Sunday, December 21, 2008

Barack Obama and Malcolm X.Two opposites with many similarities

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Since President Elect Barack H.Obama came on the national scene many saw fit to equate his rise to political prominence to the continuing struggle of the Civil Rights movement even though many question the importance of that movement in light of the many problems still facing the the African American community today.Dr Martin Luther King comes to mind as the one that Barack Obama is carrying the torch for.Although Jesse Jackson and other activist refused to accept Obama because they felt he did not come up through the struggle the way they had.This opinion has left alot of people who could have become great leaders to not get involved because they did not fit into a certain mold.Well most of the civil rights leaders came from the segregated South,it was even hard for Northern Black leaders to rise to prominence because the bar was raised to high.How could you talk about struggle when you have been going to school with Whites in the North since the end of the civil war?This kept leaders outside the South stifled.WEB Dubois encourages Blacks to come North by the millions because the South was a lost cause.Well African Americans who thought they were finally free found out that the promise land had a new set of problems.Crime,poverty,unemployment,overcrowding,police brutality,discrimination,racism,isolation,and worst of all apathy.It was out of this environment that Malcolm X rose.He faced the problem that Obama faced civil rights leaders who think they have a special ownership of the Black struggle because they are in the line of fire.To some extent that is true.But as the Kalagenesis often says if you want the right answers you have to ask the right questions.
The question Malcolm X,Marcus Garvey and so many nationalist have been asking is-is the quest for American acceptance worth the stagnation,apathy,humiliation,rejection that most of us feel when we are begging to be part of America?After all this is the country that enslaved us,how far can we go without one day having a confrontation with White America.White America rejects the idea of us being strong,independent,wealthy,and sophisticated in their mist.So why do we try to live at peace with them?They will never see a Black Man as Senator,Governor,Tycoon,President?Malcolm X was responding to the world as he saw it.Most Black people back then felt like this,even with a Black President to this day the jury is still out on America.I thought I was the only one who saw the parallel between Obama and Malcolm X.Barack is the evolution of Malcolm X.Malcolm represented the very best in all of us.Hard work,education,strong families,community.Barack has these same qualities.Only Barack had opportunities Malcolm did not.As a young man Malcolm went into the streets to hustle Barack went to the streets to organize.One believed America was evil for slavery the other believe that America spite its flaws is the best country on Earth.Malcolm would have been Barack had he been exposed to a different environment.Both were light skinned products of mixed heritage.Both their appearances made them conscious of race living in a White world.Malcolm never really knew his father and searched for a father figure both in the streets and in the Nation of Islam.Barack never knew his father and searched for his father in the Church. Barack is Malcolm X reborn and updated.
Both men lived with Whites and were outsiders among Black people and White people.Make no mistake Barack has more in common with Malcolm X than King.All three believed in people as opposed to any written code,moray or belief.Both Malcolm and Barack believed in organizing from the grass roots level and that empowering peoples lives is the best way how to gain ones self worth.The difference in the two tells alot about Obama.He was called nigger before,and got a good dose of American racism.Barack is what Malcolm X would have been if he had better circumstances.Dr King came from a middle class Southern Black background.Having some money,stability,education and a place in the Birmingham community gave him comfort that Barack nor Malcolm X knew.Both Obama and Malcolm came from single mothers and poor.The civil rights movement was rooted in the Black Church and its goals were achievable.Now the struggle in Urban America is rooted in the break down of the Black family.The way to combat that is cultural,spiritual,and educational development.Malcolm X hated ignorance he said there was no excuse for it.To this day he made learning and reading cool which is why so many people got their degrees during the sixties and seventies.Barack is the one to best handle Black Americas apathy.Now although some civil rights leaders are now saying that they were vindicated when Obama was elected President.The Nationalist also can say they were vindicated because without the threat of a real Nationalist movement in which the government tried for years to crush,White people would not have even taken Obama serious.Now they can say look this was the real America all along.If it was not for Malcolm X,Minister Farrakhan there would be no Barack Obama.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

1800 Rent a Coon Christmas sale.Rev Jesse Lee Peterson thanks White America for Slavery!

Hey White America this is the friendly people at 1800 Rent a Coon,your premier coon supply company who will never go out of business because over the next eight year of Obama many coons will come out of the woodwork and shuffle.We know from looking at the education system and popular culture that many of you think the Black man has achieved the top because we are in America.Many believe Africa has no great history and would have died had the White man come there.Now although that is just the opposite during the middle ages three great empires ruled the civilized world in commerce,learning,art,science,trade,math,language,religion,These were Black countries that was located in West Africa.The names if you want to google are the Ghana,Mali,Songhai Empires.Learning centers like Timbucktu and Gao kept light in the world while Europe was in a 1400 year dark age.It was contact with West African scholars who traveled to Spain,Venice,France ect that sparked the European renesainse,and brought Europe out of the dark ages.But since many of you are convinced that you did the Black man a favor by taking his land,language,culture from him and subjecting him to the worst form of abuse mankind has ever seen we now have a coon who will tell you just that for a price.His name is Jesse Lee Peterson a real sick degenerate coon who loves even the most racist White and will let them spit in his face call him nigger and he will only blame himself.You cant beat that bargain!He loves White people!When I say he loves you I mean he thinks your farts smell like sweet spices!This nigger has even convinced the KKK to give him a lifetime achievement award.Recently according to Dr Boyce Watkins he got on radio thanking the White man for bringing him over here from Africa in chains.The best thing that has happened to the Black man according to Uncle Rutkus oh I mean Peterson!Well that is a step up at least he now admits he is from Africa.For years this coon said he was from a royal Dutch family who developed a skin disease like what Micheal Jackson has in reverse.Now for all the Black people out there I am sorry we cant offer any White people to coon for you,it just doesn't happen.Just like Black people owning White people in America never happened.Please don't shoot Jesse we are making to much money off of him.Fox Noise pays us a million for a 15 minute segment with our prized buck,coon,jigaboo,sambo the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson whom you can rent at 1800 Rent A Coon.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Zimbabwe. Obama's Africa challenge

Recently President elect Barack Obama praised current President George W.Bush for the 15 billion he pledged to fight AIDS/HIV in Africa.The program has been successful so far in stopping the spread of new HIV infections in babies born in South Africa.A key to the this success was the final acknowledgment from South African leaders that there actually was a AIDS problem in the country.All the money, research would have been for nothing if the people of South Africa had not take the problem seriously.Barack Obama is proving to be a man of many faces,he has a mixed race background face,an African American face,a Hawaii face,a Kenyan face,an American face.The face that is often overlooked but has we Pan Africanist excited is his Pan African face.Barack is someone who loves Africa and sees himself as an African.He also knows Africa's great history and knows an ally in the White House can help bring change to the continent.Africa needs to end wars,famine,illiteracy,AIDS,and tribal conflict.With new modern cities emerging in South Africa,Nigeria,Kenya trade,commerce,tourism,education,infastructure,industry,energy all thing America business have that Africa needs.Opportunities for new business people in America and on the continent.Obama quietly believes this because he has made several statements about Africa's problems.Bill Clinton is active on the continent.This is why Hilary war appointed Secretary of State.The great challenge for Obama will be Zimbabwe who's leader under sanctions from the West has ran the country into the ground.He has managed to steal another election.For President Obama confronting Mugabe will signal to the world a new order,in tyranny in Africa will not be business as usual.That leaders for now on will have to answer to the world and to African people.It is a Black man that is going to lead the charge.The following is a sample article from News Africa on the situation in Zimbabwe:
New Call for Robert Mugabe to step down.

News Africa
Calls grow for Mugabe to step down
Cholera is thought to have claimed nearly 600 lives in Zimbabwe in the past few months [AFP]

Raila Odinga, Kenya's prime minister, has added his voice to the growing wave of calls by world leaders for Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president, to step down.

Odinga told Al Jazeera on Sunday that Africa "cannot shut its eyes when the people of Africa are dying of cholera and hunger".

"The time has come for Africa to stand up and speak and say that enough is enough. It's time for Mr Robert Mugabe to go," he said.

"I have said before ... for how long is Africa going to live the lie that life is normal in Zimbabwe? For how long are we going to pretend that Mugabe did win the election?"

The cholera outbreak has followed a political crisis since elections in March and a subsequent failure to agree on a power-sharing deal.

Mugabe lost initial presidential elections to Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Tsvangirai pulled out of a second run-off poll in June due to attacks on his supporters which were blamed on Mugabe's allies, handing Mugabe victory.

Case for intervention

Earlier, in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, Odinga said that Jakaya Kikwete, Tanzania's president and chairman of the African Union, should call an urgent summit of AU states to formulate a resolution sending troops to Zimbabwe.

"If no troops are available, then the AU must allow the UN to send its forces into Zimbabwe ... to take control of the country and ensure urgent humanitarian assistance to the people dying of cholera and starvation," Odinga said.

Mugabe's government has blamed EU sanctions for Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic [AFP]
Asked whether time for diplomacy had ended and military force should be used, Odinga told Al Jazeera: "Morgan Tsvangirai won the election decisively by garnering 56 per cent of the vote and the election commission was blackmailed into declaring that he didn't get the requisite 56 per cent.

"What we are trying to say is that, there is need for us to agree what we go back to what Zimbabweans said on the 29th of March - that they really wanted Mugabe out.

"Mugabe may not want to go, but the time has come for him to be shown the door. That's why I am appealing to the AU to live up to the expectations of the majority of the African people by asking Mr Mugabe to leave."

Odinga was himself involved in a bitter political tussle with Mwai Kibaki, Kenya's president, after he "lost" an election he is widely believed to have won.

A power-sharing agreement saw the government creating the current position he is holding.

EU sanctions blamed

Harare has blamed EU sanctions for a cholera outbreak across the country which is thought to have killed at least 575 people.

Mugabe accused Zimbabwe's former colonial ruler Britain of using the epidemic to draw together support against his government.

An editorial in the state-run Sunday Mail newspaper also said the outbreak was down to EU sanctions.

"The people who are suffering most are not politicians they claim they want to punish, but poor people," it said.

"All the victims [of cholera] are as a result of the freezing of balance of payments support, depriving the country of foreign currency required to buy chemicals to treat our drinking water."

Plea for pressure

Odinga's views echoed those expressed by Phandu Skelemani, Botswana's foreign minister, who said that the international community could easily force Mugabe out.

"SADC [Southern African Development Community] should never have recognised Mugabe as legitimate," Skelemani told Al Jazeera.

"The best solution would be to pressurise Mugabe as an international community to go for a [presidential] run-off. So that the Zimbabweans, the only ones entitled to choose a government for Zimbabwe, can do so."

UK PM Brown has called Mugabe's government a 'blood-stained regime' [EPA]
"My suspicion is that Mugabe would not agree because he is sure to lose," Skelemani said, adding that, in such a situation, supplies to Mugabe should be cut off - for instance, petrol for his army.

Skelemani's comments followed those of Gordon Brown, the British prime minister, who said Mugabe's regime was "blood-stained" and Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, who said that it is well past the time for Mugabe to quit.

EU foreign ministers are expected to adopt a draft text tightening sanctions against Zimbabwe on Monday, due to fears over the worsening humanitarian situation and political deadlock in the country.

Mugabe and his wife Grace, as well as 166 other members of the governing Zanu-PF, are already banned from entering EU nations and their European assets have been frozen.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Supreme Court Jusice Clarence Thomas does The Obama Shuffle

Earlier this year during the height of the Democratic primary season and epidemic swept through much of Black America that cause overwhelming emotion that lead to ones feet to tap dance and shuffle.The Kalagenesis called this the Obama Shuffle.Simply put the anger about the change in the old order caused ones feet to shuffle.On the other side the excitement about a new dynamic young politician, that could be the first African American elected to that office also caused ones feet to shuffle.What ever side your on everyone is doing the Obama Shuffle.Remember when 50 cent was trying to promote his album earlier this year?The trouble was Obama was on every magazine and no one cared about the former crack dealer from the gutters of New York.Everyone wanted to hear this young dynamic Black man,well not everyone.50 cent was caught shuffling when he said America was not ready for a Black President that Hilary made a better candidate.There was Tavis Smiley who said Obama should suspend his campaign and come talk to him at his annual State of the Black Coonion.Andrew Young,BET'S Coon n Chief Bob Johnson all did the Obama Shuffle.There legs needed restraints they were shuffling so bad.Now while many have even come up with a new dance since the publishing of the Obama Shuffle,called the Obama Shuffle or Hustle.
The latest to do the Obama Shuffle is no other than the race traitor,self hating beast US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.For years many have tried to give this troll the benefit of the doubt but after all these years he still is someone who hates his dark skin and curses Africa with all his soul.There is no redemption for Thomas he and others like him are enemies to all Black people.He is lucky Obama will save this country from a race war because the traitors will be the first to be dealt with.Thomas is asking colleges on the court to look into the request of a New Brunswick Attorney who file a suit saying Obama is not an American citizen.The fact that he was born in Hawaii does not matter to them they say his Father was not an American.Many theorize that he was born in Kenya.That his birth certificate is fake.Cokey Roberts even said Hawaii is a foreign country.Now these are the people leading us.Scary isnt it?Thomas is jealous because Obama beat all of them at their dirty White man always win rules.He did not have to sell his soul he has an African name and chose to come to a poor Black community and identify with with them.Black America did not have to chase and claim Barack Obama he claimed us.Unlike tiger Woods with his Im not Black,Jennifer Beals,or Haley Berry when it is to her convenience.Barack knows the greatness of the Black people and he was rewarded nicely for it.