Wednesday, December 26, 2007

David Banner gives back to his hood.

Rapper David Banner celebrates Christmas by doing the right thing,helping those mis fortunate people who live in the poorest state in the union.David Banner who is a proud Mississippi native has the vast support of these forgotten marginal downtrodden Black folks in the deep south.He along with a White female magazine editor took a verbal jab at Reverend Al Sharpton of the Harlem based National Action network.He also chastised what he called fake gangster rappers who make it rain on hoes in the club instead of giving the money to people who need it.
The video clip has Banner being needy to fatherless children in rural Jackson Mississippi.Question that needs to be asked is,where are these kids fathers?Is playing a sugar/santa/pimpdaddy is going to excuse the vile degrading music he makes?Where was he during the Jena 6 cause?Who are the Black people who cant seem to help themselves even when they elect Black leaders in their district?Is Banner doing this for political gain or publicity?Why insist on challenging Al Sharpton?Who is he fronting for?We need unity in Black America,the white MTV crowd hate Al Sharpton but he has the support of most African Americans even the ones Banner Played santa/pimpdaddy to.But I'll give him credit for giving hopefully other rappers will follow this trend without trying to get points for it.

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