Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Devil and David Banner

This is a tragedy of famous rapper who sold his soul to the devil for fortune and fame. One day David Banner was rapping in his room on a mic letting some pretty good flows come from his soul.He had an ability to touch people with his music and change lives for the better.He made the people around him feel proud that a man from their similar background had such gifts.As he sat in his room he saw friends rolling down the street in new Benzes, lexus, with dubs.They seemed like they had it all,the redbones jocking hard,power, respect, money.He wondered if he will ever make his fortune with his craft.While he was spitting his flows he was being watched and observed.A little man named Old Scratch artist the wicked turntableist was listening outside of his window.He observed how powerful his music was in moving the soul and wanted to know more.
A week later Banner was offered a record deal with a major record label.The label sent him on tour promoting his album but he didn't receive any money.Banner grilled his AnR about this and all he could say is that is the contract you signed.Well the real side of David Banner came out an he punched his AnR.Frustrated he goes home and starts to rap again.He looks outside of his window in his hood and sees children playing,an old lady carrying her groceries,people coming from work.Also he saw the gang bangers,drug pushers, prostitutes.Positive and negative there mixed together.He began to write about the children playing when suddenly he saw an old man in his backyard.He asked him what was he doing there he replied that he was listening to a genius that he could help.He tells him that he could get rid of his baby momma through a car accident so he would be free of child support.Banner agrees.The man introduces himself as Old Scratch artist the wicked turntableist .Banner say Ol Scratch my man!And gives him a pound.He also said he has millions of dollars waiting for him is he would come and work for him.There was always something wrong deep down inside with Banner even in his fathers church petty crimes,littles outburst foreshadowed the type of person that was buried deep in Banner.Banner asked Ol Scratch what was it he need to do.He said Banner my boy Rap!But rap about that,he was pointing to the negativity in his hood.He said do this and make people want to imitate what you rap about.Use your gift for me and I'll make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.So off to the studio went Banner pushing out the most violent degrading material ever to hit the airways.Banner blew up money ,women,jewelry,cars,jets,trips,fame he now has it.So he decides he has had enough.Ol Scratch says he wants more and that our deal is forever.Banner says no I am out.Scratch says we are forever and that he was coming back for his records.He said it better have verses about gangs killing rivals mothers.Banner said no way.Well hours past and Banner waited with his ghat for Ol Scratch to return.Looking outside his mansion he say someone approaching he shoots.It was one of his boys killed by accident by him.As the police came to investigate they decided to take him in for questioning.He gets in a patrol car and drives by the police station.He says hey where are you taking me?It was Ol Scratch driving.Banner pounded the window no one was hearing him.For Ol Scratch was the devil and he was taking Banner to hell.

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