Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Clowning.Take a Kala Nation Test'Are you a clown?'

Clowning is a form of entertainment that has appeared in some manner in virtually every culture.In most cultures the clown is a ritual character associated with festivals or rites of passage and is often very different from the most popular western form.In Europe,up until as late as the 19th century the clown was a typical everyday character,and often appeared in carnivals.The performance is symbolic of liminality -being outside the rules of society the clown is able to subvert the normal order.Most Black comedians are a perfect example of this.They can insult The White man because as a clown no none takes what they say seriously.At least the people in power are never offended this is the product of the minstrel culture in America.the basic premise of this contemperarily used by many activist to point out social absurdity.Example The Chapelle Show.
A popular early form of clown was the fool,a role that can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt and appears as the first card in the tarot deck.Most fools suffered from some physical or mental deformity,and were given to the local landlord as a charge,because their families were unable to look after them and the surrounding communities often feared them.They were the butt of jokes and their masters had the power to inflict violence upon them and even take their lives.Much like Jim Crow or Jim Jones take your pick.However t=being perceived idiots they were often the only people in court who enjoyed fee speech,and during he 16th century,especially in France actors began to train as fools often in order to have the ability to make satirical comment.There is evidence of the wise fool similar in function to the jester in many cultures.
A question that I am my fellow hip hop heads is "Are you a clown?A fool?An Idiot?A Buffoon?Remember just as clowning is a way to divert aggression away from a powerless person from a tormentor.Our existence in this country is based on assuming the clown role being satisfied with the status quo.Being the laughing stock of this civilization.Our Entertainers make millions from this role.In the words of neo minstrel rapper David Banner young niggas got to make money.The clown acting we see on MTV VH1 with shows like Hollyhood staring 36mafia and Flavor of Love with that clown Flavor Flav would not be that bad if their was a balance in the images the world sees of us.Clowns in the old days even in this country did so as a means of survival now it is celebrated as normal.I have 14 questions to ask you to see if you may be a clown.1)Do you talk to total strangers in public smiling laughing,joking like you've known them for years
2)Do you watch a rap video and run to the store and ask the clerk about some jersey or sneaker Lil Jon,50 cent, Lil Wayne,Camron had on.
3)Although you sold weed, a little X, maybe some crack you now rhyme about boats of kilos coming in from Columbia or Cuba.
4)You have more than one baby momma but never had sex with them and refuse to take a DNA test.
5)You've been on Maury Polvich
6)You have a record you've been pushing and your about to blow,and rap the rap game in a choke hold.
7)50 cent, Russell,Diddy,Jay Z,are rich so in your eyes they can do no wrong,even though you know they don't give a damn about you and what you think.
8)You are over the age of 22 and you still are pressured into joining a street gang. 9)At 35 you don't have enough life experience to draw intelligent choices on. 10)You at 25 still live with your folks.
11)At 25 you don't own a suit.
12)You try to use a hip hop site to holla at females.AKA internet stalker 13)Your waiting for your favorite rapper's CD to"drop"
14)Your rims are worth more than your car.

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