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Africa in the age of Obama.The winds of change.

It is abundantly clear with the unrest in many parts of Africa that change must come.The average brother and sister on the continent are tired of being killed,robbed, exploited,slandered,belittled,and marginalized by the rest of humanity.Many up and coming young Africans in Africa and the diaspora now seem to be fixated on the enemy within undermining our progress.The Africa of Patrice Lumumba,Steven Biko,and Kwame Nkhumra,is gone in favor of thugs who pillage the treasure of their peoples.Take Uganda's Museveni,a country where rural people still are eaten by crocodiles because they dont have running water for their villages.But yet he finds the money two years ago to host the so called commonwealth conventions.He spent hundreds of millions on a two day event while his people go without the basics.Well Obama's election was about change and transparency.And that is spreading across the African continent like wildfire and the traitors are scared-Kalagenesis.The following is an article by a Tanzanian journalist living in Canada:

“Strongmen or Strong Institutions: Which Way for Africa?” by Nkwazi N. Mhango

August 30, 2009 by asabagna

Those are my catch words from President Barack Obama’s stunning speech in Ghana, although he dwelt on many issues reminiscent to Africa’s endemic and systemic problems. Unlike other past American presidents, Obama seems determined to face the reality by giving African potentates a bitter pill to swallow.

Before becoming US president, many African strongmen such as Paul Kagame (Rwanda), Yoweri Museveni (Uganda) Meles Zenawi (Ethiopia) and Teodoro Obiang Ngwema (Equatorial Guinea) were darlings of the US, thanks to enhancing the exploitation of Africa’s resources. Things seem to have taken a new turn with Obama’s promise of change. His “Yes We Can” slogan seems to have started working. Yes, Africa can be a good and prosperous place without thieving dictators at the helm. Yes, we can kick dictators out of Africa’s political landscape.

“No country is going to create wealth if its leaders exploit the economy to enrich themselves, or police can be bought off by drug traffickers”, Obama says. He speaks as if he lives in our streets where the police force protect and promote crime. He speaks as if he lives in our state houses where thieves-in-chief steal public money.

Tanzania, my own country, is the fifth giant when it comes to mineral abundance but interestingly, the country is fifth on the tail as far as poverty worldwide is concerned. Small countries with fewer resources like Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda outshine Tanzania.

“Development depends upon good governance. That is the ingredient which has been missing in far too many places, for far too long. That is the change that can unlock Africa’s potential”, Obama adds. Many African mumbo jumbos cannot like this. It is like carpet-bombing them. They have always preached rule of law and good governance even when they govern tyrannically.

Telling African chronic thieves to stop stealing by their volition is as good as telling the monkey to stop stealing maize. What needs to be done is to categorize crimes involving rulers and their cronies stealing from public coffers as crime against humanity. Most Africans lose their lives to corruption than wars. Genocide in Rwanda claimed over 800,000 lives. In Darfur, it has claimed over 200,000. Malaria that is curable, shall our rulers stop stealing from the public, is killing many more people than all genocides put together.

An April 2009 report by the World Health Organization (WHO) says that malaria is responsible for 30% of childhood mortality and 11% maternal mortality in Nigeria. In Zambia, the figure stands at 66%. Malaria kills more than a million people worldwide each year—90 percent of them in Africa; 70 percent being children under the age of five.

Being the 12th producer of oil on earth, one would think Nigeria’s economy and people would look like it. Alas! Its rulers and their whiz kids are super rich whilst the hoi polloi live in abject poverty. What’s this if it is not crime against humanity?

The president of America is the most powerful and influential person on earth currently. So too, is his non-bendable writ, if he stands for it. We saw it in Iraq despite all blunders. Obama’s regime brought Swiss banks and others to their knees thanks to sheathing tax evaders and thieves in power. Soon they’ll be duty-bound to open their books. The time of criminal secrecy is over, thanks to Obama’s new take on them. Suppose Obama stands for making theft of public moneys by rulers a crime against humanity? Truly, this will add up. The ICC should be vested with powers to indict anybody that commits this crime. This way, Africa will forge ahead. Her resources will benefit citizens suffering in the hands of its all time thieving regimes.

Many analysts, nonetheless, blamed Obama for not coming to Africa with money or promises of dishing money out. Giving money knowing it’ll be embezzled has nary become a solution to our problems, but a problem in itself. Obama’s new approach is a reminder that Mr. Moneybag America is no more. Why did Asian tigers manage to blast off from poverty whilst Africa is still sinking even more? Good-and-responsible governance is the only vehicle behind.

To jump-start Africa’s economy, among others, rule of law and good governance based on accountability and democracy must be emphasized. African people are ready to bring their development. The only barrier they encounter is nothing but corrupt and irresponsible regimes supported by west.

Africans have fed thieving and begging corrupt regimes for long. Transparency International says: “The combination of abundant natural resources, a history of autocratic and unaccountable government, as well as conflict and crisis throughout the continent have posed particular challenges to governance and the fight against corruption in Africa to the point that several countries have become virtually synonymous with graft.”

TI adds that the development challenges faced by sub-Saharan Africa are enormous. It is the only region of the world where poverty has increased in the past 25 years and half of the continent’s population of 840 million people lives on less than 1 USD per day. Thirty-two of the world’s 38 highly indebted poor countries (HIPC) are in Africa. In addition to corruption, protracted armed conflict, the HIV/AIDS pandemic and declining terms of trade for non-mineral primary products continue to exacerbate the many challenges facing the region.

To know how perilous the situation is in Africa, think of Sani Abachas $550 million fortune. Remember other thieves such as Mobutu Seseseko, Felix Houphet Boigny, Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel arap Moi, Fredrick Chiluba, Jean Bedel Bokassa, Denis Sassou Ngweso, Teodor Obiang Ngwema, Omar Bongo, Charles Taylor and others. How much did they rob from their countries?

Some analysts agree that the amount of money robbed by ruling thieves in Africa is even bigger than all foreign aids put together. Recently I hollered about current scandals in Tanzania alleged to have been perpetrated by the current and former regimes. Over $1,000,000,000 is believe to have been stolen by Tanzania’s rulers. To get away with it, they instituted fake charges against a few sacrificial officers so as to win people’s confidence. Recently, Prof. Ibrahim Lipumba, the CUF chair, linked president Jakaya Kikwete with External Payment arrears account that sank over $200,000,000 and Richmond scams. The president did not comment on or deny these damning accusations.

Many African rulers, apart stealing and stashing money abroad, steal in order to bribe voters and buy loyalty from military and other influential figures. So to fell this malady democratic institutions, especially the opposition, must be fully supported without forgetting financing civil education to the general public. This way, we’ll be able to break the back of graft.

Astonishingly, Tanzania’s pro-government media still have the guts of reporting that Obama praised Kikwete for taking on graft whilst he is himself the custodian of it! Sadly, even the American embassy in Dar es salaam does not repudiate such naked lies that show Obama as a double standard person or ignorant! What arrogant and corrupt pro-media is doing in Tanzania is telling their readership lies. In Africa, Obama only praised praised Ghana.

Africa needs strong institutions manned and headed by people of probity, responsible and accountable to the people. To enhance this, Africa’s constitutions need to be amended or re-enacted. The current ones shamelessly and expressly provide for much discretionary power that strongmen use to rob the hoi polloi. Almost all African potentates and their families are above the law.

Something needs to be done urgently to do away with this anathema. Those that have already ruined their countries should be held accountable. Truly Africa does not need strongmen but strong institutions.


Nkwazi Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He writes regularly for “The African Executive” and also has a blog entitled “Free Thinking Unabii”. He is a regular contributor to AfroSpear.

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on August 30, 2009 at 8:20 pm | Reply Ana

Africa requires more than just building institutions.

The character and mind of African people need changing.

Selfishness,individualism, tribalism and a lack of serious committment, trust, respect and acceptance of the nation state are serious roadblocks Africans must confront and work out before institutions can be created and implemented.

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M.E.N.D. To resume armed conflict with Nigerian Government

Kalagenesis:We should have known all along that money talks.It seems Nigeria is destined to be a White man's land.A country where flunky businessmen and engineers from Europe and America can come and still prosper.A country where people live on a dollar a day and still has to import most of its food,fuel,clothing and even energy.Although there is some good it is not enough.The problem is corrupt leaders and loudmouths who are looking out for themselves.The US government should be investigated by the UN for war crimes for the destruction of the Delta region in Nigeria,and the backing of the oil companies.Recently the US Pentagon has been using scenarios in which the US military would go in and occupy Nigerian oil fields.The following is an article about the recent development between MEND and the Nigerian Government.

By Austin Ekeinde

YENAGOA, Nigeria (Reuters) - Nigeria's main rebel group said on Saturday it would resume attacks against Africa's biggest energy industry next month, overshadowing the surrender of hundreds of arms by rebels in a federal amnesty program.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), responsible for attacks that have wrought havoc on the OPEC member's oil operations, said it would resume its campaign of violence on September 15.

MEND, a loose coalition of militant groups, denounced the hundreds of rebels that have participated in President Umaru Yar'Adua's 60-day amnesty program, which aims to stem unrest in the Niger Delta.

"The ongoing amnesty program by the government of Nigeria seems to have achieved separating those who still have the zeal to fight for our freedom from those who were in it for the money," the group said in a statement.

MEND, which declared a 60-day ceasefire in July to allow for peace talks, said it has suspended negotiations with the government.

Hundreds of Nigerian militants earlier on Saturday surrendered their weapons, mortar bombs and gunboats during a public ceremony in the Bayelsa state capital Yenagoa.

The handover by dozens of militant groups was the largest collection of weapons and ammunition since President Umaru Yar'Adua's 60-day amnesty program began two weeks ago.


"We give up our weapons so that we give peace a chance and for all oil companies and other multinationals to come into our region to develop the place," said Erepamutei Olotu, known as General Ogunbos, during a public handing-over ceremony.

Attacks on pipelines and industry facilities along with the kidnapping of oil workers since early 2006 have cost the world's eighth-biggest oil exporter billions of dollars a year in lost revenues and added to volatility in global energy prices.

At the ceremony, former militant leader Ebikabowei Victor Ben, known as Boyloaf, gave a senior government official his flak jacket emblazoned with the logo of Nigeria's most prominent militant group -- the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND).

"As chairman of MEND in Bayelsa state, I hand over this jacket as a proclamation that we have disarmed and stand by our word. We expect the president to stand by his word and develop the Niger Delta," Ben told a crowd of hundreds that included former militants, government officials and security officers.

Ben was among 25 former militant leaders that surrendered more than 500 weapons, dozens of rocket launchers and mortar bombs and 14 gunboats, which were on display at the ceremony.

Ben, whose group handed over the bulk of the weapons collected on Saturday, has warned that failure to develop the Niger Delta would lead to a resumption of violence.

Skeptics question whether the amnesty scheme will buy anything more than a short-term lull in the violence, saying the government has done little to create employment or training opportunities for those who do hand over their guns. Continued...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Enemy within Pt 4.The phony militant

I remember back in 1992 through 1995 I was part of an underground network of militants and activist in my area.We were often amazed how without having any representation in the so called Black media to foster and reinforce our ideas,we still managed to come together under one banner and brotherhood.Books like Message to the Blackman,Philosophies and Opinions of Marcus Garvey,Autobiography of Malcolm X.If you read those three core books along with some others it gave you a foundation to build with other brothers like you.We were very young back then,the good kids who cared about our community and people.Some were battling racism trying to make it in America with their degrees,and education.Others thought only nationalism will work.Both sides were legitimate because both sides produced positive results.I was the one who would question a person's sincerity especially those who put on a militant front but I suspected they were merely opportunist who love to come into any organization,meeting or gathering and try to outshine,out speak,or take over in general.In every movement there are those who use a legitimate cause or use legitimate suffering or grievances of a people for personal gain and profit.I saw this problem back then I see it now.

Phony militants using Pan Africanism for selfish reasons

Recently I was on a so called Militant's blog in which we had a disagreement.I am realizing my age all of a sudden because I seem so old school when dealing with these new heads coming into the movement.The blogger called RBG Scholar did a very disrespectful article on Barack Obama.In one pic he had the little bad boy graphic that the rednecks use.It was the one where the guy was pissing on the President's head.Now he got this from a White graphic's designer on the net,there are no Black graphics designers using or making bad boy graphics.It is a grimy suburban White boy thing.It appears to me that almost anyone can cut and paste red,black and green banners on their site and put pictures of Malcolm X,and Marcus Garvey quotes on it.It seems many are missing the point of what these men stood for.These men used their different beliefs to adjust to the circumstances in which they found themselves.The belief in African Nationalism is still strong as ever in the hearts and minds of the believers.But the world although some of the fundamental problems plaguing Africans still are the same such as lack of a strong unified economic and political front.There are problems that still we face as a result of slavery and colonialism.But many Black people have succeeded in spite of the barriers and problems.It was not like that 80 years ago during the height of Marcus Garvey.We have hundreds of Black law enforcement and elected officials.We have many wealthy and affluent African Americans.The number of Black people satisfied with America and their future is over 70%.The first time in our history.This in spite of the fact that many still are looking and soul searching for their African roots and history.More of us are taking an interest in the continent.It seems angry,hateful rhetoric in now counter productive.Most African Americans embrace Africa including the youthful Hip hop nation.Rappers travel to the continent to do business and a leisure like it is nothing.Kenyan,Ghanian,and Nigerian artist are famous in America and the West.So there is no reason for talk of guns and violence because the winds are blowing in the Pan African direction.

Kalagenesis vs the Black racist

Like I pointed out earlier in this article I judge people not on their political beliefs but their integrity and passion for what is best for the people.This is why I can support President Barack Obama and still believe in African Nationalism.It seems too many are using Nationalism as an excuse to attack the Black people who are achieving in this country and world because they are not achieving and they envy Black people who can make it.I like many other militants were careful back in the day not to become enslaved to any ideology.But to bend and adapt to changing times and people.Many so called militants are stuck in a mindset that limits them to negativity and stagnation.It is to the point that many are standing on street corners attacking Black women calling them sluts and whores because they cant control them.This is done by the rouge sects of the Black Hebrew Israelite Nation.A clown sect of dirty dashiki wearing self hating fools who use their religion to attack people who do not agree with them or their hate.In the following video a good brother Professor I Self rebukes them.