Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to use the Kemetic Pipeline System beat the American Game.

Economics was the reason for the slave trade.The slave trade was not about a singling out of the Black race for special cruelty and degradation.Although over the centuries that is exactly what happened.Many people Black and White wonder will all that goes on the world and all the barriers that have been broken why do we still talk about slavery and why are so many Black people still angry?Why are some still asking for reparations while using the benefits and comforts of the same society they purport to reject and despise?The answer is economics.When we say economics it is not about just having money in your pocket.It is not just about getting rich.Economics has to do with the ability to control and create wealth and independence.This is the last frontier for the African American and Africans world wide.We have seen African countries free themselves from Colonial rule since 1957.Liberia and Ethiopia free always.The idea of political power with no economic power leads to imbalances that causes strife,envy,and conflict.It is unfortunate that many in the African American community have no grasp of how to empower our community.We have millionaires and a Billionaire in the Black community but none can deliver us from our constant state of desperation and pathetic generation after generation of poverty and serfdom.We have made gains many of us are in the middle class and many of us have careers and live in nice homes.Given this we still feel vulnerable.Many of us are just six months from being destitute.We envy other groups coming here with strong family units and business support groups.We ask how do they do it?One reason is they play theAmerican GameThis is something all immigrants learn before they ever step on a boat to come here.They come with the idea that they will keep who they are and have one foot in America and still have a foot in their homeland.This is to keep cultural norms and morays alive as to keep the order of things harmonious.The observant student will notice that the people with the strongest sense of ethnic cohesion are the most successful.The people who are most Americanized usually have the most poverty,broken communities and crime.This is because the group does not need each other for survival.They are relying on the American economy and society to give them a fair deal.While the group that form their own networks and clubs use America to further their agenda.They will wave the American flag at events and sing songs of patriotism to show but they are not about America only what they can get out of this country.It has been like that from day one people looking out for number one.The only people who really expect America to be fair and just and provide for them are the African American people.No other group has had a civil rights movement for parity.Chinese own enclaves that gross billions called Chinatown.We have been saying we wanted our own Chinatowns in America for 100 years now still we have just ghettos to claim where everyone but us own businesses.Why is this?The Chinese are not beholden to American borders.The observant student will notice the Chinese are part if a global network of people,money,interest that has a continue for thousands of years.They were Chinese 4000 years ago and 4000 years from now no matter if they are in Singapore,Australia,USA they are Chinese.We Black people seem to be the only ones wanting to be American and confined to the plantation boundaries of America.Not having a base or beachhead outside the American paradigm will prove suicidal in the coming years.
Some Tips on the Kemetic trading
The question people ask me all the time is what can I do to start a plan?Where can I get involved?How can we change things.The first thing is self love.Like George Fraizer wrote in his book years ago "Success runs in our race"That we have to see ourselves as a tribe.That is what the Japanese are,The Italians,The Chinese,The Indians.These are global tribes linked by culture internationally by race and culture.When they are in every country they maintain these bonds.It is this basic simplicity that enables them to grow billion dollars businesses.Now we have Nigerian tribes emerging.The Dangote Group is a Nigerian industrial conglomerate headed by the richest African in the world Aliko Dangote.Why are they now African American tribes?Now we have the chance with the Kemetic Pipeline.
Importing is a start
Imagine doing your homework and finding that many African nations are moving into manufacturing.From just exporting cash crops to now creating finished goods Africa is changing the game.In East Africa Uganda and Rwanda now process finished coffee and have a domestic coffee business.Coffee shops are springing up all over the region as Africans like the coffee cafe sitting.Now imagine you have saved ten thousand dollars for a venture.You go to Rwanda to meet a coffee manufacturer.He shows you marketing material displays,and samples of his coffee.You like it and say I think I can get this in restaurants on you home city.He gives you samples and a logo with display to take back.You go around to several stores and restaurants and they like it but have concerns about introducing a new product.You ask the manufacturer to give you enough for a trial run.The coffee becomes a hit the restaurant has 10 stores that it wants to put on the menu.They put a big order in!Then you go through the Kemetic Pipeline to arrange procurement and shipping to the USA.The money you have as collateral plus a monetary system and letter of credit will secure the product.Once the product is delivered another restaurant hears about your coffee,now you are ready for a warehouse and hiring people.This is just one humble example you can use to get on the road to beating the American Game