Sunday, December 2, 2007

Stop Kooning!

Recently I got into a discussion with Koofilms about some of the contents of his videos he posted.Because most media outlets are controlled by White racist,it is in their best interest to only let the most ignorant among us get the most exposure.This is a continuation of their domination over us.Making a people feel insecure,hopeless,unsafe and miserable among themselves.In turn they are made to love their oppressor and elevate among themselves based on who looks more like the oppressor.
Kooning is the act of self denegration of Black people for the pleasure of white people.This started in slavery which was different than slavery in past times.Here in the Americas particularly the North American continent the African was made to hate himself.His color,hair lips were ridiculed.People who had never seen a Black when they came here learned to dispise them.One of the ways to reinforce this system is through entertainment.Minstrel shows put on by whites in black face mocked their slaves and slaves who wanted to please their masters danced,clowned,jesture in a musical,buffooning manner.In todays hip hop we see this,because most hip hop records are sold to white teens.The funny thing is that the black kids are following a trend in music that is being financed by white youth.How much of that money jAYZ,50,PDiddy Russell have do you think comes from black pockets?Probably 20%.Remember the saying, "he who pays the piper calls the tune".We are watching Black kids being self enslaved through clowning and dehumanization by black on black hatred and low self worth.Where does this come from?If you don't respect yourself then you wont respect those who look like you.If you are constantly humiliating others of your own kind just to entertain Whites then you are kooning.If you have $3000 rims and you live in an apartment then you are kooning.If you mock other peoples complexion,size or income just so you can seem better in the eyes of whites then you are kooning.If you think gangs are a legitimate organization then you are kooning.

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