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Why many Native Liberians cannot be trusted.

There is a growing debate in Africa over the role Africans played in the slave trade.Now some have accused me of starting conflict within our community.I want to say I still believe African unity is possible.But when people who are ignorant and narrow minded put tribe above anything else.Mis informed African Americans underestimate tribalism and xenophobia in Africa and many will see this when it is too late.Ive always said the descendents of the victims of the trans Atlantic slave trade need to have a nation of their own.I will not back off that belief.They same thing can happen to us again.Maybe not a slave trade but violence,civil rights abuse,theft,rape,murder genocide,discrimination all are the step children of slavery.I have been studying our experiment in nationhood-Liberia for over 20 years.I have seen where our ancestors went wrong and what they did right.What was clear was the desire to have a nation with people who dont want to be a nation is not feasible.People with no concept of the modern world.No concept of White supremacy,colonialism,geo politics,finance,ect.The failure of the settlers to win the hearts and minds of the native people was the biggest shortcoming.No real vision was articulated until Tolbert became president and by then it was too late.The images of old men being stripped naked and gunned down by roving drunk soldiers while the crowd cheered this blood lust cannot be forgotten.Now it seems some So called Native Liberians are not done.They want more blood.Now at a time Liberia is trying to convince the world it is on the way to reconciliation there are people ready to send Liberia into another war.This time there are no settlers to blame.Now it is NATO,America,AFRICOM,Chevron,Mittal to blame.It is never the people who had power for the last 31 years and destroyed a once beautiful up and coming nation.The following is a conversation that transpired on a discussion about the Americo Liberian vs Natives debate.


-- It is well documented way before the settlers arrival that inter-tribal wars were outstanding in Liberia. Natives attacked each other, captured & enslaved one another, sold one another as slaves. Majority of the attacks came about as a result of trade disagreements & disputes, and offcourse cultural differences.

I have listen to folks argue, Cuss one another and damn at others because of their views and stance on the issue of Americo-Liberian V.S. Natives. No one actually states & clarifies the assualts and attacks the native perpetrated on the settlers, which were numerous. And there were numerous assualts!

Nevertheless, when the settlers banned together as small a percentage as they were and usurp power, maintaining control for over a period of 100+ yrs. every Liberian play the blame game and rebuked our settler ancestors who were of African descend forcibly removed from their very homeland, (AFRICA)... Perhaps by the same Country or Natives people.

Have we ever stopped to think many of these same natives came or migrated from parts unknown?? (Other regions)....
(1) Why is some native Liberians insinuating that they have more rights to Liberia then, those who came from the State and settled in Liberia?? Does native Liberian have more rights or entitlement to Liberia then others???
(2) why do we constantly blame americo-Liberians or Congo people for the natives & Liberia's failures??

**This is not intended to provoke insults or fights. Simply to debate reasonably & find solutions to re-unite ourselves..** THANK~YOU, ALL!
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Duke Fearless Hyena Kla-Williams Good debatable piece Coopz!
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Thomas Cooper ‎~~Thanks Duke Fearless Hyena Kla-Williams...We need to find answers & solutions to our age old problems:-)
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Wonnie Arkoiwala When the settlers came, they started to behave like slave masters themselves. They took children of the so-called indigenous to live with them n most of those children were treated differently from d biological children. The settlers, becos they knew the alphabet had to b masters.
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Ruth Dorsla I object to the collective term "native people" what you mean is native peoples as you are well aware that there are separate tribes who were separate kingdoms/chieftain etc. Africans did not sell their OWN people. One tribe would sell the people of their rival tribe, mostly after defeat as a means of acquiring their land & eliminating the possible chance that their enemy could return & undo them.
As far as the natives attacking the settlers, hell yeah! What people of sound mind would let a stranger or even relative move in the house unannounced & feel entitled by saying "my parents used to live in this neighbourhood, not this exact house, but any house near here will do. After all you MAY have had something to do with them losing their house".
This is ridiculous & duplicitous because we have had this very discussion before. I also suspect the same idiot who called me a bitch, whore & prostitute on discussing Liberia because he got frustrated will show he face here again.
If we are going to have these conversations people need to grow up!
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Thomas Cooper ‎Ruth Dorsla: among Liberians it is understandable when the terminology " natives " ie: " congo's " " americo-liberian or " country man" is used for that matter.. There are numerous references to inter-tribal rivalries even before the settlers arrival...

This post is rather different from other post that have been discussed and it is our plea to address it appropriately. I am not aware of any " Idiot" who insulted you on Discussing Liberia as you stated. However, in the event of such I advice you kindly inform the Admin.

In the main time let's address the topic!
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Ruth Dorsla ‎@Cooper, did I not address the question? I did. The native peoples of Liberia are the only natives I am referring to in my answer. Kpelles DID NOT sell their own, Krus DID NOT sell their own. They sold their enemies. There were cases of two rival clans of the same ethnic group fighting for power. The winner seized power & the losing clan was killed or sold.
Now having made my answer clear, revisit my previous comment.
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Lena Broberg The history of the already existing slavery in Africa and other places in those days are not so so wellknown to most people, in that system there was always or often a way out...the slavery forced upon blacks by whites is a total different story, the most unjust and brutal ever...a shame for humanity!
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Teddy Theodora Brooks I recently responded in another forum on this same topic although presented in a different way. The actions of the settlers and the indegenous people were not limited to them, it was and continues to be universal. Humans are capable of great good and great evil. And it goes back to the beginning of time. The selling of humans as slaves goes back to Biblical days. The transatlantic slave trade was barbaric because the people were taken away from eveything. Where as in an African setting one could hear their language and send a message or even find people of their own ethnic group in their new "home," this one completely alienated the people from their roots. Also, let's not forget the horrific slave ships that they travelled on and the conditions. All that said, what is the purpose of this ongoing back and forth about the actions of Americo Liberians versus Indigenous people? Our history is well known and the horse has been beaten to death so hard that it is a pulp. No one is in denial. What I see is finger pointing "your folks did this" on both sides. No side was perfect!!!! We seem to be stuck on accusation. Is there a way for us to take the conversation to a place where national pride and the commitment to NEVER repeat the sins of our forebears can be the order of the day? We are an incredible people. Whether in LIberia or in the diaspora, Liberians have made something out of themselves. The younger folks have role models and hope, lets focus on the best of ourselves and vow never to let the past repeat itself.
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Lena Broberg I wrote a small paper on this issue long time ago, while studying social/cultural anthropology, before computerage...I too lazy to scann n translate it less someone really interested...
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The Ma'at way challenged.What is the African way?

There was a recent debate on facebook where a sister of the Ma'at set was challenged by a young girl about a photo of an African village girl.The photo shows a smiling pretty African girl.One young lady commented that she looks happy and content and that she envied her.The Ma'at sister implied she was only happy because she was uneducated and she had no knowledge of the outside world.The bigger question is what is African?Black middle class reactionary politics of Ma'at rooted in feminism and Marxism or one that embraces the world as you see it?Africans are very adaptable to the challenges they face.It is doubtful African Americans could survive without the world the White man created for them.Africans more and more are making the choice to join the modern world on their own terms at their own pace.This is not enough for the feminist posing as Pan Africanist in the many movement born in the Black American experience.They want to superimpose their idea of female equality and the idea of the oppressive social order on the African woman.The result in their minds would be more women in nightclubs until their 55 years old.Chasing some American dream never marrying and blaming men for their misery and failures.Now the race is on to give African women opportunities while not letting them get poisoned with the man hating Oprah like foolishness.The following is a debate following a photo of a Botswana village girl photo:

mari Jaffe Mbukushu or Thimbukushu is a Bantu language spoken by 45,000 people along the Okavango River in Namibia, where it is a national language; in Botswana; in Angola; and in Zambia, where it is an official regional language.
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Zf Shubbaz-inc Smith nice
January 2 at 12:18pm · Like
Mo GivedemFace Martin look at the curve in her back. Wow!
January 11 at 8:29am · Like · 2 people
Bettam Konjo Nikeysha is it okay to have such a curve in the backkk???
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Atiba Wiltshire WOW!!!!
January 24 at 6:11pm · Like · 2 people
Ptah Ra ‎~ My wife ~
January 24 at 6:30pm · Like · 1 person
Bettam Konjo Nikeysha Lol lol @ptah ra
January 24 at 6:38pm · Like · 1 person
Ptah Ra jus being honest sistah , she is beautiful ..all natural ~ eye love it
January 24 at 6:40pm · Like · 1 person
Bettam Konjo Nikeysha She is.......don't know when some of us will a appreciate the beauty of black
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Lucciwaliwali LucciBang Bang BEAUTIFUL
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Egipt Sahu Burgos Family
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Jessica Renee Dunston i love seeing pictures of young african women who have physical features like mine. doesnt make me feel as strange anymore.
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Romonne Gordon LMAO!!!
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Al-lat Ma'at Will she be able to grow and become educated? Will she have the opportunity to see life beyond her village? Are these photos in anyway helping any of these young girls to improve anything in their futures.
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Jessica Renee Dunston Why does leaving their village and joining our rat race have to be an "improvement"? I wanna be where she is. I'm quite sure she has feet and can do otherwise if she chooses even if with consequence.
June 17 at 10:22am · Like · 1 person
Al-lat Ma'at
I believe u know what I am saying. I am not saying be like me or u. I not even saying that she be educated in the European education system. I am saying she deserves a chance to be educated (education is not limited to a classroom) and to make a decision about what life she wants to live. She may not even know of all the options we as women have. She may not know how to read. I hear what ur saying but I think u read me wrong. She deserves a chance to be educated about the world and to make her own independent study and if desired to return to her villiage. We can guess all day but I am sure u and eveyone else seeing this pic knows what I am tryint to say. I didnt say she should be an American or am I saying America is an improvement. What I said is she deserves a chance.
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Jessica Renee Dunston
I'm just saying that your statement is very presumptuous and borderline arrogant. Perhaps she doesn't want or need all that. Perhaps she's had those opportunities. Given that there's a man with a camera in front of her, she's encountered "a...See More
June 17 at 10:41am · Like
Al-lat Ma'at
Wow, thats the first time my concern was considered arrogant. Im not an intellectual just concerned and interested in the quality of life for alot of these young girls in the photos. U may think that and someone else may think my words anot...See More
June 17 at 10:50am · Like
Al-lat Ma'at Uv put words in my mouth and u want me to respond to things I didnt even say. Ur interpretation of what I said and what I said are two very different things. But u have revealed plenty of ur own feelings with ur attempt to psychoanalyze me.
June 17 at 10:51am · Like
Jessica Renee Dunston
I'm not saying it in a hurtful way so you don't need to get defensive and offended. No need to get hostile. And if I said you've said anything, I merely responded to the exact words you've presented. I'm sorry if you feel attacked but that...See More
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Adeosun Shelly Adeoyin
The Europeans own the education system. Why should she want to be educated to bend to the needs of one man who claims to know what is good enough for her. Does she look like she is unhappy where she is? Ma'at i like your passion but try not...See More
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Al-lat Ma'at Im not sure what ur talking about.
June 18 at 1:58pm · Like
Al-lat Ma'at We dont know anything about her. We are all assuming.
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Adeosun Shelly Adeoyin me sentiments assume that she needs a better way of life. Who says she does?
June 18 at 1:59pm · Like
Adeosun Shelly Adeoyin who says she is not happy where she is. i do believe you understand what i am saying. its not that hard to understand
June 18 at 1:59pm · Like
Al-lat Ma'at She doesnt look old enough to have her breast exposed all in the name of culture and cusoms. I hear u.
June 18 at 2:02pm · Like
Adeosun Shelly Adeoyin you judging where she should be through the eyes of YOUR cultural experiences and insperiences
June 18 at 2:05pm · Like
Al-lat Ma'at Im not ur enemy because I believe young women should be educated and given certain rights and choices. Maybe Im using the wrong words to express myself. I cant see where the hostility is coming from.
June 18 at 2:07pm · Like
Adeosun Shelly Adeoyin if you want an enemy of me then say that. I am not posting these comments to make you an enemy. Putting it simply, so you can understand, i don't agree with all of your thoughts. you make good points, but to me it seems a little one sided. You not looking at the other side of the coin. What if she is a happy young woman living in Botswana? That is all i am saying.........what if she is happy where she is.
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Territory Liberia lost to France in 1892 should be returned.

In the year of 1885 European powers met to discuss the carving up of the African continent.They met in Germany at the Berlin conference.Liberia the lone African republic was recognized as a sovereign nation.But what was in dispute was just where its sovereignty laid.The Government of Liberia had hoped that settlers from the USA and the West would populate the hinterland securing it from being taken by colonial powers.The settlers came in too small of numbers.In fact after the Voyage of the Bark Azor in 1878 from Charleston S.C.,there were no organized settler schemes planned.Although a success the Azor was the last because the shipping company went into financial trouble.Sabotaged by racist and treacherous Blacks who wanted no part of African emigration because it undermined their plans for a intergrated America.In fact most African Americans viewed having a nation of their own favorable.Only the educated and very light skinned Negroes viewed America as their only home.Liberia held the territory past the Cavalla River to the San Pedro river.North to what is Guinea and the mountains in Western Coat d Ivoire.A land that nearly doubled Liberia's size.The French saw this beautiful land and wanted it.Liberia concerned for its safety and independence desperately wanted this land occupied.The French with a force in the region said it would claim the area if Liberia could not prove it was governing it.Liberia failing to get the natives to agree to Liberian hegemony lost this land.
Maryland County once covered much of the coast.

The reason this land should be reclaimed is for the purpose of settlement of millions of people of African heritage looking to return.The world has a humanitarian obligation to consider statehood for the millions of African descendants displaced by the slave trade.The land that once belong to the settlers from the USA should be returned ASAP.This land belongs to the original settlers of Liberia and their descendants.The land to the west of the CoatdIvoire will succeed and become a new republic for the Diaspora to return to.This is a must in order for Africa to grow.A new state would mean billions in revenue for the region.Investments and land development from the settlements would improve the continent.

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Remembering Warrior Queen Nzinga ruler of the Kongo.



“For every two million Blacks enslaved over a million died. The record indicates rather clearly that many millions preferred death to slavery. I just said “the record indicates,” but you will never find a single Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, English or American document that explicitly says any such thing. The archives in Lisbon are rich to overflowing with African documents going back 500 yrs. By wading through such a great mass of written records the historian often gets a picture that was not intended for painting and messages from the same documents which were not sent--- which is merely another way of saying again that written documents often reveal far more than their authors intended. You will therefore search in vain for an account written of the following”:

“It is not true that all women, and even children were like-wise marched in chains; this would have been unnecessary anyway because we had learned that these black women are so loyal to their men that they would follow them even to hell. Yet many of these same women would seek death directly by attacking us and our armed guards. These, of course, were beaten and chained the same as the male slaves___Another problem was the large number of suicides during the two-hundred mile trek to the slave pens on the coast. The greatest number died from poison which hundreds of women would conceal on their bodies for the purpose, passing it to friends and kinsmen in the darkness of night before giving it to their children and finally taking it themselves. All this slowed us down during the night when we should have moved faster because it was cooler. Yet the dead and the dying had to have their chains chopped off from the living. Many babies were deliberately smothered to death by their dying mothers___We do not believe that the other deaths were caused by the long march as some allege. For while it is true that we ourselves are carried in hammocks, the bearers are changed every ten or fifteen miles. The biggest and strongest boys are selected to carry us. They are usually between twenty and thirty years old. They also collapse sometimes, but only five have died during this year. It must be remembered that these Blacks are quite used to walking very long distances with heavy burdens___There are many problems in this business. The captains, taking it easy on the coast, are always complaining about our slow movement and the many weeks it takes on the march. They never take into account how much we are slowed down by tramping and stumbling over the skeletons and rottening dead bodies of slaves that went along these trails before us___sometimes, years before us. The stench of those who died recently is unbearable, yet we bear it. We also lose much time trying to find routes down which are free of the dead and dying. Then there are scores and scores of perfectly healthy Blacks who drop dead without any apparent cause. Some say they die out of sheer spite __ another way of defeating us_______We work in fear, for our guns are often useless in the increasing number of ambush attacks along the death-ridden trails. And while the Kongolese kings now harass us in the Angola region, the region of the Black Terror in the form of a death-defying Black queen, Ann Nzinga. Who ever heard of a woman general, leading her armies in person? The truth is that she is the greatest military strategist that ever confronted the armed forces of Portugal. Her tactics keep our commanders sweating in confusion and dismay. Her aim is nothing less than the total destruction of the slave trade. To this end __ and what alarms us most __ she has developed a system of infiltrating our Black troops with her own men, causing whole companies to rebel, desert, and join her armies in what she calls a ‘WAR OF LIBERATION’ . . .’ Portuguese casualties are always heavier than reported, for she stages surprise attacks with lightening speed, always aiming first to capture guns and cannons. And while we now surround ourselves with armed guards on these long marches, we never know how many of our Black soldiers are the Queens own men . . .”

This would have been a true account up to 1663 when the forty years of unremitting warfare that Queen Nzinga waged against the Portuguese to free Angola ended with her passing. Africa had lost her greatest daughter, the slaves their greatest emancipator. Where is this explicitly written?

(((((((((((((( NOWHERE)))))))))))))))



Greatness was born out of the savage oppression of the Africans and out of that oppression it grew like a giant. Just why the Portuguese drew so much blood with the lash from already chained and helpless slaves is beyond all human understanding since, if for no other reason, the victims were “articles of commerce” and the source of the very riches slavers sought. Besides, over half of the captured Blacks died before reaching their destination. Self interest, then, should have stayed the murderous hands of the slavers. Nothing did, and that fact was one of the reasons that Queen Nzinga said that the real savages in Africa were the whites. They created the conditions that brought her to the fore.


“Up to the sixteenth century the people the world calls "slaves" in Africa were not at all slaves in the modern sense, but labourers, either captured as prisoners of war or persons imprisoned for various offenses. During the first stages of the slave trade many African chiefs and kings actually thought they were supplying workers needed abroad—and at a great profit to themselves. They has no experience with the white man’s slave system or its equation with “race”. Not at first, we have said. But as the decades passed—and the Kongo state is a good example—many Africans became enmeshed in the pursuit of guns and riches, became as brutal as the whites in dealing with their own kind”.

Guns Black leaders saw these new weapons of death as the real source of the white man’s power and the immediate threat to their own existence; the earth-shaking cannons that were being brought into Africa seemed to herald the death of a whole race or its total enslavement. The Africans became insistent in their demands for guns as articles of trade. There was then, as now, a silent embargo on arms to Black Africa—a sort of white “Gentleman’s Agreement.” The demand for guns by the chiefs was pitted against the demand for slaves by the Europeans and the Arabs (the Arab slavers had no trouble securing firearms).The chiefs could seriously hamper the trade if their demands for guns were not met. Besides, many slave traders were quick to see that the supply of slaves would double and triple if firearms were given to a certain strategically located kingdoms and chiefdoms; for these would then seek to become bigger, wealthier powers, expanding their territories over weaker Black states, and capturing millions of prisoners to be enslaved in the process. The more aggressive traders were willing to arm such African states as one of the risks capitalists must take in the pursuit of wealth. The more imperialist-minded saw an outcome even more important. That this would be a built in motivation for perpetual warfare among the Blacks themselves, creating an everlasting hatred between groups, destroying every basis for unity and, above all, keep them so busily hating and fighting each other that they would forget their real enemies—the “white devils” from the sea.


The Portuguese Christianization of the Kongo created something more than chaos. It was a revolting mess, no matter from what angle it is viewed. To begin with, priests were not only among the leading slave traders, but they also owned slave ships to carry the “black cargoes” to distant lands. Priests also had their harems of black slave girls, some having as many as twenty each. They were called “house servants” by these “holy fathers”. The great majority of the whites were the scum of the land from which they came. Even the half-educated priests were generally of the very lowest character, morally and otherwise. The slave situation became more and more desparate and out of hand as every white man down to the lowly worker became a trader. The slave situation became more and more desperate and out of hand as every white man down to the lowly worker became a trader. The builders sent over to erect the fortifications and other permanent installations for the Portuguese—stone and brick masons, carpenters, engineers, painters, metal and other craftsmen were all slave traders. Sailors and unskilled Portuguese labourers had their own quotas of slaves—especially slave girls. For let it stand out clearly: One of the main attractions of slavery, and the magnet that drew thousands of white men on, was their sexual freedom unlimited with all the Black girls and women who were enslaved and helpless in the power of their masters. These “wholesale raids” on Black womanhood continued to swell the mulatto population, the majority of which—again as in the case of Egypt and the Sudan—became the faithful servants and loyal representatives of the conquering races to which their fathers belonged.

The Portuguese were so aggressive in their program of dividing the Blacks and keeping them fighting among themselves that they overshot the mark, simply went too far. The system of spreading out over the country into the provinces and allying themselves with the various chiefs has been mentioned more than once. But after 1608 the commander-in-chief of the Portuguese army tightened the noose. This was Bento Cardoso. Under his plan Angola was to be depopulated by a massive onslaught for slaves through a closely coordinated system in which every chief in the land would be “owned” by a Portuguese and directly responsible to him for a stated quota of slaves. This would bypass the Angolan king (of Ndongo) to whom the provincial chiefs paid their taxes in slaves. This would also mean increased warfare between the chiefdoms in order to meet the increased quotas demanded by raiding into each other’s territories.

Chiefs failing to secure the required number of slaves were themselves enslaved by the Portuguese. Over a hundred chiefs and other notables were sold into slavery in a single year and another hundred murdered by the Portuguese. We may safely assume that the actual number of chiefs enslaved or murdered was greater than that stated above since the Portuguese, like other nations, generally cut casualty figures for the record.

The situation to be considered here, however, is the widespread confusion and terror among a hunted and leaderless people. To make matters even worse – if that was possible, the half-savage Jaga, who would join anybody for their favourite game of looting and raping – becoming allies of Cardoso. The Angolan king, who had been cooperating with the slave traders, now saw himself ruined on all fronts, losing his people and his profits. He therefore began to resist the Portuguese. The people, even though they knew that their king himself was a slaver, in sheer desperation flocked to support the war of resistance. It paid off. Both the Portuguese and their Jaga allies were checked, and the war dragged on year after year. After Kabasa, the capital city, fell to the Portuguese, their losses had become so heavy that the new governor who had been sent from Lisbon with firm orders to complete the conquest of Angola “once and for all,” nevertheless was forced to sue for peace without victory. The Portuguese had suffered a disastrous defeat by the Blacks, but the official version –and excuse—was that there was “general illness” in their ranks. Yet the Portuguese insisted on holding Kabasa. The Africans therefore rejected peace proposals as a trick and the war was resumed in a land of famine where food crops and slave trade itself had come to a standstill. In this desperate state of affairs the fighting somehow continued, with both sides obviously weakened and in disarray. It was during this period, in 1619, that a new Portuguese commander managed to murder over a hundred chiefs. At this point the Pope intervened, insisting that the wholesale slaughter be ended and peace be pursued. In 1622, a new governor was sent from Lisbon to make peace. Portugal had been appointing “governors of Angola” for over forty years without having control over it.



The peace conference was held at Luanda. The Black delegation was headed by the country’s ablest and most uncompromising diplomat, Ann Nzinga, not yet queen, but sister to the king—the woman power behind a weak king, and the one responsible for inspiring the people to continue the war of resistance when every hope was gone, unless she herself had become their last hope. But even before the peace offering began, and at the risk of wrecking it, the governor’s Caucasian arrogance could not be restrained. He had decided on a studied insult at the outset by providing chairs in the conference room only for himself and his councillors, with the idea of forcing the Black princess to stand humbly before his noble presence. He remained seated of course, staring haughtily as she entered the room. She took in the situation at a glance with a contemptuous smile, while her attendants moved with a swiftness that seemed to suggest that they anticipated this stupid behaviour by the Portuguese. They quickly rolled out the beautifully designed royal carpet they had brought before Nzinga, after which one of them went down on all fours and expertly formed himself into a “royal throne” upon which the princess sat easily without being a strain on her devoted follower. Yet she rose at regular intervals, knowing that other attendants were vying for the honour of thus giving to these whites still another defeat. I gather from the different ways this incident is reported that the Western mind is unable to grasp its real meaning. Some historians saw it as a cruel and inhuman use of slaves, ignoring the fact that Nzinga’s chief claim to fame was that she was the greatest abolitionist of slavery, that she herself had no slaves and, indeed, had not the slightest need for any. One reason might well be that she was so much loved and even blindly followed by her people that it was believed that all would die to the last man and woman following her leadership. Such were the men, not slaves, who gladly formed a human couch before the astonished Portuguese for their leader.

She faced the Portuguese governor and spoke as a ruler of the land, and not as a subject of the king of Portugal. She did not recognise the man in the big chair as a governor because she did not recognise the existence of a Portuguese “colony of Angola.” She only saw before her what her people had seen approaching their shores over a hundred years before—pompous white devils bent on the destruction of the non white world. The Ndongo terms for peace were presented as uncompromising demands, and it was clear from the beginning that the Portuguese would have fared better with a man. For before any kind of treaty was signed Portugal had to agree (1) to evacuate Kabasa and all nearby fortifications; (2) the Portuguese were to wage war against the Jaga (a harsh provision since the Jaga had been Portugal’s allies in trying to crush Ndongo); (3) all chiefs who had become vassals of the Portuguese king were to be freed and enabled to return to return to former tributary status at home and, finally, the important concession Nzinga made was to return the Portuguese prisoners-of-war she held. The treaty of 1622 was supposed to end all fighting in the whole West-Central region. But the governor, as though to make up for his defeat in the peace negotiations with Nzinga, marched off to invade Kongo again almost immediately. The treaty then became dead insofar as its execution was concerned. But Nzinga’s brother died the next year and she became Queen of Ndongo. The distressed Portuguese, in order to discredit her, put out the story that she had poisoned him. And while there was not a scintilla of evidence or any basis at all for their concoction, historians have shown their unbiased objectivity by faithfully carrying on the charge for over three hundred years. Yet if lying is a legitimate aspect of warfare, the Portuguese may have felt justified in trying to destroy such an implacable foe in any way they could. Their greatest trouble was yet to come.



Nzinga became queen in 1623, and went into action at once. Her first major move was to send an ultimatum to the Portuguese authorities demanding the immediate execution of the terms of the treaty—otherwise war would be declared. While the Portuguese were preparing to meet the Queen’s armies, the Dutch fleet appeared as a new threat. The Dutch, themselves great slavers, certainly did not come as liberators of the hard-pressed Blacks. Their aim was to break the Portuguese monopoly and secure their share of the slave trade and the mineral wealth of West and Central Africa. To further these ends, they used the Blacks as other white peoples did and still do. So no time was lost in forming an alliance with Pedro II, King of Kongo, in his war with the Portuguese. The Dutch had already captured seven Portuguese slave ships at sea, sunk other vessels in the harbours at Luanda and Mpinda, and were raising hell generally. All this gave Queen Nzinga more time to prepare for the inevitable. She even reversed he demands for a Portuguese war against the Jaga and formed a military alliance with them herself. Knowing how very unreliable the Jaga were, she sought to make the alliance binding by promising to marry the Jaga chief, Kasinji, and adopting certain Jaga customs.



Nzinga’s greatest act, however—and probably the one that makes he one of the greatest women in history—was in 1624 when she declared all territory in Angola over which she had control was Free Country, all slaves reaching it from whatever quarter were forever free. She went further. Since it was clear to her that White Power in Africa rested squarely on the use of Black troops against Black people, she undertook the first and only carefully organised effort to undermine and destroy the effective employment and use of Black soldiers by whites—the first and only Black leader in history who was ever known to undertake such a task. She has carefully selected groups of her own soldiers to infiltrate the Portuguese held territory and allowing themselves to be “induced” by Portuguese recruiting agents to join their forces. The quiet and effective work of Nzinga’s agents among the Black troops of Portugal was one of the most glorious, yet unsung, pages in African history. For whole companies rebelled and deserted to the colours of the Black queen, taking with them the much needed guns and ammunition which she had been unable to secure except by swiftly moving surprise attacks on enemy units. The Queen’s armies were further strengthened by the runaway slaves who streamed into the only certain haven for the free on the whole continent of Africa. To the Portuguese Queen Nzinga had just passed the last word in unheard-of audacity when she was able to influence scores of vassal chiefs to rebel against them and join the cause of their own race. This was too much. This woman had to be destroyed. It had come to that.

Warrior Queen Nzinga

The Portuguese sent their ultimatum to the Queen from their Luanda stronghold—Portugal’s Lisbon in Africa. It demanded the immediate return of all chiefs, soldiers and slaves to Portuguese territory; that is, all who had fled therefrom. Refusal would mean war, the ultimatum concluded. The fact was that a state of war already existed since the Queen’s own ultimatum of the previous year. The Portuguese were afraid to move against her stronger forces now, although they continued to give the Dutch threat as the reason for delaying the required all-out attack. Meanwhile, the usual strategy of first instigating factional strife among the Blacks was by no means forgotten. It was just that there was so much unity and patriotism in this dominant Angola state that there was so much unity to this “terrible Black Queen”, that internal subversion was almost impossible. They tried to overcome all this by formally declaring that Nzinga was not legally Queen of Ndongo, the throne vacant, and one of their own vassal chiefs, Aidi Kiluanji, was declared king. The Portuguese marshalled all of their forces on land and sea, their special river fleet in particular, to crush Nzinga before the Dutch struck again. But the Queen herself opened the offensive, striking first at the Portuguese puppet king and his forces. The Portuguese captured her principal island stronghold in the Cuanza river in July, 1626, thus dividing her forces and, by a swift encircling movement designed to capture the Queen, cut off her main supporting regiments and forced her not only to retreat but to withdraw from he country. Joy reigned at Luanda and Sao Thome. With Nzinga;s flight from Angola it appeared that the Black menace was over and victory complete. Aidi Kiluanji was crowned King Philip I of Ndongo.


The solidarity of the Blacks remained unbroken, however, and their loyalty to Nzinga remained steadfast. She was “just away a little while,” and would return soon. Any child in the most distant bush could tell you that their Queen was just “away on business”. So who was Philip !?” His name said he was Portuguese, so he couldn’t be King of Ndongo. All Angolan kings and queens were so African that they couldn’t be tricked out of their own African names. The Queen herself had dropped “ANNA” from her name when she discovered that baptizing a Black into Christianity meant surrendering his soul and body not to any Christ, but to the white man. And oral tradition further has it that the people not only rejected “Philip I”, but made fun of the very idea that he considered himself to be king. Their blind faith in their Queen and the certainty of her return, according to the same oral record, was not really so blind. Those who understood the coded drum messages spread the news that all guerrilla attacks which occurred throughout the land were attacks which were personally directed by the Queen and that, in fact, she was raising a new army of liberation. Her loyal chiefs and people in Ndongo were to stand by, ready.

The written records, no matter how slanted, supports the oral. For in November, 1627, she crossed the borders back into her country at the head of a strong army—made stronger and stronger as her loyal chiefs and wildly cheering people—including her fanatically devoted freed men—flocked to her standard as she swept forward to recapture the Cuanza stronghold held by Philip I and put him to flight. The Portuguese continued to be amazed at this display at Black unity—and under a woman’s leadership at that. Black unity was now seen clearly as Black Power, and that meant an unconquerable people. The Portuguese were resolved to break that unity and the power the developed from it. The revolt against them had become general as Nzinga’s victorious forces advanced. The Portuguese retreated to their own strongholds on the coast, giving the Dutch threat as an excuse—and not the threat of being annihilated by the Queen’s forces.


But as there was in fact no imminent Dutch threat, the Portuguese regrouped and strengthened their forces for an all-out war to destroy Nzinga and, this time, not to cease fighting until this was done. They began by giving orders and offering a big reward for her capture, dead or alive. Their slave troops, still the backbone of the Portuguese armed forces, were given the special inducements of land and freedom for her capture. Realizing that such an all-out attempt to capture her meant that countless thousands of her people would die in her defence, she outwitted the Portuguese again by slipping out of the country, instructing her lieutenants to spread the word everywhere that she had fled the country, mistakenly entered the country of an enemy and had been killed. To give point to the story, there was general weeping and mourning throughout Ndongo—real weeping and mourning, because the masses believed the story to be true. So did the Portuguese. The only reason for the war having been removed by Providence, the Bishop could celebrate a special mass in celebration of this special blessing, and the Colony of Angola could at last be organized after over fifty years of obstruction. All things now seemed to be happy and going well according to the original grand design.

Then in 1629 the Portuguese stood aghast when Queen Nzinga “burst upon them from the grave,” sweeping all opposition before her. She brought in her fierce Jaga allies with her, apparently willing to do even this to defeat the whites. The Portuguese were completely defeated. She had not only retaken her own country but had, meanwhile, become Queen of Matamba also, having replaced the weak Queen there. Nzinga was now an empress of two countries. She no redoubled he campaign against slavery and the slave trade by making both Ndongo and Matamba havens for all who could escape from the slaver by rebelling or otherwise. Chiefs engaged in the traffic in nearby states now stood in fear of her wrath. The Portuguese saw “the handwriting on the wall”. In order not to loose every foothold in the area, Lisbon suddenly remembered that it had never carried out the treaty signed with Nzinga in 1622, and declared the Portugal’s wars against her had been unjust! High level embassies were sent to the Queen in 1639 in efforts to effect a settlement. Nzinga received them, listened to their protestations of eternal friendship, and went ahead with determination in reorganizing both of her kingdoms and undermining colonial rule in areas held by the enemy. That every white man in Africa was an enemy of the Blacks was a matter about which there was no debate in her mind. Even the holy robes of the priests in Angola no only covered their real mission as agents of empire, but also covered their insatiable lust for the Black bodies of their helpless slave girls. She had been forced by the actualities of black-white relations to distrust all whites, along with their tricky treaties.


[The Queen was further outraged over the success of the Portuguese in capturing both of her younger sisters. This gave the enemy a most powerful bargaining weapon. Yet she continued to reject all of their principal demands, with the result that her sisters—to whom she was deeply devoted—remained in captivity for many years].


By 1641 the Dutch had made great progress in reducing the power of Portugal all along the coast, and Nzinga’s adamant position made their situation an impossible one to maintain. So a despairing governor and council had no choice but to declare war against her once again—a full scale war. But the situation was now most favourable for the Angolans. Their northern neighbour, Kongo, had become more active in its own war against the Portuguese and, besides, a new and greater king had assumed the leadership. This was Garcia II, who had continued the policy of cooperating with the Dutch where and when Kongolese interests were involved. (Some Black leaders had learned to use the whites as they had always used them: When it served their own interests). The other happy development for Ndongo was that the Dutch invasion of Portuguese-held areas had actually begun in 1641 before any moves could be made against any of the two Black states, Kongo and Ndongo.

Nzinga continued her campaign against the Portuguese, winning victories everywhere a battle was joined. With Dutch aid, the great Portuguese stronghold of Massangano fell in 1648. The Dutch, having previously captured Luanda, now found themselves threatened by the steady reinforcements that continued to pour in from Portuguese Brazil. The Dutch withdrew, leaving the Blacks in the area, who had helped them to capture and defend this the most important Portuguese city in Africa, to fend for themselves alone. While the chiefs and their forces did indeed put up a gallant fight, they were massacred in one of the most savage onslaughts on record. The recapture of Luanda by Salvador de Sa, the new governor, and his crushing of Black opposition there, led him to initiate new peace efforts with Kongo and Nzinga’s new kingdoms. The Kongolese King refused to answer his letter, but did send a monk to hear the governor’s terms. Nzinga also agreed to efforts at negotiations. These gestures by the two African leaders led Salvador de Sa to advise the king of Portugal that all the African states were cowed and their power broken. He knew better, of course, for even the chiefs and their people in his own Portuguese-held territory were still fighting on despite the massacres, and probably because of them.


If the Portuguese had been able to conquer either Kongo or Ndong-Matamba, no peace offers would have been made. Hadn’t they tried it over and over and failed? To be able to conquer both now was out of the question. So the old conquest route was being tried again: The beginning smiles and protestations of friendship, finding concrete expression in negotiation for peace. The language of diplomacy reached its most brilliant heights of deception in those velvety clauses of proposed treaties which the Africans, if they signed them, would be signing themselves and their people into perpetual bondage, This fact was supposed to be assured by the other fact that the relevant clauses were so ambiguous that they could be interpreted in several ways—in this case in whatever way the Portuguese chose to interpret them. The very same provisions of the treaties could be read and explained to the Blacks in such language that the Europeans were not only humbling themselves but also proclaiming the outcome as a victory for the Africans. For of course no Blacks—not even an Nzinga—was supposed to be intelligent enough, sharply intelligent enough to see through all this. But, stripping away all the glittering verbiage, Nzinga saw at a glance that what it all meant was that she was to be a vassal of the Portuguese king, and one paying him a big annual tribute. She would die first. And no one should have known this better than the Portuguese who at the time of this latest treaty offer had been at war with her—and repeatedly defeated—for over twenty-eight years.

They had met one of the giants of the human race which they had found impossible to recognise as such because she appeared on the planet not only as a woman but one with black skin. Nzinga, therefore, kept them anxiously waiting for action on the treaty, toying with it for six years, while giving her war-torn land and tired-out people a period for rest and recovery. She was the same Queen who had twice fled the country not to save herself but to save her people from a slaughter that her flight would prevent. For the same reason she did not want the war resumed again after forty years of warfare. On the other hand, she would not surrender her country to Portugal and its slave trade. The areas of Angola they still held, including the important islands of Luanda and Sao Thome, belonged to the Angolan people, and some of these areas belonged directly to her own kingdoms of Ndongo and Matamba. Finally, then, in 1656—tired and weary from four decades of relentless struggles—she signed a treaty that was revised and made acceptable to her. Her greatest concession allowed the Portuguese puppet king, Aidi, to head the territory conceded to them.



There were seven more years of a busy life for Queen Nzinga—pushing reconstruction, the resettlement of ex-slaves, and under-taking the development of an economy of free men and women that would be able to succeed without the slave trade. She could not have been unaware that, with the Portuguese still strongly entrenched in the most strategic areas, unless she was succeeded by equally great leader, all of her labours in defense of the freedom of the Blacks would ultimately be in vain. That was the burning question in 1663 as a dull autumn sun lengthened the shadows over the palace grounds where thousands stood in tears: Were there any more Garcias anywhere? The sun slowly went down over the Angolan trees and darkness spread over the land. Over three hundred years later the blacks of Angola are still fighting the Portuguese, and still waiting for the sunrise.

In the heart-torn state of national mourning, the Queen’s Council permitted two priests wo come in and perform the last rites of the Church. Since the Queen had renounced the Catholic religion many years before her passing, had banned missions from her country as centers of subversion, this appearance of priests at the royal bedside may be explained either as a once-a-Catholic-always a-Catholic theory, or as an attempt by Catholic Portugal to give the appearance of final victory on all fronts. In this case it would mean that the most unconquerable of foes, recanting and submissive, had been conquered by their religion in the end. And so it is written in the official documents of Portugal—written that Nzinga returned to the Church that had baptized her “Anna”—the written record used by almost all historians of Africa. Yet she was one of the very first of the Blacks to see that the Portuguese conquests, the slave trade, and the Church were all inseparably one and the same. The long years of warfare had been equally against all three—the unholy trinity.She never surrendered to either. In 1963—three hundred years after her death—people, now Catholic themselves, did not believe she ever returned to the Church.

(pronounced Geen-gah Em-bahn-day) (c. 1583 – December 17, 1663)




"Queen Nzingha, also known as Ann Nzingha, was overlord of portions of both Angola and Zaire. She has been called the "greatest military strategist that ever confronted the armed forces of Portugal." Nzingha's military campaigns kept the Portuguese in Africa at bay for more than four decades. Her objective was nothing less than the complete and total destruction of the African slave trade. Nzingha sent ambassadors throughout West and Central Africa with the intent of enlisting a huge coalition of African armies to eject the Portuguese. Queen Nzingha died fighting for her people in 1663 at the ripe old age of eighty-one. Africa has known no greater patriot".



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Mr Holipsism says to (23:46:05):
I take on Bootlickin' Negroes in squads of three. LOL
Sonni Ali says to (23:46:25):
lol@Mr. Holip
Mr Holipsism says to (23:46:36):
Brotha Kala has been holding it down
Sonni Ali says to (23:46:41):
Sonni Ali says to (23:46:47):
As always
Mike Machida says to (23:46:53):
yes he is
Mike Machida says to (23:46:55):
smart guy
dr raven says to (23:46:55):
Mr Holipsism says to (23:47:00):
We have to separate the wheat from the chaff
dr raven says to (23:47:12):
solo is a plant
Mike Machida says to (23:47:17):
he knows alot, including that most means all (lol)
Sonni Ali says to (23:47:34):
What is your point smart guy?
dr raven says to (23:47:46):
a racist from chicago
Dr Solo says to (23:47:46):
Dr Solo says to (23:47:59):
dr raven says to (23:48:03):
solo is a skype reject
Mike Machida says to (23:48:04):
uncle tom, this guy is racist
Mike Machida says to (23:48:13):
i love all people of color
ImhotepVII says to (23:48:16):
Targeting system coming online...
ImhotepVII says to (23:48:35):
Target aquired: Dr. RAVEN
dr raven says to (23:48:36):
kala was a guest of frank
Mike Machida says to (23:48:37):
i love all colors
dr raven says to (23:48:43):
tell them kala
Mike Machida says to (23:48:45):
it doesnt matter what color a person is
Mr Holipsism says to (23:48:56):
@#$%! Mike Machida
Mike Machida says to (23:48:56):
Mike Machida says to (23:49:03):
lol im not white
ImhotepVII says to (23:49:08):
Ignore button ready to launch...
Mr Holipsism says to (23:49:11):
I can't even see what he is typing, Kala
Mike Machida says to (23:49:13):
dr raven says to (23:49:22):
we got along
Mike Machida says to (23:49:32):
this guy is crazy, says im white lol everyone knows me and knows im black you hot head lol
Sonni Ali says to (23:49:36):
Dr raven is really Shill a gay rights activist
Dr Solo says to (23:49:37):
@frank why do you come here ?????
dr raven says to (23:49:38):
we invited him back
Sonni Ali says to (23:49:49):
Gay racist guy!
dr raven says to (23:49:52):
we got dahittman in there now
Sonni Ali says to (23:49:54):
Mike Machida says to (23:49:54):
Mr Holipsism says to (23:50:00):
dr raven....thank you for identifying yourself. IGNORE BUTTON
Mike Machida says to (23:50:04):
LMFAO i needed some comedy tonight
dr raven says to (23:50:13):
solo is are plant
dr raven says to (23:50:18):
Mike Machida says to (23:50:24):
he is in an uproar
dr raven says to (23:50:28):
i was nice
dr raven says to (23:50:36):
didnt mute u
ImhotepVII says to (23:50:36):
Kala time to launch banish missles
Dr Solo says to (23:50:36):
Yeah your right
Mike Machida says to (23:50:37):
calm down before u have a heart attack on air
Mr Holipsism says to (23:50:38):
Anyone else want to step up to the plate to be ignored?
Mike Machida says to (23:50:45):
dr raven says to (23:50:49):
a reject
dr raven says to (23:51:36):
with the internet rejects
Mike Machida says to (23:51:48):
Holipsism is dying for attention lol
Mike Machida says to (23:52:27):
ya know
Mike Machida says to (23:52:29):
ya know
Mike Machida says to (23:52:30):
Sonni Ali says to (23:52:43):
Mike M a 9/11 patriot
*** (23:52:47):Mike Machida is muted by Admin for breaking rules!
SlimJim says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:52:48):
kala-yes u need to take a break from this to devote urself to what u feel is the answer. only then will u find that the path to sucess was right there in front of u all along. good luck to you.. i welcome u back to reality soon
Sonni Ali says to (23:52:49):
I here ya
Kalagenesis says to SlimJim (private) (23:53:01):
Mr Holipsism says to (23:53:31):
I love it when they keep my name in their bootlickin' mouths. Just spell it right. Its Mr. HO - LIP - SISM. Three syllables. Get it right, Clowns. LOL
Sonni Ali says to (23:53:31):
Mike M that 9/11 *** is soo tiring dude!
Dr Solo says to (23:53:53):
lol @holip
SlimJim says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:54:11):
u know i mean that in all sincerity.. we have had our ways. but i understand the spirity of identity.. (dont dare say aloud to anyone i said that):D
SlimJim says to (23:54:42):
Solo.. what u doing here? jeez...
SlimJim says to (23:54:50):
Sonni Ali says to (23:55:01):
Africa is what's best for all black people!
Kalagenesis says to SlimJim (private) (23:55:06):
Kalagenesis says (23:55:15):
Mr Holipsism says to (23:55:18):
ignore button poised and ready to be pushed....
Dr Solo says to (23:55:26):
aw naw slimjim 8-)
SlimJim says to (23:55:44):
Ignore me Mr Hol!!!!! please
Mr Holipsism says to (23:55:55):
No prob
SlimJim says to (23:56:00):
thank u
SlimJim says to (23:56:22):
ignore Solo Mr Hol!!!!! please
SlimJim says to (23:56:27):
SlimJim says to (23:56:36):
push that button
Dr Solo says to (23:56:46):
Mr Holipsism says to (23:56:46):
If wish every troll was so forthright. Thank you. Don't bother responding because you are like John Cena right now. I can't see you
Sonni Ali says to (23:57:15):
Buffoon @ SJ
SlimJim says to (23:57:22):
ImhotepVII says to (23:57:45):
@Slim 2 more months and the freezer gets filled again?
*** (23:58:07):Mike Machida has been unmuted by Admin.
SlimJim says to (23:58:11):
right on!!! oct 1st! u said u bow hunt right?
ImhotepVII says to (23:58:23):
No, I wish I did.
SlimJim says to (23:58:37):
nuthin like it
ImhotepVII says to (23:58:40):
I know hunters
SlimJim says to (23:58:51):
but i understand it aint for everone
Dr Solo says to (23:59:08):
@slimjim bend that bow were it shoots you in your
ImhotepVII says to (23:59:15):
Looking forward to some pheaseant chili and venison
SlimJim says to (23:59:16):
damn! lol
Mike Machida says to (00:00:00):
DeveshPatel says to (00:00:28):
what are these idiots talkin about
Dr Solo says to (00:00:29):
@slimjim any of your favs running for president ???
SlimJim says to (00:00:47):
Dr Solo says to (00:00:55):
you @devesh
dr raven says to (00:00:58):
cubs suk
ImhotepVII says to (00:00:59):
Marxism=trading one master for another
SlimJim says to (00:01:10):
ron paul of course.. but i voted for him last time to no avail
Mike Machida says to (00:01:19):
who told anyone to idolize or care what West has to say? Stop making people leaders and lead yourself
dr raven says to (00:01:23):
solo u butten up boobie?
ImhotepVII says to (00:01:34):
That's why I laugh at so called Black Marxists/Communists
Dr Solo says to (00:01:39):
@slimjim what you think about perry ??
SlimJim says to (00:01:47):
loud moth texan
ImhotepVII says to (00:02:29):
Perry needs to go sit down somewhere
Kalagenesis says (00:02:48):
ImhotepVII says to (00:02:52):
Seceeding form the Union is tantamount to treason
SlimJim says to (00:02:58):
ive been behind ron paul for years..and now it only shows i was right.. i say give the nut a chance.. the die hard dems and repubs have screwed things up
Mike Machida says to (00:03:11):
There are way more black people selling drugs, relaxing on food stamps and section 8, and spending time in the street than trying to work. I never said all, i said most
Mike Machida says to (00:03:33):
Of course there are no jobs for them, but they are trained humans who follow the lead of what they are told to follow
Mike Machida says to (00:03:37):
i dont have a job, or need one
SlimJim says to (00:04:05):
Mike.. you are self reliant?
Kalagenesis says (00:04:08):
Mike Machida says to (00:04:17):
Yes i am slim
Dr Solo says to (00:04:30):
@mike trailer parks are full to capacity
SlimJim says to (00:04:41):
kala.. dont be postin them long ass links up in here while we are chatting.. dude
Mike Machida says to (00:04:44):
So is your moms *** whats your point dr?
Mike Machida says to (00:04:53):
that would be c u n t
Dr Solo says to (00:05:30):
@mike the real punk comes out of you
ImhotepVII says to (00:05:37):
Wow@Michael That is nasty and disrespectful
Mike Machida says to (00:05:51):
So i can be disrespected b?ut i cant disrespect
Mike Machida says to (00:06:04):
u dish it out, better be able to take it
ImhotepVII says to (00:06:07):
Did anyone talk about your parents?
Mike Machida says to (00:06:23):
dr said what he/she wanted, and so did i
Dr Solo says to (00:06:24):
@imhotep his comments let me know what he was, all he did was bash blacks
SlimJim says to (00:06:32):
Solo... u have to admit.. u dug on mike and he had a pretty good comeback.. roll with it
Mike Machida says to (00:06:33):
hopefully they aer not a real doctor talking like that
Mike Machida says to (00:06:42):
thanks slim lol
Mike Machida says to (00:07:03):
i bash blacks because i dont make excuses for blacks? gotcha!
Dr Solo says to (00:07:07):
i didnt say nothin about his moms hoeish ways @slimjim
Mike Machida says to (00:07:19):
u said what u wanted solo, and i came harder
Mike Machida says to (00:07:26):
say something else, and i got something for ya
SlimJim says to (00:07:30):
no.. thats right solo.. he ways talking about yours
Mike Machida says to (00:07:35):
if u dont want disrespect, then shut up
Dr Solo says to (00:07:42):
i said trailer park was full you nutcase
Dr Solo says to (00:07:59):
i gotchu @mike
SlimJim says to (00:08:00):
haha.. now we got some spirit fun here!
Mike Machida says to (00:08:06):
yea yea yea dr.
Dr Solo says to (00:08:11):
you ping ,i will pong
Dr Solo says to (00:08:38):
Mike Machida says to (00:08:40):
who called me a 911 patriot
SlimJim says to (00:08:51):
psst..solo.. i dont think mike is messin around
ImhotepVII says to (00:08:53):
My mom and I liked the movie
Dr Solo says to (00:09:01):
why you going to beat them up at mike
ImhotepVII says to (00:09:10):
She lived through that time period.
SlimJim says to (00:10:42):
right ImhotepVII.. but its more fun to say "black power"
SlimJim says to (00:11:00):
i say it all the time.. but people just laugh at me
Mike Machida says to (00:12:33):
if i made a bad decision, i dont blame it on being black
SlimJim says to (00:12:36):
what did the headlines say when obama got elected? "HISTORIC".. why? was he the 1st democrat to be elected?
Sonni Ali says to (00:12:47):
color matters in the good ole USA.
Mike Machida says to (00:12:52):
Who cares about obama
Mike Machida says to (00:12:59):
he is irrelevant
SlimJim says to (00:13:00):
yep.. especially to black people
Sonni Ali says to (00:13:05):
your moms
ImhotepVII says to (00:13:11):
Sadly, yes it does@Sonni
SlimJim says to (00:13:12):
oh lord ... war lord
Mike Machida says to (00:13:21):
color matters to you, not me
SlimJim says to (00:13:30):
yes it does mike
SlimJim says to (00:13:40):
shouldnt but it does
Sonni Ali says to (00:13:47):
Mike Machida says to (00:13:49):
well thats your opinion,
SlimJim says to (00:14:02):
people need to bee more honest with themselves
kemetu says to (00:14:04):
what kind of low vibration level is mike on why argue with him
Sonni Ali says to (00:14:10):
no thats usa opinion
Dr Solo says to (00:14:23):
i agree @sonni
Mike Machida says to (00:14:36):
well, keep crying until u die about color issues, i personally dont care
SlimJim says to (00:14:45):
if you laugh at chris rock jokes.. guess what.. color matters.. doen not make you evil or racist.. just cognitive
Mike Machida says to (00:14:59):
there will be millions more crying after u die, so whatever have fun, it wont solve anything
Mike Machida says to (00:15:12):
u cant fix color issues, because your brainwashed that there is color
Sonni Ali says to (00:15:25):
thats your opinion smart guy
Mike Machida says to (00:15:32):
u damn right and im very smart
kemetu says to (00:15:38):
in the struggle to get free they have no rights or opinions period
SlimJim says to (00:15:46):
take it light.. not saying color is indicative of anything.. just that it exists and there is an awarness.
Mike Machida says to (00:15:47):
so cry like babies until u die, and nothing will change when u die
Sonni Ali says to (00:15:51):
really @mike
ImhotepVII says to (00:15:51):
kemetu says to (00:16:01):
if they gave a damn they would know that and not put themselves out there as color blind racists
Mike Machida says to (00:16:07):
awareness doesnt fix anything,
Sonni Ali says to (00:16:19):
you have said that 4 times
Sonni Ali says to (00:16:23):
Mike Machida says to (00:16:28):
the best way to fix anything, is to ignore it
Sonni Ali says to (00:16:31):
Dr Solo says to (00:16:39):
Please ignore mike hes dumb
Mike Machida says to (00:16:43):
i dont have color issues, or worry about color, because i dont allow it to effectme,
kemetu says to (00:16:54):
ignorance is the reason the eurpeans can rule
kemetu says to (00:17:11):
we dont either
ImhotepVII says to (00:17:14):
NICE! @ Warlord
SlimJim says to (00:17:22):
mike.. if you dont ignore it and just put it in its propper place, it serves a better cause.. but go ahead and ignore
ImhotepVII says to (00:17:23):
I'm stuck here
Mike Machida says to (00:17:24):
i am my own man, i dont care about my color skin, because i dont allow anyone to lable me. I say black just because im in this room with a bunch of pro black cry babies
Sonni Ali says to (00:17:24):
yes nice
kemetu says to (00:17:25):
no color issues
kemetu says to (00:17:32):
systematic issues
kemetu says to (00:17:39):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:17:57):
kemetu says to (00:18:11):
hotep Kala and chat room
Mr Holipsism says to (00:18:20):
De Von Bell of the Kemetic Pipeline
SlimJim says to (00:18:33):
let me take a moment to say "God bless rich people" ... u know u had to get that in
Mr Holipsism says to (00:18:33):
Peace Kemetu
Dr Solo says to (00:18:36):
hotep kemetu
Mike Machida says to (00:18:37):
its really crazy that i have never had to deal with race issues, because im far from an uncle tom, love hip hop, got tons of tattoos, and drive an expensive car, yet i dont cry like a baby and make excuses
Sonni Ali says to (00:18:56):
Mike Machida says to (00:18:58):
people are to spoiled
Dr Solo says to (00:19:03):
So what @mike
Sonni Ali says to (00:19:04):
so what
kemetu says to (00:19:19):
so stop whinning now mike
Mike Machida says to (00:19:21):
the rich blacks dont cry about color, because they to busy getting rich, while the poor sit on they ass and make excuses
kemetu says to (00:19:23):
move on
Sonni Ali says to (00:19:34):
you are talkin about driving a nice car it must be your first
Dr Solo says to (00:19:41):
Mike what you need is yo butt kicked
kemetu says to (00:19:43):
money will not save us from shyt
Mike Machida says to (00:19:53):
always had nice cars all my life
kemetu says to (00:19:56):
illusions of grandure, he drank the coolaid
Mr Holipsism says to (00:20:11):
Why do people still see what Mike is typing? Why do you not have Mike on IGNORE?
Mike Machida says to (00:20:19):
thats because i pay my bills and im responsible, im not sitting on the porch smoking blunts like a punk
Dr Solo says to (00:20:30):
@mike who cares bout you damn car...smh
Dr Solo says to (00:20:39):
Sonni Ali says to (00:21:03):
thats because he thinks it is special that he drives a nice car.
Mike Machida says to (00:21:07):
whoever made a comment about my first nice car thats who Dr. Do u want my autograph because u cant keep my name out your mouth
Dr Solo says to (00:21:10):
@mike tell that to someone who smokin the blunt ...punk
Mr Holipsism says to (00:21:11):
kemetu says to (00:21:11):
asante sana mr. holipsism
ImhotepVII says to (00:21:20):
Good Warlord!!
SlimJim says to (00:21:23):
warlord.. u need me (or solo) to show u how to hold a rifle.. for the love of bullets.. please change ur photo!
Mr Holipsism says to (00:21:32):
(}) @ Kemetu
SlimJim says to (00:21:33):
ImhotepVII says to (00:21:47):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:21:52):
Solo, what's the deal? IGNORE HIM
Mike Machida says to (00:22:07):
yea solo, ignore him,
ImhotepVII says to (00:22:10):
But I respect the wife's wishes. ((sigh))
SlimJim says to (00:22:16):
lol mike
Dr Solo says to (00:22:23):
yeah your right @holip
Mr Holipsism says to (00:22:59):
Question for the Family....How do you starve an attention whore?
Dr Solo says to (00:23:06):
ImhotepVII says to (00:23:20):
I've already ignored him
kemetu says to (00:23:29):
me too
Sonni Ali says to (00:23:52):
How can we get involved in the pipeline @ Kemetu
Mike Machida says to (00:23:53):
Which one of you guys are on section 8?
Kalagenesis says (00:24:00):
Dr Solo says to (00:24:13):
@Mr Holipsism, i have him on ignore but i still can smell him
Sonni Ali says to (00:24:23):
So we can acclerate the process of getting out of here!
Mr Holipsism says to (00:24:29):
I can't
Mr Holipsism says to (00:24:31):
kemetu says to (00:24:34):
Mike Machida says to (00:24:37):
Gay men usually can smell solo
Mike Machida says to (00:24:44):
Mike Machida says to (00:24:51):
this dude talking about he smells me
Mike Machida says to (00:24:56):
kemetu says to (00:25:01):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:25:02):
He's John Cena to me
Mr Holipsism says to (00:25:06):
I can't see him
Dr Solo says to (00:25:11):
Sonni Ali says to (00:25:15):
Mike Machida says to (00:25:18):
yes, he keeps talking about me
Mike Machida says to (00:25:30):
he cant see me lol cant help but to talk about me
kemetu says to (00:25:30):
by first memorizing the law
Mike Machida says to (00:25:38):
"The Gays"
kemetu says to (00:25:49):
through several sources
Sonni Ali says to (00:25:55):
Real talk @ Kemetu
kemetu says to (00:26:04):
our law
SlimJim says to (00:26:05):
i want ya'll to join my fight to end child slave trade in western africa.. please join the cause
Mike Machida says to (00:26:20):
blesss you all be safe on 9/11/11 because its not going to be pretty
kemetu says to (00:26:46):
proverbs are the foundation of all our societies and rites of passage systems
Dr Solo says to (00:26:46):
@slimjim you need to stop it here first don't you ???
kemetu says to (00:26:57):
right dr. solo
SlimJim says to (00:26:58):
its over here
SlimJim says to (00:27:06):
no mas
Sonni Ali says to (00:27:32):
I will take my chances in AFRICA!
kemetu says to (00:27:46):
we are in africa
SlimJim says to (00:27:47):
then take ur chances.. whats stopping u?
Kalagenesis says (00:27:48):
right brother
Kalagenesis says (00:27:56):
No we are in America
Mike Machida says to (00:28:01):
the help was a good movie
kemetu says to (00:28:05):
SlimJim says to (00:28:09):
go follow your dream.. stop talking about it and just do it
Kalagenesis says (00:28:10):
kemetu says to (00:28:37):
we need to do both not either or but either and
Kalagenesis says (00:28:51):
What the hell is Abrakapocus?
Sonni Ali says to (00:28:52):
It is not dream @ SJ
SlimJim says to (00:29:06):
kala.. u have an identity crisis.. its good ur taking some time off.. u need to either melt or not
Kalagenesis says (00:29:12):
Boomshakalaka land?
SlimJim says to (00:29:26):
oh lord:D
kemetu says to (00:29:43):
to be effective in forming relationships in africa we must first have a community and that community must begin working with african migrant communities here
Dr Solo says to (00:29:55):
@slimjim you can be my driver in africa, see how nice i am
Kalagenesis says (00:30:00):
ok but we are in America
Sonni Ali says to (00:30:11):
SlimJim says to (00:30:29):
does that make you feel superior solo? ok.. then.. ill be your driver
Mike Machida says to (00:30:39):
the black community depends on jobs, mostly low paying. The arab community depends on family business, thats why they are so successful. They come together blacks dont
ImhotepVII says to (00:30:49):
Abrakapocus? Wha?
kemetu says to (00:30:53):
kala abrakapocus is when bugs bunny confused dracula and made him useless and non threatening by turning his body into a bat with a man head
Mike Machida says to (00:30:56):
hand full of black family businesses, thousands of arab businesses that are family owned
Dr Solo says to (00:31:10):
not superior, just giving you a job @slimjim
Sonni Ali says to (00:31:10):
What black people need over here is for someone to show us how tomake money so we can get the hell out of here!
ImhotepVII says to (00:31:14):
OH YEAH!! @Kemetu
SlimJim says to (00:31:22):
haha Sonni..
ImhotepVII says to (00:31:25):
I remember that! ROFL
kemetu says to (00:31:37):
he the dju was workin the gentile
Dr Solo says to (00:31:45):
@slimjim plus i don't feel, i am superior
Sonni Ali says to (00:31:47):
SJ @ Blo
kemetu says to (00:31:50):
all around the world the same song
kemetu says to (00:31:58):
we own the planet
Sonni Ali says to (00:32:09):
How to INVEST!
kemetu says to (00:32:16):
we must start right here in our families
SlimJim says to (00:32:20):
yall are a trip..
Sonni Ali says to (00:32:23):
That is the only way
kemetu says to (00:32:38):
trade on commdities and distribution systems we create
kemetu says to (00:32:51):
we should not chase money
Sonni Ali says to (00:32:59):
Now you are talkin
Sonni Ali says to (00:33:05):
SlimJim says to (00:33:05):
whole bunch of crazy ideas but u cant focus on certain things to get the job done
SlimJim says to (00:33:20):
but u have some crazy ideas
kemetu says to (00:33:23):
we should chase the position of power and control of our resources
Sonni Ali says to (00:33:33):
I do not know how to do this
Sonni Ali says to (00:33:46):
That is why I am asking how
kemetu says to (00:33:52):
that is the work
kemetu says to (00:33:55):
for all of us
Sonni Ali says to (00:34:02):
People have money biut do not know what to do with it
Dr Solo says to (00:34:17):
@slimjim, your never going to hear our plans are you nuts...smh
kemetu says to (00:34:26):
one way to do so is to study indigenous economies and figure out how to create the relationships needed to succeed
kemetu says to (00:34:44):
most with money dont want to really help us
SlimJim says to (00:34:51):
Solo.. you would be suprised of how many "plans" im aware of..
dr raven says to (00:35:04):
kala hittman is takin trash in our room
dr raven says to (00:35:17):
join our calll
dr raven says to (00:35:24):
feed us in
Sonni Ali says to (00:35:52):
Thats is because the idea should be broadcast louder!
dr raven says to (00:36:07):
SlimJim says to (00:36:14):
Sonni.. if you want to be hear.. just whisper
SlimJim says to (00:36:27):
watch how many people lean in to listen
SlimJim says to (00:36:43):
SlimJim says to (00:37:17):
no one pays attention to the loud mouth with the megaphone
SlimJim says to (00:38:25):
that *** cheney gonna get a young man heart in a transplant.. that dude is gonna live another 40 years
Sonni Ali says to (00:38:29):
That does not suprise me @Kala
SlimJim says to (00:38:33):
diick Cheney
SlimJim says to (00:39:07):
*** *** ***er btr
Sonni Ali says to (00:39:19):
BA is always shooting down anything dealing w/ Africa.
Kalagenesis says (00:39:49):
Mr Holipsism says to (00:39:51):
Kalagenesis says (00:40:04):
I know
Mr Holipsism says to (00:40:05):
Kalagenesis says (00:40:11):
SlimJim says to (00:40:28):
so.. ya'll are always shooting down anything dealing with america
Kalagenesis says (00:40:33):
SlimJim says to (00:40:36):
Sonni Ali says to (00:40:39):
Kalagenesis says (00:40:47):
I say do what you want
SlimJim says to (00:40:53):
me too
Mr Holipsism says to (00:40:56):
Kalagenesis says (00:40:57):
America will be fine without us
Sonni Ali says to (00:41:04):
Sonni Ali says to (00:41:16):
SlimJim says to (00:41:24):
no comment
Dr Solo says to (00:41:25):
lol@ MR Holip ..jellies
Dr Solo says to (00:41:43):
damn my sister wore jellies
Sonni Ali says to (00:41:46):
Back to Africa.
ImhotepVII says to (00:42:13):
Alkebulan, here we come
SlimJim says to (00:42:26):
i say if you are not committed to the sucess of this country, then it is better that u leave
SlimJim says to (00:42:36):
so we agree there
Sonni Ali says to (00:42:57):
What are you talkin about we built this POS for free.
SlimJim says to (00:43:04):
Sonni Ali says to (00:43:11):
This guy
Sonni Ali says to (00:43:14):
SlimJim says to (00:43:17):
Kalagenesis says (00:43:20):
Mr Holip your on
Mr Holipsism says to (00:43:41):
Sonni Ali says to (00:43:52):
much more too dont stop @SJ
Sonni Ali says to (00:43:57):
Go ahead
SlimJim says to (00:43:59):
i dont subsribe to that "blacks built this country" crap.. think about it before you speak
Sonni Ali says to (00:44:21):
Get this dude out of here
SlimJim says to (00:44:24):
Sonni what did u do? for free?
SlimJim says to (00:44:32):
u said "we"
Sonni Ali says to (00:44:36):
the same ole same ole
Sonni Ali says to (00:44:59):
ImhotepVII says to (00:45:33):
ROFL!! Featal postion!!!
ImhotepVII says to (00:45:36):
SlimJim says to (00:45:37):
am i to beleive 5% to 8% of inhabitants built everything in american history? really?
Sonni Ali says to (00:45:49):
Like redman says "whatever man!"
SlimJim says to (00:46:12):
who raised the entire town of chicago?
Sonni Ali says to (00:46:41):
BA is an imposter
SlimJim says to (00:47:39):
Sonni.. please list for me the things that exist in america that was only built by "you"
kemetu says to (00:47:50):
we need to invest in water and land for our common use
Sonni Ali says to (00:48:15):
kemetu says to (00:48:15):
they love jesus in many parts of africa
kemetu says to (00:48:21):
more than we do
kemetu says to (00:48:33):
and you know we sick wit it
Sonni Ali says to (00:48:58):
Same ole tricks @ USA!
SlimJim says to (00:50:34):
u see.. as things progress and some continue to fall behind, they will.. they must.. bring forward the ills of the past to justify there own short-comings.. i see it.. and its sad
SlimJim says to (00:50:56):
no tricks.. just sadness
RamsesDevine says to (00:51:06):
africans are stupid
Sonni Ali says to (00:51:54):
That should be an automatic!
Sonni Ali says to (00:52:03):
ImhotepVII says to (00:52:04):
Man, I should call in!!!!
SlimJim says to (00:52:05):
to which i say.. get a frip of your own reality and dont let any fool like me in a chat room get in the way you our own progress
RamsesDevine says to (00:52:09):
i don't hate africans
ImhotepVII says to (00:52:21):
Sonni Ali says to (00:52:23):
ImhotepVII says to (00:52:27):
SlimJim says to (00:52:28):
is ernie els an african?
SlimJim says to (00:52:45):
oh lord with the frekin moors
Sonni Ali says to (00:52:51):
RamsesDevine says to (00:52:52):
all black people don't come from africa
ImhotepVII says to (00:52:53):
Yeah, "moors"
SlimJim says to (00:53:00):
Sonni Ali says to (00:53:14):
this guy
SlimJim says to (00:53:16):
the moors where the first on the moon
Sonni Ali says to (00:53:21):
SlimJim says to (00:53:30):
the moors where the first to fly a plane
Sonni Ali says to (00:53:32):
makes no sense at all
Sonni Ali says to (00:53:40):
this guy
Kalagenesis says (00:54:08):
Sonni Ali says to (00:54:14):
That lets you know he is uneducated.
Sonni Ali says to (00:54:26):

Who would say something like that.
RamsesDevine says to (00:54:30):
africans don't even respect you black people in america
Sonni Ali says to (00:54:33):
Sonni Ali says to (00:54:41):
Sonni Ali says to (00:55:00):
SlimJim says to (00:55:02):
listen to warlord go!!! must not be a blunt in reach
RamsesDevine says to (00:55:12):
so why don't you live in africa then
RamsesDevine says to (00:55:19):
you can move
Sonni Ali says to (00:55:22):
kemetu says to (00:55:28):
how can they ramses we dont know our history
Sonni Ali says to (00:55:28):
the same reason you dont
Sonni Ali says to (00:55:32):
SlimJim says to (00:55:40):
really yes.. it is possible for humans to move
Sonni Ali says to (00:55:40):
RamsesDevine says to (00:55:45):
so move back
Sonni Ali says to (00:55:53):
ah Man
Sonni Ali says to (00:55:57):
this guy
SlimJim says to (00:56:13):
slavery!?? haha
Sonni Ali says to (00:56:13):
anymore questions RamsesD?
RamsesDevine says to (00:56:20):
them savage ass niggas over there worship white people and have no respect for you they call you akata
Sonni Ali says to (00:56:41):
Stop watchin SUGAR HILL MAINE!
Sonni Ali says to (00:56:44):
SlimJim says to (00:56:59):
sonni i have a quote for u.. but wont tell u who said it
SlimJim says to (00:57:14):
"99% of all failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses."
Sonni Ali says to (00:57:19):
You never heard that word before until you saw SUGAR HILL!
RamsesDevine says to (00:57:28):
africans have all that land and yet don't even run they own ***
SlimJim says to (00:57:48):
now.. who said it?
RamsesDevine says to (00:57:50):
the indians and the chinese and europeans run africa
RamsesDevine says to (00:58:17):
how stupid can you be to let a minority come in and run your land
Sonni Ali says to (00:58:23):
I tell you this much they run more *** then we do.
RamsesDevine says to (00:58:33):
where the african car
Sonni Ali says to (00:58:51):
what is your point?
Sonni Ali says to (00:59:16):
just beacuse there is no african car
RamsesDevine says to (00:59:26):
africans don't even get along with each other tribally they don't even consider themselves the same people
Kalagenesis says (00:59:28):
Ramses not true
Mr Holipsism says to (00:59:29):
Sonni Ali says to (00:59:32):
you are shallow maine
SlimJim says to (00:59:50):
Sonni.. u need to quit worrying about what "you people" have accomplished.. and more about what "you" have accomplished.. if all did that, things change
ImhotepVII says to (00:59:54):
There's an African made plane!
Sonni Ali says to (00:59:58):
He hasn't said anything since he has been here
RamsesDevine says to (01:00:00):
got to unganda and get your lips cut off
RamsesDevine says to (01:00:09):
Sonni Ali says to (01:00:15):
Nothing but hot air maine
ImhotepVII says to (01:00:32):
and VCR's, and other electronic devices
RamsesDevine says to (01:00:40):
the africans leaders are sell outs
RamsesDevine says to (01:00:51):
they sell out their own people
SlimJim says to (01:01:12):
no one has a people. thats so midevial
SlimJim says to (01:01:31):
"ma people" oooohhhh "ma people"
RamsesDevine says to (01:01:35):
and they sold you into slavery you should be sekking reparations from the africans not the europeans
Sonni Ali says to (01:01:52):
Imposter alert!!!!!
ImhotepVII says to (01:01:58):
Chipmunk with an afro!?!?!?!? EPIC!(lol)
RamsesDevine says to (01:02:00):
why they said come home
Dr Solo says to (01:02:08):
Great Show Kala !! and enjoy your time off, Peace to all, Good Night !!
dr raven says to (01:02:08):
solo is a rat
ImhotepVII says to (01:02:18):
Peace Solo
Sonni Ali says to (01:02:18):
He is not
RamsesDevine says to (01:02:23):
why they never said come home black man
SlimJim says to (01:02:29):
yep.. good show kala... take care yall!
SlimJim says to (01:02:36):
kala.. go get ya some!
Sonni Ali says to (01:02:42):
They shouldn't need to tell you
ImhotepVII says to (01:02:46):
They are calling us to come home @Rameses
Sonni Ali says to (01:02:54):
If they have to you are tooo damn stupid
ImhotepVII says to (01:03:00):
The Joseph Project in Ghana
RamsesDevine says to (01:03:13):
it's called civilization
ImhotepVII says to (01:03:19):
There's a movment in Benin to have us come back
RamsesDevine says to (01:03:38):
there are international laws
ImhotepVII says to Kalagenesis (private) (01:03:50):
I'm in the cue.
RamsesDevine says to (01:03:51):
why they went to the united nations
SlimJim says to (01:04:00):
ppssst ImhotepVII.. yall aint never been there
Kalagenesis says to ImhotepVII (private) (01:04:02):
RamsesDevine says to (01:04:08):
and charged anybody with crimes
SlimJim says to (01:04:17):
that was a bunch of people that are all gone now
RamsesDevine says to (01:04:24):
they never did
SlimJim says to (01:04:29):
whole new batch of people on the planet
ImhotepVII says to (01:05:04):
@Slim I understand, but the fact is that we are still related to the people there.
RamsesDevine says to (01:05:17):
everybody is related
ImhotepVII says to (01:05:27):
AmericanCitizen says to (01:05:33):
SlimJim says to (01:05:34):
that i undertand.. but i dont even know who or where my heritage lives..
SlimJim says to (01:05:38):
doesnt bother me
Sonni Ali says to (01:05:42):
Always going to be unequal
SlimJim says to (01:05:51):
or should i say.. lived
Sonni Ali says to (01:05:56):
As long as we stay here
Sonni Ali says to (01:06:07):
Hell NO
RamsesDevine says to (01:06:14):
if you let another people rule your land either your inferior or stupid
RamsesDevine says to (01:06:30):
especially a minority
RamsesDevine says to (01:07:01):
the indians even run the supermarkets in africa
RamsesDevine says to (01:07:17):
why don't they do something besides chase monkeys
Sonni Ali says to (01:07:19):
A couple of you need a good ole school south side of Chi town ass kickin
Sonni Ali says to (01:07:42):
Please believe
Sonni Ali says to (01:08:12):
Internet tough guys lol
SlimJim says to (01:09:25):
whats a south side chicago ass kicking? an uneducated frop out kicking a donkey then beggin for a hard quarter to help buy a black and mild and 40?