Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Self hatred is number one problem threatening the African American community.

In recent weeks these two videos on the internet has finally put this issue of race mixing on the front page.It is an issue that brings out raw emotions in this all people.This issue effects I believe Black men more than Black women.This is because men have an urge to reproduce and will go where ever they can find it.All men have desire territory and women it is primal in all men.The tragedy of being Black in a White dominated society means any Black woman is open to other races.And since the White man controls this society all women are naturally attracted to the stronger man.It does not help that the current hip hop generation seems hell bent on a criminal self destructive behavior.Most of the Black women in America are not like the Black women of a generation ago.Years of watching daytime talk television,negative images of Black men have taken there toll.Years ago because racism and racial violence we came together and formed bonds that made us strong.This kept families together and created Black love as in the words of Dr Cornell West.When we kept to ourselves we loved each other to an extent.Now since the post civil rights era those bonds are vanishing.Young Black girls and women think nothing of having flings with White men or even marriage.Now I am not a racist I believe in a perfect world true love should be colorblind.This is not a perfect world.Black men are still bound to social constructs that protect the future of the White race in America.The symbol of this was the lynching of Black men to instill fear in them so they will not mingle with White women.The man and young woman in this video both have good points.Black women are surely after White men we see this with Halli Berry with her White boyfriend,who was she fooling.Her sex role with Billy Bob Thorton was appalling.She was a symbol of Black beauty and he was a nobody.Why not Brad Pitt?I believe only a few Black men date white women as a preference.I believe when a pretty girl show a Black man interest he will take it that is just his maleness.Now women are programed to be patient and selective when choosing her mate.The type of man a woman choose is her total definition of her existence.I f she had something in her childhood that scared her it will effect her judgment on men selection.So given that what does that say about a woman who chooses to be with a man even though his family don't accept her on something like race?I says she has a lot of self hate toward her own kind something like Uncle Rutkus on Boondocks.So check these videos out.Self hate is the number one problem threatening our future.

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