Thursday, May 31, 2012

Comparing and Contrasting"Having an Interest in Something"and"Being Interested in Something"African Americans and Africa

in·ter·est ( n tr st, -t r- st, -tr st ). n. 1. a. A state of curiosity or concern about or attention to something: an interest in sports. b. Something, such as a quality, subject, ... Many Pan Africanist and African American nationalist have historically shown an interest in their motherland.The passion and emotion for our African homeland goes back to when the first Africans were ripped from the shores of Africa.To many it has always been an escape,a place of wonder and excitement.For years the media convinced many of us to be ashamed of Africa as a place of backwardness and savagery.Those of us who studied Africa and identified with our homeland kept our eyes on development and progress going forward.We are definitely interested in Africa.A recent survey showed 80% of African Americans more than any other Black group,say they want more positive images of Africa and want to know more about the continent.Whether it is the new DNA technology tracing ones roots to the exact tribe or visiting the continent for vacation the number of our people interested in Africa is growing to shocking proportions. What is the frustration that many of us are feeling?The frustration is we do not have interest in Africa.Lets define and interest and see how it differs from being interest in something.An Interest is something gained by having assets or something tangible of value.An Interest gives you a return on principle.This means if you own land,you have interest,because it is tangible.That land may be used for farming and also wealth creation.We African Americans have to make the transition from being interested in Africa to having interest in Africa.Having interest means your bottom line is at stake.You have to be more engaged in Africa.You need political connections and backing to protect your interest.This is the challenge of groups like the Rosenthall Group,Kemetic Pipeline,and African Venture Partners and many others doing business in Africa.Money is on the line.This puts our love for Africa to the test.Chinese were interested in Africa,now they have interest in Africa they will protect through diplomatic relations and good will gestures.We have to go beyond slogans and rhetoric and get serious or we will be locked out of the continent of our ancestors.This is the time for us to step up and put our faith to the ultimate test.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Marcus Garvey,W.E.B.Dubois and Firestone in Liberia

Marcus Garvey once said "Up you mighty race you can accomplish what you will."Marcus Garvey was the most listened to Black man in history.At his peak in 1923 he had millions of followers around the world.W.E.B Dubois was also a top intellectual who had influence in the Black community.The staging group for all African humanity was in the United States.Marcus Garvey found ready followers and listener in America,where as he never could get a following Europe and the West Indies.In America he remarked that her saw Black men walking down streets,owning businesses running newspapers in America.He saw Black colleges,scientist,teachers,doctors.It was here he saw the vision for a redeemed Africa.But the problem as Garvey saw it in America was leadership.He saw that leaders were primarily light skinned Negroes,who in his opinion had questionable loyalties.His detractors accused him of separating Black and Whites even though America Jim Crow and racial discrimination was the norm.Marcus Garvey woke the conscious of Black people up.He captured the imagination of millions of poor Black people.He appeared genuine to most.It was this connection that his enemies feared.The appointed Black leaders of the day did not address the community.They spoke about the community not to the community.Their newspapers and essays were aimed at Whites to convince them of the need for intergration and that Black people were good Americans.All the while knowing that the masses would never benefit even from token intergration.So when Garvey told the Black man in America he should colonize Africa and be able to rise on his own merits and hard work,that resonated with the majority of African Americans.Only African Americans were in the position to challenge European powers in Africa.The issue was would they want to stay being Black Americans or would they want to be African nationalist?They majority choose African Nationalism.
The NAACP the oldest civil rights organization was opposed to African Nationalism.Most were light skinned and did not feel attached to Africa as the masses of darker skinned Black people.The presence of Marcus Garvey and the parades with military themes struck fear in the hearts of the old Negro guard and the White establishment.It did not matter that Garvey called the White man a brother and was respectful of the United States and its sovereignty.The whole idea of what America thought of Black men was being undermined.Most Americans thought of Black people as not quite human.The stereotypes and minstrel image of Blacks being ignorant,clownish,violent,lustful,petty,simple was what most White Americans believed.Seeing a big imposing man with a militant uniform speaking with a foreign accent alarmed the White power structure.On four continents the cry was"GARVEY MUST GO."Seeing this the old guard Negro leadership began reaching out to White Americans who were misinformed about who and what Garveyism was.These treacherous Negroes successfully convinced the powers in America Garvey was a danger to the good Negroes in America who only dream about being American.
The UNIA team to Liberia. The enduring goad to the Universal Negro Improvement Organization was the Republic of Liberia.The first independent African republic and second independent Black state.Liberia was at the center of an international scandal involving tribesmen being recruited for labor on an island called Fernando Po.The league of nations investigated and found no evidence of slavery but said the practice should stop.This was a ploy to get Liberia to relinquish her sovereignty.Liberia had two cards to play.Marcus Garvey offered to raise money to pay Liberia's debt.He organized a team of engineers,farmers,bankers ect to go to Liberia and build a new settlement.The Liberian government promised Garvey one million acres of land for settlement.This alarmed the colonial powers in the region who had banned all images of Marcus Garvey in their colonies.Now he would have a base to operate from.So threats came about an invasion if Garvey or his followers landed in Liberia.At the same time WEB Dubois heard that Harvey Firestone was looking at Liberia as a source of rubber.Firestone of Akron Ohio was one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.But the British had a monopoly on the world rubber supply.WEB Dubois convinced Firestone to go to Liberia to give Liberia an alternative to Marcus Garvey.He then visited Liberia and convinced Liberian president CB King that Garvey was an undemocratic dictator who would take over Liberia.So Liberia rejected Garvey arresting his men when they arrived on the ship.The keep the ship and tools.Garvey's movement collapsed after this and Firestone signed a 99 year lease building the worlds largest rubber plantation on land promised to Marcus Garvey.
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Birthplace of African Nationalism.The Black Church

For many years the Black church as been criticized for being passive to White supremacy,and Black subjugation.In the 20th century the Black Church saw its place as the center if the Black community erode as large numbers of African Americans flooded into large cities in the North and new religions and cults sprung up all over the place.After the failure of reconstruction the Black community lost faith in organized religion and began questioning its premise.It was clear that in the American experiment Christianity was used to justify White domination and Black submission.Groups like the Nation of Islam used this to gain a following.This lasted up until the last 15 years when it appears that the Nation of Islam is just another organized group of Black people with no power to change the conditions of the average Black person.Even worst,with the NOI people are told to isolate and hide from White society in the name of do for self.All of this has people becoming more agnostic towards these so called men of God. A closer look at African American history reveals that contrary to contemporary beliefs,the Black church was far from passive and submissive.The whole idea of Black people being a people and a culture started in the Black church.Before that there was no reason other than a slave revolt to come together.Early Black evangelical preachers preached a gospel of racial pride and redemption.They also dignified being from Africa.This was because as many Black people witnessed European immigrants coming off of the boats in filth.Illiterate,hungry and poor,the image of Europe was not the paradise Hollywood portrayed it.Many of these early scholars knew of past African kingdoms and Empires.So if White people can be proud of being Anglican or occidental why cannot the modern Black man draw on Africa for inspiration.The result was the birth of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.The first Black institution in the modern world.The idea of being an Africa trumped tribe or birthplace.This was the basis for an entire race confronting a common enemy,and creating common goals.We are Africans in America.The ultimate symbol of this was the Biblical references to returning to the land of Promise.A fatherland of African ancestors.The idea of taking the knowledge of the world that was advancing and create a haven for African people to live and develop to their full potential was born.This was a direct result of the rejection,humiliation and degradation Black people received in America.Two of the most prominent AME leaders were the founder Bishop Richard Allen and later cam Bishop Henry Mcneil Turner.These men challenged the Black man to build a nation of his own on his own African soil.They brought and Africanized version of Christianity to Africa,that created a conscious movement still felt in the community today.They idea of a Black Jesus and praise and shouting in church were drawn from African heritage.The following is a address by the great Bishop Ricard Allen: Address to the Free Persons of Colour of these United States" Address To the Free People of Colour of these United States Brethren, Impressed with a firm and settled conviction, and more especially being thought by that inestimable and invaluable instrument, namely, the Declaration of Independence, that all men are born free and equal, and consequently are endowed with unalienable rights, among which are the enjoyments of life, liberty, and the pursuits of happiness. Viewing these as incontrovertible facts, we have been led to the following conclusions; that our forlorn and deplorable situation earnestly and loudly demand of us to devise and pursue all legal means for the speedy elevation of ourselves and brethren to the scale and standing of men. And in pursuit of this great object, various ways and means have been resorted to; among others, the African Colonization Society is the most prominent. Not doubting the sincerity of many friends who are engaged in that cause; yet we beg leave to say, that it does not meet with our approbation. However great the debt which these United States may owe to injured Africa, and however unjustly her sons have been made to bleed, and her daughters to drink of the cup of affliction, still we who have been born and nurtured on this soil, we, whose habits, manners, and customs are the same in common with other Americans, can never consent to take our lives in our hands, and be the bearers of the redress offered by that Society to that much afflicted country. Tell it not to barbarians, lest they refuse to be civilised, and eject our christian missionaries from among them, that in the nineteenth century of the christian era, laws have been enacted in some of the states of this great republic, to compel an unprotected and harmless portion of our brethren to leave their homes and seek an asylum in foreign climes: and in taking a view of the unhappy situation of many of these, whom the oppressive laws alluded to, continually crowd into the Atlantic cities, dependent of their support upon their daily labour, and who often suffer for want of employment, we have had to lament that no means have yet been devised for their relief. These considerations have led us to the conclusion, that the formation of a settlement in the British province of Upper Canada, would be a great advantage of the people of colour. In accordance with these views, we pledge ourselves to aid each other by all honourable means, to plant and support one in that country, and therefore we earnestly and most feelingly appeal to our coloured brethren, and to all philanthropists here and elsewhere, to assist in this benevolent and important work. To encourage our brethren earnestly to co-operate with us, we offer the follwing, viz. 1st. Under that government no inviduous distinction of colour is recognised, but there we shall be entitled to all the rights, privileges, and immunities of other citizens. 2nd. That the language, climate, soil, and productions are similar to those in this country. 3rd. That land of the best quality can be purchased at the moderate price of one dollar and fifty cents per acre, by the one hundred acres. 4th. The market for different kinds of produce raised in that colony, is such as to render a suitable reward to the industrious farmer, equal in our opinion to that of the United States.. And lastly, as the erection of buildings must necessarily claim the attention of the emigrants, we would invite the mechanics from our large cities to embark in the enterpirse; the advancement of architechure depending much on their exertions, as they must consequently take with them the arts and improvemnts of our well regulated communities. It will be much to the advantage of those who have large families, and desire to see them happy and respected, to locate themselves in a land where the laws and prejudices of society will have no effect in retarding their advancement to the summit of civil and religious improvement. There the diligent student will have ample opportunity to reap the reward due to industry and perserverence; whilst those of moderate attainments, if properly nurtured, may be enabled to take their stand as men in the several offices and situations necessary to promote union, peace, order and tranquility. It is to these we must look for the strength and spirit of our future prosperity. Before we close, we would just remark, that it has been a subject of deep regret to this convention, that we as a people, have not availingly appreciated every opportunity placed within our power by the benevolent efforts of the friends of humantiy, in elevating our condition to the rank of freemen. That our mental and physical qualities have not been more actively engaged in pursuits more lasting, is attributable in a great measure to a want of unity among ourselves; whilst our only stimulus to action has been to become domestics, which at best is but a precarious and degraded situation. It is to obviate these evils, that we have recommeded our views to our fellow-citizens in the foregoing instument, with a desire of raising the moral and political standing of ourselves; and we cannot devise any plan more likely to accomplish this end, than by encouraging agriculture and mechanical arts: for by the first, we shall be enabled to act with a degree of independence, which as yet has fallen to the lot of but few amoung us; and the faithful pursuit of the latter, in connection with the sciences, which expand and ennoble the mind, will eventually give us the standing and condition we desire. To effect these great objects, we would earnestly request our brethren throughout the United States, to co-operate with us, by forming societies auxiliary to the Parent Institution, about being established in the city of Philadelphia, under the patronage of the General Convention. And we further recommend to our friends and brethren, who reside in places where, at present, this may be impracticable, so far to aid us, by contributing to the funds of the Parent Institution; and, if disposed, to appoint one delegate to represent them in the next Convention, to be held in Philadelphia the first Monday of June next, it being fully understood, that organized societies be at liberty to send any number of delegates not exceeding five. Signed by order of the Convention, Rev. Richard Allen, President, Senior Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Churches. Junius C. Morel, Secretary.

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The Black Dollar Conundrum

Jewels from the Kalagenesis..........The Black Business Conundrum: Black business needs to study the Art of War by Sun Tzu.We have no strategy,no alliances,no weaponry and most important no base.We have to stop looking at business as a social issue and look at is as a survival means.When we are in business we move products and services from the source to market and we reap the reward for our works.That is the way business has been done since time memorial.Business should not be about connecting with Black consumers alone.It should be about connecting with anyone with cash.We need to start generating revenue so we can invest in our communities and families.If we generate one trillion a year in income in America our goal should be to generate parity amount from the American economy no matter where the dollar comes from.That is the only way.We have to end the search for so called Black dollars Tomfoolery because all money is green and gold.

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Are the Conservatives racistAre Black Conservatives insane 05/04 by Kalagenesis | Blog Talk Radio

Are the Conservatives racistAre Black Conservatives insane 05/04 by Kalagenesis | Blog Talk Radio*** (23:00:25):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
uBpJessie says to  (23:05:01):
Kalagenesis says (23:05:33):
Peace Jess
uBpJessie says to  (23:09:09):
peace kala
Kalagenesis says (23:16:06):
East Coast says to  (23:40:47):
East Coast says to  (23:49:22):
Kalagenesis says (23:51:05):
Kalagenesis says (23:52:22):
Culture developed over past 230 years?
Kalagenesis says (23:52:39):
East Coast says to  (23:52:54):
East Coast says to  (23:52:57):
Kalagenesis says (23:53:00):
Kalagenesis says (23:53:05):
I got him
Kalagenesis says (23:53:22):
Hello Ant
Antoinette from De says to  (23:53:26):
helllo Kala, East Coast, guest and Jessie
East Coast says to  (23:54:03):
East Coast says to  (23:54:17):
Kalagenesis says (23:54:15):
They are a bunch of dumbasses
Kalagenesis says (23:54:32):
He said why tolerate different races
East Coast says to  (23:54:40):
What an america would be like under them
Kalagenesis says (23:54:52):
Makes alot of sense to these inbreds
East Coast says to  (23:55:11):
Yep a bunch of dumb-asses
East Coast says to  (23:55:45):
Kalagenesis says (23:55:44):
Kalagenesis says (23:55:59):
rise ti the top?(lol)
Kalagenesis says (23:56:18):
Cultural Marxist(lol)
East Coast says to  (23:56:41):
we're all aliens now
Kalagenesis says (23:56:54):
Races other than White!!!!!!!!!
Kalagenesis says (23:56:59):
Sarge agrees
Kalagenesis says (23:57:08):
East Coast says to  (23:58:02):
What were these guys like in grade school and high school
East Coast says to  (23:58:22):
Who was that guy Kala?
East Coast says to  (23:59:09):
I was over there a minute ago I couldn't take it
Antoinette from De says to  (23:59:19):
hello ABC
aabbcc says to  (23:59:37):
hi Ant
East Coast says to  (23:59:42):
being a black conservative is about being paid
East Coast says to  (00:00:14):
I've seen him in chatrooms before
Antoinette from De says to  (00:00:20):
East Coast says to  (00:00:34):
Vorpalbite says to  (00:00:38):
East Coast says to  (00:01:03):
Kevin koon Jackson
East Coast says to  (00:01:08):
Black Sphere
pumpkin13 says to  (00:01:12):
aabbcc says to  (00:01:14):
lol east
East Coast says to  (00:01:50):
I had to say it I got the term from Kala...LOL
East Coast says to  (00:02:15):
Did you know Michael Steele was once a democrat
East Coast says to  (00:02:40):
He worked for Walter Fauntroy at one time in DC
East Coast says to  (00:04:43):
u right Kala
East Coast says to  (00:05:05):
That was daming the tape
East Coast says to  (00:06:08):
Kala it's just like gay republicans trying to be accepted by republican party
East Coast says to  (00:07:44):
maybe he's tired of GGT 183
000 Same Sex Marry Me says to  (00:08:36):
conservatives are morons, at least the ones here on BTR
GGT183 says to  (00:14:25):
oscara (L)
GGT183 says to  (00:14:32):
pumpkin (})
oscara says to  (00:14:36):
Antoinette from De says to  (00:14:51):
Hello Germaine
oscara says to  (00:14:55):
See what u started? LOL Germaine
GGT183 says to  (00:15:00):
GGT183 says to  (00:15:07):
<< guilty as charged
AmericanCitizen says to  (00:15:21):
Antoinette from De says to  (00:15:35):
hello AC
oscara says to  (00:15:35):
hi AC
oscara says to  (00:15:49):
How has the host of this show been put on the defensive?
Antoinette from De says to  (00:16:19):
hello blackbones
blackbones says to  (00:16:21):
blackbones says to  (00:16:27):
greetings antoinette
oscara says to  (00:17:26):
OAJ, let somebody else call in
blackbones says to  (00:17:55):
East Coast says to  (00:18:28):
That's interesting Kala
East Coast says to  (00:18:33):
cccougar11 says to  (00:19:10):
Pumpkin you really put Sarge in his place this evening thank you
Antoinette from De says to  (00:19:28):
cccougar11 says to  (00:19:50):
(L) Antoninette
East Coast says to  (00:20:48):
great description Kala
oscara says to  (00:20:59):
It's easy to talk about gay/straight.  Hard to talk about Mothers/Fathers.
East Coast says to  (00:21:07):
GGT183 says to  (00:21:24):
I like easy
East Coast says to  (00:21:25):
oscara says to  (00:21:38):
GGT183 says to  (00:21:44):
East Coast says to  (00:21:53):
Kala numbers are rising
East Coast says to  (00:22:21):
Take them to school tonight Kala
East Coast says to  (00:23:37):
u being challenged kala
cccougar11 says to  (00:24:21):
Hello East Coast and Germaine please stop using my fonts tymes its insensitive
GGT183 says to  (00:24:45):
jimmyrustlerfromhell1 says to  (00:24:54):
is this *** for real
oscara says to  (00:25:13):
Can't tell a book by it's cover
jimmyrustlerfromhell1 says to  (00:25:41):
jimmyrustlerfromhell1 says to  (00:25:44):
oscara says to  (00:25:53):
GGT183 says to  (00:26:13):
White Crayon says to  (00:26:53):
Jimmy, shut the *** up.
aabbcc says to  (00:27:03):
GGT183 says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:27:11):
hey're being trolled
GGT183 says to Kalagenesis (private) (00:27:20):
just giving ya a heads up
jimmyrustlerfromhell1 says to  (00:27:34):
my bad
oscara says to  (00:27:41):
jimmyrustlerfromhell1 says to  (00:27:58):
just get a little excit
aabbcc says to  (00:28:22):
Kalagenesis says to GGT183 (private) (00:28:40):
oscara says to  (00:29:04):
lol kala
East Coast says to  (00:29:15):
who is on?
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:29:43):
Right Wing - Left Wing - it's all a lie.
Jimothy Russell says to  (00:29:45):
jimmyrustlerfromhell1 is an imposter, I am the true Rustler
Jimothy Russell says to  (00:29:50):
My Jimmies are eternal
White Crayon says to  (00:30:02):
Jimothy, you too shut the f'cuk up.
White Crayon says to  (00:30:08):
Idiots, be quiet.
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:30:47):
What is this woman trying to say?
oscara says to  (00:30:48):
i kept telling him
Free Thinking and Questions says to  (00:31:02):
who is this jimothy guy?
GoobyxDolanpls says to  (00:31:02):
Amen sista.
East Coast says to  (00:31:02):
Is this Pumpkin
East Coast says to  (00:31:07):
Hello Sarge
oscara says to  (00:31:12):
Jimothy Russell says to  (00:31:13):
sounds like thou jimmies rustleth
East Coast says to  (00:31:33):
Sarge is hear maybe he can defend Kala
GoobyxDolanpls says to  (00:31:38):
I have no patience
GoobyxDolanpls says to  (00:31:43):
ever heard of the boondocks?
GoobyxDolanpls says to  (00:31:51):
Story of my life.
East Coast says to  (00:31:55):
Kala has the patience of Job
GGT183 says to  (00:33:10):
it takes alot of patience to do these shows
East Coast says to  (00:33:22):
America is being bought up to Spanish owning toll roads
East Coast says to  (00:33:38):
It's ladies not
East Coast says to  (00:33:43):
Antoinette from De says to  (00:33:46):
yes it does Germaine
pumpkin13 says to  (00:33:49):
Hi everyone.
GGT183 says to  (00:33:56):
pumpkin13 says to  (00:34:02):
oscara says to  (00:34:17):
LOL omg
East Coast says to  (00:34:34):
they trying to mess up ur show Kala
GGT183 says to  (00:35:17):
last night....i stopped listening
pumpkin13 says to  (00:35:37):
Your show was better tonight.
pumpkin13 says to  (00:35:42):
Antoinette from De says to  (00:35:47):
thought you went to sleep Germaine
East Coast says to  (00:36:03):
self survival is a oxy moron for a black conservative
GGT183 says to  (00:36:08):
nah..i started playing a PC game
Antoinette from De says to  (00:36:28):
I do that a lot
GGT183 says to  (00:36:39):
i couldnt salvage that was too aweful
East Coast says to  (00:36:46):
Sarge needs to be a more careful listener
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:36:47):
Mute that loud black man and play the clip.
pumpkin13 says to  (00:36:57):
Play the clip.
oscara says to  (00:37:33):
whatzamada w/ mud?  my kid is a geologist
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:37:54):
someone should ban sarge from the show just because.
oscara says to  (00:38:15):
the ghost of Dale Hungerford!  Will he never stop?
GGT183 says to  (00:39:04):
the only people banned from my show is Benyamin and Robert
pumpkin13 says to  (00:39:17):
You rally banned Ben?????
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:39:19):
Ban Sarge.
pumpkin13 says to  (00:39:20):
GGT183 says to  (00:39:22):
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:39:24):
He's loud.
pumpkin13 says to  (00:39:25):
Antoinette from De says to  (00:39:26):
oh really great Germaine
oscara says to  (00:39:27):
oh thank god
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:39:34):
He is afraid of gay people.
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:39:37):
no one.
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:39:40):
but no one
pumpkin13 says to  (00:39:42):
I was wondering why he has not been there.
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:39:52):
is going to get in the way of lesbians
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:41:34):
Make the loudmouth mute, and play the clip
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:41:40):
Play the clip.
oscara says to  (00:42:13):
He was talking on his show the other night about trolling Paulbot and Debidaly shows
pumpkin13 says to  (00:42:23):
oscara says to  (00:42:29):
pumpkin13 says to  (00:42:34):
oscara says to  (00:42:52):
My point is he's a trouble maker and has no attachment to his ideas
Guest 9900 says to  (00:43:40):
"Cool" Mike, why not try to be more anonymous with your accounts like dirtywhitetrash? Don't you want ot be an anonymous toilet?
pumpkin13 says to  (00:43:45):
Ben had a caller the other night who says he has a conservative show and that he was going to start booking progressive shows to piss of the Liberals.
pumpkin13 says to  (00:43:58):
He asked Ben to join him and Ben agreed.
Guest 9900 says to  (00:43:59):
Pumpkin13, Ben should do that.
pumpkin13 says to  (00:44:23):
Is Ben in house?
BobUSMC says to  (00:44:28):
Conservatives are the LEAST racist people in America by far!!
Guest 9900 says to  (00:44:36):
We have leftists like  toilet "Cool" Mike and white oreos Antoinette infiltrating the Conservative section on BTR.
GGT183 says to  (00:44:39):
i agree Bob
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:44:41):
semper fi
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:44:44):
do or die
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:44:47):
Guest 9900 says to  (00:44:58):
"Cool" Mike, you account dirtywhitetrash describes who you are.
Guest 9900 says to  (00:45:10):
"Conservative" Prime Time censors Conservatives for expressing themselves.
BobUSMC says to  (00:45:18):
thanks ggt
Guest 9900 says to  (00:45:26):
I see the gang of idiots are here. Where's Kala's friend manhugger X?
East Coast says to  (00:45:26):
Has Sarge ever tried to correct them Kala
BobUSMC says to  (00:45:27):
Semper Fidelis!
pumpkin13 says to  (00:45:47):
Well, I guess it is good that Sarge and Kala are talking things out.  It is a start.
BobUSMC says to  (00:46:14):
Germaine, many congrats on having a show with open & honest discussion on race stuff the other night.  MSM never does that or allows that, do they.
Guest 9900 says to  (00:46:16):
"Cool" Mike [cccougar11] is scared of Ben cause Ben exposed his fake accounts and exposed him for the fraud that he is.
East Coast says to  (00:46:22):
When Texas proposed to change text books are they cultural marxist Kala?
BobUSMC says to  (00:46:44):
NAACP are unwitting accomplices
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:47:15):
I know benyamin solomon's real name.
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:47:24):
Where he lives.
GGT183 says to  (00:47:24):
me too
GGT183 says to  (00:47:31):
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:47:37):
You know too?
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:47:39):
Do tell.
pumpkin13 says to  (00:47:57):
Do not tell.
Guest 9900 says to  (00:47:58):
Where's manhugger X?
GGT183 says to  (00:48:01):
nope....i dont have a problem with ben....
East Coast says to  (00:48:10):
Damm Sarge in Alabama they were handing out the test and they were not black.  And they were sued
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:48:14):
GGT183 says to  (00:48:14):
i just dont want him around
East Coast says to  (00:48:22):
for the Highway Patrol
BobUSMC says to  (00:48:22):
warlordX is mia tonight??
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:48:22):
He is annoying.
Guest 9900 says to  (00:48:30):
Then why kick him out when you see him or hang up on him when he is about to be on air, even if he's being civil? That's not having a problem with Ben?
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:48:30):
Is he as annoying as Sarge?
Guest 9900 says to  (00:48:44):
ggt says,"I don't want him around". Sounds like you got a problem with him to me.
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:48:55):
Kala should mute Sarge.
Guest 9900 says to  (00:48:56):
ggt is one of the biggest morons in the politics Conservative section.
TheFatManHuddleCuddle says to  (00:49:00):
Just to piss him off.
Guest 9900 says to  (00:49:17):
ggt, why not give Robert the money you owe him instead of being a filthbag and censoring Conservatives left and right?
East Coast says to  (00:49:28):
Sarge being a master debater....LOL
oscara says to  (00:49:39):
Kala, it could be the city needs police
Guest 9900 says to  (00:50:06):
ggt will have fools like aabbcc and "Cool" Mike cohost while he'll censor Conservatives like Ben.
East Coast says to  (00:50:07):
Damm Sarge that was slick u brought the Pres into the conversation...LOL
oscara says to  (00:50:49):
Guest9900, it's pretty lowlife to come into a 2nd show and try to get to somebody's show.
East Coast says to  (00:50:52):
Sarge I want u to give me some of your research
BobUSMC says to  (00:51:07):
people like Sarge, Alan West, Michelle Malkin TOTALLY crush the whole racial false premise by white dork libs. haha!
pumpkin13 says to  (00:51:14):
9900 is either Ben or Robert.
BobUSMC says to  (00:51:22):
Lt Col. Alan West = true American hero!!!
oscara says to  (00:51:22):
East Coast says to  (00:51:33):
Bob u sounding nervous
BobUSMC says to  (00:51:36):
I'll vote for Alan West right now!
NailsIbird says to  (00:52:42):
White Convicts As Likely to Be Hired As Blacks Without Criminal Records
NailsIbird says to  (00:52:49):
NailsIbird says to  (00:52:58):
Blacks getting undeserved jobs?
BobUSMC says to  (00:53:22):
wat, east coast??
GGT183 says to  (00:53:26):
Thankful for Barack Obama?....
GGT183 says to  (00:53:30):
NailsIbird says to  (00:53:52):
underqualified black people are getting jobs that qualified whites aren't?
NailsIbird says to  (00:54:01):
Are you kidding me?
East Coast says to  (00:54:08):
Pres is a great capitalist
East Coast says to  (00:54:15):
he can do it all
oscara says to  (00:54:16):
Depends on the job!  Who wants to be a cop regardless of color?
BobUSMC says to  (00:54:45):
hahaha!!!  Obama loves America??  musta bumped yer head, Kala.:D(lol)(@)
oscara says to  (00:54:54):
You want a job as an astrophysicist?  Go get a PHD
NailsIbird says to  (00:54:58):
"White Convicts As Likely to Be Hired As Blacks Without Criminal Records"
NailsIbird says to  (00:55:04):
Again read the study
NailsIbird says to  (00:55:17):
Objectivity in black and white(no pun)
oscara says to  (00:55:28):
Leave the cop thing to ex military
BobUSMC says to  (00:55:37):
get the Solyndra powered car!!! 8-)^o)
East Coast says to  (00:55:41):
Kala under the Prez administration he's been drilling oil wells
East Coast says to  (00:55:57):
Reality Sarge
BobUSMC says to  (00:56:03):
how about we drill everywhere get gas to $1 and let's see the economy roar!!!
BobUSMC says to  (00:56:14):
Kala, u have no clue how economy works
East Coast says to  (00:56:23):
Take him to school Kala
*** (00:56:19):BobUSMC is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
GGT183 says to  (00:56:35):
A war with Iran ?
Guest 9900 says to  (00:56:42):
Sarge is pounding Kalamoron.
GGT183 says to  (00:56:59):
we had an Iranian Admiral on the show that said its not gonna happen
East Coast says to  (00:57:25):
u losing Sarge
Guest 9900 says to  (00:57:28):
Germaine, your boy aabbcc thinks that the Zionist neo-Con kabal is getting us to a war with Iran.
Guest 9900 says to  (00:57:36):
Sarge is pounding Kalajungle.
*** (00:57:54):Guest 9900 is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
East Coast says to  (00:58:00):
East Coast says to  (00:58:17):
Sarge is getting an economics lesson
oscara says to  (00:59:15):
They want higher gas to support the Green movement
pumpkin13 says to  (00:59:17):
The USA is moving a lot of troops....I would think something is happening.
uBpJessie says to  (01:00:06):

GGT183 says to  (01:00:15):
we will only enter a war with Iran if Israel fails to dismantle Irans nuclear capability
GGT183 says to  (01:00:32):
but it wont happen before the election
uBpJessie says to  (01:00:43):
why can't Iran have nuclear power?
pumpkin13 says to  (01:00:50):
Have a good night folks.
GGT183 says to  (01:00:54):
not saying they cant
uBpJessie says to  (01:00:57):
bye pump
East Coast says to  (01:01:04):
Kala u line is down
East Coast says to  (01:01:15):
Antoinette from De says to  (01:01:25):
great show kala
GGT183 says to  (01:01:27):
nite guys
*** (01:01:23):BobUSMC has been unmuted by Admin.
BobUSMC says to  (01:01:30):
Socialism destroys ALL economy!!!
GGT183 says to  (01:01:33):
Great Show kala
Antoinette from De says to  (01:01:37):
gn h g1
oscara says to  (01:01:39):
thanks kala
Kalagenesis says (01:02:10):
*** (01:03:23):Guest 9900 has been unmuted by Admin.
BobUSMC says to  (01:03:36):
"You Can't Handle The Truth"
Guest 9900 says to  (01:05:32):
Who is the dummer moron cohost on "Conservative" Prime Time? "Cool" Mike or aabbcc?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting Serious about Black Businesses.Special Guest. 05/02 by Kalagenesis | Blog Talk Radio

Getting Serious about Black Businesses.Special Guest. 05/02 by Kalagenesis | Blog Talk Radio*** (22:59:08):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
East Coast says to  (23:05:01):
Morning Kala
Kalagenesis says (23:05:41):
Morning East
uBpJessie says to  (23:12:28):
blackbones says to  (23:13:19):
greetings ubp
blackbones says to  (23:13:32):
greetings room
uBpJessie says to  (23:14:37):
hello black
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:16:18):
greetings from the planet earth
uBpJessie says to  (23:16:38):
blackbones says to  (23:17:02):
greetings mike
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:17:33):
whats up black bones
FMC1 says to  (23:18:59):
hey fam
blackbones says to  (23:19:19):
greetings fmc
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:20:15):
the reason why we cant focus on owning anything is because we so busy bitching about racism still when black people are the most racist people in the country,
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:20:29):
so as long as we gonna keep crying about the got damn 60's, nothing will change
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:20:46):
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:20:53):
ive worked for a few businesses
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:21:13):
one called COU GROUP INC. \
uBpJessie says to  (23:22:41):
every business should have a website
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:22:42):
wtf i said i used to
blackbones says to  (23:23:00):
i think most of the wheeler dealer types abandoned the black business thing mike
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:23:00):
i didnt say i do now i said i used to
3 Wise Women says to  (23:23:01):
blackbones says to  (23:23:18):
ive met groups of blackfolks years ago who had to front their business off as being white
blackbones says to  (23:23:28):
because blackfolks aint buy black
uBpJessie says to  (23:23:37):
black I won't page them
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:23:50):
its out of business wtf i said i used to it was years ago
uBpJessie says to  (23:24:10):
wise women that site is not working
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:24:12):
u said have i ever worked for a black business, i said yes, i didnt say i do now, ur brain is fried
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:24:21):
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:24:25):
i have a black business
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:25:16):
im in marketing,
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:25:28):
i dont sell products
RealiXTee says to  (23:26:17):
tele marketing
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:26:18):
ok well im in marketing
blackbones says to  (23:26:22):
affiliate marketing
blackbones says to  (23:26:29):
internet marketing
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:26:34):
affiliate marketing this dude act like he on crack
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:26:43):
what do u do, what do u do, what do u what do u what do u do
blackbones says to  (23:26:45):
he may no tknow mike
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:26:46):
stop smoking
blackbones says to  (23:27:26):
when i looked at net marketing again i was shocked
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:27:28):
who wants to work for a black company instead of owning your own business and paying taxes,
RealiXTee says to  (23:27:30):
that some real talk kalagenesis...
blackbones says to  (23:27:31):
cause its large now
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:27:45):
i dont want to work for a black business or a white business, i work for me
RealiXTee says to  (23:28:21):
but its hard to make payroll with no line of credit...
blackbones says to  (23:28:38):
back in the day it was just like work on your metatags, start a list, share links, write a few articles and you were set
blackbones says to  (23:28:40):
RealiXTee says to  (23:28:48):
most businesses operate in the red for the first few years
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:29:00):
and i have worked for a real black business back in the day, and they are still in business, Bean Steel
blackbones says to  (23:29:12):
now its like seo, backlinks, articles, blogs, clickbank, warriorforum and the list goes on
RealiXTee says to  (23:29:39):
i have also worked for a black owned business...but there are very few
RealiXTee says to  (23:30:09):
i understand the direction in which kala is taking this...
blackbones says to  (23:30:19):
if u aint making money in a few months in affiliate marketing i would say bandon ship @ realix
blackbones says to  (23:30:22):
RealiXTee says to  (23:30:37):
RealiXTee says to  (23:30:47):
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:30:50):
blackbones i made money in the first 3 days, took off from there
blackbones says to  (23:31:06):
i believe it mike
blackbones says to  (23:31:41):
marketing is the way to go
blackbones says to  (23:32:17):
i would say if kala want to do stuff he should get into internet marketing
blackbones says to  (23:32:48):
and will probably change his mind about all that other stuff after he takes the leap
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:33:04):
BlackBones i been in affliate porn marketing since 98, but i dont promote also
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:33:45):
id rather be a legal hustla, than an employee
uBpJessie says to  (23:33:49):
how is pron marketed without being promoted?
RealiXTee says to  (23:33:56):
RealiXTee says to  (23:34:34):
Kalagenesis says (23:34:32):
same here
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:34:43):
what im saying is im in affiliate marketing which i have to promote to people to make money, but the porn side i dont promote to bring people in, i promote it for sales for the affiliate
RealiXTee says to  (23:35:25):
blackbones says to  (23:35:26):
oh i dont mess with porn
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:35:28):
Like if i bring you in my regular affiliate marketing business uBp, ill make a commission, but the porn side i  promote to get sells for the porn company. like if they sign up for a membership
blackbones says to  (23:35:34):
not yet anyways
Kalagenesis says (23:35:49):
uBpJessie says to  (23:35:53):
ah isee, you promote its consumtion
blackbones says to  (23:35:59):
lolol reali
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:36:07):
well nothing like porn money blackbones,
blackbones says to  (23:36:08):
people are not weak they are slow
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:36:15):
blackbones says to  (23:36:38):
i know mike
blackbones says to  (23:36:52):
i was just reading tristans thing mike
blackbones says to  (23:37:13):
40 a pop sounds good to me
blackbones says to  (23:37:15):
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:37:17):
blackbones says to  (23:38:40):
tristan bull
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:40:01):
my cousin owns a black business, not a big business but its a black business, he has people on payroll out in Maryland
blackbones says to  (23:40:51):
i think the focus need to be on getting started and not on building an infrasctructure 1st
blackbones says to  (23:43:12):
lol wallstreet
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:43:23):
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:43:30):
does this guy breath?
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:43:33):
blackbones says to  (23:43:37):
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:43:42):
blackbones says to  (23:43:50):
thats why internet marketing is da shyt
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:43:51):
got damn,
blackbones says to  (23:43:53):
uBpJessie says to  (23:43:57):
the infrastructure is in the networking
blackbones says to  (23:44:12):
its a waste ubp
uBpJessie says to  (23:44:26):
really now?
blackbones says to  (23:44:38):
no im saying kala gotta start at the beginning
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:44:44):
dont know why he acting like getting business credit, a dnb number, and setting up payroll is some big deal anyone can do that with there eyes clothes
blackbones says to  (23:44:52):
how u gonna do something with no doe?
blackbones says to  (23:45:10):
lol true mike
blackbones says to  (23:45:39):
what good is incorporating when u aint got money to incorporate?
blackbones says to  (23:45:41):
MIKE MOSS says to  (23:45:57):

MIKE MOSS says to  (23:46:23):
people think they doing something cause they got business credit or a dnb number, ok big deal, you can find my business online, so what
blackbones says to  (23:46:39):
blackbones says to  (23:47:09):
just need experience
blackbones says to  (23:47:27):
when u gain experience u see it aint a black / white thing
uBpJessie says to  (23:56:31):
my internet is bad tonight
uBpJessie says to  (23:57:27):
what kind of thing is it black?
pumpkin13 says to  (00:04:07):
pumpkin13 says to  (00:05:39):
Maybe people should consider starting an internet based business.
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:06:29):
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:06:38):
thats what i have, no overhead
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:09:33): , make $50 to $100K from home, just check it out and look at my proof
pumpkin13 says to  (00:09:43):
An internet based business can be a good way to start a business with out the high cost of payroll, rent, etc.
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:10:36):
Mr Wayne says to  (00:10:57):
You got that right about not caring about buying from Black People, in fact, I think most are LOOKING for it, and will welcome more! :)
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:11:31):
my only overhead is my website hosting which is $10.00 a month, and my flyers. I spend about $75 a month for 1000 flyers a month
pumpkin13 says to  (00:12:00):
Good for you just may become a guru someday.
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:12:44):
im trying, i know people that make $3000 to $5000 a week doing what i do, but aint there yet
pumpkin13 says to  (00:12:56):
There are many types of business a person can do online.   The affiiate oppurtunity is endless for retail based online business.
pumpkin13 says to  (00:13:36):
Mike, do you do articles that link to your website????
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:14:30):
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:14:58):
i got many people advertising for me and i pay them a portion of my commission from the sells they get off they website
pumpkin13 says to  (00:15:38):
You have affiliates....good for you.
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:16:00):
let me give you an example, look at this, first look at my page and my huge banner
3 Wise Women says to  (00:16:29):
I appreciate the advice being given to go out and hustle.  What I would like to hear is how we can move beyond the hustle to bigger business. The host did an informal survey of the chat room asking about black owned businesses that have a payroll.
3 Wise Women says to  (00:16:46):
If we use payroll as a litmus test, how do we get to THAT level?
pumpkin13 says to  (00:17:08):
Most cannot afford to start a business with payroll, etc.   The internet really does offer a cheaper way to start a legit business.
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:17:23):
Now look at this girl page, she has my banner at the top of her page and she makes money from the sells
3 Wise Women says to  (00:17:23):
Can we go to a lender and tell them about our flea market hustle and get funding? Or do we hustle hard until we can fund ourselves?
*** (00:18:06):MIKE MOSS is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
Kalagenesis says (00:18:20):
Do not plug porn on this site
pumpkin13 says to  (00:18:48):
Yea Mike, that was not the best example to give folks.
Kalagenesis says (00:19:00):
Hustle and build up wealth
Kalagenesis says (00:19:09):
and cash base.
3 Wise Women says to  (00:19:19):
Then what?
pumpkin13 says to  (00:19:27):
I agree with Kala.....not the best time to be going for loans.
3 Wise Women says to  (00:19:48):
How do we move from self employed to business owner?
Kalagenesis says (00:19:50):
Get a small credit card
Kalagenesis says (00:20:05):
then get a DUNS report
3 Wise Women says to  (00:20:13):
I am not promoting loans, I am seeking SOLUTIONS
pumpkin13 says to  (00:20:35):
You also need a decent portion of your own money for a bank to look at  you for a business loan.  Save that money.
Kalagenesis says (00:20:42):
then you buy your  goods and resell them
Kalagenesis says (00:20:54):
that will build your line of credit
pumpkin13 says to  (00:21:03):
....and sell those goods on line.
Kalagenesis says (00:22:02):
Then you can make bigger purchases and capital goods
Kalagenesis says (00:22:17):
this increases you net worth
3 Wise Women says to  (00:22:33):
Your personal net worth
3 Wise Women says to  (00:22:53):
How do we move to the level of being an employer?
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:22:57):
Forget about bank loans
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:23:09):
Study Marcus Garvey
Kalagenesis says (00:23:19):
You need credit for business
Kalagenesis says (00:23:26):
I read Garvey
FMC1 says to  (00:23:36):
not like they give us much of those anyways
3 Wise Women says to  (00:23:39):
I mentioned loans merely as an example.  The point is small business is not building our cimmunities
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:23:53):
3 Wise Women says to  (00:23:55):
FMC1 says to  (00:23:56):
i agree wise women
Kalagenesis says (00:23:58):
Lines of credit from a CD
pumpkin13 says to  (00:24:09):
You can always invest back into your community when you make enough money with your business.
FMC1 says to  (00:24:13):
but it doesn't hurt
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:24:34):
Correct the community is the heart of the business
FMC1 says to  (00:24:39):
pumpkin were talking longterm
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:24:42):
i didnt promote porn in your room, is a social network like facebook and they do not allow porn, just because you see xxx does not mean its porn, its a members page promoting my service thats it
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:24:52):
you jumping the gun,
Kalagenesis says (00:24:51):
3 Wise Women says to  (00:24:58):
Minority firms now comprise 21% of the nation’s 27 million small businesses. We are growing faster than other firms. Why aren;t we feeling that in our communities?
pumpkin13 says to  (00:25:08):
FMC.....longterm isn't in the picture until the short term is a success.
Kalagenesis says (00:25:28):
That is Minorites Asiana and Mexicans and Arabs
3 Wise Women says to  (00:25:40): do we define SUCCESS?
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:25:52):
Minority includes many ethnicities, and all women
FMC1 says to  (00:25:54):
how much is that 21% black?
MIKE MOSS says to  (00:26:09):
success is defines however u define it, no one can do that for you and you shoudl not try and live up to what others think
pumpkin13 says to  (00:26:13):
I define success by making a profit.   What amount of profit would be up to the person.
FMC1 says to  (00:26:16):
but I think u do hav to work ur way up
pumpkin13 says to  (00:27:51):
I am not sure FMC if we are looking at it different or not.
FMC1 says to  (00:27:51):
not me but pumpkin isn't part of our community
FMC1 says to  (00:28:01):
FMC1 says to  (00:28:11):
she a fan of kala
FMC1 says to  (00:28:21):
but not a black person
pumpkin13 says to  (00:28:45):
Your right FMC, I am not a Black person.
pumpkin13 says to  (00:29:12):
With that said, we can all talk about starting a business and the problems that come along with that.
FMC1 says to  (00:30:00):
didn't say u cudn't
pumpkin13 says to  (00:30:16):
FMC, if you have a business or where to start a business...would you only allow Black people to be clients/customers??????????
FMC1 says to  (00:30:36):
FMC1 says to  (00:31:14):
Depends on the business type
pumpkin13 says to  (00:31:15):
My point is....if you have a business.....all people are part of yoru community.
FMC1 says to  (00:31:25):
FMC1 says to  (00:31:29):
not all
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:31:32):
pumpkin13 says to  (00:31:34):
You want all colors of skin to buy your product or service.
FMC1 says to  (00:31:36):
but they wud be customers
FMC1 says to  (00:31:45):
but they are not my community
FMC1 says to  (00:32:11):
I have my reasons for going into business
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:32:12):
when we spend money with others we are just customers, not community members
pumpkin13 says to  (00:32:15):
If you have the attitude, when in busiiness, that only certain people are part of your community you will not do well in business.
FMC1 says to  (00:32:30):
Oh well
FMC1 says to  (00:32:37):
I'm being honest
pumpkin13 says to  (00:33:15):
If you want to be a want to welcome all to your product or service.   You cannot play the game of our differences and be a big success.
FMC1 says to  (00:33:22):
I'm about getting ur money that's it
FMC1 says to  (00:33:26):
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:33:41):
pumpkin13 says to  (00:34:09):
As you should want me to buy from you and all others.   As a start with the attitude that I am not welcome because I am not Black, well, you will lose customers.
FMC1 says to  (00:34:23):
What are u talking about?
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:34:47):
define community
FMC1 says to  (00:34:51):
You can buy anything you want
FMC1 says to  (00:35:00):
no one said u cant
FMC1 says to  (00:35:07):
you're getting it twisted
pumpkin13 says to  (00:35:15):
There is your business community and your town/city community.
FMC1 says to  (00:35:44):
pumpkin u're got it twisted then
pumpkin13 says to  (00:35:57):
I am not sure what you mean by that FMC.
FMC1 says to  (00:36:05):
I made it clear anyone can buy products from black businesses
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:36:21):
You can spend with the Cherokee Nation, but that will not make you a  Cherokee
pumpkin13 says to  (00:36:42):
This show is suppose to be about Black people and business.  I think we can all agree on that.
FMC1 says to  (00:36:47):
We are going to kick u out
FMC1 says to  (00:36:50):
FMC1 says to  (00:36:58):
if u come in the store lmao
Kalagenesis says (00:37:10):
pumpkin13 says to  (00:37:38):
FMC made the point when we were discussing this topic that I am not a member of his/her community.  My point is that  a person will not go far with that attitude in the world of business.
Pianki says to  (00:37:38):
Hey Kala
Kalagenesis says (00:37:45):
Hey Pianki
FMC1 says to  (00:38:02):
pumpkin i mean the African Community
FMC1 says to  (00:38:12):
Are you an African?
pumpkin13 says to  (00:38:25):
Are you from Africa FMC?
FMC1 says to  (00:38:49):
FMC1 says to  (00:38:58):
African and black are the same
pumpkin13 says to  (00:39:08):
Sorry, I thought you were in the USA.  What country are you living in?
FMC1 says to  (00:39:16):
no different than Asians or mexicans
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:39:21):
Black is global
FMC1 says to  (00:39:23):
I live in the US
pumpkin13 says to  (00:39:32):
Were you born in the USA or a country in Africa?
Kalagenesis says (00:39:42):
FMC1 says to  (00:40:00):
I dont need to be born in africa
FMC1 says to  (00:40:09):
Asians dont need to be born in asia
pumpkin13 says to  (00:40:14):
Hmm, you must be a citizen of the USA then FMC.
Pianki says to  (00:40:24):
The strong points of our history should not be to build self esteem of what we did do but what we are doing and what we are about to do.
pumpkin13 says to  (00:40:25):
I am also a citizen of the USA.
FMC1 says to  (00:40:25):
Is africa a country?
FMC1 says to  (00:40:28):
FMC1 says to  (00:40:49):
It's a continent therefore I am African (african American)
pumpkin13 says to  (00:41:03):
Africa is a continent.
FMC1 says to  (00:41:06):
I know
pumpkin13 says to  (00:41:18):
Still makes you a citizen of the USA.
FMC1 says to  (00:41:21):
pumpkin13 says to  (00:41:24):
Just like me.
FMC1 says to  (00:41:30):
I'm African by race
FMC1 says to  (00:41:41):
USA is a nationality
pumpkin13 says to  (00:41:51):
You are still a USA citizen, just like me.
FMC1 says to  (00:41:55):
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:42:20):
The Black church has the power to transform the community
FMC1 says to  (00:42:25):
I'm not talking nationality I'm talking Cultural ethnic group
pumpkin13 says to  (00:42:25):
and I think it upsets you FMC.
pumpkin13 says to  (00:42:36):
Hi oscara!!!
oscara says to  (00:42:47):
FMC1 says to  (00:43:42):
When I said u weren't part of our community I meant u were not part of the African community. U seem to be upset about that. Idk why though
FMC1 says to  (00:44:13):
I never said I didn't live in the US
pumpkin13 says to  (00:44:26):
I am not part of your town/city community if we live in different area's.
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:44:27):
they don't like to be excluded from anything
FMC1 says to  (00:44:46):
pumpkin forget about it doesn't matter
Towerpainter says to  (00:44:51):
I like to be excluded from many things
pumpkin13 says to  (00:45:22):
I think it does matter FMC.
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:45:32):
Black business is the topic tonight
pumpkin13 says to  (00:45:32):
I think it matters for both of us.
FMC1 says to  (00:45:38):
no it doesn't
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:45:58):
Black business is what the show is about
pumpkin13 says to  (00:46:25):
I am sad that you feel that way FMC.
FMC1 says to  (00:46:37):
Oh lawd and why is that?
Towerpainter says to  (00:47:39):
I am white but being black is golden for business do you know that 20% of all government contracts are set asside for minorities and in my field there are never any minority bidders and I don't know why
pumpkin13 says to  (00:47:46):
If we are ever going to overcome all the bs bigotry and hate in this country, we will need to learn to talk to each other.   Learn about and from each other.
FMC1 says to  (00:48:09):
To be honest that isn't my life's focus
pumpkin13 says to  (00:48:11):
share our views and ideas
FMC1 says to  (00:48:22):
i mean more power to those who are in that struggle tho
pumpkin13 says to  (00:49:20):
Do you want to be just like those White folks that used your ancestors as slaves.....tell me FMC.
Towerpainter says to  (00:49:30):
If one was to be wise they could start a business as a minority and could sub the work out.
pumpkin13 says to  (00:49:33):
Because you are sounding just like those people.
FMC1 says to  (00:49:39):
I want to be myself
BlackWealthCode says to  (00:49:48):
that's a distraction...
FMC1 says to  (00:50:22):
@BWC cosign
FMC1 says to  (00:51:27):
I don't intend to enslave or beat down any other group of people.
FMC1 says to  (00:51:45):
I don't see what I said that was so bad anyway
Pianki says to  (00:53:26):
Black Owned Airlines. All black everything.
PenisBreathRonPaul says to  (00:54:47):
haaaaay bigotz
FMC1 says to  (00:54:54):
nice find
Pianki says to  (00:55:56):
Young Black Male recently set aviation history.
oscara says to  (00:56:28):
Where will mixed people fit in?
FMC1 says to  (00:56:28):
Shows like these always end too soon
Chef Robb says to  (00:57:31):
mascara with other mixed people
oscara says to  (00:57:48):
oh ok
FMC1 says to  (00:57:54):
Whoever they identify with
FMC1 says to  (00:58:04):
those who want to go white go the white side
FMC1 says to  (00:58:26):
those who choose black, asian, etc. go there
FMC1 says to  (00:59:43):
Been a good show so far
Kalagenesis says (00:59:47):
Pianki says to  (01:01:24):
Too late
Pianki says to  (01:01:48):
Hold that thought on "Red Neck Flags".