Sunday, December 16, 2007

Welcome!Dress code strickley enforced!

The age of hip hop has created a eternal youth culture that effect everyone.There was an old saying that it is a shame 'youth' is wasted on the young.Hip hop is unique in that like most youth oriented art forms rebellion against the social morays and norms of established society,it celebrates the arrested development of youth.This is why everyone in hip hop just about has little so and so or young so and so.Hip hop appeals to the youth in all of us,never wanting to age or grow up.Many artist give knowledge we use to better ourselves but it is lost on those artist who want to promote ignorance and buffoonery.Over the last few years that I have been working and going to the nightlife hip hop scene a deadly plague on ill behaviored unruly people of all ages has made the club scene very dangerous and unsafe.Correct me if I am wrong but I always thought people go out to have a go time.Hip hop is the music of choice in the clubs.Most people still dress up or used to dress there Sunday best but most still dress up.But the younger crowd coming up having the hip hop mentality that is because they are young anything goes up till your 50 years old, then it time to grow up.Men in their thirties have to be told not to wear a white t-shirt or pants falling of their butts.A question needs to be asked,is it okay to reject people from your establishment,business,school,church,club,restaurant ect if they are not dressed to your standards?If so the who sets the standards?Is this discrimination?Should a person be sued if he does it?These are questions we ask as many of of hip hop people age and mature,some will not mature and upgrade their dress code.I have come to believe that if you are in a position of power and you see obscene dress then you are in your right to demand a decent dress code.I didn't think this way until I worked in a night club for a couple of years and saw that there is definitely connection between they way a person is dressed and the way they behave.If you are a school teacher or law enforcement take note.Giving the benefit of the doubt can cost you dearly.Think about it the way a person dresses tells you allot about that person.I have noticed when people give you a hard time about the dress code then they will cause you problems when they get drunk.I found that when a person if forced to wear a dress shirt then they tend to act more civil.This is the age of savage degenerate southern crunk music.Listen to Lil Jon say his verses we are going to rush that click,f@#% security,the whole disrespect for any authority not just police.Now when grown boys can't wear a belt to hold up their pants or refuse then it is up to those who enforce rules to enforce them.Back in the day most men over the age of 21 wore a suit in public.This was true especially in old Harlem,people came out in their Sunday best to present themselves to the world and look respectable.This is what old Black Nationalist and Civil rights movements were made from.Remember Marcus Garvey,Malcolm X,and Martin Luther King were all in their twenties and wore suits influenced millions.So why do the hip hop generation refuse to dress up?

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