Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nigerian Forces crack down on Islamic extremist

The enemies of Africa in the Arab world and the West are on notice.There is still one African country dispite all of the great challenges is going to be the next superpower.A country that will represent the hopes and dreams of millions of Africa's children who suffered and still suffer under an unjust world order.This world order has Africa who once was the center of trade,science and learning while Europe was backward and fuedal,now has Africa at the bottom.The reason is the importation of alien religions and Anti African ideologies that leads to stagnation and idleness.For example African countries have a long history of indigenous industries,trade,and communication.Instead of many African states spending millions training people to run industries why not modernize the traditional craftsmen and tradesmen like Japan did during the mejii period?That would produce automatic economic growth.The reason many in Africa rely on foreigners to run farms and it businesses is because the lact of confidence in things African.One country is bucking this trend.That country is Nigeria.Long villified by traitors and enemies Nigeria's influence in Africa and the world is threatening people who have other plans for Africa.Nigeria has all the means plus dynamic new leaders dedicated to building the country and making us proud.Nigeria has enemies in the American oil sector who only want oil.Also Nigeria has a new enemy Islamic extremist who would love to destablize the great Empire State and make it and Al Queada safe haven.The traitors under the guise of Islamic Fundamentalism want to destroy schools,hospitals,niteclubs,churches,beauty salons ect.Anything that is not strictly Sharia law.Not content with the strict Sharia codes in Northern Nigerian states they want to spread this to the rest of Nigeria and beyond.The extremist groups Boco Haram and Kala-Kato have made a fatal mistake.Nigeria is a strong military styled Pan African country,and not one to give in to what the so called international community says.Nigeria is determined to crush the insurgency in its country.Kalagenesis
The Following is an article along with a video about the growing extremism in Nigeria,and the governments fight to stop them.Could Sharia becoming to Black America?

BAUCHI, Nigeria — Dozens more bodies were recovered Wednesday after violent clashes between security forces and Islamists in northern Nigeria, bringing the death toll to around 70, a count at a hospital morgue showed.

An AFP reporter listed 42 bodies on the floor of the morgue in the city of Bauchi, all with bullet or machete wounds. Another 25 bodies, mostly young people including minors, had been placed in cold storage rooms.

"The bodies were brought in on Monday after the violence," a morgue employee told AFP.

Police late Monday said 38 people died in the fighting, including three members of the security forces.

The clashes erupted Monday between suspected members of a radical Islamist sect and security forces.

The Kala-Kato sect, also known as Maitatsine, has been present in several Muslim-dominated states in northern Nigeria for decades.

It led religious uprisings in 1980 and 1992 which claimed thousands of lives in the northern cities of Kano and Yola.

The number of its followers is not known but estimated to run into several thousands.

Sect leader Badamasi Saleh Alkaleri was among those killed by security forces, the police said.

Police forces across Africa's most populous country have been placed on high alert in the aftermath of the clashes as part of a bid to forestall further violence.

Life was returning to normal Wednesday in Bauchi where the Red Cross was organising burials of the victims. Soldiers and police deployed across the city had withdrawn by early Wednesday.

"So far we have 40 dead bodies and we have secured a warrant from the justice commissioner for the burial," Adamu Abubakar, the head of the Red Cross office in Bauchi told AFP.

"With the heat, these bodies need to be buried quickly as they will decompose rapidly," said the worker at the morgue, where the room was being cooled by a single fan.

Houses, cars and motorcycles were burnt during the clashes.

The Kala-Kato sect abhors modernity, including Western-style education and medicine. It bans television and radio in its members' homes and rejects any literature except the Koran.

A sect with similar inclinations, known as Boko Haram, led an insurrection in July. At least 800 people were killed then when security forces crushed the uprising in nearby Borno State. It's name means "Western Education is a Sin" in the local Hausa language.

The fighting in Bauchi began when sect leader Alkaleri delivered a fiery sermon to his followers, calling for the destruction of a breakaway faction, according to Bauchi state police chief Atiku Kafur.

The sect leader had called for the death of his enemies and of anyone who rejected his dogma, prompting residents to call for police help.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Enemy Within.pt5.The Radical Islam destroying African Culture

As a people not being fully educated in our history,language,culture and value system we are naturally attracted to ideas,peoples ect that fill the void.Islam or a variation of this has been in Africa for the past 1000 years.In West Africa large cities like Timbucktu,Goa,Djenne had large Berber and Arab populations and with them came Islam from the Middle East.On the East coast of Africa a new culture came about from the mixture of the Arab traders and Africans living and fellowship on the coast.City/States like Zanzibar and Kilwa were a testament to the greatness of the two cultures building together and sharing knowledge.There is evidence that many rulers converted to Islam not so much as being devote Muslims but for economic and political reasons.As the the old saying men don't live by prayer alone.In West Africa great Kings like Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire converted to Islam and made the hajj to Mecca.During his trip it is said he brought tons of gold,thousands of soldiers and servant in an impressive display of his kingdom's wealth and power.On his return from his trip the Mansa brought back many famous Islamic scholars from Cairo to build new schools and mosque in Timbucktu.One famous Muslim scholar was Es Sahali who designed new buildings in Djenne and Timbucktu.Islam for hundreds of years had an African personality.Traditional Gods of the Mande,Yoruba,Bambara were still observed along side with Islamic beliefs.In many countries where the culture was strong it was the same way.In modern Mali many observant travelers who visit madrossis marvel at how peaceful the youth are in their teachings.Gone are the rhetoric about Jihad and and killing infidels.In fact what many people do not realize is there was a reformation in Islam in West Africa much like what happened during the Protestant Reformation in about 1200Ad Europe.Although many laws were written from the Koran.Many of the day to day dealings of rulers had little regard for the constraints of Islamic teachings.For example Mansa Musa's Mali Empire heavily relied on gold production,and requiring miners to stop and pray five times a day was slowing output down.So making everyone convert was not feasible.Even during his reign 1324AD to about 1350AD the were those who wanted a pure Islamic rule and considered Mansa an infidel.Islam is not merely a religion.To believe the Mullahs and the Jihadist are concerned about salvation is foolish.From day one the whole hajj and turning to Mecca is about domination and expansion.
Radical Islam and Black America
Most of us know the story of Islam in America,or how a sect of it came into the heart of the Western World and gained a foothold. In 1930 a barely literate sharecropper from Sandersville Georgia named Elijah Poole was introduced to it by a man named WD Farad whom records now show his name was actually Ford.It was tailor made for lost souls looking for direction.In fact there were many Black cults and organizations springing up all over the North in the 1930's.What Poole did was combine bits of teachings from the most popular movements among African Americans at the time like the UNIA organization led by Marcus Garvey and some teachings of Noble Drew Ali and others.After awhile a complete belief system came about with the religion of Islam being the base.The new group was called the Nation of Islam.The NOI was very on time in uplifting the Black people in America.The NOI taught self reliance,respect,cleanliness,duty to ones community and hard work.The NOI was the first organization of any kind to teach diet,against substance abuse,and prison rehabilitation.The NOI has a long history of defending the African American community and building institutions in the community.The organization is a pillar in Black America and it is needed.
Pan Africanism vs Radical Islam
During much of our history with NOI most militants regarded the NOI as the mother ship in the many individual Black Unity movements in America.This is because Malcolm X emphasized the notion that we are Black first Christian and Muslim second.Now it was clear to Malcolm X that the interest of the Islamic world might conflict with the African world.During the sixties it was revealed that Arab states had their own issues with race and Black fair no better in those countries as they do in the West in many cases worst.In White Muslim countries Africans are 1000 times more likely to be poor and live on the margin than an Arab.In other words the question needs to be asked,'Why are so many Black men willing to join with the Arabs in the name of Islam?'Can it be more clear that the radical Muslims want to destroy any culture,state,or people that does not conform to their beliefs and ideology?Pan Africans are watching with horror as these jihadis are wrecking havoc on the African continent.Now they are recruiting African youth to kill their own people in order to spread terror in the name of Allah.Why is the respectable elements of the Black Muslim community silent?We in the Pan African community now see these Islamic extremist as a new enemy among us.Those who will destabilize an African country for Al queada to have a safe have is a traitor and you are not one of us.The time has come to choose just like the NOI use to make loyal African Americans choose America or them,now they have to choose.Do they condemn the crazy blood thirsty,savages running around in the name of Islam or are they supporting them?

Above video is about an extreme Muslim group Boco Haram in Northern Nigeria

Above is a suicide bomber blowing up Somali graduates on 12/03/2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Ra Ra Ra!!!!!!!!!!!A look at the Political Super Bowl

Fricker fracker firecracker shish cum ba!!Kala Nation, Kala Nation ra ra ra!!Or any political,social,or belief you want just form your own fan club.This is what the political scene in America is looking like.I don't believe the framers of of the political system we live in had this in mind.For example the Whig party died for this same reason.When groups of people hold on to an ideology over common sense without compromise they are leading their party to a sure destruction.They whig party stood for the values of the Declaration of Independence and strong institutions.This served the progressive forward thinking people of the time.Then some thought the same rights should be extended to people who's lively hood was made on the backs of others.Ultimately the party split over slavery and the result was the civil war.There are some things that cant be negotiated.Slavery was one of them.The right of a people to define the morals and its collective character was something worth fighting for.It is these ideals and only these ideals that we should rally and demonstrate.The idea of forming ourselves into these camps and oppose for the sake of opposing is leading to the break down of civil discourse.
Rush Limbaugh,Beck,Hannity,have turned the political world into a pep rally
One thing many people including many Progressive Pan Africanist and Black Empowerment people have in common with the left wing in this country is the opposition to the right wing zeal in the media.You see most people on the left react to the right wing.They are the aggressors.They have even convinced most people that they are the true Americans who are the banner carriers of the Founding Fathers.No matter that it was a so called right wing nut who committed the largest mass murder by a citizen of this country on fellow citizens.Tim Mcveigh in Oklahoma.Also it is the right wing who are constantly talking of succeeding from the country and over throwing the government.When Rush Limbaugh says he hopes President Obama fails,it does not even cross his mind that the country he says he loves will fail also.But to him Hannity and the other rabble rousing cheerleaders it does not matter.As long as their side wins.Look at the health care debate.Senator Demitt of South Carolina says not if we can do better for the American people with health care,but that his party can score political points if Obama fails.The chant from Demitt might go
Fricker fracker firecracker shish cum ba Republicans,Republicans, ra ra ra!!
The Danger of the Left doing the same
It seems that the left wing has its own ra ra ra's.The stalling over the health care because some wanted a completely socialized system with single payer.There also was no compromise among the left.Ive always said any passage would be a path to single payer.The left figured since it won the election it was winner take all.Lets change everything we dont like about America with one election of one man.Every ra ra ra on the left had their hand out and Obama wisely rejected many of the proposals of the extreme left.He did not endorse gay marriage,only said don't ask don't tell should be repealed.Obama wisely knows like the Whig party of the 19th century that pushing the country too fast too soon would bring a meltdown and you could see Sarah Palin as the next President.
Sarah Palin Unqualified to be President
That does not stop her ra ra ra's pushing her book.Anyone who they can rally around suddenly without thought becomes the new quarterback for the team.We need to get back to being civil and stop all the ra ra ra!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cyber Gangsters

An alarming new trend is happening on the internet which could explain the sudden rise in teen gang related murders over the last few years.They are called E-Thugs or Cyber Gangsters.Teens are now sending threats over the internet to their rivals not caring if law enforcement is listening.Some of these threats have led to murders.The question is,how are these kids able to get guns before they get an education.This is clearly not a poverty issue but a cry for help in a country that has abandoned a large segment of our youth.From coast to coast young Latino and Black youth feel the society does not love them.We have a culture that saturates youth with violence,materialism,self hate,lust and greed.In modern America it is all about how much money you have,not how you got it or how you use it.The main thing is you can buy people and buy respect.The idea of community is gone.Shooting another human being is just like shooting a bird.Now it seems our so called scholars and spokesmouths have given up the hard fight and now settled for the blame Obama for everything.Why are many militant groups flagged on youtube and the internet but cyber thugs reign supreme?The following is a video of recent incidents in Chicago and how it is out of control.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sacred Cows pt3 Islam under scrutiny in the Black Community

What our many educators,intellectuals,and thinkers failed to do the bloggersphere is now doing.A growing debate about the role of Islam in Africa and in the African American community.Without taking away from the great contributions the Nation of Islam made to the community,many are saying Islam is actually a White Arab religion colonizing Negroes the same way as the Christian White man enslaved and colonized Black people.
Radical Islam at war with America
One of the main impediments to the Nation of Islam is that it started out non political.The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught his followers to be self sufficient,clean,hard working,honest,and a dutiful Muslim.Joining the military was forbidden as was voting and working with Whites.Now on the surface the organization looked like it had it together.Underneath the surface was unchecked and unanswered questions.From the start many were uneasy with the idea that the socalled White man was a devil created by some evil scientist named Yacub.Most people who joined did so to escape the reality of a racist country.Many of the smartest,brightest and most militant people joined the early Black Muslims.It was the first organization of any kind to introduce human development and human improvement.Drug rehabilitation and prison reform were all NOI introductions.The problem is inspite of racism and the brutality most Black people knew the racist doctrine of the NOI was wrong.Many liked the beliefs in community,family,and support of Black businesses.What many people oppose is the always siding with America's enemies in the name of being united by religion with the so called Muslim world.This is now proving to be the undoing of the whole religion in the world.All over the world secular governments are under attack by people who don't recognize any law but Sharia.In Algeria,Egypt, young barley literate Muslims who dont benefit from the progress of the secular societies want to destroy them and install an Islamic one linked across the globe based out of Mecca.Now it is clear what the agenda was all along with the Muslim conquerors.It was never about brotherhood and religion.It was about political,and economic gain.Just like the modern religious movements like the Catholic Church is about power and influence more than saving souls.
Since September 11 Islam has been on a decline
When 19 highjackers attacked the Worlds Trade Centers buildings in 2001,the militant movement in Black America quickly distanced itself from the attack.Also more Black people were wearing American flag lapels,talking about"we"were attacked by"them"The them were radical Muslims.This heat was so intense that Min Farrakhan felt compelled to speak and offer regrets to the victims.For years he talked about a holy war or spiritual war against the West and its evil it produces around the world.Now the world saw Islam as the evil.In Nigeria riots in the southern city of Obasuen,and the Northern city of Katsina attracted world attention.Thousands died when Christian mobs beat Muslims and vice versa saying Islam is an evil religion.Now in America the number of people who converted back to Christianity and now emphasis traditional African culture is exploding.
Is Islam an African religion or a White Arab religion.
A recent debate in Harlem NY put a Black Nationalist and a top minister in the NOI in a heated discussion about the credibility of the origins of Farad Muhammad and weather Elijah Muhammad was a Mason.Islam was practiced among Persians,Arabs,and Black Hamites.Though many consider Hamites Black people the are actually Afro-Asiatic people like the Dravidians of southern India.Many to give Islam credibility will call them Africans but in Africa there is a distinction.Most Africans in the West are of Bantu origin the group targeted by Muslims and Europeans for the slave trade.Black Hamites of Arabia,Sudan,Mauritania,Mali,Kano seldom were treated as inferior by Arabs.But other black people were.The people who try to sell Islam to the black man now says all blacks were welcomed to join them.History tells us differently.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

African American trivia question.

The question is, what are the reasons why your perception of the following list of people has so dramatically changed in the last four years. People in our community who were held as leaders and spokesmouths for the masses of field negroes in the eyes of the world are now fighting to maintain credibility not just with White America but Black America as well.It seems no one can claim to speak on the behalf of Black people,unless they go on Fox News who still needs a Black face to represent all Black people.What has changed this dynamic?Lets see who is on point and who is still a sleep.
Bet Founder Robert Johnson
Rev Jesse Jackson
Tavis Smiley
Russel Simmons
Rev Al Sharpton
Minister Farrakhan
Maxine Waters
Gangster Rappers
Black Church
Black Colleges
Black Music
All of the people places and thing mentioned were standard in our culture but now many have lost credibility.What caused the image and perception of the above to crumble in the last few years?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kalagenesis poll question.Have you ever worked for and African American business and recieved a paycheck from payroll with tax and health deductions?

The question the Kalagenesis is asking today is,how many of us ever worked and giving our best to a fellow Black person.Are we still in slavery?Why do most of us still work for the man?Are we happy to be on the plantation?One thing could bring joy to the community is economic independence.To do so is going to take a united community building together.Now what I have discovered is that part of the reason venture capitalist don't take us seriously is they don't know anything about us.If our businesses are not using a DUNS report and and credit ratings system how can banks loan us money?Payroll taxes are an indication of what a businesses potential is.Stocks are measured by how much productivity a business have.If everything is done under the table then how can banks,equity firms know what to lend our companies?
Please take our survey

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rev Conrad Tillard protest Glenn Bekkk at Christmas performance in New York City

Glenn Beckkk is going no respect these days.His half heart attempt to reach out to Blacks by having a Black issues show was answered by a stunning rebuke from the Rev Conrad Tillard in New York yesterday.Beck is the darling of the Tea Bagger and Birther movement.The main point the Rev was making was people have the right as citizen to critique the President and engage in debate.But what the right wing wants is to destroy this President and in the process destroy the country.These are the same hypocrites who wrap themselves in the flag but support every violent anti government movement,and would overthrow the country if they could.A recent study in Idaho reveals that many of the Aryan Nation people now hold mainstream positions in the conservative movement.This is the atmosphere that ultimately led to the assassination of President John F Kennedy.Could this happen to President Obama

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kwanzaa- Kalagenesis defined

It has been over 40 years since the Honorable Dr Maulana Karenga gave to the Pan African world a new vision he called Kwanzaa.Now Kwanzaa has been ridiculed,clowned upon,slandered, hated and even banned.Now the same people have no problem with a ghetto pimp,gangster culture.But these simple little principles were suck a threat.Now there are some issues with Kwanzaa that I have always felt uneasy about.First is it was always presented like the Nation of Islam's program as a reform or rehabilitation movement.In other words you needed some guidance and structure and here it is.So from the beginning mostly brothers and sisters from the bottom of Black America were attracted to it.We were told it was a connection to Africa and its greatness which turned out to be false.Now Kwanzaa ended up being another failed movement going to the cemetery with other failed nationalist movements because of thick headed leaders wrapped up in their own twisted narrow view of the world could not see the writing on the wall.
Where Kwanzaa Failed
Kwanzaa failed in part because it tried to play a game the White man has already mastered.You cannot just reverse the racism and supremecy without having power to back it up.In other words why is Kwanzaa only seven days when we have 365 days in the year?Are we suppose to coon,shuck,and buck dance for the White man 348 days and be good slave and go back to the slave fields the rest?You see the reality of living in a racist white dominated country,is such that the dominate culture will not tolerate dissension from the norm.In other words White people believe their names you proudly wear like good slaves Washington,Cosby,Huxtible,Baker,Brown,Miller,Parker you had better keep if you know what is good for you.If the majority of African Americans never parted from their slave owners names,what made Dr Karenga think they would part with the White man's culture?In this regard we are not to far removed from chattel slavery.Which was about ownership.When you wear the slave owners name you technically are still a slave.It is my quest to explain why we see the situation in our community getting worse.No amount of money can solve these problems.
Dr Karenga and Julius Nyrere of Tanzania were staunch Socialist
Now Socialism has some good points same as capitalism.The problem is neither is good for Africa.Other developing countries like Japan looked at capitalism and socialism and borrowed from both and kept the guiding cultural principles of their culture and heritage.They knew these systems were designed in the West and would not work in Asia and they were right.This is why it is hard to tell if China is communist or capitalist right now.Dr Nyrere of Tanzania nearly destroyed his farming system implementing his Kwanzaa or African Socialism system.The people rebelled and land was taken and people were forced to work on the hated communal farms instead of their own plots of land.So to mention Kwanzaa in many parts of Africa is to invite trouble.The same thing happened here in America we had in the 70's and 80's some good but misguided brothers starting cooperative businesses in the hood.All failed miserably.Simple human individuality,ambition and apathy caused the Kwanzaa business ideas to fail.The solution to modernize Kwanzaa for the new age.For the new African century.
Old Kwanzaa compared to the New Kwanzaa Nguzo Saba Seven Principles
1 Umoja-Unity
2Kujichagulia-self determination-being able to speak for ourself and define ourself
3Ujima-collective work and responsibility-To build and maintain a community together make anyone's problem everyone's problem and share in all work.
4Ujamaa-cooperative economics-to build and maintain our own stores,shops and businesses and share in the profits together.
5Nia-Purpose-To make it a vocation to build and maintain our community and to restore our people to greatness
7Imani-Faith To believe with all our hearts in God and our faith
Those are the sacred seven Principles of Kwanzaa as told by Dr Karenga.Now I am going to humbly give my suggestion on how to update and make Kwanzaa a dynamic force again.
1Unity is on point
2 Kujichagulia self determination should be at this late date about dual citizenship and and having our community more international.
3Ujima I believe businesses,social groups,employers,teachers,bosses, should use this as a motivation for subordinates to work harder and be more productive.The old way no one is in charge we imagine a world where all responsibility is equally shared.This is socialist fantasy.
4Ujamaa I believe this is the most important redefinition of Kwanzaa.I believe exceptional people should build with like wise people.Business people need to come together and create wealth.They cannot sit around worrying about making unproductive people envious.We need to create a culture of business to business rituals rites and customs.Also societies and fraternities like the Japanese Ziabatsui clans of old.
5Nia-Purpose-Purpose should be what is our constitution,what is our collective goal?Is is begging for civil rights or is it one day being free in a nation of our own.
6Kuumba Creativity should be the artist,musicians,writers,sculptors,designers ect trying to uplife and show the beauty of our people and culture.
7Imani Our faith should be our community commitment to God.And righteousness should be our guiding principles in all decision making.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Snoop Dogs says gangs are good

What the heck is going on?In the age of Obama why are rappers still trying to promote negativity in this new age?The community has spoken, people are tired of the ignorance senseless violence being given a sanctuary in a subculture.50 cent's recent album flop shows the direction the world is heading.Gangster rap is dead on arrival.The record execs are now going to lose money pushing this garbage.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Color Consciousness among people of Color

If your yellow you are mello,if you are light you are alright,happen to be brown stick around but if you are black GET THE HELL BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now we know the history of Jim Crow and color politics from the plantation system White slavers used to maintain a White skin hierarchy in the new world.In ancient times there is no evidence of White skin domination pro quo or as an established order.Kings,tyrants,rulers,noblemen came from every part of the known world and each region have civilized people and barbarians.So the notion of attaching greatness by looks was not done.For example just because the Romans and Greeks were highly civilized and they were White skinned.That did not mean the Scandinavian countries to the North were.The Romans regarded the Germons and Britons during the Roman Empire around 200 BC as savages unworthy of being part of the Roman Empire.At the same time Black scholars from Kush,Ethiopia,Persia,West Africa came to Rome owned white skinned slaves and got Roman citizenship.Color as a basis for degrading someone is a byproduct of the modern world.
Slavery caused racism and self hate
Slavery according to most scholars was the greatest cause of racism towards African peoples.Racism comes from being helpless,needy and powerless.The victim does not have the means to fight his oppressor because the oppressor makes the victim a prisoner in his own skin.The society as a rule is taught to degrade the person with the dark skin in order to maintain the social structure.This matrix is then even enforced among the victims themselves.Among most people of color who have gone through slavery,colonialism there is a legacy of oppression left behind.It is called colorism.The biggest victims of this has been the sub continent of India and the Dominican Republic.The reason I say this is because unlike in the US where African Americans do practice colorism it is a sickness due to living in a White society,there is no real evidence of colorism in South Africa.Now the two former countries voluntarily practice colorism.In India having a fair complexion is held in high regard.Having a dark complexion is shunned.
Commercials like this would never air in the US because of the backlash.The problem is people underestimate the effects of living in a White dominated culture that glorifies the White man as mighty as a noble.At the same time Black men are seen as criminals,buffoons,clowns,simpletons.The weak who don't know their history value light skin.It puts them near to the White man.This is why when we have family reunions the light skinned people get the most attention.Everyone wants to know their opinion more than everyone else.This happens in most of our households so lets stop denying it.We need to exemplify African beauty as equal or better than anyone else.Lets hope we dont have too many Sammy Sossas coming out of the closet

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The New Confederacy.Still racist and backward

Here in the modern United States where we have witnessed so many great things as well as tragedies we still have backward thinking people who don't want to progress.Now before you start picking on Billy Bob inbred,I am not just talking about him.All over the country people particularly in the South are talking about how they want their country back.Back from what we may ask?The clues can be found in the number of militia groups,hate groups,birthers,tea baggers,ect who are openly opposed the the Presidency of Barack Obama.Ignorance combined with paranoia,about having a Black family in the White House is bringing attitudes many told us was in the past back to the present.The number of racist groups who hide their racism under the guise of being concerned about spending,this is the racist belief that black men are irresponsible and out to destroy the White man's civilization.Now there are millions of non White people living in the Southeastern United States,why do so many White people think they can talk about succeeding from the Union violently if necessary without regard to the fact the African Americans would not want any part of their Neo Confederate society.You see the Neo Confederates are the lowest form of RACIST.The like to hide behind legitimate movements like the conservatives and other groups.They know like their ancestors their real aim or target is the menacing Black man in their society.It is no accident that the most racist areas have the highest Black on Black crime,poverty,unemployment ect.In the old order of the South all White people belong to an aristocrat class based on White skin color.They the racist try to hide this and talk about Southern pride.What exactly is Southern Pride?Besides the fact that at one time White people completely controlled Black people in this region.Even White Northerners traditionally supported Southern traditions romantically because they can imagine an illusion of importance at the Black races expense.This is what the South means to people who go there.White supremency is the 800lb gorilla in the room.You cannot think about the South without thinking of slavery and the oppression of Black people.Those who do are liars and hypocrites.

Some Whites spit on the graves of people who shed blood for this country
I am always amazed that everytime I hear White people talk they talk about hating government.CNN just did a report about militia groups in Michigan arming themselves against what they perceive as an oppressive government.You have Neo Nazi groups calling for an overthrow of ZOG.Zionist Occupied Government,Even so called mainstream politicians and journalist talking of harming elected officials(Bill Oreilly threatening House Speaker Nancy Pilosi)Most of the right wing anger come from the fact that they believe only people like them are suppose to prosper in this country.When other people do it is at their expense.So they attack Barack Obama as a socialist for reigning in greed,and corruption on Wall Street.
Sarah Palin's supported Alaska and Texas succession
Yes this is a woman who in her new book she calls for profiling based on what happened at Fort Hood.She says political correctness is killing us.What about her association with far right wing groups who say the US government in the enemy.This is all rooted in the spread of the confederate culture to all aspects of White America.They are the enemies of America not the Muslim community.The racist right wing are a threat to national security but they get a pass because they are White and only non Whites can be terrorist and threaten America.Take a good listen to people who curse this country its flag but never get called out for it much less an investigation

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Elephant meets Dragon.West nervous over China's presence in Africa

When the United States elected Barack Obama as the 44th President.Many people in Africa rejoiced and a new outlook towards America emerged.Obama mania swept the African continent and many hope a new relation will develop.Well China has for the last five years been increasing presence in Africa particularly Southern Africa.China has helped Angola develop its ports,buildings,industry,mining and agricultural sector.The Chinese central Bank has loaned some 70 billion dollars in development funding.This is seen by the tremendous amount for Chinese trading vessels of the many African ports.Not everyone is happy about this.The British,French,Portuguess and other former colonial masters are uneasy about China's presence in Africa.Particularly the fact that Africa is growing without their help.The myth about the loyal African subject is just a myth.A growing number of Africans are becoming millionaires and the West feels left out of the picture.As the saying goes things change and people change.Africa has changed,this presents a challenge for Pan Africanist in the West who are hoping an Obama administration would mean greater ties between Africa and African Americans:Kalagenesis.
China Flexes its muscles over the West in Africa

By Ben Blanchard and Cynthia Johnston

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt (Reuters) - Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao offered Africa $10 billion in concessional loans over the next three years on Sunday, saying China was a "true and trusted friend" of the continent and its people.

The aid offer is double that unveiled by President Hu Jintao at the last summit in Beijing in 2006, as China aims to boost a relationship which politically goes back decades and is now economically booming, to the discomfort of some in the West.

Wen brushed aside concerns that China was only interested in Africa's natural resources to help feed its booming economy.

"China's support for Africa's development is real and solid and, in the future, no matter what turbulence the world undergoes, our friendship with the people of Africa will not change," he told a summit in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Besides the loans, Wen said China would help Africa develop clean energy and cope with climate change, encourage Chinese financial institutions to lend to smaller African firms and expand market access for African products.

He also called for greater international help for the continent.

"Africa's development is an essential part of achieving global development, and as the sincere and dependable friend of Africa, China deeply feels the difficulties and challenges faced by Africa," We said.

"China calls on the international community to enhance its sense of urgency, and support Africa's development in an even truer and more effective way."


Blossoming trade and business ties have attracted Western accusations that Beijing is only interested in African resources, while Chinese commentators respond that envious Europeans still treat the continent like a colony.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi welcomed China's offer of aid. "We the African leaders are able to take the necessary measures to be able to benefit from the opportunities created by our partnership with China in a manner that is consistent with our principles of solidarity."

China's friendship with Africa dates from the 1950s, when Beijing backed liberation movements fighting colonial rule.

Trade has risen sharply in the past decade, driven by China's hunger for resources to power its economic boom and African demand for cheap Chinese products.

Still, this has not been without its critics, who say China is only interested in African resources and supports governments with dubious human rights records as a means to get them.

The summit was attended by the presidents of Zimbabwe and Sudan, two countries often under fire for their rights records.

Wen repeated that China would not interfere in the internal politics of any African country.

"The Chinese government and people have always respected the autonomous right of the African people to choose their own social systems. China's support and aid for Africa has never and will never attach any political conditions."

Some Chinese commentators have not been so diplomatic in the days running up to the summit, saying the West still views Africa as though it were a colony.

"The West is envious of China and Africa drawing closer," popular Chinese tabloid the Global Times, published by Communist Party mouthpiece the People's Daily, wrote on Tuesday.

"Europeans view Africa as their own backyard," the newspaper quoted Chinese Africa expert Xu Weizhong as saying. "Of course they feel uncomfortable about the arrival of the Chinese."

Some Africans say China's approach differs from that of Europe or the United States.

"China's policy is based on mutual development. Few Western countries have a foreign policy like this -- most are about telling Africans what to do," said Kwaku Atuahene-Gima, executive director of the Africa programme at the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Controversial video.Rip Black America2

A very inflammatory video published by a brother named Blacktruthforever has the and Youtube community on fire.In this video the author places blame for the failure in Black male/female relationships on the new so called independent woman in Black America.There is blame on both sides but the author hit some very truthful points as well as some generalizations about all Black women.The Kalagenesis says the problem was too simplified by the author.
here is the link to the intense forum on Michael Baisden's website

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Black America's civil war pt2.Lil Waynes says F@#& Rev Al Sharpton on is latest hit song

Using a remake of an old popular tune many grew up listening to Lil Wayne remade the song Misunderstood to his own version.Now the reason for this blog is simple,this subject affected me personally.I was driving down a popular section of my city when I looked over in the next car to see a car load of young cute White girls listening to hip hop.Now years ago I was on the so called Hip hop nation bandwagon.A movement to bring all races together by getting them to listen to the same music.Now I have to admit at first it was working.Whites learned that Black people do not all think the same and have many distinctions as far as region,background,ect.Blacks learned that not all White people are racist and mean them harm.Now getting back to the girls,I looked over at them and smiled and nodded.They seemed to satisfied that I approved their style or something,or maybe it was them wanted acknowledgment that they were"down".So my nod gave it to them.The song they were listening to was Lil Wayne's Misunderstood.The song has a beautiful beat and it is good.So I decided to look it up on youtube,The song starts out with nice with him venting typical thug nonsense the dumb down youth in America can relate to.He talks first about how people don't think he should have the house he has because he so called hustled for it.That a child rapist would be welcomed over him.Not once did he acknowledge race might be the reason.To do so would put him in the same struggle as his fellow blacks.This is something many people in sports,music,entertainment try to avoid.They know the majority of people who purchase their product are white and suburban.They look to rappers to provide them with a comfort zone.The comfort zone come first and foremost with the antagonism between black people.The marketing people skillfully make sure only hip hop that has some form of Black on Black contention makes it to the suburbs.
Lil Wayne disrespects Rev Al Sharpton
Now although many may disagree with what tactics the Rev uses most Black people stand behind him and consider him a real leader and champion of the people's struggle.Lil Wayne cleverly uses the dislike many White people have for the Rev Al Sharpton to sell tons of records, in the process he sells the Black community out.He lives in New Orleans as I am told.Why has he never used his music to say F@#& George W Bush?Has he forgotten Katrina.And the simple ignorant mined Black people who go along with him should be condemned too.There now are young impressionable minds on the internet now saying F@# Al Sharpton.Many probably do not know who he even is.Can you imagine 45 years ago a Black singer being paid to say F@#& Malcolm X?Now I see why those little White girls were bopping to Lil Wayne so hard.We are in a war Lil Wayne and traitors like him have chosen their side.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Did the African American community cause the mortgage meltdown as Glenn Beckkk and his teabaggers insist?

I have all but given up on journalism in America.Maybe it is because journalist were never all that accomplished to begin with.Just flunkies who could not make it in business,science,academics ect.Time and time again you see bloggers doing their jobs for them.Bloggers have nothing to lose.The blog thread is the writing on the wall.This big monster no one can control or silence.The journalist in America particularly the Black Journalist have turned coward one too many times.Back in the days it was known that White philanthropic charities gave money to certain black newspapers in return for shaping the views of the black community.Those black journalist who defended the community were seen as uppity,radical,ect.The one million dollar question the Kalagenesis is asking is"WHERE THE HELL ARE THE PEOPLE WHO USE TO FIGHT FOR US??????The simple answer is there are none.Tavis Smiley has a show but he is no more that a glorified stock boy for Walmart,and a lot attendant for Exxon/Mobil.The reason I say this is because why are the right wing getting away with slander in accusing our community of the mortgage meltdown?Where are those big mouths who cant get enough of calling themselves spokemouths for us until they have to go against powerful white media people and they don't want to seem like a troublemaker.
The Following is a reply to an ignorant Tea Bagger
.The housing issue did not happen as a result of the community reinvestment act.Why do I even reply to your uneducated racist ignorant classless ass?Be that as it may let me school you to the fact.The community reinvestment act came in the late 70's I believe in 1979 under former President Jimmy Carter.The act was necessary to rebuild neglected areas in all cities in America.The act allocated funds to contractors and developers to build housing in areas that had old abandoned buildings.The plan also gave backing to banks to lend money to low income people so they can buy house in those redeveloped housingThe program was very successful and the federal,state,and local governments got tax revenue from the new home owners.This is how you see communities that had blight come back to life.
The problem came later when the Federal government under a deregulation provision in 1998 by Senator Phil Graham and signed by President Bill Clinton allowed for the community reinvestment act to relax standards in lending.Now this was 20 years after the act was passed so please get your facts together.
Toxic assets caused the meltdown
I know the simple minded white trash will never understand this but let me try.Now instead of the community investment act being for low income people to purchase homes in modest low income areas.The relaxed regulations allowed banks to use the act to makerisky loans to unqualified buyersThey did this not because of the government making them it was greed!!!!!!!!!!!!
CDO'S were the culprits in the scandalCDO stands for collateral Debt Obligation.I do expect ant Tea bagger to understand this it is over their heads.Again I will try.What CDO's do is splice mortgages in many pieces so when the utility like Bear Sterns,Freddy Mac Bought them were able to hide the debt with the liquid assets.This covered losses and everyone was making billions of dollars because investors would buy the stocks seeing no losses only gains.Now the bankers should be in jail for making loans to people they know were not able to pay.The community reinvestment act was only for housing within the income means of the applicant.The banks during this time period did not bother to follow the guild lines because thanks to Republican Phil Graham the regulations were laxed.The same thing happened in the Eron scandel and Soncom and several energy companies.Remember Ken Lay?Of course you don't it is easier to follow Hannity,Beckkk, AND BLAME POOR BLACK PEOPLE.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye West at 2009 VMA.Hip hop at the crossroads

So Sunday evening in September have been a central event in my household for the past eight years.That is when I started watching the VMA's live on MTV.In 2000 hip hop overtook rock as the dominant music genre among American youth.I supported it back then for many reasons.One reason was I thought anytime black youth can make money at an art form was a step forward.I though hip hop would break down barriers and misunderstandings among different races.I believed this back then but what I have always noticed is that many artist are not vetted or censored in the community.Once a person has a so called hit record MTV and the powerful recording industry decide to beam this artist into every home in America,their antics and actions come along with it.Many artist have little professional or family background rooted in descent behavior.Although there were shocking things at the VMA's far worst than what Kanye West did to country music artist Taylor Swift,in the age of Obama and even the most liberal White America now has his eyes on every thing that comes out of Black America.

Racism at the heart of the Kanye/Swift Controversy
The question many of us who consider ourselves nationalist and Pan Africanist is:Why do these hip hop so called brothers behave so stupidly?Why do they continue to insist like Bill Cosby said recently that racism is not a problem?Why don't these people understand in their simple arrogant minds that what they do is always going to reflect the Black/White relationship in America?And being the weaker group we as black people often will suffer the most from any fallout in the area of race relations.We have never gotten to the point where we are independent of White America
economically.Now hip hop is at a crossroad.Although many artist like Kanye,50 cent,Lil Wayne,Soldja Boy,Gucchi Man,Jay Z,Diddy,ect get hood and got swagger,they are dependent on the White youth and White party crowd for their bread and butter.One thing we Pan African culturalist have over the hip hop nation is we do not on the whole need or want White approval to succeed.

The fallout from this will have racial implications
We have an African American President,but many whites still hold racist views in America.Remember the John Birch Society?The Ku Klux Klan whom by the way was once the largest organization in American history.The racist groups like the Aryan Nations,The Order,and National Alliance all see fertile recruiting ground among lost white people.The image of a Black man stealing the innocent moment from a White All American blond girl triggered racist animosity that goes back to slavery in the United States.The image of him snatching the mic from Taylor Swift in a country where White people have seen a black man take the primary from a White woman,then the Presidency from another.This imagery all conscious black men know is still dangerous in a racist anti black society.The question the Kalagenesis has is when are the black artist going to act responsible like the artist who came before them?Back in the sixties artist represented the community the best way they could and to a people who did not have much they made us fell proud.Looking at Kanye walking around drunk passing hennessy to Joe Jackson live before millions of viewers was an low point for the African American community.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kalagenesis Debate.Kala Nation goes head to head with Black Republican and iseecolor member H

Recently a so called Black Christian Republican aged 45 got into a debate with a young inexperienced Black woman who supports President Barack Obama.This man instead of representing the view of a decent Christian man with with conservative values and beliefs he went on a bullying rant on someone who cant fight back.Well the Kalagenesis is the defender of the weak and helpless.The member I am referring to is member H a self described Christian Republican who is a multi million dollar businessman.Before I am done with him he will delete his profile and disappear.This is a sample of the reply and discussion and his reply back to the Kala Nation Under God.
Kalagenesis wrote to H:

If you are such a good business person where is your website and what do you sell?Why were you not featured on Michael Baisden?Why are you not networking with other business people on this site instead of belittling young people who Know no better?You wrote"Little girl, I'm 45-yrs old, an international business owner (netted $2.6 million last year) and own personal properties in several countries (Norway, Austria, USA, and Belize). When I herald the dangers of the socialist policies that the Obama Administration is enacting I speak from real-world business experience. I'm the guy that owns the small-business that hires ignorant children like you (who have absolutely no skills, talents, or potential). Yet, your dumb ass thinks you deserve more than you can produce for yourself. You expect people like me to surrender more of our resources, that we've produced through our efforts, to do for you what you're unable/unwilling to do for yourself. The thing that you should remember, as you and other slacker-losers demand that us "rich people" pay more, is that we've already taken a ton of our money out of the US where Washington D.C. can't touch it.

First of all you sit up here and defend a racist party like the Republicans when a growing number of Republicans now admit that there party has been taken over by Southern White racist conservatives who have as much love for Black people as the devil has for holy water.You talk about socialism this reply shows you are ignorant and don't know the definition of socialism.So now go and google it I will take you apart and expose you for the fraud liar you are.Explain the cash for clunkers,The bank bailout,small business tax credit and the health care reform which will help small business.You lied when you said you made millions in revenue.How can you make millions and not have a good tax accountant who can show you how to create tax shelters and write off all your expenses as business.You must be a stupid business person.And the money that you get taxed in the end is nothing compared to what the government spends protecting your rights and property here and abroad.Now you said people surrendering your resources.What about the many who fight for a share of the wealth but it is still in the hands a a few.You sound as ignorant as hell H.I don't know anyone who is waiting for a politician to do anything for them.But the lobbyist,PAC's and others sleep with politicians everyday to get what they want.But as soon as a poor person as for opportunity it is a crime.You are sick,Obama is the best thing this country has.And show me where any new tax laws took money from you since Obama came to office!!!!!!!!!!!!Show me the provision HR? S?Where is it liar?

Self described Christian Republican H wrote:

At 7:49pm on September 10, 2009, H said…
Okay, I'll take your bait because your spiel actually amused me.

If you are such a good business person where is your website and what do you sell?Why were you not featured on Michael Baisden?Why are you not networking with other business people on this site...
I own an international economic consultancy. My clientèle aren't found surfing these pages. Why would I waste bandwidth/webmaster resources with making anything available to an audience that can't benefit me or from my business? The world is a lot bigger than shuck-and-jive networking sites trying to balance everything from social issues to hooking up.

...instead of belittling young people who Know no better?
You're absolutely right on this point. However, I'm not sure the entire string has been taken into account because if I recall correctly I did turn the discourse into an educational opportunity. Nonetheless, that's a mute point. You are right. I was completely wrong. I didn't see the "under 21" until deep into the conversations.

First of all you sit up here and defend a racist party like the Republicans...
Of the 2 major political parties in the USA, I side with the Republicans because they espouse more of the principles that I believe in. Heck...both sides have their authentic racists. Let's not try to point fingers on that note. I'm pretty sure that you haven't heard me "defend" Repubicans. I defend the capitalistic free market that everyone has access to. The capitalistic free market that this nation was built on. And in doing so, I don't care who wasn't fortunate enough to take advantage of it. I defend the Constitutional Rights that we were given by the Founders. I defend the Conservative principles that I live by.

You talk about socialism this reply shows you are ignorant and don't know the definition of socialism.
Actually, I'm fully aware of what "Socialism" is and President Obama is (along with the Demoncraps/Repubicans in both Houses) steering our Nation toward socialism. Take a minute to read a dictionary before you speak.
Socialism - * Main Entry: so·cial·ism
1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
2 a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
3 : a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

Explain the cash for clunkers,The bank bailout,small business tax credit and the health care reform which will help small business.
Each of the items you've brought up are actually textbook examples of Socialism
"Cash for Clunkers" is taking money from citizens (because government doesn't create wealth/income) and administering the means of distributing goods (cars). Furthermore, the automaker that "won" with the most sales was Toyota! A Japanese Corporation!!! That means billions and billions of our dollars are going to Japan! US manufacturers sold less cars under this socialist program. I'd have complained but the govt should have made the program open only to US manufacturers so our money stayed in the USA.
"The bank bailout" and "small business tax credit" - again, government taking private money away from citizens (through taxes) and distributing to to private corporations because private corporations failed to prudently manage their fiscal responsibilities. The U.S. Government ("we the people") have the majority stake in AIG and GM. Is that not definition #2? Come on man/lady.
Health care reform - this is definition #1 and #2 completely! Irrespective of that blatant fact, health care is not a right. What's government doing trying to get involved in another private industry? I'm enthusiastic when my pharma stocks produce dividends quarterly. I'm encouraged when my health care stocks make a profit on my investments.
Furthermore, you and I are not entitled to reap the benefits of a medical professional/pharma manufacturer just because that seems "unfair" when you or I can't afford to pay for their that they've taken the responsibility to obtain through difficult schooling and R&D, respectively.

...not have a good tax accountant who can show you how to create tax shelters and write off all your expenses as business.You must be a stupid business person.
The dishonest thing is to "create tax shelters" to hide from the legal obligations that we have as US Citizens. I'm not trying to avoid taxes, partner. I'm all for equitable tax liabilities. I just don't want to pay more and more for lazy, worthless, useless people to sit around and do nothing but receive increased "benefits" while I'm out creating jobs and producing revenue and taking all of the risk.

What about the many who fight for a share of the wealth but it is still in the hands a a few.
What have they EARNED? The reality of "wealth" is that it is and never will be attainable by everyone. It's a natural phenomenon that some people are more capable than others. If investing were easy, everyone would be a Warren Buffet. If real estate were easy, everyone would be a Donald Trump. If chatting on the radio were easy, everyone would be a Michael Baisden. If golf were simple, everyone would be Tiger Woods. If writing were simple, everyone would be a Terry McMillan. If communicating/producing were simple, everyone would be an Oprah Winfrey. These people have risen to the top, not because their profession is easy, but because they have something special within them and have learned to capitalize on it. There are those who have natural abilities, others profit through perseverance, and still others have just damn good fortune to capitalize when and where others can't. All I want is the chance to be what I can define as a success.
Is it "unfair"? Heck if I know. I do know that spending time/energy complaining about what someone else has that I want/ain't got doesn't do anything to get me closer to what I want. I also know that if we all had $1 million in the bank the cost of bread would be several thousand dollars a loaf. Then folk would be complaining because he's got $10 million and I've only got $6 million. You know, the poorest Americans are still richer than the majority of the world.

You sound as ignorant as hell...
That could very well be. However, I'm not one of the losers crying because I can't afford medical coverage for myself and my family. I'm not one of the losers crying because I can't afford to buy a car unless "Master Sammy in the big White House" takes money from my neighbors and gives it to me as a "Cash for Clunkers program." Or worse, borrows from the Communist Chinese so we can spend, spend, spend. I'm not one of the losers crying because "the white man," the lobbyists, some PAC, or sweet call girl is sleeping with the people that we elect and getting favors.

But as soon as a poor person as for opportunity it is a crime.
Let us differentiate between seeking opportunity and expecting something for nothing. Praising the "Cash for Clunkers" is asking for something in return for nothing. What did any of the "Cash for Clunkers" participants do to EARN those few thousand dollars that taxpayers are responsible to provide? Seeking opportunity is pulling yourself up by the "bootstraps." Do you hear Indians (from Asia) crying because "the white man is keeping them down"? How about Asians coming over in droves for the opportunity to pursue their dreams/goals. What about the latinos that are coming from Central/South America for an opportunity to make an honest living and to be more than they can in their country? This is the greatest nation in the history of the world! Personally, I'm sick of hearing MY people complain because they can't get ahead yet someone just got off of the boat (literally) and is making a very profitable living, yet we've been sitting around for decades "wishing" more than sweating for ourselves, for our dreams, for our futures, for our kids. I have no tolerance for MY people complaining because they can't afford school clothes for their kids but they've got 24" wheels on their brand new car and a Blu-ray attached to their 56" Plasma TV.

You are sick,Obama is the best thing this country has.
I appreciate your perspective. However, everyone is entitled to be ignorant (look it up before you get offended). The nation is further in debt (with no thanks to Bush 43) than ever before. We, the nation, are spending money that our (yours and mine) great-grandchildren will be trying to pay off. There's something fundamentally wrong with that! Well, that is unless you're one of those parents that uses your kids' SSN to get credit, electricity, or goods and leaves their financial future all screwed up. Not saying you're that guy/gal but I suspect we both know of people who've done that to their own children. Well, that's what borrowing for new programs today is doing to the nation.

And show me where any new tax laws took money from you since Obama came to office!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent point, however, I'm not foolish enough to play economic defense. When Senator Obama won the Demoncrap nomination I immediately began transferring (legally) resources (money) and incorporating my business overseas (with the corp headquarters overseas) to minimize my vulnerability to a socialistic administration. The bills for these billions and billions of programs Pres. Obama wants will come due. Whether you and I pay now or later it will have to be paid. The ONLY asset that I still own in the USA is a hamburger franchise located in the Midwest and as soon as I find a buyer that baby is gone!

Show me the provision HR?
Obviously more of my ignorance...don't have a clue what a "provision HR" is.

I think you need to come to this thread and answer for yourself.
First things first, I neither need to answer to anyone nor for anything. If a thread between A & B gets disclosed (whether in part or whole) to another party any problems the 3rd party has are his/her own.
Besides, it would be pretty comical to engage in the tribal/mob mentality. I understand that a Conservative/Republican/Libertarian isn't at all welcome in the "Black Community" or this superficial "networking" site, primarily because we've decided to leave the plantation and are automatically considered to be a "sell-out," "Uncle Tom," or somehow "not Black."

I enjoyed your challenge/confrontation. You've solidified my impressions of Demoncraps/Liberals.

Now, since you've got a passion for the ObamaCare. What has the bureaucracy of government managed successfully? How's health care in the Veteran's Administration? How's Freddie Mack and Fannie Mae? How's the U.S. Postal Service? How's Medicare/Medicaid? How did Congress do with managing the Congressional Post Office? How's government done with Social Security? Depending on your age, you're paying your hard earned money into a system that's going to be flat broke before you collect a single penny. How is the government doing with spending within our (the nation's) means, balancing the budget? When your bank account is lower than you want or empty do you continue to borrow and spend? I sure as hell don't. Yet, that's exactly what the government does. Sounds to me like you want more of that. I don't! All of these government ran programs are total disasters! Brother/Sister, the bureaucracy keeps raising taxes to spend more and more without regard to what it's doing to the everyday man, woman, and child. When my businesses begin to not turn a profit I change how we do business. If it goes into the red, I sell. Government doesn' tells us to just give more. Isn't that what Biden said, "It's patriotic to pay more taxes." That S.O.B. made millions and gave less than 3% to charity. He'd rather take from you and me. Oh, we won't take it from the poor people...we'll take it from the rich. Are you sure you want an opportunity to gain wealth? :-)
The communists just come out and say "we can do it better if we just had more money." The socialists disguise it as "rights" to those who don't have what they want.

Hopefully I've conveyed my messages concisely but thoroughly. As I'm sure you're aware, writing isn't the most effective means of communication.
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At 6:29pm on August 30, 2009, Joseph Pollard / DJ P.L.O said…

Kalagenesis:In all fairness to H he did admit he was out of line talking to the young girl like that.He said he did not see her under 21 age.I'll accept that but the issue of him using his so called success and wealth to belittle people he disagrees with and spewing GOP talking points is another.He does it again when he wrote disrespecting Iseecolor members saying no one on this site would have any knowledge of his so called international business so why put network with anyone on this site.HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Michael Baisden has listeners from every corner of the globe.Business people in South Africa,Japan,Europe,China ect all do business with Iseecolor members so what is H talking about when he wrote this:
I own an international economic consultancy. My clientèle aren't found surfing these pages. Why would I waste bandwidth/webmaster resources with making anything available to an audience that can't benefit me or from my business? The world is a lot bigger than shuck-and-jive networking sites trying to balance everything from social issues to hooking up.
Hooking up?Wasting time with Iseecolor members?400,000 potential contacts?This is a so called consultant?I thought consultants collect names any names for any reason!!!!!!!H is a fraud and the Kalagenesis has exposed him

Monday, August 31, 2009

Africa in the age of Obama.The winds of change.

It is abundantly clear with the unrest in many parts of Africa that change must come.The average brother and sister on the continent are tired of being killed,robbed, exploited,slandered,belittled,and marginalized by the rest of humanity.Many up and coming young Africans in Africa and the diaspora now seem to be fixated on the enemy within undermining our progress.The Africa of Patrice Lumumba,Steven Biko,and Kwame Nkhumra,is gone in favor of thugs who pillage the treasure of their peoples.Take Uganda's Museveni,a country where rural people still are eaten by crocodiles because they dont have running water for their villages.But yet he finds the money two years ago to host the so called commonwealth conventions.He spent hundreds of millions on a two day event while his people go without the basics.Well Obama's election was about change and transparency.And that is spreading across the African continent like wildfire and the traitors are scared-Kalagenesis.The following is an article by a Tanzanian journalist living in Canada:

“Strongmen or Strong Institutions: Which Way for Africa?” by Nkwazi N. Mhango

August 30, 2009 by asabagna

Those are my catch words from President Barack Obama’s stunning speech in Ghana, although he dwelt on many issues reminiscent to Africa’s endemic and systemic problems. Unlike other past American presidents, Obama seems determined to face the reality by giving African potentates a bitter pill to swallow.

Before becoming US president, many African strongmen such as Paul Kagame (Rwanda), Yoweri Museveni (Uganda) Meles Zenawi (Ethiopia) and Teodoro Obiang Ngwema (Equatorial Guinea) were darlings of the US, thanks to enhancing the exploitation of Africa’s resources. Things seem to have taken a new turn with Obama’s promise of change. His “Yes We Can” slogan seems to have started working. Yes, Africa can be a good and prosperous place without thieving dictators at the helm. Yes, we can kick dictators out of Africa’s political landscape.

“No country is going to create wealth if its leaders exploit the economy to enrich themselves, or police can be bought off by drug traffickers”, Obama says. He speaks as if he lives in our streets where the police force protect and promote crime. He speaks as if he lives in our state houses where thieves-in-chief steal public money.

Tanzania, my own country, is the fifth giant when it comes to mineral abundance but interestingly, the country is fifth on the tail as far as poverty worldwide is concerned. Small countries with fewer resources like Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda outshine Tanzania.

“Development depends upon good governance. That is the ingredient which has been missing in far too many places, for far too long. That is the change that can unlock Africa’s potential”, Obama adds. Many African mumbo jumbos cannot like this. It is like carpet-bombing them. They have always preached rule of law and good governance even when they govern tyrannically.

Telling African chronic thieves to stop stealing by their volition is as good as telling the monkey to stop stealing maize. What needs to be done is to categorize crimes involving rulers and their cronies stealing from public coffers as crime against humanity. Most Africans lose their lives to corruption than wars. Genocide in Rwanda claimed over 800,000 lives. In Darfur, it has claimed over 200,000. Malaria that is curable, shall our rulers stop stealing from the public, is killing many more people than all genocides put together.

An April 2009 report by the World Health Organization (WHO) says that malaria is responsible for 30% of childhood mortality and 11% maternal mortality in Nigeria. In Zambia, the figure stands at 66%. Malaria kills more than a million people worldwide each year—90 percent of them in Africa; 70 percent being children under the age of five.

Being the 12th producer of oil on earth, one would think Nigeria’s economy and people would look like it. Alas! Its rulers and their whiz kids are super rich whilst the hoi polloi live in abject poverty. What’s this if it is not crime against humanity?

The president of America is the most powerful and influential person on earth currently. So too, is his non-bendable writ, if he stands for it. We saw it in Iraq despite all blunders. Obama’s regime brought Swiss banks and others to their knees thanks to sheathing tax evaders and thieves in power. Soon they’ll be duty-bound to open their books. The time of criminal secrecy is over, thanks to Obama’s new take on them. Suppose Obama stands for making theft of public moneys by rulers a crime against humanity? Truly, this will add up. The ICC should be vested with powers to indict anybody that commits this crime. This way, Africa will forge ahead. Her resources will benefit citizens suffering in the hands of its all time thieving regimes.

Many analysts, nonetheless, blamed Obama for not coming to Africa with money or promises of dishing money out. Giving money knowing it’ll be embezzled has nary become a solution to our problems, but a problem in itself. Obama’s new approach is a reminder that Mr. Moneybag America is no more. Why did Asian tigers manage to blast off from poverty whilst Africa is still sinking even more? Good-and-responsible governance is the only vehicle behind.

To jump-start Africa’s economy, among others, rule of law and good governance based on accountability and democracy must be emphasized. African people are ready to bring their development. The only barrier they encounter is nothing but corrupt and irresponsible regimes supported by west.

Africans have fed thieving and begging corrupt regimes for long. Transparency International says: “The combination of abundant natural resources, a history of autocratic and unaccountable government, as well as conflict and crisis throughout the continent have posed particular challenges to governance and the fight against corruption in Africa to the point that several countries have become virtually synonymous with graft.”

TI adds that the development challenges faced by sub-Saharan Africa are enormous. It is the only region of the world where poverty has increased in the past 25 years and half of the continent’s population of 840 million people lives on less than 1 USD per day. Thirty-two of the world’s 38 highly indebted poor countries (HIPC) are in Africa. In addition to corruption, protracted armed conflict, the HIV/AIDS pandemic and declining terms of trade for non-mineral primary products continue to exacerbate the many challenges facing the region.

To know how perilous the situation is in Africa, think of Sani Abachas $550 million fortune. Remember other thieves such as Mobutu Seseseko, Felix Houphet Boigny, Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel arap Moi, Fredrick Chiluba, Jean Bedel Bokassa, Denis Sassou Ngweso, Teodor Obiang Ngwema, Omar Bongo, Charles Taylor and others. How much did they rob from their countries?

Some analysts agree that the amount of money robbed by ruling thieves in Africa is even bigger than all foreign aids put together. Recently I hollered about current scandals in Tanzania alleged to have been perpetrated by the current and former regimes. Over $1,000,000,000 is believe to have been stolen by Tanzania’s rulers. To get away with it, they instituted fake charges against a few sacrificial officers so as to win people’s confidence. Recently, Prof. Ibrahim Lipumba, the CUF chair, linked president Jakaya Kikwete with External Payment arrears account that sank over $200,000,000 and Richmond scams. The president did not comment on or deny these damning accusations.

Many African rulers, apart stealing and stashing money abroad, steal in order to bribe voters and buy loyalty from military and other influential figures. So to fell this malady democratic institutions, especially the opposition, must be fully supported without forgetting financing civil education to the general public. This way, we’ll be able to break the back of graft.

Astonishingly, Tanzania’s pro-government media still have the guts of reporting that Obama praised Kikwete for taking on graft whilst he is himself the custodian of it! Sadly, even the American embassy in Dar es salaam does not repudiate such naked lies that show Obama as a double standard person or ignorant! What arrogant and corrupt pro-media is doing in Tanzania is telling their readership lies. In Africa, Obama only praised praised Ghana.

Africa needs strong institutions manned and headed by people of probity, responsible and accountable to the people. To enhance this, Africa’s constitutions need to be amended or re-enacted. The current ones shamelessly and expressly provide for much discretionary power that strongmen use to rob the hoi polloi. Almost all African potentates and their families are above the law.

Something needs to be done urgently to do away with this anathema. Those that have already ruined their countries should be held accountable. Truly Africa does not need strongmen but strong institutions.


Nkwazi Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He writes regularly for “The African Executive” and also has a blog entitled “Free Thinking Unabii”. He is a regular contributor to AfroSpear.

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on August 30, 2009 at 8:20 pm | Reply Ana

Africa requires more than just building institutions.

The character and mind of African people need changing.

Selfishness,individualism, tribalism and a lack of serious committment, trust, respect and acceptance of the nation state are serious roadblocks Africans must confront and work out before institutions can be created and implemented.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

M.E.N.D. To resume armed conflict with Nigerian Government

Kalagenesis:We should have known all along that money talks.It seems Nigeria is destined to be a White man's land.A country where flunky businessmen and engineers from Europe and America can come and still prosper.A country where people live on a dollar a day and still has to import most of its food,fuel,clothing and even energy.Although there is some good it is not enough.The problem is corrupt leaders and loudmouths who are looking out for themselves.The US government should be investigated by the UN for war crimes for the destruction of the Delta region in Nigeria,and the backing of the oil companies.Recently the US Pentagon has been using scenarios in which the US military would go in and occupy Nigerian oil fields.The following is an article about the recent development between MEND and the Nigerian Government.

By Austin Ekeinde

YENAGOA, Nigeria (Reuters) - Nigeria's main rebel group said on Saturday it would resume attacks against Africa's biggest energy industry next month, overshadowing the surrender of hundreds of arms by rebels in a federal amnesty program.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), responsible for attacks that have wrought havoc on the OPEC member's oil operations, said it would resume its campaign of violence on September 15.

MEND, a loose coalition of militant groups, denounced the hundreds of rebels that have participated in President Umaru Yar'Adua's 60-day amnesty program, which aims to stem unrest in the Niger Delta.

"The ongoing amnesty program by the government of Nigeria seems to have achieved separating those who still have the zeal to fight for our freedom from those who were in it for the money," the group said in a statement.

MEND, which declared a 60-day ceasefire in July to allow for peace talks, said it has suspended negotiations with the government.

Hundreds of Nigerian militants earlier on Saturday surrendered their weapons, mortar bombs and gunboats during a public ceremony in the Bayelsa state capital Yenagoa.

The handover by dozens of militant groups was the largest collection of weapons and ammunition since President Umaru Yar'Adua's 60-day amnesty program began two weeks ago.


"We give up our weapons so that we give peace a chance and for all oil companies and other multinationals to come into our region to develop the place," said Erepamutei Olotu, known as General Ogunbos, during a public handing-over ceremony.

Attacks on pipelines and industry facilities along with the kidnapping of oil workers since early 2006 have cost the world's eighth-biggest oil exporter billions of dollars a year in lost revenues and added to volatility in global energy prices.

At the ceremony, former militant leader Ebikabowei Victor Ben, known as Boyloaf, gave a senior government official his flak jacket emblazoned with the logo of Nigeria's most prominent militant group -- the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND).

"As chairman of MEND in Bayelsa state, I hand over this jacket as a proclamation that we have disarmed and stand by our word. We expect the president to stand by his word and develop the Niger Delta," Ben told a crowd of hundreds that included former militants, government officials and security officers.

Ben was among 25 former militant leaders that surrendered more than 500 weapons, dozens of rocket launchers and mortar bombs and 14 gunboats, which were on display at the ceremony.

Ben, whose group handed over the bulk of the weapons collected on Saturday, has warned that failure to develop the Niger Delta would lead to a resumption of violence.

Skeptics question whether the amnesty scheme will buy anything more than a short-term lull in the violence, saying the government has done little to create employment or training opportunities for those who do hand over their guns. Continued...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Enemy within Pt 4.The phony militant

I remember back in 1992 through 1995 I was part of an underground network of militants and activist in my area.We were often amazed how without having any representation in the so called Black media to foster and reinforce our ideas,we still managed to come together under one banner and brotherhood.Books like Message to the Blackman,Philosophies and Opinions of Marcus Garvey,Autobiography of Malcolm X.If you read those three core books along with some others it gave you a foundation to build with other brothers like you.We were very young back then,the good kids who cared about our community and people.Some were battling racism trying to make it in America with their degrees,and education.Others thought only nationalism will work.Both sides were legitimate because both sides produced positive results.I was the one who would question a person's sincerity especially those who put on a militant front but I suspected they were merely opportunist who love to come into any organization,meeting or gathering and try to outshine,out speak,or take over in general.In every movement there are those who use a legitimate cause or use legitimate suffering or grievances of a people for personal gain and profit.I saw this problem back then I see it now.

Phony militants using Pan Africanism for selfish reasons

Recently I was on a so called Militant's blog in which we had a disagreement.I am realizing my age all of a sudden because I seem so old school when dealing with these new heads coming into the movement.The blogger called RBG Scholar did a very disrespectful article on Barack Obama.In one pic he had the little bad boy graphic that the rednecks use.It was the one where the guy was pissing on the President's head.Now he got this from a White graphic's designer on the net,there are no Black graphics designers using or making bad boy graphics.It is a grimy suburban White boy thing.It appears to me that almost anyone can cut and paste red,black and green banners on their site and put pictures of Malcolm X,and Marcus Garvey quotes on it.It seems many are missing the point of what these men stood for.These men used their different beliefs to adjust to the circumstances in which they found themselves.The belief in African Nationalism is still strong as ever in the hearts and minds of the believers.But the world although some of the fundamental problems plaguing Africans still are the same such as lack of a strong unified economic and political front.There are problems that still we face as a result of slavery and colonialism.But many Black people have succeeded in spite of the barriers and problems.It was not like that 80 years ago during the height of Marcus Garvey.We have hundreds of Black law enforcement and elected officials.We have many wealthy and affluent African Americans.The number of Black people satisfied with America and their future is over 70%.The first time in our history.This in spite of the fact that many still are looking and soul searching for their African roots and history.More of us are taking an interest in the continent.It seems angry,hateful rhetoric in now counter productive.Most African Americans embrace Africa including the youthful Hip hop nation.Rappers travel to the continent to do business and a leisure like it is nothing.Kenyan,Ghanian,and Nigerian artist are famous in America and the West.So there is no reason for talk of guns and violence because the winds are blowing in the Pan African direction.

Kalagenesis vs the Black racist

Like I pointed out earlier in this article I judge people not on their political beliefs but their integrity and passion for what is best for the people.This is why I can support President Barack Obama and still believe in African Nationalism.It seems too many are using Nationalism as an excuse to attack the Black people who are achieving in this country and world because they are not achieving and they envy Black people who can make it.I like many other militants were careful back in the day not to become enslaved to any ideology.But to bend and adapt to changing times and people.Many so called militants are stuck in a mindset that limits them to negativity and stagnation.It is to the point that many are standing on street corners attacking Black women calling them sluts and whores because they cant control them.This is done by the rouge sects of the Black Hebrew Israelite Nation.A clown sect of dirty dashiki wearing self hating fools who use their religion to attack people who do not agree with them or their hate.In the following video a good brother Professor I Self rebukes them.