Monday, December 17, 2007

Kalagenesis critics corner.American Gangster

The move American Gangster starring Russell Crow and academy award winning actor Denzel Washington opened two months ago to rave reviews.Now the Kalagenesis who is the cultural protector of the Kala Nation which means the African American family working as one unit,is the vanguard protector against counter culture in Black America.At a time when it is now reveal that in spite of the once held notion of us as a people being strong we are finding out compared to other people we are very weak.One of the things that make us weak besides the curse of many complexions which make us feel insecure around each other is not loving or knowing our culture to coexist with each other.We used to be a very religious people who lived by gods word.God have laws that he means for us to follow.We are flesh so we are born in sin.The Bible tells us that God will forgive ours sins if we repent and ask for forgiveness.There is almost no man that cannot be redeemed.Music,art,film,poetry,writings influence us and our thinkings and emotions.A society that permits the wrong messages to influence the youth without role models is signing its death certificate.The youth are more inclined to act out violent fantasies without thinking of consequences.Now painting a rosy picture of life is not the answer either.The key is balance.So as that is my background for reviewing American Gangster a story about a White Jewish New York City cop taking down heroin kingpin Frank Lucas in the early seventies.I asked myself when I saw this movie,when am I going to see a movie about Nat Turner and his slave rebellion?Or about the ex slaves who left this country to form their republic in Liberia?Why on the whole Black life in America is a constant state of hell and misery?Why was this movie made?I went looking for redeeming qualities in Frank Lucas and I found very little.His conservative manner,business savoy,marriage,close family ties with his mother and brothers were good,but anyone with a half of brain knows that is what sold the movie.Hollywood is clever in knowing there is a yearning for family values to get past the critics but the gangster criminal life is the 800 pound gorilla in the room.Something that can't be ignored.Neither can it be ignored that this movie went against every cultural,conventional belief about the drug trade in America.A black man was above the Italian Sicilian mafia in control of the drug trade.This went against The movie The Godfather, when he said 'we will keep the traffic in the dark people the colored they're animals anyway.'Now many of us have to face the reality that it was a Black man who imported heroin to his community for greed and money.No longer can we blame the White man for this destruction.They're some who refuse to believe this.One of them being Minister Farrakhan who say that it was a lie that Lucas did this without some government support.I personally felt this when I watched this.They did not give me enough evidence to believe Frank Lucas with his country bumpkin brothers could do that without help from above.The climax when the police mounted a full on assault on Lucas's operation at the end was rousing.When the church was surrounded and Frank Lucas walked out that was the best part of the film.The big name rappers who had undeveloped roles seemed silly because they were the ones boosting the film on MTV/BET ect.The RZA from the Wu tang Clan had a very memorable role as a NYPD cop assigned to Crow's Narcotic's unit.

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