Wednesday, December 19, 2007

George W.Bush.The Road to hell is often paved with good intentions.

When George W.Bush became the 43 President of the United States,many felt it was a false presidency.The voter fraud that some accused the Republican party of gave some an excuse not to like or accept his presidency.The second term validated his first term with an overwhelming vote.

From the very start Mr Bush seemed arrogant, cocky self righteous and always had this smirk of deceit on his face.Many of us opposed to him simply by those observations.We for the life of us don't understand why others cant.I can't see why even hard line conservatives aren't turned off by this.After all isn't it truth we all want?Don't we want peace and being seen by the rest of the world as a good country not a bully?

On September 11 2001 Americans were forced to chose sides.No longer could you objectively criticize you government,country.It was now considered by GW and the neo conservatives as treason.They rationalized that America needed to now wage war on it's enemies. Make no mistake there are people who are really trying to destroy this country.But most of us believe the bigger threat comes from these people who say that they are trying to help or protect us.The Patriot Act although never actually read by any congressman,passed in mist of the hysteria after 9/11 attacks. It is now harder for us to travel receive mail,or get certain jobs without 20 different ids.If you think this protects us think again.

I early 2003 Mr Bush decided to take us to war with Irag.We were told we would be safer once this evil dictator Saddam Hussein is removed from power. Along comes GW the cowboy on a white horse to save the day.There is is one small problem that was four years ago, and the country of Irag is in chaos.There is an undercurrent running through America which is bordering on civil war.This all because one man said he wanted to do something good for the people of Irag.Halliburton CEO made 40 million dollars profit in Irag last year!3500 young men and women are dead!23,000 missing limbs, and forever damaged!400 billion tax payer money gone over this war.

"The road to

hell is often paved with good intentions"

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