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The Hate that Hate Produced.Rev Jeremiah Wright

In the 1960's there was a small but noticeable revolution that came to much of the Black urban culture.This revolution was noticeable everywhere even in Black pop culture.Africa was not a place of shame but a place of racial pride and strength.Marcus Garvey an other leaders started this with the African redemption movement in the 20's.Through the decades the one organization that stood out after the demise of The Universal Negro Improvement Association was the Nation Of Islam.Marcus Garvey founder of the U.N.I.A. was the victim of underhanded,traitorous mis leaders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.They feared Garvey because he wanted an independent homeland in Africa for the millions of Africans in America.This went against the very notion Whites and many Black leaders had that no matter how much Blacks suffer in America they will always love White people and America.This is the mistake Whites are making in criticizing Rev Wright without understanding what is it that brings some Black people to hate America.Make no mistake this hatred is real,and at times all Black people even the most loyal patriotic African American have it sometimes.I remember feeling this when I was moved to a predominately White school when we moved out of the inner city.This was the mid 70's and I don't have to tell you my experiences as a little boy.INNOCENCE ROBBED BY A RACIST COUNTRY.And it dawned on me as I got older,we are not entitled to innocence like Whites are.That is their birth right.Can you imagine what Rev Wright sees on a daily basis in the impoverished South side of Chicago?Can one only imagine that maybe a religion that speaks to that particular situation is what works?
In 1933 The Nation of Islam was formed.Unlike Father Divine,Moorish science temple,Daddy Grace,The NOI was something could not be dismissed or laughed at, like the latter.The former grew and attracted a following that included famous Black entertainers,business people,sports figures,and charismatic leaders,the most famous was Min Malcolm X of the Harlem Temple.The organization built schools, hospitals and businesses across the US.All the while most whites chose to ignore, but watch these separatist movements.So dismissing them as pariahs among Black people.And believing that Martin Luther King and intergration is what Black America strives for.This does not even acknowledge the fact that Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America.In sports, entertainment,school,even relationships,racial barriers are coming down but Sunday morning we tend to listen to people who can articulate our pain.Only a few White preachers have been able to gain a large Black following.Most White southern Baptist,Methodist,Presbyterians ect have ties to the far right even the KKK.This is ignored by people who want to talk about the Hate of Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity Church of God.
I don't agree with everything the Reverend have to say,but that is what works in that part of the country,and Whites should not judge because until you know what it is like to be a minority in America,and to be hated by a country that your ancestors help build.America produced Jeremiah Wright.Any hatred towards America is what was brought by years of racism in this land.There were always Black power cults and in America and most African American Churches have African culture rooted in it.Question Is America God?,because it seems that being a man of God it is not unusual for a Preacher to challenge the State, that is what Jesus did right?Who else but a minister will say God damn Amerikkka!!This is what real men of God will do if they believe the powers on Earth are wrong.This has always been in our community,the anger toward the people who allow drugs,guns,aids unemployment to be the staple in Black America this is what men like Rev Wright are there for.

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Hip hop.Children of a Lesser God.By Messianic Afrikan Nation

Hip Hop Children of a Lesser God
Posted in The Writings of Min. Paul Scott on November 22, 2007 by messianicafrikannation

Hip Hop Children Children of a Lesser God

Min. Paul Scott

I always find it kind of funny when accepting an award
for his hit “Kill em all; Till they Fall” ; MC
Pullatrigga gets on the mic and says, “First of all, I
would like to thank God…” Or during a magazine
interview , Sexxx Thugstress, innocently, tells a
reporter how her close relationship with her Savior
gave her the strength to write “If the Escalade is
Rockin’ Don’t be Knockin.” As grandma would say,
“Chile let me move ’cause I know that lightnin’ is
fixin’ to strike….”

From as far back as history records, Afrikan people
have had a reverence for the Supreme Being. From the
African people who laid the foundation for modern
religion, to the old lady across the street who never
misses a Sunday service, rain, sleet or snow, we have
always had a strong spiritual connection with the
Creator. Many of us have vivid memories of receiving
our first whippin’ for mocking Rev. Jones or Sis. Ruth
Ann when she got in “the spirit” one Sunday morning.
We found out early that playin’ with “tha lawd“, was a
definite, No, No!

Historically, music and Spirituality have walked hand
in hand as music is more than just something to help
us get our party on but is a divine expression of our
respect for the gift of LIFE. It was our spirit filled
song that helped us keep the FAITH, even when we were
being beaten by the slave master and forced to work in
the hot cotton fields from sun up to sun down and it
will be our song that leads us to the LIBERATION of
our people from mental slavery The Spirituality of
Afrikan people has always been thorn in the side of
the oppressor. Our FAITH has been like that trick
birthday candle that no matter how hard you try, you
just can’t blow it out. We have been like a Spirit
filled energizer bunny playin’ an African drum, we
just keep going and going.

For many young brotha’s and sista’s who are
disillusioned with organized religion, today Hip Hop
has become the faith of choice. Maybe for some, the
rules and regulations of the other religions were just
too hard to follow so they turned to the cardinal rule
of Hip Hop “if it feels good, do it” or more likely,
they simply rejected the idea that they had to have
the word of God interpreted by white Kings and other
European writers. So, instead they traded in the King
James version of the Bible for the gospel according to
the white owned media and entertainment industry who
at least had the foresight to put pictures of Black
people on the covers of their magazines. So, the LAWS
revealed to Moses were traded in for the 10 Crack

While many rappers reflect “the Life is Hell”
philosophy in their lyrics, I doubt very seriously
that any other religion outside of Holy Hip Hop
considers eternal torment living in a 5 million dollar
mansion with an Olympic sized swimming pool. However,
some rappers are helping to perpetuate the hell-ish
conditions that Afrikan people are experiencing,
globally by aiding our mental enslavement that keeps
us under the foot of the white supremacist system.

Sadly, many of the brotha’s and sista’s in Hip Hop are
fully aware that they are leading Afrikan children
down the path of destruction but have made a conscious
decision to sell the destiny of our people for 30
pieces of silver or a platinum chain.

The problem is that our Afrikan Spirituality makes it
hard for us to believe that anyone could be so evil as
to use our music and Spirituality as a genocidal
weapon. So many have underestimated the depths that
white supremacists would sink to keep the masses of
Afrikan people oppressed.

Some will argue that it is “only music”, but as dude
from the movie, “the Usual Suspects” said “the
greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing
the world he didn’t exist.” The oppressor knows that
the only way to totally destroy a people is to
separate them from their connection to the Creator.
Once their Spiritual immune system is broken down, the
people are left open to all the vices that plague the
planet, drugs, disease, violence, etc.

When faced with this TRUTH, many young brotha’s will
defiantly shout, “Only God can judge me!!!!” However,
there is such a thing as corporate responsibility and
the actions of one member of the Afrikan family,
affect the whole, including future generations. So to
answer the age old question, “I am my Brother’s

Our African ancestors knew that it was not only the
right, but the responsibility of the elders to give
guidance to the younger generation because it was they
who would determine the future of the tribe. But today
even, our most learned elders seem to be intimidated
by children just because they can quote rap lyrics
like the old folks quote scripture. When the adults in
the Afrikan familiy stop trying to win a popularity
contest with 14 year olds and stand up and speak
TRUTH, then will the end of our oppression come.

Most religions have some sort of Judgement Day when
TRUTH is revealed; when a persons deeds are weighed in
the balance against the Universal principles of
Righteousness. A day when LIGHT (KNOWLEDGE) eventually
overcomes DARKNESS (LIES). Even though some rappers
think that they can defy the law of Reciprocity by
raising hell all year long and giving out a free
turkey at Thanksgiving.

Rappers Bone Thugs-n-Harmony once asked “What ya gonna
do; when there ain’t no place to hide, when judgment
comes for you?” So Hip Hop, today is at the
Crossroads. We must make a decision as to which road
we will take, the road to LIBERATION or the road to
SLAVERY. The path that will insure a future for the
next generation or the path that will lead to its

To borrow from an old Public Enemy interlude; “Right
vs. Wrong; Good vs. Evil; God vs. the Devil; what side
you on?”

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Nigger,Gangster Rap"Are not a terms of endearment.

I have been saying certain things for a year now,and the internet has not been the same.A year ago the Kalagenesis stated that the biggest threat to the survival of the Black community is coming from with in our race.We are our own worst enemies many times.Why is self hatred,self destruction so prevalent among our people?Are we really that savage as to think we can be in a free country and still be treated as slaves?Why have we not risen above the wretchedness of the White man in America's slavery culture?The problem is too many of us benefit from the crumbs from the White mans table and when the rest of us call them we are branded as haters or malcontents.We have Rob Johnson of BET running around openly trying to undermine Barack Obama,out of jealousy,self hate and out right treachery.But we are the only group of people who it is okay to laugh at exploit,rob,malign,murder,bear false witness about because our existence has not been paid for in blood.All nations and free people freed themselves on the blood of their enemies that is why they don't know what it is like to have a humiliating trial like the cops and Sean Bell.When will this end?Like the Kalagenesis has said so many times before.If you want real answers then you have to ask real questions.The question what is a nigger?Who is a nigger?How do we stop being niggers?
The term nigger was created to degrade the African by race and color and to disenfranchise him from the human race.In order for this new type of slavery to take place all White people had to see all Black people as an inferior race.To do this African history was rewritten on a racist friendly level.All of the great kings,civilizations of the past was stolen from us.Still to this day some refuse to acknowledge the importance of books.Books are the building blocks of civilizations.Without them knowledge is lost forever.It is this lack of knowledge that makes it easy for a people to be controlled.When we are called nigger the truth and significance of that statement rings home to alot of us.We all remember the first time we were called it.
The newest problem with this dreaded word is it has become a term of endearment.Now before you say yes it is because you heard some crazy professor say so,let us first examine the meaning of the wordterm.Term means time period or something that expires a certain time after is begins.A term in office ex.So the term nigger as the Professor Mike E. Dyson who says it is one of endearment is a farce.Term where did this begin?I never knew my father saying that to my grandfather,or our pastor.So what is Pro.Dyson talking about?He is talking about the hip hop scene which by the way is controlled by shady unscrupulous White people and their greedy,self hating,Black lackys.They will say anything to make a point. These are the same people who came up with the term 'gangster rap'.It is a term something created for a period of time.Sad thing is so many black rappers are stupid and gullible and they took itand ran with it.The slave masters of today creates terms so the weak must be force to follow.The results the number of rappers killed,and black on black violence is reaching genocidal proportions. So the term nigger not the word nigger was created by them a few years ago to make Black on Black self deprecation the norm.How about "my brother" as a term of endearment?How about 'my beautiful sister' as a term of endearment.A term has to start some where right?Why not now?Lets build self love back to our people again.Hey 'self love'that is another term!How about that
The Kala Nation Under God

Monday, April 14, 2008

Katrina an act of God?Million Man March a failure?Huh?

In the past few months I have referred to Dr Rev Manning as a coon,fool,buffoon,clown uncle tom,race traitor ect.I think those depictions of the Rev were accurate,but incomplete.I was basing my views on the attacks on Barack Obama which I thought were disrespectful coming from a man of God.He said Obama is a whoremonger and his mother is trash lusting after an African in heat.This to me puts this man on dangerous ground.Someone who I could never trust because he is rooted in hatred,jealousy and bitterness.Obama is a good man who would make a fine president.This does not mean we don't listen to other Black leaders,it is just we feel proud of Obama and love his wife.They symbolize what many want our community to be.So for Manning not to consider that(which I think he secretly does)is crazy and a sin.It seems to me that Manning is a egomaniac who loves you tube and the sudden fame it has brought him.Now the whole world can hear him spew his rhetoric and venom.
A couple of videos on this post are highly controversial.The bottom video talks about how God was behind Hurricane Katrina as a warning to Black America.You know I was not there but I often wondered why couldn't our people down there organize and pull themselves our of the situation.He is right had we did our part then FEMA or Bush could have assisted.This showed the world that the Black man in America is completely helpless.Grown men trampling women and children,is it no wonder women don't respect men in our community?Men rapping young girls in the dome.I did not know all of this.He definitely he some interesting perspectives.

The top video he takes a shot at Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Million man march.As a march organizer back in the day,I feel betrayed that this great movement came to nothing.Not one bank,trade agreement,land concession.In fact the gangster image is now ten times worst than before the march.Manning is so right on this point many people have been saying this,but no one wants to say it.It is time to hold these false leaders accountable for their failures.Manning to me is still a coon and and idiot,but lets not throw the baby away with the bathwater.

Dragon meets Elephant.Chinese firm partners with Nigeria to build an African kingdoms and Empires theme park in Abuja.

Chinese Firm Partners with Nigeria for African Kingdoms and Empires Theme Park Project

Washington, DC ( - Tourism development in Africa is getting another boost with the construction of a multi-million dollar African history theme park in Abuja, Nigeria.

Hytechnology Inc of China-owners and operators of the Fantawild resorts in China and Nigeria's Heritage City Parks Limited recently signed an agreement towards the development of the first phase of Heritage City-the African Kingdoms and Empires Theme Park Resort in Abuja-capital city of Nigeria.

Officials of Heritage City and Hytechnology Inc signed the deal in January 2008 that could transform the 17,000 acre site for Heritage City on the outskirts of Abuja into Africa's newest and hottest tourist destination with themed attractions, hotels, residences, sports and conferencing facilities

The main attraction is the African Heritage Park which will showcase the ancient Kingdoms and Empires of Africa and the Kings and Queens that ruled them.

Heritage City is a private initiative of Nigerian-based Heritage City Parks Limited with the Nigerian Federal Government providing site infrastructure and a consortium of Nigerian banks providing counterpart funding with China's Hytechnology Inc.

Already the development of site infrastructure is in progress and the first phase of the project will be ready in 2010.

Heritage City received much of its initial planning, coordination and support from U.S. based companies such as Leisure and Recreation Concepts, Inc based in Dallas, Texas and Washington, DC based consulting groups- U.S Africa Technology Council, Inc and New Earth Urban Systems, Inc.

The Project Coordinator, Mr. Ekwo Omakwu said that Nigeria's current macro-economic stability and recent reforms in the banking sector has increased investor confidence in the economic prospects of projects such as Heritage City.

That is also all the more reason why Shanda Washington of the U.S. Africa Technology Council is encouraging investors in the United States to engage Africa and tap into opportunities in the tourism sector which is currently experiencing rapid growth. According to her, "the Chinese have seen it and they are quick at seizing the opportunities presented by Heritage City. We in America can, and we should. A new Africa is emerging. The time to get involved is now."

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tavis quits Tom Joyner Show.Good riddens

Tavis Smiley,Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson and a few other Black leaders have an annoying stez about them.The thing I am talking about is the so called "issues"and "concerns" of the African American community.I would like for someone to show me the hidden manuscript when these issues are written and known.I think the last writer hit it on the head when he said the get their talking points from the Democrats and they decide what the so called issues are not the people.For example most Black people think crime and the destruction of the Black family is the most pressing issue facing us today.When was the last time we heard anyone talking about anything else but White racism.It does exist but only on the grassroots are these things being dealt with.A billboard in Chicago urging the radio to stop trashing our community got no support from these so called power brokers about this issue.Gang violence and murders are up but the so called Black leaders think it is more appropriate to talk about how unfair the drug laws are the Black no good criminals.Tavis and the rest of these spokemouths for themselves are on full notice.60 YEAR OLD MEN HAVING BABIES OUT OF WEDLOCK AND ADULTERY,WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN MY COMMUNITY!!!!!

April 12, 2008 6:39 AM

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Will South Africa intervene in Zimbabwe?

With the election going to what many expected,the question has to asked will Zimbabwe's powerful neighbor intervene to stop bloodshed in that country.Many expect South Africa under Mbeiki to step in and save the day.Do the White thing.Now South Africa in spite of all her development and infastructure is really very weak and it would be foolish for her to invade the small country.Those Zimbos as they are called are battle hardened and South Africa is skweemish about hanging cold blooded murderers.This sort of thinking is why the country is in peril.A shame an industrialized country could be a Pan African work shop for the world.Now the only reason Mugabe is being demonized by the Western media is because of his confiscation of the White owned farms a few years ago.Now if he was to reverse this, then the West would champion him as a great African leader.It seems the only thing the international media cares about is those farms.Lets see something,there really were no White farmers only White business people who inherited stolen land and used cheap Black labor.The Whites sip champaign and eat fine foods.They live as lords in a Black mans land.This had nothing to do with Mugabe.He was forced to take the land or face a revolution in his country.In other words the Whites had to go.Now to all of these gullible people in the west,I ask.Do you really think the Opposition party is going to let the Whites return like before?If you think so please email me, I have a deed to the Brooklyn Bridge I want to sell you.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nas takes a shot at Neo-Minstrel Rappers

Well it seems the message is finally getting home to all the rappers who went to sleep in the nineties.We are seeing the best of times and the worst of times.We see the Black community confronting sacred cows,that held us back the way Marcus Garvey did back in the day.They told him he was before his time, and why rock the boat?The presidential candidacy of Barack Obama has caused a social and political revolution among the African American population,along with it a growing number of hip hop artist are now aware that being negative,ignorant is tantamount to being a coon or slave.The presence of a super qualified Black man is just what Black youth need as a role model.But instead some out of fear of the White man tried to sabotage his chances of the presidency.We saw Bob Johnson of BET cooning.Why does he suddenly call himself Bob when most Black men are called Robert?There was 50 cent shuffling then retracting,Andrew Young,and of course the coon of the century Rev Manning.
Nas has been under fire from many in the blogging community,and it is this heat that has delayed his new album release.The album entitled"Nigger"caused his label Island/Def Jam to consider dropping him from the label.But in the wake of his anti minstrel stand I think we should take a look at what he is trying to say.I think if he is trying to distance himself from the cooning and degradation then fine but if it seems he is just trying to con us and sell out, then his career will be over.Nas also did a bold thing this week by endorsing Senator Barack Obama for president