Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hip hop.The Myth of the Black CNN.

It has been 11 years since the Fox news network first aired on cable television.It came as an alternative to the CNN cable news network in which most White Americans felt was left-wing leaning and catered to the United Nations and globalist interest.CNN with its world report and other internationalist perspective seemed like counter to the traditionalist beliefs of most White Americans.For years the images of America put out by CNN owned by Ted Turner and wife Jane Fonda painted a liberal America last image that most Americans didn't agree with.CNN tended to lean towards socialist ideology,and doctrine.Traditional interpretation of borders a national language and an American culture that glues a nation together.The image of CNN was minorities,gays,women's issues we just as mainstreamed as the military,police,and the stock market was to most White men.Now Fox news came and for all its worth gave White America and accurate view of how they saw this country and the issues that mattered to most of them.This comes at the expense of minorities in this country,because negative images of Blacks and Latinos get high ratings.Again tit is all of how news and opinion is shaped and the willingness of viewers to watch.
Now the 69,000 question.Where is the Black CNN?The Black Fox news network?Where does the world get info about our community?Who shapes the images in Black America?Are those images accurate and balanced?Rapper Chuck D once coined the term Black CNN I remember back when intelligent hip hop was big,that was to some extent true.Most rappers were in sync with the struggle of the people.Rappers went out of their way to be examples and send messages to the laymen.Over the years though big corporations got a hold to the music and they erased all Black consciousness in music and replaced it with gangster rap,drugs and violence.Now since CNN gave a fixed view of America that was not accurate,hip hop by definition would be not accurate.Most of White America's opinion of Black people come from the media not through any real contact as Bill Oreilly's recent comment about being surprised about seeing Black people acting civilized in Sylvia's restaurant.Hip hop seems to concentrate on the negative and sensational.I once coin a phrase 'a tree grows in Brooklyn'.This means if you want news there is always something to talk about.News is all around us it is just who is doing the reporting.

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