Friday, December 21, 2007

Africa's Biggest Rapper calls out 50 cent.50 cent gets an A- on Kala Nation's Pan -African report card.

As we all have suspected for the last five years this man 50cent is incredible.It seems as though he knows just what to do when to do it what to say and when to say it.A very clever move on his part was to go outside the US and build his fan base global.There is only one Black man in the world that is more revered on the African continent than 50 cent it is not the famous Nigerian rapper who is trying to compete with 50 for African dominance.It is Nelson Mandela.In fact more youth in Africa see 50 cent as their leader than Mandela.Do you hear this?This is alarming!A gangster rapper from NYC more important than Nelson Mandela?We Pan Africanist are in serious trouble.We only can hope 50 does the right thing with this influence and help build bridges with the Black community in America and the Black population in Africa.Recently the African Union just green lighted his concert in Abuja Nigeria the rival city of Johannesburg South Africa,to host a Pan African event.This will probably be the most significant event since FESTAC held thirty years ago in Lagos Nigeria.A few years ago 50 did a concert in Nigeria and drew 100,000 people.Rapper Eedris Abdul Kareem may be just jealous of 50 cent's popularity on the African Continent.Jay Z got a B on his Pan African report card for helping build a water system for school children in South Africa.We gave Reakwon of the Wu Tang Clan a b+ for his work in exposing the blood diamond trade in Sierra Leone a year ago.Well at least it seems that one rappers knows where the future is and I doubt very much if the Africans care about who is more gangster.It is just seeing who seems to be a muscled African superhero who has the world in a gaze it makes them and most of us proud.
Kala Nation of God

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