Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A mans word is his bond

Since the dawn of civilization mankind has been toying with the idea on how to trust one another and get along.God gives all men character,we are all born knowing right from wrong.We choose weather we want to be good or evil.The problem comes when we call good evil or bad,or we see evil as good.Murder is evil,stealing is evil,lying is evil.We all sin and do evil things, but the difference is atonement asking for forgiveness,as Christ forgave us for our sins.

What distinguishes ordinary men and women from the great is the way people see or view them.It speaks a lot for a society that seems to only value looks and wealth,which is fine there is nothing wrong with having those things.There once was a time when a person cared about his honor,did everything in his power to clear his name and his families reputation.When he gave his word nations were built.Remember Gen.Douglas Mac author's promise to the Philippine people?I shall return.Maybe this is what President Bush means to stay the course in Iraq.After all he gave the Iraqi people his word.

There is something great and noble about a man who lives by his word.Never boast about something you have no intentions to manifest.A coward dies a thousand deaths,dreams of greatness in each.A real man knows when his moment to stand up, and has a will to meet any challenge.

All of the legal phraseology of modern mankind would be for nothing,if at the very fabric of it was in the beginning the first to agree or bonded by word.In the Bible it say 'In the;beginning was 'god's word.'Your word is you what gives you character live by it or perish. 'A mans word is his bond'

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