Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sacred Cows

In life we sometimes find it hard to give up symbols,items or people that we hold as sacred.We will hold these things even though it will be to our detrement.Many people ask me what do I mean by sacred cows?In the country of India a sect of the people called Hindus worship their cows and other animals in their mist.They will not harm them for any reason.Rats run free and get fat spreading disease on the streets of Bombay.People consider them the spirits of their ancestors reincarnated.The cow holds the most esteemed post in Hindu culture.They believe a very close relative is reincarnated in the cow.Now the problem is that people for years have been starving in that country,and not only don't the people eat the cows they will feed it the last bit of grain.Does this sound sane?Of course not.But when you have believed something for hundreds of years you hold on to it even to your own demise.

In America Black America in particular we have sacred cows or beliefs we hold to our demise.We still believe in to many quarters in our community that talking proper English,working hard,and be honest and law abiding is being White or square.We have a false belief in black unity,and to stick together even when we are in the wrong.We justify this by saying we are an oppressed people, and by any means to make in the White mans world we must do anything to get ahead.Yes slavery was wrong and unjustified,and those people who still want to oppress us will be dealt with.Have we forgotten the bible?The ten commandments?Could it be God is judging us for or sins?For too long we never condemned bad behavior among each other.Even during slavery their were some who preyed on others and get away with it why?Because he knew he could get away with it so long as he is in good hands with the master.It is same today in music and entertainment.People sell themselves out for money and the only thing they fear is the White man.Not the wrath of their people.A sacred cow of ours is nothing is wrong so long as you are making money in the White mans world.Pornography,murder,gangster rap,prostitution,stripping,gambling ect.This did not just happen over night.It was always there, good news is that rap music exposed this side of our culture that we tried to keep hidden.Now we can deal with it.We need to get rid of the sacred cows of false beliefs that is holding us back.The White man or White America is not our enemy the enemy is in the mirror looking back at us.Our still love for light skin,non black features.These things sacred we hold on to because we scared to give these beliefs.We find refuge in ignorance and self hate.It is a comfort zone.Now our demise is at hand the self hate is now seen on tv,and make no mistake the whole world sees it.

Lets get rid of the sacred cows and if you have a sacred cow then tell Kala Nation and share it with us.

Kala Nation

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