to people who need it.
The video clip has Banner being needy to fatherless children in rural Jackson Mississippi.Question that needs to be asked is,where are these kids fathers?Is playing a sugar/santa/pimpdaddy is going to excuse the vile degrading music he makes?Where was he during the Jena 6 cause?Who are the Black people who cant seem to help themselves even when they elect Black leaders in their district?Is Banner doing this for political gain or publicity?Why insist on challenging Al Sharpton?Who is he fronting for?We need unity in Black America,the white MTV crowd hate Al Sharpton but he has the support of most African Americans even the ones Banner Played santa/pimpdaddy to.But I'll give him credit for giving hopefully other rappers will follow this trend without trying to get points for it.

The stupidity of some African leaders
A collection of fresh and innovative ideas wrapped in evocative prose, observed from the perspective of a diverse variety of characters and presented using a disarming, unpretentious personal style. "Think Only Whites Are Racist? Think Again!" is a powerful account of one Blackman's journey across four continents.

Can you believe it? The president of Uganda Yuweri Museveni, has just spent well over half a billion dollars to host the Commonwealth summit. This is a country that is one of the poorest in the world and which could have used the money to help alleviate the suffering of its impoverished population.

It is important to note that, the Commonwealth is made up of countries that were former colonies of the British Empire. Like the Francophonie, which is the French version of the Commonwealth, African leaders have for more than 50 years spent lavishly with the limited resources of their population to host summits of these two organizations which they should not have joined in the first place.

Remember, these organizations are symbols of colonialism and imperialism, which I strongly believe perpetuated Africa's holocaust for more than two hundred years, period. Think about, and then think of Germany forming and heading an organization for all the countries it occupied and ruled from 1933-1945.

Besides, not only are the Francophone and British Commonwealth under the current format unwarranted, from the African perspective, they are also irrelevant because the original idea of visa-free travel among the member states no longer exists. Citizens of countries from the poorer member states now have strict visa requirements to visit the rich members. The economic assistance, which was used as part of the rational to form the two organizations, is something that cannot be justified either. The largest donation to the poorer states from Africa comes from countries such as United States, Japan, Canada, China etc, which did not colonize any of these African countries.

And by the way, just what benefit have Africans gained by being in these two organizations for the past fifty years? The Commonwealth and the Francophonie have not prevented the many wars, poverty, human rights abuses that have been prevalent on the continent. And if they haven't changed anything for the past 50 years, what are the prospects that they will?

Clearly, the only beneficiaries are the corrupt and irresponsible African leaders, (in most cases dictators and human right violators) who spent millions to bribe their way for opportunity to host the annual meetings of either the Commonwealth or Francophonie. Then, when awarded the opportunity to host the summits, spent the limited resources of their people to impress and showcase their stupidity just like the Ugandan president just did.

By the way, the term Commonwealth itself is an absurd terminology for member countries of the developing world, because there is nothing Commonwealth about them, just as the term Francophonie is, since some of the member countries in that organization are not French speaking and have no history or links with the French.

Mohammed Ali

November 26 2007

Say no to all forms of racism, not just white racism



is now in bookstores

Think only Whites are Racist think again.

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2006-2007 ALIKING
Throughout my life, I have experienced racial discrimination almost on a daily basis. I am a black African Muslim, born in Sokode in the state of Togo, which is located in the region Southwest of the Sahara desert. My family moved to Ghana in 1974. Since I left Ghana, in 1987, I have lived in Saudi Arabia, Germany and Canada.

In every one of these countries I have found that racism isn't perpetuated by whites alone - all races are guilty. I have also found that some global events tend to propel the intensity of, and increase the amount of racism. The monstrous event of September 11th, 2001 is one of these occurrences that didn't helped matters.

This, in spite of the fact that every year on the March 21, the day earmarked by the United Nations as International Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, I see people of all racial background come together in various cities around the world to demonstrate and to make statements condemning racial discrimination. This global demonstrations amazes me, not because I hate the noble idea of annihilating racism. Nor am I against people from all walks of life demonstrating their beliefs. It's their actual belief that boggles my mind.

The significant elements of these demonstrations are the participants and their targets. Excluding a few whites motivated by self-criticism or political correctness, the majority of the demonstrators are non-whites who usually direct their anger and venom at what they perceive as white racism. The South East Asians, the Chinese, Hispanics, Arabs and African Americans whom I have met all believe that racism is synonymous with white people who victimize them.

However, in my capacity as a political refugee who has shared rooms and apartments and worked with many racial groups in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, I see it differently. I don't belief in the baloney that only whites are racist. I hope I am not accused of being a white apologist. Yes, whites may have perpetuated colonialism, segregation and apartheid, and been heavily involved in slavery. And yes, white supremacy groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan and other Neo-Nazi groups still exist. But is that all there is about racism?

From my personal experience, it isn't white people who have exhibited the most racism towards me-on the contrary, white people have shown me the least amount of racial discrimination. Unfortunately, the people who top the list of dishing out racism are those who normally complain about being the victims. That is why I believe it is a fallacy to say that racism is a white person's thing, especially when this misperception stems from white people dominating the world's geo-politics.

In contrast, my observation and experience throughout my travels and interactions are that most whites, especially those of West European origin, tend to be sensitive and sophisticated with racism issues. They understand the negative impact and take accusations of racism very seriously.

From my perspective, the vast majority of white people resent being labeled "racist," even if they are practicing it. I have also noted that whites tend to be more considerate in corporate offices, government departments and commercial institutions where they are in charge as opposed to non-whites who rule the roost. This has given me a guiding principle of usually soliciting services in a government office or a store from a white person when both a colored and a white person are serving.

In general, white people show great courtesy to people of color, perhaps because they don't want the race card used against them if non-whites don't receive what they want. On the other hand, non whites don't care whether they are called racist or not. Their logic that racism is a white person's thing is deep rooted; therefore, if you call them racist, they treat it as a joke.

No doubt trying to eliminate racial discrimination is an uphill battle. It just can't be done when some groups believe that racism is only white racism. Racism is racism regardless of its origin and who perpetuates it.

If you have any doubts about the gravity of non-white racism, consider the simple example of relationships and marriages between races. Despite all the myths about black-white frictions, it is an observed fact that black-white unions are some of the most common form of mixed relationships today. For instance, although Germany often gets labeled high as a racist nation, it also has one of the largest black-white relationships per capita in the world.

Unfortunately, mixed-race marriages among some racial groups are non-existent. Some racial groups. particularly those from South and Far East Asia, often consider this type of relationship an abomination or a taboo.

Much has been written about this vast topic. The difference, though, is these books and articles are generally written by people with little or no direct experience in racial discrimination; their works usually are based on hearsay. However, I have felt and experienced racial discrimination.

"Think Only Whites Are Racist? Think Again!, is a new kind of book aimed at giving all fronts on the racial spectrum a fair shot, and to make them all accountable for their actions, actions which are often detrimental to others. The book is also designed to change the current landscape of this vast topic and to usher in fresh ideas about fighting racial discrimination.

The bottom line is we need to resolve several issues of racism. People of all race, color, and creed must agree and accept the concept that the color of a person's skin is no more significant than the color of his or her eyes. The philosophy, doctrine, teachings and ideology that rate one race and one skin superior and another inferior, must be realistically fought, discredited and abandoned.

We must genuinely recognize that racism is a menace and fight against it like we fight terrorism. Otherwise, racial discrimination will stick with us forever- despite our demonstrations, flyers and placards.
by Mohammed Ali

Monday, December 24, 2007

The hidden hand of mass confusion.

Is history repeating itself?Or were we fooled into believing America will change.It seems we as Black people are the butt of America's racial jokes.This time we have cooperation from fools clowns and outright race and nation traitors.Those of us who believe in the beautiful Kala Nation are now fighting an internal threat to our survival.Just this weekend I learned that a popular mall in our area was shut down due to gang violence.I am not talking about simple school yard fights,I am talking kids as young as 13 shooting guns.All youth innocence is gone forever,as our youth today are lost beyond what we could ever hope to bring back.Now you make ask is why?Self hate.Notice most of the youth in our community that are looked after or valued,none almost are dark-skinned almost always light-skinned or brown skinned.This is because we have internalized the White mans view of African people.Sad part is if you say anything about this you are considered a racist,by Whites and uncle tom Blacks.How can you have unity when you don't value your own kind.Make no mistake the Whites know this division exist and the instigate conflict among us.The biggest way to deal with this issue of self degradation is to confront it head on.We know the racist are not going to stop putting out stereotypes of us,but we don't have to buy into them.Don't be afraid to be called a racist if needed.That is the new game to silence the growing anger that is building in our community.With all the destruction of our community only a Pan African movement based on the will of god and morality can prevent chaos and oblivion from occurring.The popular media cant seem to get enough of the minstrel acts of Lil Jon,Lil Wayne,Ying Yang Twins and other ignorant rappers out there.The same as older generation enjoyed racist humor at Black folks expense.
Our ancestors were fighting and external enemy that openly oppressed us.We have mastered how to deal with them.But no one has ever talk about how to fight the enemy within.Yes we have people although share the same race as the rest of us have no knowledge of their collective past,so they don't see a collective future.This is why we sit in shock when we turn on the evening news and listening to rap lyrics.And yes those threats are made against you for being hard working law abiding.They hate you not the White man you are the enemy to them for complaining about their foolishness,their buffoonery,their violence and irresponsibility and boy acting.We dare say to them pull up your pants and look for a job.Love is a two way street if you want to be my brother then act like it.The Bible says he that desires a friend must first show himself friendly.I am my brothers keeper,I will love him enough to tell him where he is wrong and point him down a path of righteousness.We need to build our culture to include the Pan African world and work with African states to promote unity across the Atlantic and throughout the world.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Africa's Biggest Rapper calls out 50 cent.50 cent gets an A- on Kala Nation's Pan -African report card.

As we all have suspected for the last five years this man 50cent is incredible.It seems as though he knows just what to do when to do it what to say and when to say it.A very clever move on his part was to go outside the US and build his fan base global.There is only one Black man in the world that is more revered on the African continent than 50 cent it is not the famous Nigerian rapper who is trying to compete with 50 for African dominance.It is Nelson Mandela.In fact more youth in Africa see 50 cent as their leader than Mandela.Do you hear this?This is alarming!A gangster rapper from NYC more important than Nelson Mandela?We Pan Africanist are in serious trouble.We only can hope 50 does the right thing with this influence and help build bridges with the Black community in America and the Black population in Africa.Recently the African Union just green lighted his concert in Abuja Nigeria the rival city of Johannesburg South Africa,to host a Pan African event.This will probably be the most significant event since FESTAC held thirty years ago in Lagos Nigeria.A few years ago 50 did a concert in Nigeria and drew 100,000 people.Rapper Eedris Abdul Kareem may be just jealous of 50 cent's popularity on the African Continent.Jay Z got a B on his Pan African report card for helping build a water system for school children in South Africa.We gave Reakwon of the Wu Tang Clan a b+ for his work in exposing the blood diamond trade in Sierra Leone a year ago.Well at least it seems that one rappers knows where the future is and I doubt very much if the Africans care about who is more gangster.It is just seeing who seems to be a muscled African superhero who has the world in a gaze it makes them and most of us proud.
Kala Nation of God

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

George W.Bush.The Road to hell is often paved with good intentions.

When George W.Bush became the 43 President of the United States,many felt it was a false presidency.The voter fraud that some accused the Republican party of gave some an excuse not to like or accept his presidency.The second term validated his first term with an overwhelming vote.

From the very start Mr Bush seemed arrogant, cocky self righteous and always had this smirk of deceit on his face.Many of us opposed to him simply by those observations.We for the life of us don't understand why others cant.I can't see why even hard line conservatives aren't turned off by this.After all isn't it truth we all want?Don't we want peace and being seen by the rest of the world as a good country not a bully?

On September 11 2001 Americans were forced to chose sides.No longer could you objectively criticize you government,country.It was now considered by GW and the neo conservatives as treason.They rationalized that America needed to now wage war on it's enemies. Make no mistake there are people who are really trying to destroy this country.But most of us believe the bigger threat comes from these people who say that they are trying to help or protect us.The Patriot Act although never actually read by any congressman,passed in mist of the hysteria after 9/11 attacks. It is now harder for us to travel receive mail,or get certain jobs without 20 different ids.If you think this protects us think again.

I early 2003 Mr Bush decided to take us to war with Irag.We were told we would be safer once this evil dictator Saddam Hussein is removed from power. Along comes GW the cowboy on a white horse to save the day.There is is one small problem that was four years ago, and the country of Irag is in chaos.There is an undercurrent running through America which is bordering on civil war.This all because one man said he wanted to do something good for the people of Irag.Halliburton CEO made 40 million dollars profit in Irag last year!3500 young men and women are dead!23,000 missing limbs, and forever damaged!400 billion tax payer money gone over this war.

"The road to

hell is often paved with good intentions"

Self hatred is number one problem threatening the African American community.

In recent weeks these two videos on the internet has finally put this issue of race mixing on the front page.It is an issue that brings out raw emotions in this all people.This issue effects I believe Black men more than Black women.This is because men have an urge to reproduce and will go where ever they can find it.All men have desire territory and women it is primal in all men.The tragedy of being Black in a White dominated society means any Black woman is open to other races.And since the White man controls this society all women are naturally attracted to the stronger man.It does not help that the current hip hop generation seems hell bent on a criminal self destructive behavior.Most of the Black women in America are not like the Black women of a generation ago.Years of watching daytime talk television,negative images of Black men have taken there toll.Years ago because racism and racial violence we came together and formed bonds that made us strong.This kept families together and created Black love as in the words of Dr Cornell West.When we kept to ourselves we loved each other to an extent.Now since the post civil rights era those bonds are vanishing.Young Black girls and women think nothing of having flings with White men or even marriage.Now I am not a racist I believe in a perfect world true love should be colorblind.This is not a perfect world.Black men are still bound to social constructs that protect the future of the White race in America.The symbol of this was the lynching of Black men to instill fear in them so they will not mingle with White women.The man and young woman in this video both have good points.Black women are surely after White men we see this with Halli Berry with her White boyfriend,who was she fooling.Her sex role with Billy Bob Thorton was appalling.She was a symbol of Black beauty and he was a nobody.Why not Brad Pitt?I believe only a few Black men date white women as a preference.I believe when a pretty girl show a Black man interest he will take it that is just his maleness.Now women are programed to be patient and selective when choosing her mate.The type of man a woman choose is her total definition of her existence.I f she had something in her childhood that scared her it will effect her judgment on men selection.So given that what does that say about a woman who chooses to be with a man even though his family don't accept her on something like race?I says she has a lot of self hate toward her own kind something like Uncle Rutkus on Boondocks.So check these videos out.Self hate is the number one problem threatening our future.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A mans word is his bond

Since the dawn of civilization mankind has been toying with the idea on how to trust one another and get along.God gives all men character,we are all born knowing right from wrong.We choose weather we want to be good or evil.The problem comes when we call good evil or bad,or we see evil as good.Murder is evil,stealing is evil,lying is evil.We all sin and do evil things, but the difference is atonement asking for forgiveness,as Christ forgave us for our sins.

What distinguishes ordinary men and women from the great is the way people see or view them.It speaks a lot for a society that seems to only value looks and wealth,which is fine there is nothing wrong with having those things.There once was a time when a person cared about his honor,did everything in his power to clear his name and his families reputation.When he gave his word nations were built.Remember Gen.Douglas Mac author's promise to the Philippine people?I shall return.Maybe this is what President Bush means to stay the course in Iraq.After all he gave the Iraqi people his word.

There is something great and noble about a man who lives by his word.Never boast about something you have no intentions to manifest.A coward dies a thousand deaths,dreams of greatness in each.A real man knows when his moment to stand up, and has a will to meet any challenge.

All of the legal phraseology of modern mankind would be for nothing,if at the very fabric of it was in the beginning the first to agree or bonded by word.In the Bible it say 'In the;beginning was 'god's word.'Your word is you what gives you character live by it or perish. 'A mans word is his bond'

Hip hop.The Myth of the Black CNN.

It has been 11 years since the Fox news network first aired on cable television.It came as an alternative to the CNN cable news network in which most White Americans felt was left-wing leaning and catered to the United Nations and globalist interest.CNN with its world report and other internationalist perspective seemed like counter to the traditionalist beliefs of most White Americans.For years the images of America put out by CNN owned by Ted Turner and wife Jane Fonda painted a liberal America last image that most Americans didn't agree with.CNN tended to lean towards socialist ideology,and doctrine.Traditional interpretation of borders a national language and an American culture that glues a nation together.The image of CNN was minorities,gays,women's issues we just as mainstreamed as the military,police,and the stock market was to most White men.Now Fox news came and for all its worth gave White America and accurate view of how they saw this country and the issues that mattered to most of them.This comes at the expense of minorities in this country,because negative images of Blacks and Latinos get high ratings.Again tit is all of how news and opinion is shaped and the willingness of viewers to watch.
Now the 69,000 question.Where is the Black CNN?The Black Fox news network?Where does the world get info about our community?Who shapes the images in Black America?Are those images accurate and balanced?Rapper Chuck D once coined the term Black CNN I remember back when intelligent hip hop was big,that was to some extent true.Most rappers were in sync with the struggle of the people.Rappers went out of their way to be examples and send messages to the laymen.Over the years though big corporations got a hold to the music and they erased all Black consciousness in music and replaced it with gangster rap,drugs and violence.Now since CNN gave a fixed view of America that was not accurate,hip hop by definition would be not accurate.Most of White America's opinion of Black people come from the media not through any real contact as Bill Oreilly's recent comment about being surprised about seeing Black people acting civilized in Sylvia's restaurant.Hip hop seems to concentrate on the negative and sensational.I once coin a phrase 'a tree grows in Brooklyn'.This means if you want news there is always something to talk about.News is all around us it is just who is doing the reporting.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Kalagenesis critics corner.American Gangster

The move American Gangster starring Russell Crow and academy award winning actor Denzel Washington opened two months ago to rave reviews.Now the Kalagenesis who is the cultural protector of the Kala Nation which means the African American family working as one unit,is the vanguard protector against counter culture in Black America.At a time when it is now reveal that in spite of the once held notion of us as a people being strong we are finding out compared to other people we are very weak.One of the things that make us weak besides the curse of many complexions which make us feel insecure around each other is not loving or knowing our culture to coexist with each other.We used to be a very religious people who lived by gods word.God have laws that he means for us to follow.We are flesh so we are born in sin.The Bible tells us that God will forgive ours sins if we repent and ask for forgiveness.There is almost no man that cannot be redeemed.Music,art,film,poetry,writings influence us and our thinkings and emotions.A society that permits the wrong messages to influence the youth without role models is signing its death certificate.The youth are more inclined to act out violent fantasies without thinking of consequences.Now painting a rosy picture of life is not the answer either.The key is balance.So as that is my background for reviewing American Gangster a story about a White Jewish New York City cop taking down heroin kingpin Frank Lucas in the early seventies.I asked myself when I saw this movie,when am I going to see a movie about Nat Turner and his slave rebellion?Or about the ex slaves who left this country to form their republic in Liberia?Why on the whole Black life in America is a constant state of hell and misery?Why was this movie made?I went looking for redeeming qualities in Frank Lucas and I found very little.His conservative manner,business savoy,marriage,close family ties with his mother and brothers were good,but anyone with a half of brain knows that is what sold the movie.Hollywood is clever in knowing there is a yearning for family values to get past the critics but the gangster criminal life is the 800 pound gorilla in the room.Something that can't be ignored.Neither can it be ignored that this movie went against every cultural,conventional belief about the drug trade in America.A black man was above the Italian Sicilian mafia in control of the drug trade.This went against The movie The Godfather, when he said 'we will keep the traffic in the dark people the colored they're animals anyway.'Now many of us have to face the reality that it was a Black man who imported heroin to his community for greed and money.No longer can we blame the White man for this destruction.They're some who refuse to believe this.One of them being Minister Farrakhan who say that it was a lie that Lucas did this without some government support.I personally felt this when I watched this.They did not give me enough evidence to believe Frank Lucas with his country bumpkin brothers could do that without help from above.The climax when the police mounted a full on assault on Lucas's operation at the end was rousing.When the church was surrounded and Frank Lucas walked out that was the best part of the film.The big name rappers who had undeveloped roles seemed silly because they were the ones boosting the film on MTV/BET ect.The RZA from the Wu tang Clan had a very memorable role as a NYPD cop assigned to Crow's Narcotic's unit.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Welcome!Dress code strickley enforced!

The age of hip hop has created a eternal youth culture that effect everyone.There was an old saying that it is a shame 'youth' is wasted on the young.Hip hop is unique in that like most youth oriented art forms rebellion against the social morays and norms of established society,it celebrates the arrested development of youth.This is why everyone in hip hop just about has little so and so or young so and so.Hip hop appeals to the youth in all of us,never wanting to age or grow up.Many artist give knowledge we use to better ourselves but it is lost on those artist who want to promote ignorance and buffoonery.Over the last few years that I have been working and going to the nightlife hip hop scene a deadly plague on ill behaviored unruly people of all ages has made the club scene very dangerous and unsafe.Correct me if I am wrong but I always thought people go out to have a go time.Hip hop is the music of choice in the clubs.Most people still dress up or used to dress there Sunday best but most still dress up.But the younger crowd coming up having the hip hop mentality that is because they are young anything goes up till your 50 years old, then it time to grow up.Men in their thirties have to be told not to wear a white t-shirt or pants falling of their butts.A question needs to be asked,is it okay to reject people from your establishment,business,school,church,club,restaurant ect if they are not dressed to your standards?If so the who sets the standards?Is this discrimination?Should a person be sued if he does it?These are questions we ask as many of of hip hop people age and mature,some will not mature and upgrade their dress code.I have come to believe that if you are in a position of power and you see obscene dress then you are in your right to demand a decent dress code.I didn't think this way until I worked in a night club for a couple of years and saw that there is definitely connection between they way a person is dressed and the way they behave.If you are a school teacher or law enforcement take note.Giving the benefit of the doubt can cost you dearly.Think about it the way a person dresses tells you allot about that person.I have noticed when people give you a hard time about the dress code then they will cause you problems when they get drunk.I found that when a person if forced to wear a dress shirt then they tend to act more civil.This is the age of savage degenerate southern crunk music.Listen to Lil Jon say his verses we are going to rush that click,f@#% security,the whole disrespect for any authority not just police.Now when grown boys can't wear a belt to hold up their pants or refuse then it is up to those who enforce rules to enforce them.Back in the day most men over the age of 21 wore a suit in public.This was true especially in old Harlem,people came out in their Sunday best to present themselves to the world and look respectable.This is what old Black Nationalist and Civil rights movements were made from.Remember Marcus Garvey,Malcolm X,and Martin Luther King were all in their twenties and wore suits influenced millions.So why do the hip hop generation refuse to dress up?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Minister Louis Farrakhan.Looking for love in all the wrong places.

I remember being one of the chief organizers of the Million man march back in the summer of 1995 here in Virginia.I was a believer in the minister and the movement I still am.The year leading up to the march there was turmoil in young Black America.We saw a rise in KKK/Skinhead activity in America on one side and Bloods,crips,thug life on the other.Squeezed in the middle Minister Farrakhan,Khallid Abdul Muhammed and Ben Chavis seemed like a godsend.There was no in between either you was lost an 85% or you followed Farrakhan.Most rappers although they did wrong still supported the movement.No sellout was the thing.The rapper that idealized this was Ice Cube.When he dropped Amerikkka's most wanted in the late 80's along with Ice T,KRS ONE,Public Enemy,even NWA,Militancy was the main current running through hip hop.It was on this foundation that the youth saw The minister as a leader.Fighting a racist government,being proud of our history and ancestry was stamped in early hip hop.Remember Queen Latifah's 'Ladies first'and others.Now back then when I spoke to people about Black Unity only a few objected.So all of the signals were there for a mass mobilization of our people.In 1994 Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa so Black power and Black solidarity was the buzz and it seemed no one inthe mainstream media could stop it.Right before Farrakhan held the Million man march about 9 months prior he held a Pan-African summit in Accra Ghana.This was ground breaking,the President of Ghana at the time was Jerry Rawlings,who opened his country to the Nation of Islam and Black America.We would now have a Government to connect to.Since that time the number of our people visiting Ghana quadrupled.Farrakhan was the man of the hour.Remember what was going on on the hip hop scene back then.Remember east coast west coast beef.Something those vermin scum in hip hop publications would not stop talking about.In the final call there were no mention of this conflict only unity.The mainstream media would not stop instigating this rivalry.A few years earlier Farrakhan held a gang summit that would come back to haunt him.The gangs now had legitimacy.After the march on October 16,1995 the whole movement fell apart.People thought he had a plan and it turned out he didn't.As a result the Pan/Africa movement fell apart and the Minister looked like a lonely old man without a following.A year later 2Pac Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas while the Minister was in town for the Tyson fight.After that he mentioned rap,but revealed he never listened to it but his kids did.A few months later Biggie was murdered then he got involved.Since that time he has abandoned to extent nationalism and saw hip hop as the future.This left us Nationalist brothers without a spokesman.Then hip hop turned against us.Nas 'Black girl lost' Biggie's song about slaying militants,and the blunts,guns violence,40 oz,cristal sipping,it was over for us.For a time not even Farrakhan would speak against them.Chuck D was irrelevant trying to attack Puff daddy.In other words this was the age of cash rules everything around me.
Now fast forward to 2007 the minister is fighting a credibility problem.There are still us Nationalist who turn up eyebrows at all of this compromising with traitors and sellouts.He seems to still be looking for love in all the wrong places.

Friday, December 7, 2007

The African Union

In 400 hundred years of White supremecy and colonial domination the people of African decent are finally seeing a dream come true.It is an old saying that this revolution will not be televised.We as African Americans are the only people on this earth who accepts racial subordination and servitude.Africa has untold resources and territory to be exploited.We here in America have to start being to representatives of the AU in this country.At the same time we should be able to represent the US in Africa.This will give our people Nia the first principle of Kwanzza,which means purpose.If a people don't have a purpose then they have nothing to build around.If they have nothing to build around then they are prey to division and self hate.Any group of people can unite if they have something to build on.The enemy of Black people know this and they want to keep telling us that tired old lets be American crap.If we are not truly American by now then we will never be American.I believe we only can be American when we become Africans first.African American businessmen need markets to trade and invest in.Look at India look at China the world network of business in India is because India is a powerhouse.Indian businessmen have a base in which to draw from.It is so simple.All of the English speaking states should unite first.All of the Swahilli speaking states should unite.It is already taking place.African American businessmen are looking into opportunity in Africa.Not just business.Political,cultural,musical,educational,spiritual opportunities exist in the new Africa.We who are Africanist should respect the people and laws of the Countries we live in.We are Americans,Brits,French,ect but what unites us is what Unites the Zionist of the 19th century,that is a homeland to identify with.This is not being racist this being very noble and righteous.(cont)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Slavery and White Supremecy

In order for the institution of slavery to work a harsh system of racial abuse and oppression was needed.This series show that far from just a few slave owners owning a few slaves the system needed the support of all Whites in order to work.This series clearly shows the criminal immoral brutal institution in all of its horrors.

Monday, December 3, 2007

A side of Africa you wont see on American tv.Lagos Nigeria

IT always amazes me how people who don't know anything about Africa have such a Negative image of the continent.Nigeria is beautiful and the more African Americans see images like this one the more they will understand that Africa has potential to be a partners in education,business,trade,technology,culture politics ect.The first thing is we as Black people have to get rid of the self hate.Every other group has ties to their homelands we are the only group of people who are totally dependent on White America for survival.From fancy cars to sports countries like South Africa,Nigeria,Kenya has real potential for the ambitious among our people.Above are a collection of fourteen videos made in Lagos,Abuja/Nigeria with excellent scenery,stuff you wont see on American television.Only war,aids people starving is what you will see.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Stop Kooning!

Recently I got into a discussion with Koofilms about some of the contents of his videos he posted.Because most media outlets are controlled by White racist,it is in their best interest to only let the most ignorant among us get the most exposure.This is a continuation of their domination over us.Making a people feel insecure,hopeless,unsafe and miserable among themselves.In turn they are made to love their oppressor and elevate among themselves based on who looks more like the oppressor.
Kooning is the act of self denegration of Black people for the pleasure of white people.This started in slavery which was different than slavery in past times.Here in the Americas particularly the North American continent the African was made to hate himself.His color,hair lips were ridiculed.People who had never seen a Black when they came here learned to dispise them.One of the ways to reinforce this system is through entertainment.Minstrel shows put on by whites in black face mocked their slaves and slaves who wanted to please their masters danced,clowned,jesture in a musical,buffooning manner.In todays hip hop we see this,because most hip hop records are sold to white teens.The funny thing is that the black kids are following a trend in music that is being financed by white youth.How much of that money jAYZ,50,PDiddy Russell have do you think comes from black pockets?Probably 20%.Remember the saying, "he who pays the piper calls the tune".We are watching Black kids being self enslaved through clowning and dehumanization by black on black hatred and low self worth.Where does this come from?If you don't respect yourself then you wont respect those who look like you.If you are constantly humiliating others of your own kind just to entertain Whites then you are kooning.If you have $3000 rims and you live in an apartment then you are kooning.If you mock other peoples complexion,size or income just so you can seem better in the eyes of whites then you are kooning.If you think gangs are a legitimate organization then you are kooning.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mali.(The Empire of Gold) Pt 1Sundiata Keita the Lion King

The year is 1324A.D.and to the west of the great nile river another civilization has emerged to take the place of the ancient dynasties of the Egyptians 2300 years earlier.The ancestors of the people in West Africa migrated here from the nile region the tigris,and other parts of Africa.Along the Niger river Arab traders from the North or Medditerianian coast traded salt to Black African gold traders called Wangara from the south.This trade began around 100a.d.some say it was even older.Greek philosopher Herodetus talk about Dumb trade.Traders would put their goods along the river banks and wait for the wangara to arrive.The wangara would leave the amount of gold he thought the item was worth.This went on till a price was agreed apon.Over time stability through trade brought wealth and prosperity through out this region.Several tribes began to stand out among others.In the year 1000ad the Kingdom of Ghana was formed in the area of where Mauritainia is Ghana means gold.The king who built this kingdom and brought all of the trading cities, villages, trade routes and learned men under one system was King Tenkamenin supreme ruler of the Empire of Ghana.He devised a new tax system on camels and donkeys entering and leaving all of the cities in the kingdom.As prosperity came learning and enlightenment took hold.The king built a new capital city called Kumbi Saleh and the stone ruins still stand to this day.Islamic scholars moved there from Morrocco,Cairo,Mecca,Spain.Indeed West Africa was the place to be.A new city was built during the height of the Ghana Empire it was called Timbucktu.Built on the banks of the niger river the was the learning center of the world.All this laid the foundation of the coming of the Empire of Gold.
In the year 1274ad the Malinke tribe a Hamitic Sudanic tribe living in the Ghana Empire began to grow.Its warrior king considered their tribe to be divine.His name was King Sudiata Keita of the Keita clan.Born a cripple not able to run or walk because of an illness he was taken care of by females of the village.He wore his hair long in braids and was proud of his tribes beauty.Well someone else was interested in conquering the Malinke his name was Sumangru he raided the village with his men carrying off all the pretty girls and killing all of the fighting age men.When he saw young Sundiata he took pity.This only act of kindness was to be his doom.When Sundiata grew up he swore revenge.A blacksmith man him some imitation legs so he could walk upright.He practiced the fighting arts for years and like David and Goliath he challenged the evil king to a battle.Sumanguru had magical powers he appeared to Sundiata as an owl,trying to tell him to back down but Sundiata told the owl I know who you are and I will avenge the Malinke.The next day as the two rode to each other on horseback Sundiata pulled a special arrow designed to go through Sumangru's armor.He drew and struck the miserly king killing him.He liberated the city of Niani and made it the new capital of the Mali Empire.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Revenge of the nerds.Micheal E.Dyson

In discussing the teachings of author Mike Dyson one has to be familiar with the conditions and mind set of modern African American community.In several of my post I listed the problems of the Black race in America.First was Sacred Cows,another was,'The road to hell is often paved with good intentions,the 'Arrested Development.I said 'A mans word is his bond.'Finally I explained to the world what the Kala Nation is and how are we going to achieve it.Well the first thing we have to do is to identify who we are as a people(knowledge of self)and then identify how we can collectively come together as a people and a nation within a nation for our survival.I have often wrote men are made and judged by his words and deeds.In the bible it say you are known by the fruits you bear.This I bear witness to.It is not above any man not to forgive our fellow man for misdeeds so long as that man trys to make amends for wrong doing.Right now Black America is in a serious meltdown.We are the only group of people who refuse to believe or should I say live by what is right and what is wrong.A man who loves his people will tell them when they are doing wrong.A man who is a con artist,a hustler,a fraud tells you what he think you want to hear.No let us examine Mike Dysons book 'Is Cosby right'Now Dyson has a right to critisise Cosby all he wants that is his right.What he does not have the right to do is is character assassination or trying to pit classes of black people against each other.Dyson is a dangerous liar.He says Cosby hates poor blacks.COSBY HATES BAD BEHAVIOR!!That is different than hating his own race.Does anyone believe this academic fraud who has a history of defaming black icons like Martin Luther King jr.In his book which is written on a fifth grade reading level with simplistic insults aimed at attracting an ignorant unintellectual so called hip hop generation.He said cosby should just eat his jello pudding pop.See he has taken on the swagger of the no good hood thug who listen to him.He is desperate for followers weak uneducated misinformed fools who want to hear all day how its the white mans fault why they cant read a book and succeed.Cosby has always represented the best of what black america is about.Now was cosby involved in scandals?Sure but what about the founding fathers?Look at Mt Rushmore look at you money see how other races protect their elders and heroes who fought for them.Has not cosby given enough to his people? Isn't his word enough?Why don't we forgive our own the way every other people protect their own?I know why NIGGERTIVITY!!We are so negative we cant even do anything for ourselves.Dyson feeds into this negativity by pandering to the ignorant among us.He insults the poor because the negative in Black America or ghettoism is practiced by all income levels so Cosby never singled out the poor.That was Dyson playing class warfare.You see he is working for enemies of the real black community.
Now let us examine just why this tragic mullatto would chose to go against Bill Cosby a real Black man who is a pillar in black america.One is insecurity he is a nerd who looks like one of those dudes everyone beat up in grade school.He trys to put on a black mans venacular but underneath his voice there is weakness,in other word he has no soul.He is not a real blackman but an oreo who is using hip hop to try and gain black relevance but to a wise black man like myself he isnt fooling anyone.I can see through anyone,This man is evil,self serving and disrespectful.He disrespected Nation of Islam minister Conrad Muhammad on BET the black exploitation television.Now I say it is time to take the gloves off to these race traitors,coons,mullattos,drug dealers,minstrel rappers.Dyson is a fool and a whore prostituting himself to minstrel rap artist for financial gain and prominence.I would love for him to come on this or any forum and debate me.He is not on my level,and I dont have a masters degree.We never got our moneys worth from The United Negro College Fund look at Dyson.I am not sending anymore money,if a mind is a terrible thing to waist,so is my dollars.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Clowning.Take a Kala Nation Test'Are you a clown?'

Clowning is a form of entertainment that has appeared in some manner in virtually every culture.In most cultures the clown is a ritual character associated with festivals or rites of passage and is often very different from the most popular western form.In Europe,up until as late as the 19th century the clown was a typical everyday character,and often appeared in carnivals.The performance is symbolic of liminality -being outside the rules of society the clown is able to subvert the normal order.Most Black comedians are a perfect example of this.They can insult The White man because as a clown no none takes what they say seriously.At least the people in power are never offended this is the product of the minstrel culture in America.the basic premise of this contemperarily used by many activist to point out social absurdity.Example The Chapelle Show.
A popular early form of clown was the fool,a role that can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt and appears as the first card in the tarot deck.Most fools suffered from some physical or mental deformity,and were given to the local landlord as a charge,because their families were unable to look after them and the surrounding communities often feared them.They were the butt of jokes and their masters had the power to inflict violence upon them and even take their lives.Much like Jim Crow or Jim Jones take your pick.However t=being perceived idiots they were often the only people in court who enjoyed fee speech,and during he 16th century,especially in France actors began to train as fools often in order to have the ability to make satirical comment.There is evidence of the wise fool similar in function to the jester in many cultures.
A question that I am my fellow hip hop heads is "Are you a clown?A fool?An Idiot?A Buffoon?Remember just as clowning is a way to divert aggression away from a powerless person from a tormentor.Our existence in this country is based on assuming the clown role being satisfied with the status quo.Being the laughing stock of this civilization.Our Entertainers make millions from this role.In the words of neo minstrel rapper David Banner young niggas got to make money.The clown acting we see on MTV VH1 with shows like Hollyhood staring 36mafia and Flavor of Love with that clown Flavor Flav would not be that bad if their was a balance in the images the world sees of us.Clowns in the old days even in this country did so as a means of survival now it is celebrated as normal.I have 14 questions to ask you to see if you may be a clown.1)Do you talk to total strangers in public smiling laughing,joking like you've known them for years
2)Do you watch a rap video and run to the store and ask the clerk about some jersey or sneaker Lil Jon,50 cent, Lil Wayne,Camron had on.
3)Although you sold weed, a little X, maybe some crack you now rhyme about boats of kilos coming in from Columbia or Cuba.
4)You have more than one baby momma but never had sex with them and refuse to take a DNA test.
5)You've been on Maury Polvich
6)You have a record you've been pushing and your about to blow,and rap the rap game in a choke hold.
7)50 cent, Russell,Diddy,Jay Z,are rich so in your eyes they can do no wrong,even though you know they don't give a damn about you and what you think.
8)You are over the age of 22 and you still are pressured into joining a street gang. 9)At 35 you don't have enough life experience to draw intelligent choices on. 10)You at 25 still live with your folks.
11)At 25 you don't own a suit.
12)You try to use a hip hop site to holla at females.AKA internet stalker 13)Your waiting for your favorite rapper's CD to"drop"
14)Your rims are worth more than your car.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hustler vs Businessmen

In recent years there has been an attempt to legitimize drug dealing, thievery,car jacking money laundering ,prostitution,gambling you know all of the sins and vices.Through rap music and ,criminal activities are being legitimized even justified.The antics of Micheal Vick,Pacman Jones and others in sports and entertainment go unchallenged and unpunished.It seems as long as you have money all of your sins and flaws are forgiven.The more money you have dictates your place in this world.Not character or convictions.It is apparent no one wants to see a rich person rot in jail while millions sit in his or her bank account and goes unspent.We in our subconscious secretly root for the bad guy in the movies,and later feel guilty about it.The same law and order crowd will watch Sopranos,Ocean 11,read about Billy the kid,Jessie James was a hero to many.Why?Are we secretly evil?Are all of us prone to murder, robbery,kidnapping?Probably not.

A great American once said "The business of America is business".In simple terms it means we are here for the money nothing else.Hate it or love it everything in this world is moved by money it talks.A thug can get enough money and everyone will treat him with respect.

Just what is a business man? A hustler?A hustler can never be a good business why,because he doesn't take the time to develop himself for any long term commitment.A hustler want fast money. He only will venture into something where maximum profit can be made with minimum amount of risk.This is why it is a farce to believe that if given opportunity that street hustlers will become successful business people.I know you may say what about all of the rappers and moguls making millions of dollars selling records.If you notice there was already a market for the product they are selling so they are just filling a void.The big multinational music groups,the radio stations,music channels and internet control the flow or market these acts to the world.The mogul just puts their signature on the product as a sort of endorsement.Now don't get me wrong the style and design and trends do come from the moguls, but big mainstream corporation take their cut and control the marketing and advertising.Check out Toyota,Honda,Ford,GE,Bell,Kellogge ect,and see who controls their marketing mix from a-z.See that these are businessmen who shed many tears and in the end they delivered a product to the public.A hustler by nature does not like rules.So he often engages in criminal activities and find it hard to make the transition to legitimate enterprises.This is because in the criminal world deputes are settled through violence and intimidation.Trying to use courts to settle disputes or disagreements is the hallmark of a civilized people.A good business man does this and is patient,take for instance the shopkeeper who stays open even when not profit is being made.And the supermarket who takes a loss on an item just stocks it because customers need it.It is clear that a businessman may have to hustle to get ahead,and a hustler may need some business sense.But the two are clearly not the same .A businessman is a businessman and a hustler is just a hustler.

The Devil and David Banner

This is a tragedy of famous rapper who sold his soul to the devil for fortune and fame. One day David Banner was rapping in his room on a mic letting some pretty good flows come from his soul.He had an ability to touch people with his music and change lives for the better.He made the people around him feel proud that a man from their similar background had such gifts.As he sat in his room he saw friends rolling down the street in new Benzes, lexus, with dubs.They seemed like they had it all,the redbones jocking hard,power, respect, money.He wondered if he will ever make his fortune with his craft.While he was spitting his flows he was being watched and observed.A little man named Old Scratch artist the wicked turntableist was listening outside of his window.He observed how powerful his music was in moving the soul and wanted to know more.
A week later Banner was offered a record deal with a major record label.The label sent him on tour promoting his album but he didn't receive any money.Banner grilled his AnR about this and all he could say is that is the contract you signed.Well the real side of David Banner came out an he punched his AnR.Frustrated he goes home and starts to rap again.He looks outside of his window in his hood and sees children playing,an old lady carrying her groceries,people coming from work.Also he saw the gang bangers,drug pushers, prostitutes.Positive and negative there mixed together.He began to write about the children playing when suddenly he saw an old man in his backyard.He asked him what was he doing there he replied that he was listening to a genius that he could help.He tells him that he could get rid of his baby momma through a car accident so he would be free of child support.Banner agrees.The man introduces himself as Old Scratch artist the wicked turntableist .Banner say Ol Scratch my man!And gives him a pound.He also said he has millions of dollars waiting for him is he would come and work for him.There was always something wrong deep down inside with Banner even in his fathers church petty crimes,littles outburst foreshadowed the type of person that was buried deep in Banner.Banner asked Ol Scratch what was it he need to do.He said Banner my boy Rap!But rap about that,he was pointing to the negativity in his hood.He said do this and make people want to imitate what you rap about.Use your gift for me and I'll make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.So off to the studio went Banner pushing out the most violent degrading material ever to hit the airways.Banner blew up money ,women,jewelry,cars,jets,trips,fame he now has it.So he decides he has had enough.Ol Scratch says he wants more and that our deal is forever.Banner says no I am out.Scratch says we are forever and that he was coming back for his records.He said it better have verses about gangs killing rivals mothers.Banner said no way.Well hours past and Banner waited with his ghat for Ol Scratch to return.Looking outside his mansion he say someone approaching he shoots.It was one of his boys killed by accident by him.As the police came to investigate they decided to take him in for questioning.He gets in a patrol car and drives by the police station.He says hey where are you taking me?It was Ol Scratch driving.Banner pounded the window no one was hearing him.For Ol Scratch was the devil and he was taking Banner to hell.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Black girl lost

I remember back when I was a small boy we move from the poor but relatively stable neighborhood in South Jamaica Queens in the suburbs in upstate New York.The year was 1976.So long ago I barely can remember.The short but brief time period in an all Black community shaped the way I see the world today.Remembering images of beautiful sisters of all complexions walking hand in hand on school trips,to the bus stop,to the corner store.We would all sing black power slogans on the school bus(although most of us didn't know what we were saying).I was serounded by strong women who did not go there.What do I mean by go there?Look at the current black female singers,rappers,actress who paraded on our television every day as role models.I remember women who went to church stood by their husbands through thick and thin.I remember a time when it was a shame for a woman to be unmarried with kids.Even worst children by by many fathers.Look at Maury Polvich,Ricky Lake,Jerry springer.You see whorish women who think it is okay to disrespect men.It is okay for women to shake their ass on apoll as long as you are making money.I had this argument with a brother a few weeks ago and he told me "well some times a person has to do what hey have to do".I asked him well what about the kids,what should she tell them when they get older.He said they will understand.I said bull@##**!That kids life and innocence is gone and now society has one more burden in the criminal justice system.All because so woman couldn't keep her legs closed until the night of her wedding.Our community used to be the moral standard of the world.Many Black women have adopted the wicked ways of the sinful world.
The poster girl for Black girl lost is rapper Lil Kim.Point that is always missed in to days popular culture,is that most black females hate Lil Kim and what she stands for.In the neo minstrel age she is celebrated along with the other clowns we see in the entertainment media.Listening to her rap about getting even with men and using men the way they use us is an sin.She tells young girls to hate young boys and look for material and use your sexuality for material pursuit.In her world according to her latest song 'keep your lighters up'a 12 year old prostituting is something to brag about.Is Lil Kim our fault?Ive often ask myself that question.I mean not everyone had the love and family structure I Had so I might not be the best person to judge.But something deep down inside me tells me everyone knows right from wrong.We all bend the rules sometimes but we kept the strait and narrow.The problem is that in our current hip hop culture there is no one telling right from wrong.When our women turn on us and become our enemies we are domed as surely as Im sitting here.What am I saying?My mother,grandmother,aunts,cousins could have went there but they didn't.They stayed by their husbands,and in turned our families were raised and prospered.It wasn't hard.I am not impressed by how much money you make it me and nothing if you don't have peace and happiness.There are many Black girls lost in America AIDS,HIV,teen pregnancy,obesity,self hate.We can change this I remember the very early years of my youth when my beautiful sisters were walking hand in hand telling my mother if I did mischief.Arguing with me over a game of tag.Innocence of my youth.I pray those days come back for future generations to enjoy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sacred Cows

In life we sometimes find it hard to give up symbols,items or people that we hold as sacred.We will hold these things even though it will be to our detrement.Many people ask me what do I mean by sacred cows?In the country of India a sect of the people called Hindus worship their cows and other animals in their mist.They will not harm them for any reason.Rats run free and get fat spreading disease on the streets of Bombay.People consider them the spirits of their ancestors reincarnated.The cow holds the most esteemed post in Hindu culture.They believe a very close relative is reincarnated in the cow.Now the problem is that people for years have been starving in that country,and not only don't the people eat the cows they will feed it the last bit of grain.Does this sound sane?Of course not.But when you have believed something for hundreds of years you hold on to it even to your own demise.

In America Black America in particular we have sacred cows or beliefs we hold to our demise.We still believe in to many quarters in our community that talking proper English,working hard,and be honest and law abiding is being White or square.We have a false belief in black unity,and to stick together even when we are in the wrong.We justify this by saying we are an oppressed people, and by any means to make in the White mans world we must do anything to get ahead.Yes slavery was wrong and unjustified,and those people who still want to oppress us will be dealt with.Have we forgotten the bible?The ten commandments?Could it be God is judging us for or sins?For too long we never condemned bad behavior among each other.Even during slavery their were some who preyed on others and get away with it why?Because he knew he could get away with it so long as he is in good hands with the master.It is same today in music and entertainment.People sell themselves out for money and the only thing they fear is the White man.Not the wrath of their people.A sacred cow of ours is nothing is wrong so long as you are making money in the White mans world.Pornography,murder,gangster rap,prostitution,stripping,gambling ect.This did not just happen over night.It was always there, good news is that rap music exposed this side of our culture that we tried to keep hidden.Now we can deal with it.We need to get rid of the sacred cows of false beliefs that is holding us back.The White man or White America is not our enemy the enemy is in the mirror looking back at us.Our still love for light skin,non black features.These things sacred we hold on to because we scared to give these beliefs.We find refuge in ignorance and self hate.It is a comfort zone.Now our demise is at hand the self hate is now seen on tv,and make no mistake the whole world sees it.

Lets get rid of the sacred cows and if you have a sacred cow then tell Kala Nation and share it with us.

Kala Nation

The tightest verses of all time.

Hey my Hip Hop heads out there.I do have a light hearted side.I want to know who had the best Rhymes of all time.Now since the rise of gansta rap,crystal sipping,and rims people have forgot that this is an art that you cant throw together in a video, and spit weak verses you need rhyme skill.Although some tried to force certain rappers on us with gimicks.They will be forgotten as sure as Im sitting here.Here are some of my favorites what are your and I will know your committment to this art for by the verse that you choose.
Rakim-"I take seven MC's,
put them in a line
add seven more brothers
who think they can rhyme
well it take seven more before I go
for mine,now thats 21 Mc's eat up at the same time"
Check out my melody
KRS one "How many MC's must get dissed
before someone says dont fuck with Kris"
My Philosphy
"I slayed MC's Back in the R.E.C. ROOM era
my stlye broke muther--- back like hempfatera,
most rap niggas came loud but went unheard,
because I pull them out round them off to the nearest third".
"Check the none visual nigga with the tapes in the portrait,
Holding a seminar trying orbit its corferate."
K Solo" It your wife Mister, she dont think that Im charming
she think shes Mr Wipple, cause she thinks I squeeze the charmin."
Your moms in my buisiness
These are just a few of my favorites.I think these are the some of the best verses.These will live on in eternity.

Russell Simmons'The Road to hell is often paved with good intentions'Pt 2

I think there is nothing wrong with capitalism people getting rich off an idea or a product that they have created and people want or use.Problem is sometimes people get rich at the expense of others, ex big oil etc.Russell Simmons it seems was determined to get rich at the expense of hip hop.He discredited Pro Griff of Public Enemy because he thought Griffs SO-CALLED anti-Semitic statements would offend his Jewish partners, and backers of def-jam.From day one he seem like a man with no principle, no soul just the almighty dallor.Now the more we see of him the more this sounds true.If you add up all the Pr, all of the charity,donations gifts and benefits, it probably only add up to a pittance compared to what he is worth.Don't be fool by his donations, it is all tax write offs and publicity to keep focus off the damage the music industry is causing the culture.He knows the transition from Latoya,jimmy hats,and round the way girl,to snowman,make it rain,and other misogynistic graphic music that they flood the airways with.You see for years Russell has told us that music should be colorblind made for everyone.In other word white people don't want to hear Heavy D'sBlack coffee no sugar no cream.Now does anyone tell country music stars to make their music inclusive?No!They speak to large White middle America audiences and say fuck people of color.Thanks to Russell Simmons we cant say fuck the man or White America anymore.All of the rebellious aspects of hip hop is gone forever.Now for years this moron has been telling us that these idiots who are killing each other and disrespecting women are a legitimate form of expression.Insane! This nigga is looking at dollar signs.So don't tell me about the total of ten days out of his time he dedicated, or the total of 5 million he gave,because it is nothing compared to the500 million he has.By the way that is a pittance compared to the total worth of Black America coming up to TRILLION MARK.But again thanks to traitors like him all of that money goes back to the White community because ours is to dangerous to invest in, thanks to the degradations of the new hip hop.'The road to hell is often paved with good intentions'.

Kala Nation

Satire in the neo-minstrel age.Did BETgo to far?

Black Entertainment Television recently aired a satirical cartoon inwhich the the two creators Tyree Dillahay and Bomani Armah say they created to encourage young people to read.The cartoon is recieving a backlash by angry Black parents who say the cartoon is demeaning.Others say it is an acurate depiction of the current state of hip hop youth.Satire is suppose to be funny or to poke fun at vices in order to change or effect behavior.I n this video what is disturbing is that this socalled satire is not to far off from what most of America sees as images of young Blacks depicted in videos.Once again in the year 2007 we find ourselves the victims of images we cant refute,regect or deny.Does a message come though?In a subtle way I think it might just help.Already I ve seen the anger of the way they are being portrayed(Black youths)and for the first time they are distancing themselves from ingnorance presented in their name.So this might be a good thing.After all who wants to be called the brother who was stinking and needed deodorant.Now maybe some will think it is okay to read a book instead of living their life through a famous rapper

Do rappers like Nas owe restitution to the communities that they have slandered in their lyrics?

It has been a minute since my last discussion but this is one that need to be addressed.I am talking about the damage to the good people who live in the communities that these rappers and their record company masters spread false images to the world. I am going to start with Nas because this is close to me.My Aunt and Uncle lived in Queesbridge Long Island City New York around the same time Nas did.My Uncle(by marriage) knew Nas and his father,and played with him in his Jazz band for a time.He said Nas was nothing like the image in "Illmatic" and "It was written".Nor was Queens bridge where he and his family lived.Anyone familiar with New York knows for a big city with so many people you still have to look for trouble.I t was like that in Queens bridge.Now there were some other prodjects like 40 prodjects in South Queens everyone knows to stay away from.My point here is when I would tell someone that I had relatives in Queens bridge they would say oh my god! how could they live there?Arent there drug dealers on every corner? Id ASK HAVE YOU BEEN THERE? They'd say no but I heard Mobb Depp,Nas album.Now for all of you psycopaths and morons who are going to tell me that they are only rapping about their surroundings and what they see,let me drop something on your thick skulls.These rappers are only rapping about one side of the community.It is what they choose to see.What about the kids getting off the subway with books in their arm coming from the library or community college?Is it because that wont sell an album cover for massa the way having guns and drugs will?Getting back to Queensbridge.My Aunt was a Nurse my uncle worked for the city.They were doing very well saving for a house.They were not unique to Queensbridge mostwere working class people who obeyed the law paid taxes like any other citizen.At one time my Uncle opened a clothing store selling leathers right there in Long Island city.My whole point is this is just one example I am sure there are others.Just like during the days of black exploitation.It seems that there is an appetite for black misery and degradation.The rappers are feeding this for money.So since Nas got rich off of Queensbridge's defaming, do he and others owe restitution to the people of these places that they have exploited?

Deadly Clowns.Is Carlos Mencia'sracist comedy skits causing tensions between Afrikan-Amerikan and Latinos to grow?

Before I get started I just would like to say,I by no means am a racist.I do not take pleasure in someone Else's pain or misfortune.Although we can debate the issues between the two groups,it is when we feel the need to adopt beliefs or attitudes of the White racist toward each other the tension begins. At a critical time in American history when by numbers non white people in America is growing to an economic,cultural,and political block that cannot be ignored by the White majority.The goal of the people who practice White Supremacy is to keep nonwhite people in strife with each other.Most of the strife between the two groups are built around circumstances that neither have any control over.For example Illegal Mexicans looking for work and cutting wages,Blacks reacting by joining and supporting White xenophobic mania by supporting mass deportation.Hispanics see this and react by adopting the same attitudes towards Blacks as racists Whites.Also many light skinned Hispanics pass them self off as white on most government documents.There lies the problem,race is only something Blacks only are truly subjugated too.So the farce about people of color being united is an insult.Not so as long as we got sellouts in the Asian,Black,Latino,communities like Dave Chapelle(Before he told Comedy Central to go to hell and kiss his Black ass)and Carlos Mencia who will buck dance and do the White Racist bidding for them.Carlos Mencia born Ned Holness in Honduras 1967 was the 17th of 18 children.After making it across to the US, his family settled in East Los Angeles with relatives.Mencia says he is not afraid to offend ethnic groups.Yet most of his skits tend to be an Anglo racist vision of American life.Now for all of you snarcotic brain dead idiots who want to debate me on this,let me remind you that no one gets a major TV gig like that unless their is some hidden agenda somewhere.Black Degradation is the real goal.Tensions between Blacks and Latinos which is growing is another.This clown came out of nowhere and filled Dave Chapelle spot on Comedy Central.Why?Because they didn't like the fact that Chapelle exposed them for what they are.Chapelle admitted he went to far.He also said Comedy Central is politically charged and potent.Nearly all of the skits concerning Blacks take an usually crude mean-spirited gesture.He often says I of end everyone.No he doesn't,He takes time to support La Raza or Hispanic causes.Finally Whites are in power in this country,so any talk of race leaves them with a false sense of superiority,which is what to many Latinos and Whites believe in.

Black America's civil war The Reverend Al Sharpton vs Rapper David Banner

There is an on going civil war raging in Black America and it would be easy for me to take sides on this against David banner.The controversy started around the beginning of August when the southern rapper lashed out at the Reverend publicly.He started talking in disrespectful tones in expressing his resentment towards the Reverend for his work in stopping the offensive lyrics put out by record companies.He called the Reverend a pimp with a dried up perm.Such disrespect drew criticism towards Banner and he came under fire.He miscalculated the level of anger towards rappers who most Blacks feel are helping to denigrate our culture.Fearing the bad publicity he decides take a more civil approach towards the Reverend but it might be Little to late.Rappers are a dime a dozen a leader like Sharpton comes once a lifetime.So he wrote a letter at the advice of his attorneys no doubt and here is how it went: To all the black 'so called leaders'. Al, Oprah, Jesse, etc, etc, etc… I'm saddened by your current direction and current 'pet projects' you guys have taken under your wing at the expense of Young Black America. As an urban professional living in this crazy world, I dare ask, who are you leading? I listen to what you say, I hear you complain about the youth, and about the direction of our lives, the kids, and where Black America is going and yet I still ask – who are you guys leading? And most importantly, where are we going? Do we know the goal we are trying to reach before we get there? Have we identified our end before articulating our means to an end! Who are you REALLY reaching? Why do you feel the need to attack the young generation for the things we are doing? "WHO DID WE LEARN THESE THINGS FROM? We are trying to have fun in the midst of our traumatic circumstances. People are trying to make a living by any means necessary, people are voicing their experiences, people are speaking the truth about situations and honestly the truth hurts and sometimes it's ugly. If music/hip hop/ rappers are wrong with the language they use, the images they portray in their videos – then come talk to us – I use the term 'us' as a collective because I'm defending what I have a passion for so this also involves me. Pull us to the side and say "hey kids, that's not the way to go" and then we can say "change what we see daily so we can sing and rap about the roses and not about the bullets". We will say, help give us better situations to create better verbal material". Don't just go running off to the media to air the dirty laundry of the family and not expect us to fight back in some kind of way. What you are doing is wrong and it's pissing off a lot of people with less money and camera time! Young Black America's problem is not Hip Hop or the music, Young Black America's problem is Old White America. In the young black community, there is a growing level of resentment toward the 'so called leaders' because you guys DON'T WANT TO REALLY FIX OUR PROBLEMS. You guys don't really want to be on our side fighting for better school systems, more after school programs, more money for college funding! Where are you leaders at when there's a need to break down to freshman in college on how not to get caught up with credit cards by singing up for an MB NA card, with high interest rates that eventually screw up your credit and makes it that much harder for you to become a homeowner after you graduate college pending you can find a job in your field after you've spent all this money in student loans! Where are those seminars? Dubious had it right when he spoke of the Talented Tenth! Rally around us to help teach us about THIS life! It's not our fault that the world is messed up and filled with debauchery. It's not our fault that our communities are screwed! The problems in our community should not fall on our lap. And if you begin to hold us accountable for simply our words – then I will begin to hold you accountable for your actions; or lack there of. Right is right and wrong is wrong. You as our leaders should have taken a better approach to gaining the attention of those that you are dissatisfied with and had a conversation with them. You don't scold your child in public without fair warning! Al Sharpton: You run around towns and cities speaking words of wanting to better our community by cleaning up the airwaves. You hold rallies in front of radio stations saying turn off the music and clean the airwaves. You want to shut down local stations that are playing urban music when most of these local stations house and employ the same people in your community – the black community. When you visit any station in any city (big or small) playing urban/rap music, the staff is generally black. Now if those stations were to ever shut down – where do those employees go? Al, if you are for the people, where was your rally when the 3 college students were executed in New Jersey by black men. Where is the rally at for those families and that neighborhood??? I don't see you out there asking for justice yet that incident happened in a black community. If someone was to rap about "how f**** up black on black crime is and how even if you go to college you aren't safe on the streets and nigga's ain't' s—" – that kind of tone is offensive to you and you want to stop that! If that's the truth, then why are you censoring it? No, you need to stop the crime before it happens so that there is no gangster song about a gangster situation. Oprah: You recently you held a town hall meeting dedicating 2 days of talk to have an open forum about the "Nappy Headed Ho" comment from Imus. Everyone had their 2cents to say and yet the people that needed to REALLY be there were not at all on your panel of 'experts'. The questions all were about "why use the word ho or b**** or nigga etc" yet the rappers in question Ala Nelly, Snoop, Ludacris weren't anywhere present on your panel. In my eyes you had all the wrong people on there representing and speaking on behalf of other people. Common is great but he's not gangsta. If you had a problem with the true content of rap songs then where were those that do that kind of rap 100%? You want to talk about change, and about having us not call women in rap songs "bitches" and "hoes" but one thing I noted, you had all men on your panel of executives. Russell is wonderful but he's not the Zenith when it comes to new school rappers or their new school mentality. Kevin Liles is great but what happened to Sylvia Rhone the head of the label that Nelly is signed to, or Kathy Hughes the head of Radio One or Deborah Lee the head of BET. If the problem really was about women and the "bitch, ho" term being used, where were those ladies to speak on their stance on this issue! They are the ones with the ultimate say pulling all the strings and yet they weren't dully noted as absent from your panel! Oprah you are suppose to protect us, I can find more harm being done to the black community by the movies and sponsors you promote than any rap song. Just like your son or daughter, niece or nephew… rappers are just kids growing into their own. They aren't always right, but they aren't always wrong either. If our path is misguided, then help us get back on the right road. I'm young, I'm black, and I'm a hard worker. I'm from the hood where mother's leave their kids in the hands of strangers and never look back, I've been with killers, dope dealers, b******, church folk, grandparents, bad parenting from good parents, pushers, junkies, robbers, middle class workers, but that's the life I've been around. Gunshots and church hymns usually go hand in hand in most neighborhoods. The grim reality for a lot of kids out there living alone is that life is harsh and cold; kids grow up faster than they want to because they are forced too! Kids are growing up in situations that are f***** up. So the songs we listen to mirror the things we see, the things we dream about and the fantasies we have! Don't change the songs I listen to, change the circumstance from which it comes from—then the situation will be better! Growing up in this world of hip hop it's disheartening to see our 'so called leaders' leave us out to dry. Fine you don't like what we say. Fine disagree with our choice of topics; however, the things we talk about aren't new. We didn't invent the term pimps, pushers, hoes, tricks, boobies, nigga's and gangsta's. Hip Hop didn't create that. Those words were left here for us to use by you guys, your generation. This life we are continuing to live was handed to us by the people before us who didn't do much to clean it up. There may never be a time that we agree on anything, but there is always room for change. As a family – we will agree to disagree but it's the synergy in which we do it. If you are on one extreme tangent, and I'm on another, we will never meet eye to eye. At the same time, I will not allow you to bash, yell, condemn, and have a condescending tone on my source of refugee and happiness. As you leaders call out the hip hop community saying that we are wrong for what we do and how we do it, I am CALLING EACH OF YOU OUT saying you are wrong for what you are doing to us. How dare you guys not call Nelly, Snoop, Lil Wayne, David Banner, Jim Jones, Akon, Rick Ross, Fabulous, 50 cent, Young Buck, Bun B, Too Short and say lets talk this through. Do you even know who ANY of these people are??????? You are so disconnected from us that we don't even look at you for guidance. If you really want to change something, start by changing your dialogue. Don't talk at us, talk to us! -DAVID BANNER
I often thought of Rapper David Banner as an ignoramus,and after viewing his open letter by beliefs were confirmed.Now I am going to try and be as fair to both men as possible in this essay.There are things about both men that I dislike.The institution of the Black Leader has been a controversial one since the end of slavery.Before that in terms of our presence in America one leader could speak for the masses because most were under similar circumstances.So it didn't take much for anyone to say lets oppose slavery.The way and means differed but make no mistake all leaders were after the same end.Now in modern times we all come from different backgrounds and now have different beliefs systems so it makes it difficult for one man to honestly say he speaks for the masses of our people.This is the opposition that most Black leaders face.You see the so called Black leader in Modern time is largely the creation of the dominate White Media.It is easy to simplify the hope and aspirations of 40 million Black Americans by only talking to the same six men every night on CNN,FOX,ABC,CBS etc then to engage the community at large.The Black leaders who are chosen live high off the hog.Jesse Jackson is worth 50 million.Sharpton is wealthy so are the rest of them while they always talk about the struggle to us suckers in the grass roots.I mean payoff from corporations they bully and shakedown has them rich and White America angry with us.We could not get rid of Al or Jesse if we tried.The New York Times editorial board has decided that these leaders of Blacks or men who lead Blacks should be there because the Black community cant be trusted to vote On their own.Why since most of us cant stand the gay agenda we might just vote against it.Cant HAVE THAT!So its best to keep us politically enslaved to our democratic party masters.
Some issues Black leaders are on the money and they can galvanise the masses of our people.Just like any White leader they have good qualities and bad qualities.I believe in the big picture they do good for us.I seem to think they care more about the community they come from that the rappers.50 cent sold that energy drink,why didn't he open factories or distribution centers in South east Queens NY?I'll tell you why he like nearly all rappers will give crumbs,donations here and there but not their blood.They will never invest long term.Unless to sell crack or heroine.Jay Z sold Rocawear to a major corporation.Why didn't go to Black Business leaders for help?Think of the psychological uplift that would have had to the youth.He doesn't care.Or maybe it is not that urgent to him.So to the people who even put Earl Graves,Oprah Winprhey,Bill Cosby on the same level as these rappers I am going to break it down for you.The majority of our people are behind our traditional leaders not these rappers.David Banner made a huge miscalculation when he decided to call the Rev out.Sharpton is no Dr King he is from Harlem and it can go down anyway Banner wants it.Sharpton is fearless unafraid of NY PD,The mob or KKK.How many of these rappers even said one word about George W Bush on record?None.They are all sellouts to their MTV VH1 White audiences.David Banner wants to sell more records to the mainstream so he attacks one of his own?Where was he when KKK leader Pickens who lived a long comfortable life in Mississippi where Banners is from just finally went to jail from the 1965 civil rights murders.Not one breath from any of the so called tough dirty south rappers.So now with the slave mentality that they have to please our enemies he attacks the Reverend personally and told him "suck my dick".Such disrespect can only come from the sickest and the lowest Black people among us.Just look at his songs the guy looks and sounds like a predatory rapist.The disrespect for women on his records is appalling.I don't give a damn about your little bit of contributions.You do more damage at the expense of the people you are talking about.Now he has a big house money and fame.That is all he will ever get.Respect I am sorry sir that is asking for to much.None of the rappers you mentioned deserve respect.They forfeited that but selling their souls for pleasure.
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