Sunday, December 21, 2008

Barack Obama and Malcolm X.Two opposites with many similarities

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Since President Elect Barack H.Obama came on the national scene many saw fit to equate his rise to political prominence to the continuing struggle of the Civil Rights movement even though many question the importance of that movement in light of the many problems still facing the the African American community today.Dr Martin Luther King comes to mind as the one that Barack Obama is carrying the torch for.Although Jesse Jackson and other activist refused to accept Obama because they felt he did not come up through the struggle the way they had.This opinion has left alot of people who could have become great leaders to not get involved because they did not fit into a certain mold.Well most of the civil rights leaders came from the segregated South,it was even hard for Northern Black leaders to rise to prominence because the bar was raised to high.How could you talk about struggle when you have been going to school with Whites in the North since the end of the civil war?This kept leaders outside the South stifled.WEB Dubois encourages Blacks to come North by the millions because the South was a lost cause.Well African Americans who thought they were finally free found out that the promise land had a new set of problems.Crime,poverty,unemployment,overcrowding,police brutality,discrimination,racism,isolation,and worst of all apathy.It was out of this environment that Malcolm X rose.He faced the problem that Obama faced civil rights leaders who think they have a special ownership of the Black struggle because they are in the line of fire.To some extent that is true.But as the Kalagenesis often says if you want the right answers you have to ask the right questions.
The question Malcolm X,Marcus Garvey and so many nationalist have been asking is-is the quest for American acceptance worth the stagnation,apathy,humiliation,rejection that most of us feel when we are begging to be part of America?After all this is the country that enslaved us,how far can we go without one day having a confrontation with White America.White America rejects the idea of us being strong,independent,wealthy,and sophisticated in their mist.So why do we try to live at peace with them?They will never see a Black Man as Senator,Governor,Tycoon,President?Malcolm X was responding to the world as he saw it.Most Black people back then felt like this,even with a Black President to this day the jury is still out on America.I thought I was the only one who saw the parallel between Obama and Malcolm X.Barack is the evolution of Malcolm X.Malcolm represented the very best in all of us.Hard work,education,strong families,community.Barack has these same qualities.Only Barack had opportunities Malcolm did not.As a young man Malcolm went into the streets to hustle Barack went to the streets to organize.One believed America was evil for slavery the other believe that America spite its flaws is the best country on Earth.Malcolm would have been Barack had he been exposed to a different environment.Both were light skinned products of mixed heritage.Both their appearances made them conscious of race living in a White world.Malcolm never really knew his father and searched for a father figure both in the streets and in the Nation of Islam.Barack never knew his father and searched for his father in the Church. Barack is Malcolm X reborn and updated.
Both men lived with Whites and were outsiders among Black people and White people.Make no mistake Barack has more in common with Malcolm X than King.All three believed in people as opposed to any written code,moray or belief.Both Malcolm and Barack believed in organizing from the grass roots level and that empowering peoples lives is the best way how to gain ones self worth.The difference in the two tells alot about Obama.He was called nigger before,and got a good dose of American racism.Barack is what Malcolm X would have been if he had better circumstances.Dr King came from a middle class Southern Black background.Having some money,stability,education and a place in the Birmingham community gave him comfort that Barack nor Malcolm X knew.Both Obama and Malcolm came from single mothers and poor.The civil rights movement was rooted in the Black Church and its goals were achievable.Now the struggle in Urban America is rooted in the break down of the Black family.The way to combat that is cultural,spiritual,and educational development.Malcolm X hated ignorance he said there was no excuse for it.To this day he made learning and reading cool which is why so many people got their degrees during the sixties and seventies.Barack is the one to best handle Black Americas apathy.Now although some civil rights leaders are now saying that they were vindicated when Obama was elected President.The Nationalist also can say they were vindicated because without the threat of a real Nationalist movement in which the government tried for years to crush,White people would not have even taken Obama serious.Now they can say look this was the real America all along.If it was not for Malcolm X,Minister Farrakhan there would be no Barack Obama.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

1800 Rent a Coon Christmas sale.Rev Jesse Lee Peterson thanks White America for Slavery!

Hey White America this is the friendly people at 1800 Rent a Coon,your premier coon supply company who will never go out of business because over the next eight year of Obama many coons will come out of the woodwork and shuffle.We know from looking at the education system and popular culture that many of you think the Black man has achieved the top because we are in America.Many believe Africa has no great history and would have died had the White man come there.Now although that is just the opposite during the middle ages three great empires ruled the civilized world in commerce,learning,art,science,trade,math,language,religion,These were Black countries that was located in West Africa.The names if you want to google are the Ghana,Mali,Songhai Empires.Learning centers like Timbucktu and Gao kept light in the world while Europe was in a 1400 year dark age.It was contact with West African scholars who traveled to Spain,Venice,France ect that sparked the European renesainse,and brought Europe out of the dark ages.But since many of you are convinced that you did the Black man a favor by taking his land,language,culture from him and subjecting him to the worst form of abuse mankind has ever seen we now have a coon who will tell you just that for a price.His name is Jesse Lee Peterson a real sick degenerate coon who loves even the most racist White and will let them spit in his face call him nigger and he will only blame himself.You cant beat that bargain!He loves White people!When I say he loves you I mean he thinks your farts smell like sweet spices!This nigger has even convinced the KKK to give him a lifetime achievement award.Recently according to Dr Boyce Watkins he got on radio thanking the White man for bringing him over here from Africa in chains.The best thing that has happened to the Black man according to Uncle Rutkus oh I mean Peterson!Well that is a step up at least he now admits he is from Africa.For years this coon said he was from a royal Dutch family who developed a skin disease like what Micheal Jackson has in reverse.Now for all the Black people out there I am sorry we cant offer any White people to coon for you,it just doesn't happen.Just like Black people owning White people in America never happened.Please don't shoot Jesse we are making to much money off of him.Fox Noise pays us a million for a 15 minute segment with our prized buck,coon,jigaboo,sambo the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson whom you can rent at 1800 Rent A Coon.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Zimbabwe. Obama's Africa challenge

Recently President elect Barack Obama praised current President George W.Bush for the 15 billion he pledged to fight AIDS/HIV in Africa.The program has been successful so far in stopping the spread of new HIV infections in babies born in South Africa.A key to the this success was the final acknowledgment from South African leaders that there actually was a AIDS problem in the country.All the money, research would have been for nothing if the people of South Africa had not take the problem seriously.Barack Obama is proving to be a man of many faces,he has a mixed race background face,an African American face,a Hawaii face,a Kenyan face,an American face.The face that is often overlooked but has we Pan Africanist excited is his Pan African face.Barack is someone who loves Africa and sees himself as an African.He also knows Africa's great history and knows an ally in the White House can help bring change to the continent.Africa needs to end wars,famine,illiteracy,AIDS,and tribal conflict.With new modern cities emerging in South Africa,Nigeria,Kenya trade,commerce,tourism,education,infastructure,industry,energy all thing America business have that Africa needs.Opportunities for new business people in America and on the continent.Obama quietly believes this because he has made several statements about Africa's problems.Bill Clinton is active on the continent.This is why Hilary war appointed Secretary of State.The great challenge for Obama will be Zimbabwe who's leader under sanctions from the West has ran the country into the ground.He has managed to steal another election.For President Obama confronting Mugabe will signal to the world a new order,in tyranny in Africa will not be business as usual.That leaders for now on will have to answer to the world and to African people.It is a Black man that is going to lead the charge.The following is a sample article from News Africa on the situation in Zimbabwe:
New Call for Robert Mugabe to step down.

News Africa
Calls grow for Mugabe to step down
Cholera is thought to have claimed nearly 600 lives in Zimbabwe in the past few months [AFP]

Raila Odinga, Kenya's prime minister, has added his voice to the growing wave of calls by world leaders for Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president, to step down.

Odinga told Al Jazeera on Sunday that Africa "cannot shut its eyes when the people of Africa are dying of cholera and hunger".

"The time has come for Africa to stand up and speak and say that enough is enough. It's time for Mr Robert Mugabe to go," he said.

"I have said before ... for how long is Africa going to live the lie that life is normal in Zimbabwe? For how long are we going to pretend that Mugabe did win the election?"

The cholera outbreak has followed a political crisis since elections in March and a subsequent failure to agree on a power-sharing deal.

Mugabe lost initial presidential elections to Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Tsvangirai pulled out of a second run-off poll in June due to attacks on his supporters which were blamed on Mugabe's allies, handing Mugabe victory.

Case for intervention

Earlier, in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, Odinga said that Jakaya Kikwete, Tanzania's president and chairman of the African Union, should call an urgent summit of AU states to formulate a resolution sending troops to Zimbabwe.

"If no troops are available, then the AU must allow the UN to send its forces into Zimbabwe ... to take control of the country and ensure urgent humanitarian assistance to the people dying of cholera and starvation," Odinga said.

Mugabe's government has blamed EU sanctions for Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic [AFP]
Asked whether time for diplomacy had ended and military force should be used, Odinga told Al Jazeera: "Morgan Tsvangirai won the election decisively by garnering 56 per cent of the vote and the election commission was blackmailed into declaring that he didn't get the requisite 56 per cent.

"What we are trying to say is that, there is need for us to agree what we go back to what Zimbabweans said on the 29th of March - that they really wanted Mugabe out.

"Mugabe may not want to go, but the time has come for him to be shown the door. That's why I am appealing to the AU to live up to the expectations of the majority of the African people by asking Mr Mugabe to leave."

Odinga was himself involved in a bitter political tussle with Mwai Kibaki, Kenya's president, after he "lost" an election he is widely believed to have won.

A power-sharing agreement saw the government creating the current position he is holding.

EU sanctions blamed

Harare has blamed EU sanctions for a cholera outbreak across the country which is thought to have killed at least 575 people.

Mugabe accused Zimbabwe's former colonial ruler Britain of using the epidemic to draw together support against his government.

An editorial in the state-run Sunday Mail newspaper also said the outbreak was down to EU sanctions.

"The people who are suffering most are not politicians they claim they want to punish, but poor people," it said.

"All the victims [of cholera] are as a result of the freezing of balance of payments support, depriving the country of foreign currency required to buy chemicals to treat our drinking water."

Plea for pressure

Odinga's views echoed those expressed by Phandu Skelemani, Botswana's foreign minister, who said that the international community could easily force Mugabe out.

"SADC [Southern African Development Community] should never have recognised Mugabe as legitimate," Skelemani told Al Jazeera.

"The best solution would be to pressurise Mugabe as an international community to go for a [presidential] run-off. So that the Zimbabweans, the only ones entitled to choose a government for Zimbabwe, can do so."

UK PM Brown has called Mugabe's government a 'blood-stained regime' [EPA]
"My suspicion is that Mugabe would not agree because he is sure to lose," Skelemani said, adding that, in such a situation, supplies to Mugabe should be cut off - for instance, petrol for his army.

Skelemani's comments followed those of Gordon Brown, the British prime minister, who said Mugabe's regime was "blood-stained" and Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, who said that it is well past the time for Mugabe to quit.

EU foreign ministers are expected to adopt a draft text tightening sanctions against Zimbabwe on Monday, due to fears over the worsening humanitarian situation and political deadlock in the country.

Mugabe and his wife Grace, as well as 166 other members of the governing Zanu-PF, are already banned from entering EU nations and their European assets have been frozen.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Supreme Court Jusice Clarence Thomas does The Obama Shuffle

Earlier this year during the height of the Democratic primary season and epidemic swept through much of Black America that cause overwhelming emotion that lead to ones feet to tap dance and shuffle.The Kalagenesis called this the Obama Shuffle.Simply put the anger about the change in the old order caused ones feet to shuffle.On the other side the excitement about a new dynamic young politician, that could be the first African American elected to that office also caused ones feet to shuffle.What ever side your on everyone is doing the Obama Shuffle.Remember when 50 cent was trying to promote his album earlier this year?The trouble was Obama was on every magazine and no one cared about the former crack dealer from the gutters of New York.Everyone wanted to hear this young dynamic Black man,well not everyone.50 cent was caught shuffling when he said America was not ready for a Black President that Hilary made a better candidate.There was Tavis Smiley who said Obama should suspend his campaign and come talk to him at his annual State of the Black Coonion.Andrew Young,BET'S Coon n Chief Bob Johnson all did the Obama Shuffle.There legs needed restraints they were shuffling so bad.Now while many have even come up with a new dance since the publishing of the Obama Shuffle,called the Obama Shuffle or Hustle.
The latest to do the Obama Shuffle is no other than the race traitor,self hating beast US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.For years many have tried to give this troll the benefit of the doubt but after all these years he still is someone who hates his dark skin and curses Africa with all his soul.There is no redemption for Thomas he and others like him are enemies to all Black people.He is lucky Obama will save this country from a race war because the traitors will be the first to be dealt with.Thomas is asking colleges on the court to look into the request of a New Brunswick Attorney who file a suit saying Obama is not an American citizen.The fact that he was born in Hawaii does not matter to them they say his Father was not an American.Many theorize that he was born in Kenya.That his birth certificate is fake.Cokey Roberts even said Hawaii is a foreign country.Now these are the people leading us.Scary isnt it?Thomas is jealous because Obama beat all of them at their dirty White man always win rules.He did not have to sell his soul he has an African name and chose to come to a poor Black community and identify with with them.Black America did not have to chase and claim Barack Obama he claimed us.Unlike tiger Woods with his Im not Black,Jennifer Beals,or Haley Berry when it is to her convenience.Barack knows the greatness of the Black people and he was rewarded nicely for it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Let our works be not in vein.The Gay movement in peril.

I remember watching Oprah back in the late 80's and she had a show on the Gay/lesbian movement.Although Oprah and her audience was understanding to their cause and we all should listen to what they have to say,some key points were observed that before them were always assumed.First was Black people did not like being equated with gays in that their struggle was the same.Oprah even pointed that out on her show.African Americans are still struggling now twenty years after the show.In fact this was before the rise of gangster rap and the genocidal sub culture of gangs,drugs,AIDS,unemployment hit the community.It is obvious that the gay community think the same way the dominate White community on the issues of Affirmative Action,minority set asides,gentrification,and redistricting.Gays do tend to be more liberal on social issues.But no evidence to suggest that they support Black causes.We live in a culture of vanity.Everything about our culture is a farce designed to make to make groups of people feel good with symbolic gestures and images.

The biggest over played farce was the so called civil rights movement,which in the 60's was debated among African American scholars,students to its importance.The SNVCC started by Stokely Charmicheal aka Kwame Ture challenged the who notion of non violence and cooperation with White America.There was a undercurrent of militancy and nationalism among Black people that tinged on violence.As so called civil right legislation was being passed and the world saw Black kids going to White schools in the South during the 1960's urban Black America exploded in rage.City after city burned.This is because instead of giving the Black community what it wanted,jobs,housing,credit,schools,police protection,basic human rights and dignity.They listened to uncle tom negroes and thought that a few intergrated lunch counters was enough.It was leaders like Jesse Jackson,Leon Sullivan,John Johnson,of Ebony publishing,and Earl Graves who made Black wealth and business a reality.It was the countless teachers,politicians,who made things better.It was not some bill signed by President Johnson that made Black America grow, it was our hard work.Hilary Clinton found this out the hard way and paid a price for her White benevolence.People are now using a movement that was over blown thinking,1 we would support anything that has civil rights on it,that we don't look at the fine print before reading it.I remember back in the 80's some civil rights bill came across the first Bush's desk.He signed it and the so called civil rights leaders rejoiced.A careful look at the bill showed it had nothing to do with helping Black people as civil rights is commonly proposed,but it only created more legal loopholes for lawyers profiting off of black suffering and pain.It was during this time Min Farrakhan's Nation of Islam began to grow.Why because again the community was being misrepresented.This is what is happening now with the gay movement.They constantly misrepresent the African American community by silly assumptions.They assumed that because they read about a civil rights movement they could call their movement civil rights and get our support.They miscalculated and 73% of African Americans voted for proposition 8.What is shocking is the reaction from the gay community towards the African American community.Form obliging to insults to out rite threats and intimidation all have been hurled our way.The community spoke and we made it clear we don't support same sex marriage period.But will the Gay community respect the will of our community or at least reach out and educate us on their view?Or with they try to impose it on the rest of us by force.I hope the former the latter will lead to violence as sure as I am sitting here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obamakala Nation."Yes we can "or another let down?

I was an election official in Tuesdays historic Presidential election between Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain.I got to the polls around 5am and saw the crowd was already forming we were told that we might have to stay past 7pm.Half still sleep sipping on coffee I was about to turn around and go back to bed!But an inner strength from God took over me.When I walked in with my black suit people thought I was secret service.I made the point of trying to represent my community look as strong,serious as I can to kill any last minute doubts that anyone might have about pushing the button for a Black man.You see in spite the uncle toms,coons,race traitors,self loathing fools that oppose Kala Nation and the Kalagenesis,I was determined to to be every strong Black man in history that I have read.This is why it is important that the image that Obama projects and the new image Black America is searching for stays.What died yesterday is the coon,sambo,uncle tom,Black coward.I wanted the mostly White polling station to see Barack is not alone.Over the coming years we Black men are not going to be confined to your second class role in your racist society.Even a good portion of White America wants to see what a Black man can do.Everything the many people who follow Kala Nation know is hatred is not the answer.Being what God intended us to be is the answer.Not living up to your full potential is not of God.Any country, place,region,religion that only has a belittling role for any Black man is not of God and upheaval is inevitable.Many times in our history we were given a moment to believe.During the Revolutionary War many headed the words of the founders of this great nation that all men are created equal.I am please to say after 400 years of the worst systematic cruelty man has ever known the possibility of liberty and the chains of oppression is finally broken.But it is not over!There is still one problem plaguing Black people itis those who self hate,and even more dangerous than that is racial apathy.Or the uncaring about ones people,heritage,culture,values ect.To many people outside our community dont want to see a peaceful productive African American community.These are on the far left and the far right.Those who want to destroy America and discredit her need Black people as their pawns.Is it no wonder you never see nice Black communities in the major media.This is because black misery sells. I am talking about hundreds of millions of dollar are made each year off black exploitation.It is now Black entertainment companies who supply the market with negative ghetto culture real or exaggerated.Obama's victory signals the death of this genre.But expect 50cent,Russell Simmons,Lil Wayne to disappear over night.
What has to happen is ten things:
1)President Obama must move away from any influence of the cultural left and move towards that part of America and Black America that values,family,hard work,God,traditions and values.
2)President Obama has a 99% mandate from every corner of Black America.He should build on the self responsibility,education,and self reliance theme he stressed during Fathers Day.
3)He must address the need for Black empowerment zones in inner cites and stress that true development partnering with community based business leaders be encouraged
4)He realize that the African American community is his base.We are patient because we love him,and we will support him even in the darkest of times.
5)He should address the friction between himself and the establish Black leadership that happened over the past two years.Only then can we find out who are for the community or who are traitors to the community.
6)President Obama should take these white supremecist groups seriously.He should spent time to crush these groups in America.
7)Gun violence and school shootings are out of control.Along with him being president Obama should work with law enforcement,community activist,and musicians to wage war against the gangs and people who promote them.Also punish record execs who push this garbage on our kids in the name of making a fast buck.
8)Africa needs to be developed.By encouraging educated not just cultural Pan AFRICANISN,trade with Africa,Asia,Europe,will grow.Young Black people will benefit from education in a global market if they like to travel and explore.
9)President Obama should include some conservative people in his administration.Military action abroad is coming soon to new places.Obama will have a very powerful electorate backing him.He should help out in the Congo,Dafur,and Somalia.
10)Lastly he should remember The Garvey Movement,Million Man March and other failed mass movements among Black people that failed and recognize that there will be people inside Black America working to undermine him out of jealousy,envy.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Enemy within.Pt 3 The Jackleg Preacher

I grew up in a Christian home my parents are born again Christians.I am a believer in the lord Jesus Christ as my savior.I have accepted the Holy Spirit into my life and I believe all men are brothers.I was taught that revenge was Gods and it is he administers it.Listening to many God fearing men my whole life taught me when to know when someone is filled with the Holy Spirit and and others who are charlatans,heritics,and false prophets.The whole hidden history of faith in the Black community is often exploited by the dominate White community to mislead and misuse the teachings of the Bible to enforce their social order on the subjected Black population.God is real.Goodness mercy,tolerance,love,peace,charity is what real Christian values are all about.Vile hate,foolishness,wickedness is what the devil and his false prophets give.To many preachers are leading people to hell will false teachings, compromising Gods word in order to grow their followings so to have worldly influence.Also to build wealth and fame.The Bible says seek first the kingdom of God and all of these other things will be added on to this.If a man has God in his life he will not be a criminal,fool,Uncle Tom,coward,traitor,coon,clown ect.When you walk in the light of God a person has character.

The problem in America is the Church is too political.If the political system is rooted in corruption and wickedness,then what does that make a Church that engages in the political system?How many time was the community sold down the river by preachers who met with political leaders and allowed their message to be influenced?Too many times.I think the term reverend is given to lose in our community.The word was meant to describe someone who was revered by those who followed them.It is funny how the major media refers to many people like Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton as reverend even though they are involved in many un holy like things..So why are they refered to as that?It is because the media needs people they can always count on to be the voice of the so called community.This makes their job easier because they are lazy.Getting to know the real Black Church takes really going into Black America and finding out that we are not this sheep being led around by some buffoon behind a pulpit.Many people are really anointed by God to bring his word to all mankind.The community goes to Church for spiritual reasons not political.During slavery it out of necessity that we congregated at Church to discuss issues.The preacher has no more influence on how most Black people think or vote than the Ku Klux Klan.
Why do many preachers continue to debase the Christian faith,by making stupid comment on politics?Rev Manning is one such coon.He is either insane or being paid by someone to destroy Obama.Only a coon would disrespect a native born African by refering to him as that African in reference to Barack's Kenyan father.He decided to show love for the plantation misses's daughter in this case Bristol Palin siting that Obama's mother was trash and she had him at 17 by a dirty African.This man brings new meaning to the word coon.It is one thing to hate Obama but to call yourself a Christian.Has this man ever thought of Obama's beautiful wife and kids when making those ugly remarks?Is this what White America was supporting for 400 years?A false church teaching the White man's truth not Gods?It seems that the institution of the Black Church is in trouble and only a real return to the word of God not the word or the slave master will save it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Would you sell your soul for fame and fortune?Kalagenesis Poll.

In every movement,belief,ideal,people have to hold on to the core value of what defines a people.Its customs,beliefs,history,purpose,kinship,faith.All of these things and more make up core values of a people.These things unify a group of people like language and heritage.When people live by their core values and convictions you call that person 'principled'.We a person cares or does not have a core value they tend to be pleasure seekers and hedonist.Not always but most of the time.Now the best illustration of this is in the music industry.There used to be a time when artist sung songs about life and universal themes that uplifted their fellow man.The core value that all men are born with comes from God.God manifesting himself in human beings.We are the only creatures with a soul.Our soul enables us to survive hardship,know right from wrong.Be caring and most of all care about our fellow man.Yes we are men not some higher form of beast.We know right from wrong.God puts that in every man and woman.

When I look at the vermin,filth I see in the media I ask myself who are these people although rich continue to be used to promote counter culture,crime filth,greed,materialism?All the things that rot the soul and corrupt mankind.Well I know this people could have done what Lil Kim,50 cent,Young Jeezy,did 70 years ago but they didn'tThey refused to put on black face and coon for the world.You see once you sell your soul to the devil for fame and riches you cant come back from it.Your word is your bond.When you decide to make a song about murdering your enemies baby-Lil Kim,selling coke-Jeezy,people listen to that then go on thinking this is normal.Music is suppose to put people on the right path to inspire.You may sell half as many units but you are doing the right thing.How many good musicians are out there who will never be heard because they wont sell out?Many that is the sad part.

There is another side to this.One that every person at one time or another fantasized about.What would it be like to be a criminal?Someone that makes their own rules.Or a coon/sellout like Flavor Flav.He is making alot of money.Would you demean yourself the way James T Coon Harris did by begging John Mccain to to find and bring back the runaway slave Barack Obama?Would you sellout?Would you coon?Would you for a million dollars play Buckweat,or a mammy in the next IHOP commercial?Would you say things like" lawdy lawdy,Iz so full from these pancakes I am going to sleep for 5 days"?Would you support John Mccain like Jeezy once did.Would you diss Al Sharpton to sell more records like Lil Wayne.Would you call that racist Bill O'reilly, Mr O'reilly like Juan Williams did while he just calls you Jaun?Would you be a 40 million dollar slave like most Black athletes and entertainers? I know this is a White mans country and sometimes we are just surviving.But how much is your integrity worth?The poll question is would you coon,sellout,or compromise for fame and wealth?

Kalagenesis Poll.Selling out

Would you sell your soul for fame and fortune?

I have my price

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cooning. MTV at its lowest.

There is an old saying be careful of what you wish for,because you just might get it.With me I never had such luck,I never asked for a whole lot in life but just give me the little things.A year ago a saw Rapper Fat Man Scoop on You tube with his unattractive wife in their underwear in bed telling the world about their nasty bedroom activities.I saw red at the cooning and vile debasement of the institution of marriage being displayed before the world.Be even with hundreds of thousands of hits I felt this is only the net.A few months ago I wrote a blog called'The Writing is on the Wall.The Emerging Black Blogger Power'It seems the internet is a two edge sword.Some drug addicted White pandering vile counter cultural vermin found this fat coon Scoop and his nasty wife and with all the talent out there they get a prime time bedroom minstrel show.I never ask for much but when 90% of the images we see of our race is negative it is time to call it to the carpet.Flavor Flav must be in his 10th season by now?This show is worst than that of coon Flav.This is about a man and his wife.What in the bedroom is suppose to be private,talking in one show about oral sex,mentally disturbed young audiences listening from the studio.This show is a sample of the coming cultural genocide and neo slavery that once enslaved our ancestor in a hopeless system of helplessness and humiliation.Humiliation and embarrassment is the anger and fire the brought down every great empire from within and without.This insistence of many in the White community to mock and dehumanize Black people is going to lead to violence as sure as I am sitting here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1- 800 RENT A COON.Call now and find the right sellout for your particular venue.

Yes folks it is true right now if you are a racist who needs a parrot,puppet fool of a Black man to say what you want them to say,well look no further that your yellow pages.It is called 1-800 RENT A COON.An agency dedicated to serving the interest of white domination and Black subjugation.We have many fool,clown shuffling niggers who will say anything at anytime the master White race tells them to say.And they work cheap.They will sell their souls for a few dollars,an invite to a party or a chance to date a White girl.These Black men care not about the damage they do to the image of their own people just as long as you pay them.Look at the rap industry,recently Lil Wayne made a song called misunderstood,his AnR and label works with 1-800 RENT A COON so we had some interested racist clients hire him to spew hate about the Reverend Al Sharpton.Now Lil Wayne has more fans in Klan infested suburbs buys his cd than ever!You see have these negroes have no soul.If he had an issue with Al Sharpton why didn't he come to him Black Man to Black Man instead of playing the we all one color role and racism is only something Black people without money complain about.Because Lil Wayne knows what the racist masses want to hear young Black disrespecting older Blacks in front of the world and for money.The same racist contacted us and used another of our boys the Game.The former G UNIT member was told to dis Jesse Jackson on a song and say race is not an issue any more.You see we have many Black men selling us their souls for a few buck.Hey the reason you may get a rapper cheap these days the industry is on life support.Look at the VMA'S.We supplied MTV with most of its Black and hip hop acts.We had T pain come as a clown and Lil Wayne run around on stage,with his pants down he charged 75,000 for that one but we made 20 million.Anything you want your coon to say and do we can make it happen.We had both 50 cent and Snoop Dog out making ignorant comment about Senator Barack Obama during the primaries.Bill Clinton wanted his monies worth on that one and he got it.
But our prized buck,coon,sambo,traitor to his race is Republican Micheal Steele.The former Lt Gov of Maryland who lost his bid to become the first Black governor,now heads GOPAC.The fundraising arm of the Republican party.We are making a killing with him.He is good for showing up at racist all White political events saying right wing non sense about drilling now for oil even though oil prices are falling and we might have a burst soon like the housing market.You see he guest host on Sean Hannity,and other conservative shows.If you want him to say stupid things like drill baby drill or speak on topics that he has no knowledge about just call us now a 1800 RENT A COON.

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Kalagenesis Debate.Nation of Islam vs The Kala Nation

I few weeks ago I happened to pick up a Final Call Newspaper from a Muslim Brother I knew from back when we were organizing the Million Man March.I noticed that even the Final Call is not immune to the decline in readership of newspapers, because the old fire and brimstone, and sanctuary that the organization was known for is gone.Instead I see a once great institution, that was the moral authority in Black America, is no more than that of another failed social movement.What happened to the NOI?How could Min Farrakhan bring 2 million men to the capital but no achievement can be seen now?I am first going to talk about the foolish relationship the NOI developed with the so called hip hop nation,and the Minister looking for love in all the wrong places.Also we will talk about the severing of ties with the only true nationalist leader in the past 2 decades Khallid Abdul Muhammed.Recently the minister gave a speech to so called hip hop artist in which he put the blame of the filthy lyrics (that he failed to convince one rapper to clean it up since his speech in 2001)on White people buying the glorifying of Black on Black crime and sexism toward Black women.See Minster Farrakhan wants to be loved and seem accomplished.So all the rap execs have to do his invite him to speak and use what little credibility he has left to excuse their exploitation on some hidden White force or the government.Is it no wonder no one gets into activism anymore?When someone like Minister Farrakhan can be compromised then what?Russell Simmons is a businessman,he makes millions off filth and degeneracy,all he needs is an apologist and someone who wont slaughter that most dangerous "Sacred Cow"The notion that as long as you make lots of money you are justified in what ever you do.Because this is a racist country so crime,stealing,cheating,lying,killing is justified.Problem is America or no America we still have to answer to God,and I would rather be a lamb to the slaughter than to have God ask me why did I sell poison and sin to millions of children.The Minister and Russell Simmons need to repent or there will be hot flames in hell waiting for both of them.The following is the sparing I had with the Final Call Staff over the Ministers recent hip hop event.-Kalagenesis

The following is a letter sent to News:

Email Form Submitted on Aug 09, 2008 at 09:29:29PM EST

Name: kala nation
Location: , Virginia - United States

Article: Hip Hop lives


Comments: Ever wonder why no one takes the Nation of Islam serious and Min Farrakhan is now a laughing stock of the Black world.It is cowardly articles like this one who keep apologizing for the traitors,murderers,drug dealers,pimps and even predators among us.I know the NOI is desperate for members and some support, so the have to try to reach out to anyone who will nod their head in agreement.This is why the Nationalist and progressive element in the African American community have all but written Farrakahn off as a panderer to these money chasing suburban market driven rap acts who have as much love for their community as the devil has for holy water.I remember Farrakhan outed Khallid Muhammed for saying so called violent things that were not in the so called teachings of Islam.But the same minister goes to concerts with people and rappers that promote drugs,Black on Black violence and he is to afraid to condemn them.Russel Simmons,Nas,Jay Z are all pimps but they pay the ministers hotel bill if he buck dances to their tune.The NOI thinks we are to stupid to see this.We are not that is why Farrakhan is irrelevant in the Black world.
The Kala Nation



kala.. you evidently took the Nation of Islam serious enough to sit down to craft a paragraph.

There are two words that sum up your comments. Willie and Lynch. See:

Your words are almost verbatim to those of the open enemy as used in COINTELPRO. They actually wrote (and write) letters to provoke conflict and mistrust and when opportunities arise, they use the ignorant ones among us to stir the pot. This was
successful in the 60s but that weak small time stuff is ineffective in this day and time.

You can read a bit more at:

Regards.. Staff


To my brother in the NOI.I am sorry if my words sound a bit harsh but I am just voicing what a lot of people are now saying about The NOI and Farrakhan in particular.It is so funny that we are still using that COINTELPRO BOOGYMAN to make the White man out to be more powerful than he is.The truth is is we were true to what we are and who we are the no man could defeat us.All of the so called White mans tricks would fail if we were in our right state of mind.You see every movement among our people was sabotaged from within.Weak men with no core beliefs,values ,convictions,or faith just zombies looking for the next pleasure or anyone who will make an excuse for why they are in the position they are in.
It has become apparent the Min Farrakhan does not know his own people that he says he is trying to lead.The masses of Black people are seething with anger.The thing that makes most of us angry is the fact that we have those Black people who are only out for themselves and prey on their own community.It seems Farrakhan is okay with this as long as the predator is another person of color and not White or Jewish.Recently the Black community was protesting special treatment of Latinos in Los Angeles at the expense of long time Black residents.Show me one thing the good Minister has said about that situation.Latino gangs are murdering innocent Black children in cold blood deliberately because they are Black,where is the NOI on that issue?Absent they are so out of date they do even know it.We the African community are facing peril and those of us who want to live are fighting back and lines are are now being drawn.The people who live this so called hip hop way of life is called the 'Culture of the Damned'read the Kalagenesis at truth as seen by the growing Kala Nation shows us that the NOI is now in the pocket of race traitors and sellouts in the music industry.Like I have said please don't give that COINTELPRO crap because most of us are not buying it.We want to be free and God help the NOI if they keep deciding to sell us out for a seconds of fame and peanuts from those hip hop coons.
The Kala Nation Under God


There is no "boogyman". COINTELPRO is real and it is foolish to think otherwise. An even more powerful reality is the self-hatred that causes some in the Black community to attempt to tear down its own leaders and organizations due to egos, arrogance and philosophical differences in the approach to our collective struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

As our Brother Kwame Ture repatedly said, Black people MUST become an organized people. He urged us to join organizations like the All Afrikan People's Revolutionary Party, join the Nation of Islam, join the NAACP, join the Black Panthers, etc., and if none of those seem to be your cup of tea then get up off your rusty behinds and create your own organization that is about the business of liberation.. but BECOME ORGANIZED as a people or you will continue to languish in hell. The majority of our people do not belong to any organization and could frankly care less about your or our philosphical arguments over who has the best methods of struggle for our people!

If you feel that the Nation of Islam is not doing what you think needs to be done to prevent Black on Black violence, Brown on Black violence or influencing the Hip Hop nation to infuse the mantle of Black liberation into their rhymes, then get up off your behind and do it yourself! If you are not, why not? If you are, you should be working your backside off every day to become more successful at it!

Wheter you like it or not, Hip Hop in reality is a leading influence for the youth! Most of our youth can more easily recite a few lines from Soldier Boy or 50 Cent that their lessons in school! No amount of whining or complaining is going to change that reality except through a stonger more positive influence.. the type of influence that in the past inspired a Public Enemy, a KRS-One, X-Clan and a number of other formerly prominent Hip Hop artists. Nas is an artist that has decided to put some more positive songs out to his millions of fan and we applaud that and encourage others to follow suit.

As opposed to wasting time complaining about what others are or are not doing, our suggestion is that you focus much more of YOUR energies on effectively solving the issues we face.

Regards, Staff


You are obviously very young and naive so to continue this battle of wits with you is unfair.What part of if we were real and loved ourselves and followed the word of God no weapon formed against us would prosper.The truth is we are a self hating people that is why other people can come in our communities and take over.You still have not given me answer to why The NOI is silent about the growing Black on Black crime that is celebrated in hip hop nowadays.This is all for White entertainment and Farrakhan approves of this modern day minstrel show?You mentioned Nas have you read the blogs or you only read what they tell you too.Nas is being ostracized by progressive rappers like my brother and good friend NYOIL,who is calling Nas a hippocrite.He tries to sound conscious then turns around and makes a song that is pure blasphemy called kill kill kill, murder murder murder.You my young friend need to understand although I don't give this music much respect it is at war with it self.You said that this is the voice of the youth.Is it?Why is Mily Cirus,Jonas Brothers,Cheetah Girls more popular among the youth then?Even Black kids are turning from the filth that modern hip hop has become.Rappers cant even make money off their so called music, and you say this is the biggest thing.I think the old Minister was mislead into believing this was where the Black community was going.Not so the majority of us are not in the ghetto,most of us take care of our families and we love African culture and we respect and love this country.The Nationalism comes from the fact that we know we are a minority group and we need to unify and build globally for our future.We need a nationalist movement to connect all progressive African people here and in Africa like every other race has,this is no fantasy this is practical.Min Farrakhan never was a nationalist he always was against anything that would better Black people that he could not get credit for.No he has joined with thugs,pimps criminal,traitors,self haters in the name of'Black unity'.Problem is the people he has joined with has as much love for their own community as the devil has for holy water.
Kala Nation under God
Khallid Muhammed vs Min Farrakhan

This tension lead to the attempted assassination of Bro Khallid Abdul Muhammed.Minister criticized the warrior for carrying a gun but has no problem reaching out to every rapper who not only carries guns but proudly boast about bodying people on their records,and clapping back.Remember his sit down with Ja Rule?The Minister turned his back on militants the people who supported him,not the hip hop nation it was the Pan Africanist,Nationalist,and militant Islamist that supported his movement.He kicked us to the curb and saw where the money was and married Russell Simmons.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

You Shouldn't throw Stones if you live in a Glass House.The Uhuru movement challenges Barack Obama

Those who follow the Kala Nation knows that this is the premier Nationalist/Pan African pro Black movement uncompromising when protecting the African American community.I have often said and it is coming to fruition now that we have phony leaders who only hate.These people never have a plan of their own just come by a sabotage any Black person doing well for themselves.They always start by questioning ones commitment to the Black cause or issues.Now over the last year thousands of blogs later and we can safely say they don't even know what the concerns of Black people are.First example is this Kala Nation believes we are a people like any other group.Although we are an African people we are also Americans distinct from other Black people in that we are not in our indigenous culture,language and we are mixed racially.Even though we are the strongest supporters of African and Pan African causes in the world.No other Black people has raise more awareness about racism,poverty,coruption,womens issues in the developing than we have.It was the African American community that brought international sanction against the Apartheid government in South Africa while other African States we doing business with South Africa.Our commitment inspite of the fact we have a self hate crisis,Africanism is growing again and people of all income levels are embracing it.
So the question is why do we still have these fringe so called Nationalist groups when it is clear most of us are beyond their reach?The answer is groups like Uhuru,New Black Panther party,even Kala Nation are out dated.Don't get me wrong their will always be these groups,but these groups have to understand there is a new Black Community emerging.One that knows it self,loves itself and knows what it wants.Right now the African American community wants Barack Obama.
Recently a few young men from the Uhuru movement in St Petersburg Florida heckled the Senator at a High School event.After looking foolish and uninformed the two sat down.I watched the young guy talk and you could tell that he was reading someone else s talking points.Back in late 1996 an incident in St Petersburg Fl put Uhuru on the map.A Black youth was shot in cold blood by the police.This started a battle between the community and the police and it was spearheaded by the Uhuru movement.This was a year after the million man march and militancy was everywhere.The Uhuru militant brought down a police helicopter by gunfire.This made the Uhuru heroes to many in that part of the deep south.To underestimate the strength of this movement would be foolish.But what is foolish is for the leader to try to ride to prominence off the back ofthe most popular man since Marcus Garvey.These fools cant understand that if Obama is elected opportunities for ambitious Black people will go up.Take for instance Africom the new African command.It will have a Pan African agenda.The leaders of Uhuru are not serious about independence for Black people if so then why cant they see the biggest threat to independence is DEPENDENCY!Socialism without productivity is mediocrity.The community is moving from failed Nationalism and anti Americanism which breeds mediocrity and dependency.We embrace Barack Obama as a symbol of the success we hope to achieve.The losers will never be happy and in that vain I am a Pan Africanist I thinks people should have the right to leave the United States and settle in Africa hopefully they can start something new in our motherland

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Washington Post has us wrong again. TheJesse Jackson fallout

A few months ago the Washington post was openly cheering for Hilary Clinton to win among Black voters and if I didn't know any better Id swear they still were.Back earlier this year they tried to imply that many in the African American community do not identify with Obama because of his ivy league background and mixed racial heritage.In the article they went to the most downtrodden vermin among the Black community and asked them would he improve their lives if elected.Of course the people said no.They are the fringe but ask the majority of Blacks who are not looking for an entitlement and your answer would be different.It has has been months since I've written"The writing is on the wall"The emerging Black blogger power in which I've stated that the ability of mainstream media outlet to shape the Black opinion is gone.Someone should tell the flunkies at the Post that.Here they are at it again trying to imply that we although may think Obama could have chosen his words better most of the Black community agrees with him.Only the poverty pimps and people who benefit off Black misery were offended.The real community want people to take responsibility for there actions and the people who care about peoples feelings being hurt are phony intellectuals along for a free ride.Who are these Blacks that have concerns?I am willing to bet they are doing the same kind of dirt Obama is talking about.The following is an article by some amateur journalist for the Washington post

Jackson Incident Revives Some Blacks' Concerns About Obama

The larger point of Jesse L. Jackson's criticism of Barack Obama -- if not the crude way he expressed it -- touched a nerve among some African American political activists who have been unhappy about the senator 's pointed critiques of absentee fathers and other problems in the black community.

Jackson, an Obama supporter, spent much of yesterday apologizing for a remark that was caught by a Fox News microphone and aired Wednesday on the network. Jackson was overheard saying Obama's pitch to expand President Bush's federal assistance for faith-based social service programs was "talking down to black people." He then used a base phrase to say what he wanted to do to the senator from Illinois.

But he also told CNN that while he agrees with Obama's arguments that blacks must do more to improve their lot, "the moral message must be a much broader message. What we need really is racial justice and urban policy and jobs and health care."

Michael Eric Dyson, a vocal Obama backer and a sociology professor at Georgetown University, said he worries that the candidate's speeches criticizing the behavior of African Americans will distract attention from larger societal issues. "I'm quibbling with the use of his speeches," he said yesterday.

Writing in Time magazine last month, Dyson likened Obama's critiques of the black community to that of comedian Chris Rock, but noted: "Rock's humor is so effective because he is just as hard on whites as on blacks. That's a part of the routine Obama has not yet adopted."

Ronald Walters, who teaches at the University of Maryland, worked on Jackson's presidential campaigns in the 1980s. He criticized a speech Obama gave last month chastising black fathers who were "acting like boys instead of men," and adding that "we need them to realize that what makes you a man is not the ability to have a child -- it's the courage to raise one."

Walters said that "we're not electing him to be preacher in chief," and that Obama needs to give more speeches about how he would help black communities.

Eric Easter, a blogger on the joint Web site of Jet and Ebony, two black-oriented magazines, wrote yesterday that some of Obama's rhetoric "smacked of calculated political expediency" in an effort to win over white voters.

The criticism was similar in some ways to the reaction to comedian Bill Cosby, who over the past decade made some of the same points as Obama.

But Al Sharpton, a New York civil rights activist, said Obama has been giving the right message, especially in his Father's Day speech.

"It was a courageous, necessary statement," Sharpton said. "I think people misunderstand. I disagree that he's talking down to black people. The civil rights movement of the 21st century must be government accountability and personal responsibility."

Aides to Obama defended his remarks, with spokesman Bill Burton noting that the candidate "has spoken and written for many years about the issue of parental responsibility."

Obama gave a speech similar to his Father's Day address in 2006, before he was running for president. Early in his presidential run, he complained in speeches to black audiences of blacks disenfranchising themselves by not voting, took rappers to task for their language, and decried "anti-intellectualism" in the black community, including black children telling peers who get good grades that they are "acting white."

And while Jackson and others suggested he has not focused enough on other issues facing blacks, Obama has laid out proposals such as providing more funding to revitalize the economy in urban areas. He also frequently cites his experience as a community organizer in Chicago.

For Obama, distancing himself from a controversial black figure such as Jackson may help him among white voters. But that possibility raised questions about whether the senator is targeting blacks for political purposes.

Kevin Alexander Gray, who worked for Jackson's 1988 presidential campaign, compared it to a move by Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton, who in 1992 famously attacked political activist Sister Souljah for saying, "If Black people kill Black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?"

Obama aides rejected the comparison, and the candidate himself, in his 2006 book "The Audacity of Hope," called Clinton's attack "clumsy and transparent."

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The Enemy within.pt2"The rouge element"

I remember back around 1995 when the spirit of Black unity and Black Nationalism was in the air and I was a very young community organizer for the Million man march.I remember thinking at some of the Nation of Islam rallies that we are on our way.I loved my people which was an extension of my family.Most of the militants back then came from working or middle class back grounds the people least in dire need of uplifting.I asked many brothers and sisters back then what brought them out.The answer I did not take seriously back then was they thought certain elements of our community were out of control.They said the gangs the ignorance,violence,immorality was the biggest threat to our survival.Many said the image of the Black criminal gives an already racist police force reason to harass and even hurt any Black man they so pleased.I ignored this focusing on"White Racism"and oppression.My experience was different my family moved to a predominately White community with few Blacks but a good school system.I had White friends but I faced racist taunts and bullying that made my childhood miserable.I was bitter towards Whites,Latinos,and those Blacks who I thought tried to be White.I went to a mostly White college and it was worst.I hated the fact that African history was ignored and Europe was glorified.This set in me a notion that we should fight White supremecy and anything less than being civilized educated,was treachery.
So when when I first became an activist I was caught up in blaming White people for everything,ignoring the missed opportunity that was in front of us if we took advantage of it.I like so many people who grew up in the North and moved to the South saw advantages that did not exist in these immigrant strongholds like in the South.My view changed dramatically when I was a victim of Black on Black violence.I was almost stabbed to death in a restaurant brawl when eight dudes jumped me for no apparent reason other than to show off.At the trial I learned that most were my age in their early 20's.I had a chance o read their rap sheets and I was angered at how they were living lives at the same time I was playing by the rules.What was these people doing out with attempted murder charges,drug dealing,murder,weapons ect.I wondered why were they able to afford such good attorneys and I could not get out of a traffic ticket.
The Rouge Element-You see one of the reasons the million man march failed is because the men who should have been down there atoning was home raising hell in the community.We failed to realize that although one may share the same skin color as you this does not mean they share your values and beliefs.These people who spit on the community that they are from are traitors and one day not even the government will be able to save them.Back in the day it was the White store owner and police who was the visible enemy,now it is the thug/gangbanger/coon rapper.Rapper Biggie Smalls once rhymed about robbing a church and leaving the preacher bloody.We have R Kelly sleeping with 13 year old girls on camera and we do nothing as he walks out of court a free man.We have people actively work to undermine anything positive in Black America,and these are Blacks.But the good news is they are going to lose as we are becoming united again thanks the the web.
The new thing among the rouge element is to openly boast about selling poison to your own people.Make no mistake the White community will never see blond haired kids killing each other everyday.Look how fast that whole high school killing stopped.They went all out because they will spend any amount of resource time money ect to prevent it.But the people that encourage Black kids to thug make millions and nothing is being done to these race traitors in the entertainment industry.The rouge thinks about his own survival not his people.These criminals are the same people who infiltrated every Black organization since Nat Turner and for a hot meal told our enemies everything.The rouge will sell drugs,his daughter,his mother,his people out for pennies.The Rouge element must be identified and hunted down then our communities will be safe again.


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Just listen to the Minister for a minute.
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A look at Africa's history up to around 1500 ad

African Empires to 1500 CE

Satilite image of africa

East African young woman

East African

Ancient Zimbabwe Ruins

The Kingdom of Aksum

In the sixth century, the kingdom of Aksum (Axum) was doing what many elsewhere had been doing: pursuing trade and empire. Despite the disintegration of the Roman Empire in the 400s and the decline in world trade, Aksum's trade increased during that century. Its exports of ivory, glass crystal, brass and copper items, and perhaps slaves, among other things, had brought prosperity to the kingdom. Some people had become wealthy and cosmopolitan. Aksum's port city on the Red Sea, Adulis, bustled with activity. Its agriculture and cattle breeding flourished, and Aksum extended its rule to Nubia, across the Red Sea to Yemen, and it had extended its rule to the northern Ethiopian Highlands and along the coast to Cape Guardafui.

From Aksum's beginnings in the third century, Christianity there had spread. But at the peak of Christianity's success, Aksum began its decline. In the late 600s, Aksum's trade was diminished by the clash between Constantinople and the Sassanid Empire. The Sassanid Empire clashed with Constantinople over trade on the Red Sea and expanded into Yemen, driving Aksum out of Arabia. Then Islam united Arabia and began expanding. In the 700s, Muslim Arabs occupied the Dahlak Islands just off the coast of Adulis, which had been ruled by Aksum. The Arabs moved into the port city of Adulis, and Aksum's trade by sea ended.

Aksum was now cut off from much of the world. Greek- the language of trade - declined there. Minted coins became rare. Paganism revived and mixed with Christianity. And it has been surmised that the productivity of soil in the area was being diminished by over-exploitation and the cutting down of trees. Taking advantage of Aksum's weakness, the Bedja people, who had been living just north of Aksum, moved in. The people of Aksum, in turn, migrated into the Ethiopian Highlands, where they overran small farmers and settled at Amhara, among other nearby places. And with this migration a new Ethiopian civilization began.
West Africa

In West Africa, trade was giving rise to towns. There, on the fringes of the Sahara, arose a kingdom and empire that its rulers called Wagadu. The people of this kingdom were the Soninke - black people who spoke the language of Mande. Their king was called Ghana, and Ghana became the name by which this kingdom and empire became known - ancient Ghana rather than the modern state also called Ghana.

The kings of ancient Ghana were authoritarian. They inherited rule through their mother's side of the family - matrilineal rather than patrilineal as with kings in Europe at the time - and they claimed descent from an original ancestor whom they believed had first settled the land. Ghana's king was the leader of a religious cult that was served by devoted priests, and the king's subjects were obliged to view him as divine and as too exalted to communicate directly with them.

Ghana's kings had enhanced their power and enriched themselves by exploiting the trade passing through their territory. From the perspective of merchants they were not unlike highway bandits, forcing from tradesmen a tax on the gold they carried. But the tax was shrewder than robbery: a continual robbery would have ended the arrival of tradesmen carrying gold.

As Ghana's kings grew richer they conquered, forcing obedience from the kings of other tribes, from whom they exacted tribute. They extended their rule to the gold producing regions to their south, and they imposed a tax on gold production.

Ghana's major competitor was the Berber dominated city of Awdaghost to the northwest - a city with an ample supply of water, surrounded by herds of cattle and where millet, wheat, grapes, dates and figs were grown. The Berbers who dominated that city had wanted to make it the major point of passage for caravan trading across the western Sahara. But in 990 Ghana conquered the city, putting Ghana at the peak of its power.
Muslim Incursions

During Ghana's days of glory, Muslim tradesmen were coming south in caravans from places like Sijilmasa, Tunis and Tripoli. From Sijilmasa the caravans had been going through Taghaza to Awdaghost. From Tunis and Tripoli they had been going to Hausaland and the Lake Chad region. They had been bringing salt southward, and they also carried cloth, copper, steel, cowry shells, glass beads, dates and figs. And they brought slaves for sale.

The Muslims were literate while the Soninke and their kings were not. The Soninke left no record of the doings of their kings. It was through Muslim writers that modern historians would gather what information they could about Ghana.

The Muslims were offended to find people worshiping their king as a divinity rather than worshiping Allah. The Muslims complained of people believing their kings to be the source of life, sickness, health and death. The Muslim writer al-Bakre described a Ghana king as having an army of 200,000 men, 40,000 of whom were archers. And he described the presence in Ghana of small horses.

Among the Soninke, the town of Kumbi had become a commercial center alongside a town of round mud-brick huts. Muslim tradesmen living there built stone houses and a number of mosques. Some Muslims there served as ministers at the king's palace, and the town of Kumbi became an intellectual center for western Africa.

Muslim writers described one king of Ghana as renowned for his great wealth and the splendor of his court. The king held audience wearing fine fabrics and gold ornaments and bedecked his animals and retainers in gold. People in the north of Africa spoke of the king of Ghana as the richest monarch in the world.

But the power of the kings of Ghana was destined to end. Muslims in western Africa united behind the Almoravids - a Muslim dynasty that ruled in Morocco and Spain in the 11th and 12th centuries. A religious movement among the Muslims known as the Sanhaja inspired the Almoravids and others to a jihad (holy war), and Muslim Berbers in the Sahara joined an effort toward conversions and war against Ghana. The leader of the Sanhaja movement and army in the Sahara area, Abu Bakr, captured Awdaghost in 1054. And in 1076, after many battles, he captured the city of Kumbi.

Almoravid domination of Ghana lasted only a few years, but the Almoravids held onto control of the desert trade that had been dominated by Ghana. Without control of the gold trade, the power of Ghana's kings declined further. They had, meanwhile, converted to Islam - while holding onto the religious rituals and myths that justified their rule to their subjects. Ghana's kings allowed Berber herdsmen to move into Soninke homelands, and these herdsmen began overgrazing Ghana's lands. Ghana's agricultural land became worn and less able to support as many people as before. Subject kings and tribes broke away from Ghana's rule. The king of the Sosso people, in neighboring Kaniaga, turned the tables on Ghana, and in 1203 the Sosso overran Ghana's capital city, Kumbi.
The Mandingo Empire

After their victory over Ghana, the Sosso expanded against the Mandingo (or Mande) - a people who spoke Mande and lived on fertile farmland around Wangara. The Sosso king, Sumaguru Kante, put to death all of the sons of the Mandingo ruler but one, Sundjata, who appeared to be an insignificant cripple. But Sundjata rallied the Mandingo. A guerrilla army built by Sundjata overwhelmed the Sosso and in 1235 killed their king, Sumaguru Kante. Sundjata annexed Ghana in 1240, and he took control of the gold trade routes. Merchants moved out of Kumbi to another commercial city farther north: Walata. And in small groups the Soninke people began emigrating from what had been their homeland.

The empire that Sundjata created, called Mali, controlled the salt trade from Taghaza and the copper trade across the Sahara. The gold trade was a source of wealth for Mali, and so too was trade in food: sorghum, millet and rice. And regarding trade, Mali dominated the town of Timbuktu, nine miles north of the Niger River, which had risen a century or two before as a point of trade for desert caravans.

After Sundjata's death in 1255 more conquests were made by his successors - Mansa Uli and then Sakura. Sakura had been a freed slave serving in the royal household and had seized power after the ruling family had become weakened by quarreling among themselves. It is surmised that Sakura was responsible for Mali's expansion to Tekrur in the west and to Gao in the east.

By the 1300s, Mali's kings had converted to Islam, which gave them advantages of good will in diplomacy and commerce. But, again, the pagan rituals and artifacts that were a part of the ideology and justification of rule were maintained. And the king's loyal subjects continued their traditional prostrations and covering themselves with dust to display their humility.

By the 1300s, Muslim Mandingo merchants were trading as far east as the city-states in Hausaland and beyond to Lake Chad. Islam was spreading with the trade of its merchants, and it appears that in the 1300s or 1400s the kings of Hausaland converted to Islam. But when a Mali king tried to pressure people in the gold mining region around Wangara to convert, a disruption in the production of gold was threatened, and the pressure to convert was withdrawn.

One well known Mali emperor who was Muslim was Mansa Musa, who ruled from 1312-1337. On record is Mansa Musa's pilgrimage to Mecca, his entourage described as including 500 slaves with gold staffs and 100 camels each with 300 pounds of gold. Mansa Mura is described as spending lavishly in the bazaars of Cairo and his spending is said to have increased the supply of gold to an extent that its price depreciated on the Cairo exchange. And, as usual, scholars were not immune from being influenced by wealth, Mansa Musa bringing a collection of them back with him from Mecca. Mali was literate, but only insofar as it employed Muslim scribes at the court of its kings. As in Europe, the common people of Mali were not yet expected to read and write.
The Songhai Rebellion and Mali's Decline

Mali reached its peak in fame and fortune in the 1300s. Then weak and incompetent kings inherited power. Late in the 1300s the old problem of dynastic succession brought quarrels that weakened the Mali kingship and gave others opportunity.

The others in this instance were the Songhai people, who lived along the middle of the Niger River and monopolized fishing and canoe transport there. Trade at Gao had brought Islam to the Songhai. Some Songhai royalty had converted to Islam, as had an unknown percentage of Songhai commoners. Mali control over the Songhai capital, Gao, had always been tentative, and the spirit of independence had not died among Songhai kings. A Songhai king led his people in rebellion. The rebellion disrupted Mali's trade on the Niger River. Mali's empire suffered as the Songhai sacked and occupied Timbuktu in 1433-34. In 1464 a Songhai king, Sonni 'Ali took power, and again Timbuktu was attacked, Sonni 'Ali capturing the city after a great loss of life. Five years later, Sonni 'Ali conquered the town of Jenne which had been thought impregnable. In his twenty-eight years of military campaigning, the victorious Songhai king won the title King of Kings. He dominated trade routes and the great grain producing region of the Niger river delta. Sonni 'Ali's competitor, the Mali empire, was deteriorating, and the Mali empire was to die in the 1600s.
Benin Exports Slaves

Benin was a city that dated back to the eleventh century - and no relation to the West African nation of Benin of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Benin was a large city for its time - a walled city several kilometers wide in a forested region inland from where the Niger River emptied into the Atlantic. In the mid-1400s the ruler of Benin, Ewuare, built up his military and began expanding. Captives taken in battle he traded to the Portuguese. Benin's empire reached about 190 miles (300 kilometers) in width by the early 1500s. Then it stopped expanding, and with this it had no more captives to sell as slaves, while selling slaves to the Portuguese was being taken up by others.
South Central Africa

Some scholars theorize that Bantu speaking people had moved south from around the Benue River in western Africa into south-central Africa. By the 900s, the pastoral and Hamitic speaking Tutsi were migrating southward, into east-central Africa, to Rwanda, near Ukerewe, in centuries to come to be known as Lake Victoria. There, it is said, the Tutsi introduced cattle raising, iron-working, new crops, kingship and caste divisions. The people whom the Tutsi overran were Bantu speakers - the Hutu - and the Tutsi made vassals of some of the Hutu, giving them cattle in exchange for services and loyalty.

Before the 1100s agriculture was practiced in much of south-central Africa, except in the interior of southern Angola, close to the Kalahari Desert. In south-central Africa, bananas were grown. This was tropical woodland and savana, where yams and sugar cane were grown. Beans, groundnuts, sorghum and other millets were cultivated in areas of savanna. And people augmented their food production by hunting, fishing, gathering grubs and by raising chickens, pigs and, in a few places, cattle. There was also pottery making, wickerwork and salt production. At Munza were iron mines. People in this region of Africa preferred using salt and metal, including copper, as currency for trading. By the 1300s, communities in Katanga were uniting into a kingdom of farmers, fishermen and crafts people, and they were trading in dry fish and products made of metal.

In some of the more remote parts of south-central Africa were villages that were still egalitarian, but in the more densely populated areas monarchs had arisen. These monarchs associated their rule with spirits, and their rule was supported by rituals and priests not totally removed from sorcery, divination, healing and fertility rites. And those supporting monarchical rule believed in the sacredness of lineage and royal blood of their monarchs. A monarch had underlings who advised him and went with him in his visits to the villages where he claimed rule. He had the keepers of emblems, a military chief and warriors to support his rule. He had slaves. And from his subjects the monarch received taxes with which to maintain his operation and to buy what he needed to maintain what he considered an appropriate lifestyle.

By the 1400s small empires thrived in south-central Africa. One was centered at Luba , built by iron-working farmers in a place well-suited for agricultural surpluses: with fertile land and sufficient rainfall. And there were woodlands, lakes and rivers for supplementary hunting and fishing. Another empire was centered at Lunda , its center about 400 kilometers southwest of the center of Luba's empire. It was less densely populated than Luba and not quite as agricultural, and where, it appears, people learned metal working from Luba. A third empire was centered in the kingdom of the Kongo, which dominated areas such as Loango, Kakong, Ngoi and Kisama.
Eastern Africa

Those who remained in Nubia after conquests by the Soba and by the Aksumites lived for long periods in peace and cooperation with Egypt, including returning to Egypt runaway slaves. They traded with Egypt, and some genetic diffusion with the Egyptians occurred. Between the ninth and twelfth centuries, Nubia became more Arabic and more Muslim. And blacks from Nubia filled the ranks of Egypt's military.

Egypt went through rule by the Fatimids, followed by the turmoil of the Christian crusades and rule by Saladin and his Ayubbid dynasty. In 1172 Christian Nubia joined Europe's Crusaders by attacking the Ayubbids, and an Ayubbid army successfully counterattacked. In 1250 the Mamelukes replaced the Ayubbids, and the more aggressive Mamelukes warred frequently, their armies diminishing Nubian populations and taking many slaves from Nubia. Nubia split into two kingdoms, Makouria and Alwa. In the 1300s Makouria collapsed. Then in the 1400s, pastoralists from Egypt overran Alwa, and this was followed by civil war there. The Muslim invasions were accompanied by anti-Christian violence, and by 1500 little Christianity was left in what had been Nubia.
Christianity and Islam in Ethiopia

In the 700s and 800s, Arab traders looking for opportunity moved southward into coastal towns such as Mogadishu , Merca and Brava . They participated in the trade that traversed the Indian Ocean. Intermarriages with local blacks occurred. Arab tradesmen made themselves dominant in the region, and a few Arabs migrated farther south along the coast, the island of Pemba becoming part Muslim by the 900s.

Since the 900s, people in and around the Ethiopian highlands had been benefiting from trade with port cities such as Adulis on the Red Sea, Zeila and Berbera on the Gulf of Aden, and Mogadishu, Merca and Brava on the shore of the Indian Ocean. Inland were Muslim and Christian communities, often neighboring each other. The Muslims had a strong sense of community and generally participated more in trade than the Christians - trade being largely in Muslim hands. The Christians were under various chiefdoms. Many were farmers, and a few were prosperous and had slaves.

In the area was also a Jewish community, the Falashas, who spoke Ge'ez and knew no Hebrew. They were unfamiliar with the Talmuds that had been produced in West Asia, but they claimed to be descended from the ten tribes banished from Israel.

Around the year 1270, at Amhara, in the northern highlands of Ethiopia, a new Christian dynasty, the Solomonids, was founded by Yikunno-Amlak, a conqueror who was described as a king of kings. His dynasty was believed to be a continuation of the Christian kingdom that had been in Aksum centuries before. Yikunno-Amlak was to be described as descended from Solomon's son, Manelik and the Queen of Sheba. His Christian subjects believed that they were God's chosen people, that they were maintaining purity in Christian belief, and that they were members of a second Israel.

The Solomonids addressed the problem of monarchical succession by putting Yikunno-Amlak's male descendants in a mountain retreat guarded by several hundred warriors. There Yikunno-Amlak's descendants remained in isolation, studied their faith, wrote poetry and composed sacred music as they awaited selection as heir to the throne.

It was under Yikunno-Amlak's grandson, Amda Seyon (1314-44), that the Solomonids gained military dominance in Ethiopia - Solomonid rule stretching from Adulis in the north to Bali in the south. The success of Christians against Muslims in Ethiopia did not sit well with the Muslims of Egypt. In Ethiopia, Amda-Seyon became concerned about retributions against his fellow Christians in Egypt. He demanded freedom of worship and other civil rights for Christians in Egypt, and he was prepared to fight Egypt and to ally himself with Christian Europe to end Muslim supremacy in West Asia, but no such war took place. The Mamelukes of Egypt remained interested primarily in events in the eastern Mediterranean. Christians in Egypt were becoming more outnumbered by Muslims, and this would continue into the 1400s, with the Muslim majority increasingly blaming Christians and other minorities for their troubles.

In the 1400s the power of the Solomonids in Ethiopia declined as various Muslim communities rebelled against it. Under the king Beide-Maryan (1468-78), the Solomonids suffered their first serious military defeat. And after 1478 the Solomonids were weakened by a conflict over succession - their attempt to solve the problem of succession apparently having failed. War between two Solomonid princes continued for several years. Muslims took advantage of Solomonid weakness, declared a holy war, and the Solomonid Empire collapsed. But a Solomonid king remained, a local king rather than a king of kings, the Solomonids would rise again, the last of them to be Haile Selassie in the 20th century.
Farther South

Below Mogadishu, Merca and Brava, Africa remained predominately black. There were hunters, fishermen, growers of sorghum, millet, rice, cucumbers, coconuts, sugar and bananas, and some were raising cattle. Some hunter-gatherers integrated with the cattle herders or agriculturists, into societies ruled by kings who believed that they were divine but also feared assassination if they became too oppressive.

Inland, about 180 miles from the eastern coast, on a plateau sparse in trees, was Zimbabwe, where Bantu speakers were living sometime between the 5th and 10th centuries - the Bantu speaking people having replaced the Sa (Bushmen) whom they had driven into the desert. The Bantu speakers had come in two waves, the last wave being a pastoral and agricultural people who built the stone structures that were to be known in the 20th century as the ruins of Zimbabwe, of an architecture unknown to any people elsewhere in the world - the oldest of which dated from the 700s.

Gold that was mined near Zimbabwe was taken to trading towns along the coast. So too were leopard skins, rhinoceros horn, ambergris, slaves and ivory - the ivory of the African elephant more in demand than the harder ivory of the Indian elephant. Joining this trade was iron taken from deposits around the towns of Mombasa and Malindi. Traders on the eastern coast of Africa, many of them blacks, profited from a rise in trade with Asia, and from India the Africans imported silks, cottons and glassware.

From the 1100s, Arabs began arriving in greater number in this coastal area. In the 1200s Mombasa became staunchly Muslim, and a Muslim dynasty was established at Kilwa. By the mid-1200s, Kilwa controlled the trade from Sofala to its south, Sofala being a point of departure for gold from inland.

Meanwhile, economic activity in Zimbabwe was predominantly cattle raising, while the wealth of its king grew from trade in gold. With his wealth the king was able to maintain a powerful army and to extend his authority across a variety of principalities - a hundred miles to the west and to the Indian Ocean in the east. During the 1300s and into the 1400s Zimbabwe was the richest state on Africa's eastern coast, but it was also declining: Zimbabwe was losing its timber. Its lands were overgrazed and farmlands were eroding. Zimbabwe declined as a power, and it was abandoned around 1450. Successor states arose: Torwa to its west, Changamire just to its north, and Mutapa on the Zambezi River. Mutapa's economy was also based on cattle and wealth from the gold trade, and Mutapa expanded locally by military conquest.

Toward the end of the 1400s, Kilwa's preeminence on the east coast was fading as dynastic struggles sapped its strength. Kilwa was losing the trade in gold from Sofala to Mutaba. And Mutaba's gold trading attracted the Portuguese, who had begun sailing along Africa's eastern coast. Trade between Africans and the Europeans was on the rise, in slaves as well as gold.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kalagenesis new termonology"Afripino"

Kalagenesis has found a new term to celebrate the growing number of persons who are of African-American and Filipino heritage.The term Afripino is a combination of Afri-from African and Pino -from filipino.
The plural is Afripinos
The feminine is Afripina
The plural feminine is Afripinas

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kalagenesis Poll.Are you"hood"or are you"community"

Copy of Kalagenesis Poll

Kalagenesis has a new question to ask the Black community due to the fact that every time there is a large gathering of our people trouble,violence,and chaos breaks out.It is to the point now we have savages among us(The enemy within)destroying ever place we call home.Communities with all the things every other community has but not the violence and ignorance.Why are some involved with the youth while some are mis leading the youth into a life of crime,disorder,unruly behavior and disrespect for authority.In order for you to take the poll you have to first know what the difference between being hood and being community.Here are some points
1)You don't know who your elected officials are.
2)The only time you walk into the library is to use the bathroom
3)We you see a 16 year old girl you don't look at her beauty with respect that she is your sister,but your thinking only two more years till she is legal.
4)You write on the walls, pants sagging,cursing in front of elders,showing no consideration to anyone around
5)You can't keep a job
6)Selling drugs to you own people,getting young shorties to run errands for you.
7)Wearing a white t even to church
8)In and out of jail is a badge of honor.
9)Shooting guns and making you neighborhood a hell on Earth
10)Living in a rich White neighborhood,but you are always so hood,even though if you go to that block you will get stuck up.
1)You know who your elected officials are in you area
2)Although your working three jobs you read the paper,go to the library,and your up to date on the goings on in your community.
3)You participate in activities,police,ambulance,youth coach ect
4)You have plans to complete college to come and build in your community for the better of all
5)Yes you are against crime and will cooperate with authorities to make you community safer.
6)You know as a minority you are your brothers keeper,so it is your responsibility to help you brother or any man in real need.
7)You respect young girls as little sisters,and try to be a role model to younger kids
8)A family cookout with all relatives sitting down in love and peace tells you that money although it is important it cant replace these good times,
9)You defend your people against racist,and hate the criminals who are destroying Black America
10)You know about Africa and proud to be an African American,you can name at least 5 African countries.
These are some of the points about why our people are going down the tubes.There are some who are always complaining about what they don't have.But in the same ghettos people own cars,televisions,cable,video games, and they buy their baby boys 200 dollar Jordans.That is hood when your rims cost more that your car.You don't have a bank account only use check cashing.You think knocking off a 7/11 is ok because hey my kids got to eat.Niggers love hood,Africans or the Black man loves his community.
Family=Community=Nation.We all should strive to build the Kala Nation under God