Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rapper/activist NYOIL set to release new album.

The release will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD at partnering websites and Blogs for the duration of the release. "I'm constantly trying to develop new strategies to market music and developing significant business partnerships with new media. This is a wonderful opportunity to recognize Blogger as the future of Hip Hop press. A good blog is usually written by someone that would do it, has done it because they have a legitimate love for the culture." Said NYOIL.

The project titled with the tagline (NYOIL verses 9th Wonder) contradicts rumored reports that the project was a diss to the group Little Brother and or the Grammy award winning Producer 9th Wonder. It is in fact a compilation of 9 songs to 9 previously released 9th Wonder Beats. Unlike mix CD's where the artist generally does his version of a pre-released song, NYOIL opted to give each track new life. "I felt like if I redid the songs it would be disrespectful to the people that originally rocked to them. Fact is I just treated each beat as if it had never been rhymed to. I wanted to show my mastery of this style of hip hop, my ability to still build solid ideas, a conscious message, and show the timeless quality of 9th Wonders production" This project has a decidedly mellower feel to his previous release "HoodTREASON the warm up album" but the lyrical content is no less poignant and honest.

This project dropping around the same time Boot Camp is set to release a 9th Wonder/ Buckshot project begs the question: Was this planned to block their efforts? "Quite the contrary, Buckshot is my dude! Straight like that. If anything it's just more on the plate for 9th Wonder Fans. Buckshot is a solid MC from a great lineage of MC's there is absolutely NOTHING I could do to eclipse an artist of that magnitude. If anything we are working in tandem to flood the market with good music."

The first release will be a hauntingly somber track titled "Conspiracy Theory" with a patented NYOIL style video to accompany it Feb. 6th and will debut on the websites hosting the free download. The Digital EP features the talents of Dan Wallace (from De La Soul's album Grind Date song "Shopping Bags") and a duet with his daughter "Big NAY" possibly the first Father/Daughter collab in the history of Hip Hop.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Racial tensions boiling over in Lima Ohio.Police kill young Black mother

Police Shooting of Mother and Infant Exposes a City’s Racial Tension
J. D. Pooley for The New York Times
This is a very sad situation,and it is one that we should not jump to conclusions and pull the race card.The tragedy of young women of color being involved with the wrong men is nothing new.We as Black people have to denounce crime,drug dealing and irresponsibility among our people.Black women it seems are not chastised enough for bad behavior or being around the wrong crowd the way men are.If so this beautiful girl would be alive still.It is evident that we are fighting a race war by proxy.The criminal element is allowing White rouge law enforcers to kill minorities with impunity.Should we get our guns now?No not yet the real problem is disunity and self hate which allows the racist to wage a proxy war against all of us.
Ivory Austin, center, the brother of Tarika Wilson, was among those marching Saturday to protest her shooting death and the wounding of her 14-month-old son.

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Published: January 30, 2008

LIMA, Ohio — The air of Southside is foul-smelling and thick, filled with fumes from an oil refinery and diesel smoke from a train yard, with talk of riot and recrimination, and with angry questions: Why is Tarika Wilson dead? Why did the police shoot her baby?
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Tarika Wilson
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J. D. Pooley for The New York Times

Residents of Lima, Ohio, posted a sign at the house where Ms. Wilson, 26, was killed and her 14-month-old son was injured.

“This thing just stinks to high heaven, and the police know it,” said Jason Upthegrove, president of the Lima chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. “We’re not asking for answers anymore. We’re demanding them.”

Some facts are known. A SWAT team arrived at Ms. Wilson’s rented house in the Southside neighborhood early in the evening of Jan. 4 to arrest her companion, Anthony Terry, on suspicion of drug dealing, said Greg Garlock, Lima’s police chief. Officers bashed in the front door and entered with guns drawn, said neighbors who saw the raid.

Moments later, the police opened fire, killing Ms. Wilson, 26, and wounding her 14-month-old son, Sincere, Chief Garlock said. One officer involved in the raid, Sgt. Joseph Chavalia, a 31-year veteran, has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Beyond these scant certainties, there is mostly rumor and rage. The police refuse to give any account of the raid, pending an investigation by the Ohio attorney general.

Black people in Lima, from the poorest citizens to religious and business leaders, complain that rogue police officers regularly stop them without cause, point guns in their faces, curse them and physically abuse them. They say the shooting of Ms. Wilson is only the latest example of a long-running pattern of a few white police officers treating African-Americans as people to be feared.

“There is an evil in this town,” said C. M. Manley, 68, pastor of New Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church. “The police harass me. They harass my family. But they know that if something happens to me, people will burn down this town.”

Internal investigations have uncovered no evidence of police misconduct, Chief Garlock said. Still, local officials recognize that the perception of systemic racism has opened a wide chasm.

“The situation is very tense,” Mayor David J. Berger said. “Serious threats have been made. People are starting to carry weapons to protect themselves.”

Surrounded by farm country known for its German Catholic roots and conservative politics, Lima is the only city in the immediate area with a significant African-American population. Black families, including Mr. Manley’s, came to Lima in the 1940s and ’50s for jobs at what is now the Husky Energy Lima Refinery and other factories along the city’s southern border. Blacks make up 27 percent of the city’s 38,000 people, Mr. Berger said.

Many blacks still live downwind from the refinery. Many whites on the police force commute from nearby farm towns, where a black face is about as common as a twisty road. Of Lima’s 77 police officers, two are African-American.

“If I have any frustration when I retire, it’ll be that I wasn’t able to bring more racial balance to the police force,” said Chief Garlock, who joined the force in 1971 and has been chief for 11 years.

Tarika Wilson had six children, ages 8 to 1. They were fathered by five men, all of whom dealt drugs, said Darla Jennings, Ms. Wilson’s mother. But Ms. Wilson never took drugs nor allowed them to be sold from her house, said Tania Wilson, her sister.

“She took great care of those kids, without much help from the fathers, and the community respected her for that,” said Ms. Wilson’s uncle, John Austin.

Tarika Wilson’s companion, Mr. Terry, was the subject of a long-term drug investigation, Chief Garlock said, but Ms. Wilson was never a suspect.

During the raid, Ms. Wilson’s youngest son, Sincere, was shot in the left shoulder and hand. Three weeks after the shooting, he remains in fair condition, said a spokeswoman at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

Within minutes of the shooting, at around 8 p.m., 50 people gathered outside Ms. Wilson’s home and shouted obscenities at the police, neighbors said. The next day, 300 people gathered at the house and marched two miles to City Hall.

Many protesters believe they saw snipers atop police headquarters. The men on the roof were actually photographers, Chief Garlock said.

“The police can say whatever they want,” Tania Wilson said. “Even before they shot my sister, I didn’t trust them.”

Smaller marches have continued every week since the shooting. The N.A.A.C.P. will hold a public meeting on Saturday to air complaints about police brutality. The group will soon request that the Department of Justice investigate the police department and the Allen County prosecutor’s office, Mr. Upthegrove said.

Junior Cook was a neighbor of Tarika Wilson. He says that he watched from his front porch as the SWAT team raced across his front yard, and that seconds later he watched a police officer run from Ms. Wilson’s house carrying a bleeding baby in a blanket.

“The cops in Lima, they is racist like no tomorrow,” said Mr. Cook, 56. “Why else would you shoot a mother with a baby in her arms?”
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Women bakes her baby to death.

This story has got me so furious I am at a boiling point.How in the world are some sick twisted people can do such a thing.It is because everyone is a victim of society ,and any wrong doing is justified because of male oppression.If you think I am exaggerating then watch this trial closely.See if this piece of human garbage who killed an innocent baby get the death penalty.All ready the sick mental doctors are going to say she was suffering from post pardom depression or so other silly illness.I am wondering why like Susan Smith who drown her little boys in a lake or that evil wench who drowned her kids in a bathtub do women get sympathy from this sick male testosterone hating feminist country.Below is the story.

A mother went on trial yesterday accused of killing her month-old daughter by cooking her in a microwave oven while drunk.

Police investigators and scientists are expected to give evidence in the sensational case against 27-year-old China Arnold.

Arnold pleaded not guilty to a charge of aggravated murder at the beginning of her trial in Dayton, Ohio, yesterday.

If convicted by the jury in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, she could face the death penalty.

Investigators believe that Arnold killed her daughter, Paris Talley, by putting her in a microwave at her home in August 2005 while she was drunk.

Coroner's officials say the baby suffered high-heat internal injuries and had no external burns.

They have ruled out scalding water, open flame or other possible causes of death that could have damaged the skin.

Arnold's defense lawyer Jon Paul Rion claims his client had nothing to do with her daughter's death and was stunned when investigators told her that a microwave might have been involved.

Arnold took the baby to the hospital after finding her unconscious and does not know how she died, Rion said.

During a pre-trial hearing in July, Dayton police Detective Michael Galbraith said Arnold told him she arrived home in the early morning hours after drinking, fell asleep and was awakened at 2:30 a.m. by the baby's crying.

She said she warmed a bottle in the microwave oven, tried to give it to the baby, changed the child's nappy and then fell asleep on the couch with the baby on her chest.

Arnold said she and her children were the only ones in the apartment until her boyfriend arrived several hours later and noticed something was wrong with the baby.

Galbraith said Arnold told him: "If I hadn't gotten so drunk, I guess my baby wouldn't have died."

But when cross-examined by Rion, Galbraith acknowledged that Arnold told him she didn't know how the baby suffered the burns and that she had nothing to do with it that she could recall.

Earlier this month, defense witness Robert Belloto, a staff pharmacist at Good Samaritan Hospital, testified that he doesn't believe it would have been possible for Arnold to place the baby in the microwave because the woman was so intoxicated.

Belloto said Arnold told him she had consumed about 40 percent of a pint of high-proof rum in 90 minutes.

But he acknowledged that he had no other corroboration for her claim.
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Monday, January 28, 2008

The elephant meets a dragon.The emerging south to south trade alliance. What an exciting time it should be in the African world,the world is knocking at Africa's door and begging to come in.Remember Noah in the Bible?When he built his arc people laughed at him but god said build it because he was going to destroy this earth and everything in it.When the rains and floods came god said spare no one so people were drowning pleading to be let in the arc.They missed their opportunity.A smart people don't miss out on an opportunity they jump on it.This is what the Chinese are doing in Africa.China has invested some 60 billion dollars on the continent recently.This is going to building roads,buildings,power grids,dams,mines factories,and industries.China will get gold,oil,uranium,copper in Zambia,and other countries.Africans will get revenue,infastructure,wealth and freedom from western domination.The amount invested will increase because a recent poll shows the Chinese did their homework 20 years ago.They invited African students to China to study what they got in return is more African youth have a favorable view of the dragon nation.This inspite the fact that colonialist in Portugal are scared and are trying to instigate racial tensions between Chinese mine workers and Blacks in Angola.Stories about Chinese using racial slurs and blacks also.The Johannesburg stock exchange in growing one of the fastest in the world.It look as though all of the mechanisms for development are there but will selfishness and wickedness,cause African leaders to line their own pockets instead of building Africa to the size and might of the rest of the world?We in America have to be involved this is to important to guess wrong.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Enter the Black Matrix.

In America we have a problem that is rooted in a culture of White supremecy.It effect every aspect of humanity in America.Above is the posterboy for the Matrix of deception the very wrong Jesse Lee Peterson.He is so brainwashed with hate for his own kind that he is convinced that only his own people are racist.Go home tonight look at you kids,mother,father,grandmother,sister brother.Do they look like evil racist to you?Well according to thee matrix they are.This is the whole fake, phony notion about Black people being racist.This is done to keep White people in power.Blacks are not in control so we are allowed to vent not be evil though.But we even have people coming into hip hop telling us we cant talk about being Black and proud anymore because it might make the White man uncomfortable .The following is a story about the old system now the new system. "This is a story that occurred near Petersburg Virginia in 1736 upon a financially struggling plantation. There had been several years since this plantation had a successful crop season that turned a profit. This also resulted in the master often having to sell several slaves each year just before Christmas in order to get by. Also during these winter months, due to this despairing circumstance, the slaves were also given very little to eat. During good days, the slaves would eat twice and during the bad days only once and those good days were far and few between. The master said that this rationing was necessary because of the plantations low crop .
However, the master secretly hid extra food for himself and family within an old abandoned barn house that was made off limits to the field slave. The off limits rules were strictly enforced. Therefore, any slave found near the barn, other than those house slaved sent by their master to recover food, would immediately receive 25 lashes across his or her back. Moreover, to further ensure that the field slaves stayed away from the barn, the master, instructed the house slaves to spread rumors among the field slaves that the barn was in fact haunted.
For years, the master’s scheme worked perfect and as a result he and his family always had more then enough for themselves during the winter while the field slave often loss an average of twenty pounds during the winter seasons. However, this was about to change for upon this plantation, there lived a very exceptional and inquisitive little eight-year-old African American male slave. For the purpose of this story we shall called him the boy of insight .
For what made this little boy unique was that, although born during the age of slavery unlike the other slaves on the plantation that had succumb to the mental degradations of their masters that implied Black inferiority and white superiority , This child was bravely insightful and inquisitive even contrary of the orders and wishes of his masters. His intelligence and intuitiveness would often get him into trouble with the master. He even secretly learned to read at the age of seven, a fact that his mother, herself only nineteen, adamantly discouraged and made the boy promise not to divulge to any one else —not even other slaves for she feared gravely that if word of the child’s ability to read got back to the master's house then her only son would be severely punished and then sold because it was illegal for slaves to learn to read and write. One morning, this inquisitive boy awoke with the desire to find out what was truly hidden in his master’s old barn. Therefore, he quickly got dressed and sneaked out to the barn under the darkness of the early morning. As he got closer approached the barn, his heart begun to race with fear as he remembered all of those stories of the barn being haunted and of those 25 lashes that he would certainly receive if he were caught. Nevertheless, the boy continued onward until he reached the barn’s door. There was an old rusted lock upon the door, so the boy picked up the biggest rock that his little arms could lift and began hitting it against the lock until it broke and fell to the ground. The boy then slowly opened the large squeaky door and was immediately shocked for what he had found. He found that the barn was filled with many hidden jars and cans fill with food. The boy became elated and very excited by his finding. He was anxious to reveal his findings to the other slaves, so he rang the old triangular bell awakening the other slaves.
The other slaves hearing the ringing bell quickly got dressed and rushed out to find out what was going on? Upon reaching the site of the ringing bell, the slaves were surprised to find that it was not their master ringing the bell, but instead that it was the little boy of insight who had rung the bell awakening them so early. One of the slaves, a large man said boy,”what's going on and why did you awaken us so early?” The boy responded that he had found lots of food hidden in the barn. The large man responded to the boy saying “you know that master told us all never to come near this barn, so what's wrong with you, boy? "Sounds like you don't what to live to get old; because you won’t get much older not listening to the master.” The crowd, although many were themselves starving, began to also express their displeasure with the boy's defiance of the master's instructions. "Yeah, yeah," they yelled, “that boy's going to get us all in trouble with the master.” The entire crowd began to yell saying that master is going to be angry, and as their anger escalated, they demanded that the child be punished immediately. They echoed that the boy should be punished for he had disobeyed their master in the first place and that was what had to happen. The child's mother picked him up and ran through the woods. The angry slaves pursued her. The mother continued to run as fast as she possibly could until she slipped and fell with her son into the cold neighboring creek where they both drowned. Most of the slaves, after witnessing the tragedy, responded with the sentiments of good riddance for the boy had been a thorn in the master's side ever since he was born. Now, they said “let's try to fix that old lock and place it back on to the barn door.” The slaves repaired the damaged locked and put it back on the door of the barn as if it had not been disturbed, and they resumed their typical slave chores feeling no remorse for the now deceased mother and child. The slaves in this story were more concerned with offending their master than they where about the death of the young mother and her child.
How is it possible that these slaves could express more concern for their master then one of the very own fellow slaves, especially that of a young mother and her child? This type of devotion to their masters was not at all uncommon behavior of the African slaves in America. Moreover, when an African slave was planning an escape or a revolt, often another slave would forewarn the master. During the Civil War, many African slaves attempted to defend their master’s home and family against the approaching Union soldiers. There is evidence that some Africans fought on the side of the South. Why and how absurd to imagine such behavior and loyalty to their masters at the expense of their own self preservation.
The slaves found it difficult to accept the boys disclosure because they have been condition through years of mental manipulation to revere their master even at the expense of their own survival .
Very much like that of the earlier stated story of where in which the slaves preferred it easier to see their fellow slaves die than to accept the boys revelation that their master had lied them, today many Blacks have perceived my submissions of information exposing today's modern [the Black Matrix] method of white racism as being a form of reverse racism against whites . To recognize the significant of the given information entitled "the Black Matrix" Black people must over come the psychologically ingrained white is right perception and negatively held perceptions of our selves and open your hearts and minds to see the truth. For I'm merely offering of the truth for those who will listen for it; and the truth is that we, African Americans,[as with also Africans the world over] can no longer survive as a race hanging on to lies. A reality of truth must prevail if we are to be a part of the future.

Today we African Americans are faced with many despairing statistics far worst than any generation before now. These negative statistic creates a distracting paradigm of where in which we, as a people, are not able to move forward because we're always reacting to negative statistic about ourselves that we in fact can neither confirm nor refute. It is a scenario not unlike that of a dog unsuccessfully chasing his own tail. This is a deliberate design and there is neither a struggle, nor fight more pressing for we African Americans than this one, where we are being systematically economically exploited, suppressed, confused , turned and against each other [divided] as a matter of meeting the U.S. Government's secret unrelenting commitment of maintaining its white dominance and control.

For almost half a century now-- because the blatant methods of racism used and condoned in the past are no longer morally and socially acceptable -- the United States government reincarnated its methods of ensuring that White dominance and control is maintained by having secretly implemented its largest ever COINTELPRO-- Counterintelligence Program -- covert operation against its entire Black population through a campaign of massive psychological warfare that uses mis-education, false statistics, and negative propaganda spread by media reports. By doing so, they acquired a far more insidious and covert method of maintaining White dominance that exists behind a clever shroud of secrecy and deceit — for it is in this way that the evils of racism thrive best -- when its victims do not recognize the evil. Unlike the brutal system of racism used in the past that caused African Americans to rally together and unify themselves against, this modern system of racism is not easily comprehended by Blacks. It is a method so opaque that many of its Black victims remain largely unaware of it themselves. And while most African Americans may instinctively feel that something is wrong, they cannot, however, express their suspicions and conceptualize them sufficiently so that they and others can comprehend and act to defend themselves against it. It is, in fact, so sophisticated that even very bright African American individuals have little, if any, hope of extricating themselves from its brutal effects. In fact, most Blacks cannot believe that they are being attacked or subdued because it wears the appearance [if any] of being totally self-inflicted by African Americans themselves. Most African Americans have never heard of this method of asserting White racism, therefore many will find it too shocking and stunning to contemplate—nevertheless, it is directly intertwined with the many problems adversely affecting Black America today. Moreover, this modern method is the most prevalent and lethal system of racism now assaulting African Americans.
This modern method covertly uses false propaganda media reports that equates a psychological warfare that deliberately conspires to severely reduce African America’s upward mobility by corrupting them of unity, reason, and common sense, deliberately soliciting the disparity that has now become modern Black America. Here is a simplified analogy of how this is being done to America ’s Black population. Let us say, for example, that a group of people was aboard their own massive ship and that their ship was being shadowed by another neighboring ship, a neighboring ship that was constantly broadcasting derogatory messages to the first group that their ship was lesser, smaller, not seaworthy or perhaps slowly sinking or that their crew was incompetent or was planning a mutiny. With time, the group receiving the negative messages, being unable to refute or to confirm these derogatory messages and deficiencies will grow weary and paranoid of the negative messages and will eventually comes to accept these negative assessments of themselves. The perception created by the taunting now unconsciously influences how the taunted group perceives themselves, subsequently causing them to become distrustful of themselves, doubting themselves, hating themselves and, eventually, fighting among themselves. The taunted group may even become so besieged by deep feelings of inadequacy that they may even jump into the sea and attempt to swim towards the taunting ship now believing it to be superior to their own ship even if their own ship was in fact better. This concept of warfare uses psychology as the decisive factor in the outcome. The basis of the concept is that the human being's most critical aspect is the mind. This science of psychology works by affecting the unconscious mind through deception. Its weapon is the message that it carries and the way this message affects the recipients in terms of their behavior.
Within a real world setting, this is implemented against African Americans through U.S. governmental agencies that leak false derogatory press releases, documentaries, and media information concerning its Black population that are designed to perpetuate and frame the myth of Whites’ racial, moral, and ethical superiority over its Black population. Its collaborators in the news media, which either knowingly or unknowingly carry the false information or create their own false information through news releases in magazine articles, radio, and television, work to demoralize, discourage, berate, subjugate, and or dismantle the Black population. It insinuates that America would be a better society as a whole if African Americans were gone, thus psychologically changing the root problem of racism in America to be due to Black’s behavior rather than White’s proclivity for racism.
This perversion of reality, shifting the blame, and role reversal of the problem of racism to be the fault of African Americans, is perpetuated unrelentingly everywhere through press releases, pamphlets, radio, newspaper, and magazine articles and television. The weapon is not the way it is sent, but the messages that it carries and how the messages affect the recipient and influence society. This campaign engenders a shift of victimization that fosters distorted perceptions and increasingly prejudiced and acrimonious beliefs about its African American population that creates a consensual environment that facilitates the easier exploitation and suppression of Black America. [For when contempt of Blacks appears to be justifiable, it is the fiercest and most effective type of racism because its witnesses, bystanders, and jurors will sit by idly allowing African Americans to be brutally mistreated under the belief that it is justified.]

This premise that the U.S. Government has reincarnated its methods of suppressing its Black population by the usage of psychological warfare is not at all ridiculous. For since the beginning of recorded history, ruling governmental bodies of nearly every nation have involved themselves in implementing methods to maintain and defend their positions of established power against its minority group. The American Government is in no way an exception to this rule. For it has implemented methods designed to ensure that White dominance is maintained since the time Black people first arrived in America as slaves. During slavery, Blacks were not allowed to be educated, speak among themselves in their native language, or to congregate in large groups [except during their religious services which their master often over saw]. Even after the abolishment of slavery, methods were again implemented to ensure that White dominance was maintained in the form of Jim Crow inequalities that included many unethical methods that denied Blacks the right to vote and that fostered and sanctioned thousands of brutal lynchings of African Americans. Since the methods of the past are no longer morally acceptable, it became necessary for America ’s White governmental elites secretly to create and apply a system more subtle, sophisticated, and socially acceptable in its application and appearance for ensuring that White dominance is maintained.
Although this may sound a bit like bad science fiction, Psychological Warfare is a real and well-proven technology that exceeds the territorial limits of conventional warfare to penetrate the proposed target. This type of psychological warfare has been used by the military since World War II. The British Special Operation Executives (SOE) was pioneering this form of propaganda during the Second World War. The British Government, between1930-1940, conducted psychological warfare against Germany, by putting together a massive department staffed by many former journalists that conducted secret journalism and planted favorable stories in the world's press. Generally using friendly newspapers editors, but also using bribery to get pro-allied stories in print, British pilots also dropped propaganda leaflets and spread rumors concerning Germany 's relations with France and other aspects of the war. The unrelenting daily assault on the Black psyche corrupts African Americans’ sense of reason and unity and produce a consensual nation environment of where in which African American are economically exploited and suppressed thus creating the culture of failure and disparity that now afflicts modern Black America. In fact this modern massive system of covert White racism is so subtle, pervasive, organized, complete, and proficient that it may be the single most aggravating factor behind the persistent national disparities and culture of failure now afflicting Black America —and yet most African Americans are totally unaware of its existence.
The many problems now facing Black America will not be corrected by implementing outdated strategies of foot marches, speeches, the commemoration of fallen Black martyrs, nor from the preaching of scriptures from any of our religious texts—Christian or Muslim— but instead by exposing and developing counter strategies against this fiercest and most lethal system of institutionalized racism now facing Black America.

[ Because this article exposes the hidden, conspiratorial, and profound dimensions of racism that secretly exist at governmental levels in the United States , these are very dangerous waters that the author is attempting to navigate. For if this important information were to become commonly well known among African Americans, the U.S. Government would most certainly dispute it and initiate a national campaign of spin control and coverage through the national media and the Internet with experts lined up to dismiss its premises as a means for protecting its national interest. ]


THE BLACK MATRIX: The Modern Mental and Social Suppression of African American Under National Interest © 2006 by Franklin G. Jones

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Some Dinosaurs never become extinct.Old Men=Old Ideas

Old men=old ideas,that is what I was always taught.Now the only job in the world where it seems like you can screw up all you want,make problems and blame others for them and you are set for life.If I wasn't so sincere,good natured and unmoved by fame prestige and money I could have had a lucrative career as a community spokes mouth.But I patiently waited for these dinosaurs to become extinct but look they are still here!2008 40 years after the murder of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr these negroes have made a fortune pimping civil rights and exploiting America's never ending racial situation.We are no closer to ending White domination over us than we were during slavery.Look White supremecy needs the cooperation of both leaders on two continents.Lets start with Ghana's current president,John A.Kufour recently he broke the final back of E.C.O.W.A.S which many had hoped would be the economic arm of the African Union by betraying smaller economies in the region in a recent trade deal with the European Union.To this man the idea of African solidarity are just slogans when some gullible Black Americans are in town,and you want to win points in the US State department.When are the Partrice Lumumba's,Kwame Nkumrah's going to return?When are we going to realize that we are one with Africa and our futures are tied together?Am I the only one to realize that the young in America and Africa have been communicating over the last 20 years and we want solidarity.Trade,travel,education,culture,business the way every other culture does is what we should want.Why do our so-called leaders keep insisting that they are our leaders if they are not talking about building a civilization?We might as well listen to the white man for all they are worth.As Marcus Garvey said'I know no border or boundary where the Negro is concerned.'He said that 80 years ago and his vision is no more being heard than it it was when he first said it.We have Jesse Jackson still married to political party and Al Sharpton going down the same road.Andrew Jackson making statements about Obama along with Bob Johnson this is insane who appointed these dinosaurs life time overseers?Why do they get to make decisions that affect millions without opposition.Such was President Museveni of Uganda who recently hosted some summit for former commonwealth colonies of Britain.He spend hundreds of millions of dollars on opulence and pleasure.Not just a fraction of that money could have build a thousand new schools,hospitals,dug wells ect.I remember watching Animal Planet and seeing girls having to go the river to bath and risk being eaten by crocodiles.But this guy is friends of Harry Belafonte,who's recent attack on America has the White man looking at the entire community with Al queda like suspicion.He didn't even ask the community for permission to speak on it's behalf!I forgot he is a Black leader he doesn't have to.Why respect the Black community?No one else does why should these leaders do it.My favorite dinosaur is Minister Farrakhan,now I was a follower of his when I was an organizer for the Million Man March,but the let down following the march is all his fault.But he still has a job!I guess you really dont have actually produce any results just part your hair right and look good in a suit and tie.My biggest problem with him is his love for Arabs some of the most racist people on Earth towards African people.He used a sacred venue like a national Black unity meeting to speak on behalf of the Iranian government'right to get nuclear weapons!The man is insane and so is the rest of the crazy so called leader if they think they are going to stop the real leadership in Africa and America from rising.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Whites unrepentent about apartheid

The following are some of the writings of White South Africans about the former racist government in South Africa.
xford English dictionary is: "a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others." This applies to the Apartheid South African government prior to 1994.
Hansie0Slim (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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I've had this debate before with Joycepoo - look back a few weeks.
nbawa78 (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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This definition would also apply to your written statement for this video three weeks ago: "New York Times has virtually admitted that there are inherited racial differences in intellectual abilities" As I stated this is inaccurate. The article was an opinion by Tobin Harshaw criticizing the words of the discredited geneticist James Watson who made such an assertion with no scientific proof.
Hansie0Slim (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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Not yet... ;-) come on, nbawa, don't take this so seriously, don't be so sensitive about your race, and your emotional choice of words make you sound slightly hysterical.
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Did you know that fewer than 2000 people were deliberately killed by security forces in South Africa during the 42 years of Apartheid? And did you know that 90% of all the politically motivated deaths during Apartheid (total 20 000) was due to Black-on-Black (mostly tribal) violence?
Hansie0Slim (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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20 000 too many of course, but seen against the background of the never-ending vilification of white South Africans, the innumerable unknown other evils like, for example, Robert Mugabe's Knighthood, awarded by the Queen while he was massacring 21 000 Ndebeles in 1984, surely must illustrate that selective (media-borne) knowledge of evil can never be the ultimate criteria when putting together an 'index' of universal evil.
nbawa78 (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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I assume you have a very narrow view of deliberate killing. I don't know where you get your statistics from but I encourage you to read A Crime Against Humanity: Analysing the Repression of the Apartheid State by Max Coleman. It is a detailed, thoroughly researched account of the violence and causes of violence that occurred during the repressive Aparthied regime in South Africa.
Hansie0Slim (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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"Repression of the Apartheid State by Max Coleman" is the source of my statistics, also quoted in my video "Life under Apartheid was good" (a statement I fully accept is not the whole story either).
nbawa78 (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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Then either you have not read the book, or like your comment on the NY Times article you are taking the statistics out of context to shift blame from state violence committed by the Apartheid government. It is similar to saying that because more Palestinians kill Palestinians, Israel is less culpable for the repression in Palestine. A classic non sequitor.
Hansie0Slim (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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Yes, stats can be taken out of context, however, if you understand the factors that determine pop. growth, e.g. infant and maternal death rate, then you may also understand that the black pop. of SA thrived under white rule. I've had this debate already with Joycepoo - few weeks back. The repetition is starting to become boring, so please excuse me if I lose interest.
fuck! you know nothing about SA, when the fucking colonies were beating the blacks, it was fun, now the blacks are revenging and you complaining. Damn, white people are fucking selfish. meanwhile, i like what the government of Zimbabwe is doing, No breathing space for whites in africa and if you complain, then get your white ass to europe, we will make it all by ourself. GOD SAVE THE BLACK RACE!!!
DrainExpress (2 weeks ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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BOMBOY,you might re-think what you are saying.
Zimbabwe cannot feed itself because the expelled their own farmers who happened to be white.Pretty stupid,eh?
They will enter history as "dumb asses of economics",I guess...
Now,judging by what you said: it looks like you turned into an intolerant,racist white guy who just happens to be black...
hermangu (1 week ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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Shows your IQ really, Zimbabwe making it on their own??? Yes they are making it for sure. The highest inflation in the whole world, highest unemployment in the world if thats what you call making it with black power go ahead show the world
rigolissimo (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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Sam Tsima, winner of a 1988 study scholarship..

Under apartheid ?
flabadeep (2 months ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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this is an old video obviously.well yea every one deserves to be equal, to have equal opportunities, equal education, equal facilities, but maybe you need to think about soweto, soweto is 99.9 % black, the government is 99.9% black, so should we blame it on whites? what does whites have to do with it today? EXACTLY.GIVE farms to black people, fair enough, but oh they realise they cant farm, what happens. farm is nothing worth, that reflects south africa. uneducated want, and then they fuck it up
frugero (2 months ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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This video highlights the failer of the south african goverment. Instead of providing
equality or reducing the gap between the poor and the rich. They have gone and incresed it. What kind of goverment is this!!
leatho56 (4 weeks ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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Is it failer to watch rich black man and woman? Idont understand, or u talking about the genaral me black people have no grudge against white, their kindness, loyalty and friendlies got them almost thousand years of suffering.u and i r part of this todays problem and we need change yesterday's people mess lets move ahead, after all, we all going to leave this world with nothing.
Afrikanerboetie (2 months ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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Bull shitt video, they are acting, just like 90% of all german TV programs.
He said Blacks Deserve? what and why do they deserve anything, because they are the majority? because they Fuck like animals and breed worse than Malaria, is that why they deserve! Want Want and keep Wanting till there is Nothing!
gatigati6 (2 months ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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FUCK OFF u ignorant stinkin KIKE!! Why dont u FUCK-OFF back to where u came from u pathetic lil rooinek vark..
leatho56 (4 weeks ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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Yes they do. they say every action their is reaction,dont be mad as history turn it self, as u can see,and trust me my european african citizen , i got nothin agianst white but i would suggest u move out when Mandel dies, is gonna be problem cuz the only thing that stand between angry african and the european african.i hope nothing happens but im worried for u guys ,african r like that onces they see chance to get to u they will, i hope u peace, u and the rest of the

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hip hop community responds the hardest to BET founder Bob Johnson's negative comment on Barack Obama

The Kala Nation would like to salute the Realtalk NY for stepping up and representing what hip hop is supposed to be about.If you were in a coma for the last few days the biggest controversy was when BET founder took personal shots a Presidential candidate Barack Obama.He ridiculed his campaign and said he was smoking dope while Hilary was helping out.Now Kala Nation has for some time been attacking BET for the minstrel booty/coon/sambo culture it continues to project.I am proud to see we are getting through.The following are comments about the Bob Johnson/Obama/Hilary situation.
2cents wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 4:57 am

It’s one thing to support Hillary if you believe in her platform but to come at Barack like that is unnecessary.

It’s about to get ugly and at the end of the day I have a feeling another Republican will creep in the office.
Anon wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 7:14 am

Wasn’t Bill puffing too?

And since when did people take house nigga number 1 Bob Johnson’s political views serious anyway? Man who sold his soul & BET to Viacom. Look at the shit now.
everybody wana be a n*gga, but nobody wana be a n*gga! wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 7:21 am

Damn Hillary thanks for playin the petty eddie game! And i know she aint talkin bout drug usage when your husband already admited to smoking that purple urkle years ago! So no telling what type of steriods she was taking when she found out he was getting brains from Monica. Im bout to wild out on her stinkin a$$. Lets not get to dirty bi$h!!
young cheezy wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 7:45 am

bob johnson’s a coon…fuck em…let em shuck and jive…she made the statement and needs people of color to give her a pass…so she called her token friend to show support…but we don’t fuck with bob johnsons ass…besides who needs bob johnson when you got oprah…obama 08.
EL DSG wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 7:50 am

Robert Johnson of BET has done more to diminish and demoralize black culture than any single individual since David Duke.

He owns a large interest in Leeward Islands Lottery Holding Company Inc. This is a company that runs lotteries throughout the Caribbean, and reaps millions from poor people in exchange for… nothing.

Another of his ‘charitable’ companies is Casino and Gaming Entertainment (C.A.G.E.), a video lottery gaming company headquartered in Puerto Rico and operating throughout the Caribbean.

He will roll out a new gaming operation in Barbados over the next three years, under a plan to broaden operations across the Caribbean.

Johnson’s RJL Companies, through CAGE Barbados Inc, will establish 2,500 video lottery terminals (VLTs) in Barbados that it has secured a long term contract to install and manage.

He’s an expert at exploitation.
Perfect Dark wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 7:55 am

Bob Johnson is quite possibly the biggest sellout to ever walk the face of the earth.

1. How dare he try to imply that the Obama campaign is trying to manipulate the minds of Americans. Bob Johnson created BET, a network responsible for the most negative, self-destructive, sexist, prejudiced, ignorant, and materialistic programming we’ve ever seen. He’s got some nerve saying Obama thinks people are dumb when Johnson created programming that suppresses any type of free intelligent thought or originality, recycling the same minstrel shows year after year.

2. Hillary has got some nerve for letting Johnson get away with it. One of the things that’s so unique about the Obama campaign is that for the first time for as long as I’ve been alive, a candidate is finally talking about bipartisan unity. How the hell can we have bipartisan unity when Hillary is allowing a sellout like Bob Johnson make personal attacks at a man who plans to unite the nation across political, socioeconomic, religious, and yes, racial lines? The answer is: we can’t. This type of bullshit from the Clinton machine is exactly what will keep the same system of bullshit politics in rotation forever. She should have stood up for Obama and at least said something respectable like “I do not agree with nor do I endorse the comments made by Bob Johnson. Had I known what he planned to say, I never would have given him the platform to speak in such an ugly way towards a member of my own party, and I regret that he did”.

3. Come on, Bob. When it’s all said and done, whether you like Hillary or not, what good did it do you, Hillary, or the American people to come after such a positive figure like Barack Obama? You really showed your ass on this one. I think you’re jealous. I think you’re jealous because you had plenty of opportunities with a massive platform in BET to do some incredible things for our people. Instead, you gave birth to a network that perpetuates the materialistic, sexist, and criminal lifestyles that are slowly destroying our race. And the fact that there is a fresh face on the scene with the opportunity, more importantly the intentions, to do something better makes you sick. You missed your shot, and while it may make you feel like shit, don’t take away this opportunity from another person just because you fucked up. In fact, do us all a favor and go kill yourself.

hustle simmons from 773 wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 8:11 am

Bogus bob where shall i start you sold the only soap box black folk had to stand on and get thier point across, to a company who can care less than a fu@k about the progression of blacks just take a look a the programming before he left until now…no teen summit now its college hill
the bet news dosent show as much now its hell date .
these are some brief examples of course the CLINTONS have more than likely promised you somethin’ and your independent is your business but for you to persuade our community against our own is a form of treason blacks need to identify and remove themselves from!!!!! YOURS TRULY HIP-HOP

K1NG oF N3W YoRk
K1NG oF N3W YoRk wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 8:17 am

#5 damn u broke it down homie couldn’t have said it better myself
Doc Carter wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 8:19 am

When you look up Uncle Tom in the dictionary, you get this guys picture. Not only does he have the nerve to down talk the black man, but out the other side of his mouth boost up the whites. How can Uncle Ruckus look at himself in the mirror? This is exactly why I don’t watch BET anymore.
bee-sting wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 8:42 am

POINT wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 9:11 am

He’s a coon and his and all these other faux black leaders do not represent anything about me
No cream in my coffee pleeze wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 9:26 am

witness the worlds 1st Billion Dollar SLAVE!!!!! Hopping Bob ass Nigga……..”awe Look he dont wanna work BOSS”
C-money wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 9:37 am

Bob Johnson’s comments were stupid and uncalled for. When will politicians (Hillary in this case) realize that it’s okay to run against someone without resorting to a smear campaign? I think the negative approach hurts her more than anything.

#5 Perfect Dark said: “One of the things that’s so unique about the Obama campaign is that for the first time for as long as I’ve been alive, a candidate is finally talking about bipartisan unity.”

That’s one of the things that truly fascinates and excites me about Obama’s platform. I’m VERY surprised that Clinton and Edwards have yet to challenge how exactly he will go about achieving bipartisan unity. It sounds like a very tall task and he admits in his own book that striving for it creates a lot of short-term risk. I wonder if he will get full-support from his advisers as well as the house and senate on this endeavour should he be elected as president…
Miss Mouth (Tampa Bitch!!) wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 9:57 am

This has got me heated….He’s over there shucking a jiving…I don’t understand why black people love Clinton…all he did was make a mockery of us doing trying to be sterotypical of what he thought a black man was…Cheating on his damn wife…playing a damn saxophone…AND LET’S NOT FORGET THE FOOL BOMBED AFRICA!!!


He moved is office to Harlem…to benefit himself…the rent was cheaper for him…but it made the prices for the locals increase

I am the only black person on this early thats like F*ck Clinton!!!! Wasn’t Mrs Hilary already accused of a little Watergate scandel when her husband was in office…but we don’t hear about that too much!!

Obama 2008 - Miss Mouth
Bing Da Boss wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 10:39 am

This nigga is a straight Uncle Tom. How you gon’ be a black person in America, the land of the slaves, and go out of your way to support a white bitch!! We been told since we jumped off the boat of that we would never amount to anything but “dumb niggers”, and now we got a “nigger” that capable of winning the crackers pride possession and you try to shit on him? Fuck this cracka ass nigga!! I don’t even consider him black anymore.
ALEXPKEATON wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 11:35 am

Seriously for being “Black Entertainment Television” Bob Johnson’s old station he created did more to damage the black image then help it. The only good show he had on there (till he canceled it) was the one with Tavis Smiley. BET is a fukkin’ joke.
Realdude wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 11:41 am

Man bob johnson is the worst I’m not even gonna put caps in his name. He’s the same dude who took Tavis and BET nightly news off the area. Send a N… to try to kill and destroy another brother. Hillary just lost some votes for event being next to this clown. Ole sing and smile Sammy “Rat Pack” shoe to my lou Davis bum!
marq wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 11:41 am

I lived in Charlotte Bob Johnson is a “Down Low” brother.

His wife caught him with a man and took 400 million,google it! I am not saying I am for Obama, but all through out history Whites have used these “Uncle Tom” nigga’s to start shit, to divid us.

We aren’t that dumb anymore…I hope!!
everybody wana be a n*gga, but nobody wana be a n*gga! wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 11:57 am

OK… my fault i shoulda read the article before i jumped out the gate on Hillary. But note that she can still get it too. I didn’t even know of Bob Johnson until I did some research on’em today, but its now a well known fact he’s a house n*gga! That’s sad.
pynb inc. wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 11:59 am

everybody wana be a n*gga, but nobody wana be a n*gga! wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 12:02 pm

But again how could you not know he was a house n*gga when B.E.T is one of the biggest sell-outs to the Black community. The youth Watch’n BET nowadays is like taking poison. Lack of substance and education. Something that is much needed in our community.
magic jones says wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 1:14 pm

1.sometimes i just dont like being black….no reason 4 him 2
go at obama

2.Hillary Clinton’s words were and i quote”If it wasn’t for president Johnson civil rights would have never ended because all mlk had was a dream” if your black and you dont find that as a form of disrespect your pretty much an idiot
T Taverniti wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 1:29 pm

fuck bob johnson for, one, selling bet to viacom on his greedy shit. gonna sell out his people for another couple million when he already rich. and two, for not supporting a worth black candidate to be president over the white lady.

if we have a racial draft ala dave chappele, they can have that nigga.
L Boogie wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 1:46 pm

Bob is full of shit and i think everyone knows it. He sold BET which was the one platform we had to get our point across. I cant think of the last time i watched anything on BET. They need to change the damn name of the station because its not black entertainment anymore. But wait, maybe they shoould keep the initials (Black Exploitation Television)… that sounds about right.
founder of MTV wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 1:49 pm
The King wrote on January 15th, 2008 at 2:23 pm

wow i’m proud and impressed to see that alot of people here feel the way i feel. i didnt think ya’ll would

he woulda felt sum kinda way had we all supported MTV and turned our back on BET. but we supported him because of the name BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION. witout any questions and he led weak minded youth down a negative spiral. then sold to the highest bidder just like a slave.

bob you can have your opinion but whatever u are involved with will get no support from me from here on out

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sacred 2 Robert Johnson,Black America's new Baron

Do we have a right to criticize members of of community who are role models and super successful?This question has been asked by every generation of African Americans since the first freed slaves started organizing and fighting for our freedom.Our culture is unique to the African world because we lost most of our African culture,were forced to take European names and we were mixed with the blood of our slave masters.At times we choose leaders based on who looked the most White.Or in order to lead you had to look light skinned straight hair,look at any of the early Black leaders almost all had looked White.This was self hate and self doubt.This is why most of these so called civil rights leaders think they can sell us on a White savior(Clinton)because we doubt our own kind.This does not mean Barack Obama is the answer,but before you can get answers you have to ask the right questions.
As I have said in the Kalagenesis'Sacred Cows'are those beliefs in which a group of people hold sacred even to their own demise.The second biggest sacred cow we as African American's have is when someone makes a lot of money or has a Phd or any education they are always correct.This is rooted in an enslaved people.Again if I am making you uneasy to bad the truth will set us free.Being stifled in America from reaching our absolute full potential most of us will never realize our dreams.Many of us will be successful, but the White man has already decided that their already enough rich Black folks, so anymore will pose a threat to their dominance.Admittedly Robert Johnson founder of BET,(Black Entertainment Television)said he knows there wont be anymore Blacks in his position any time soon.He knows White American thinks he and Oprah are enough.Get that some other race is deciding who shall blow up in Black America!Now Johnson to his credit is the first Black owner of a big time sports team the Charlette Bobcats he said he bought it for 300 million with no affirmative Action handout.He created BET when an early client wanted to buy a cable channel for the elderly so he decided to create one for the Black community.He said from the start he was about money,money and more money.He is a businessman before anything BET had to be profitable.Many of his critics wanted BET to be more cultural,educational,political,but BET format stuck to videos supplied by artist for free.BET was the first African American company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.Five years ago he sold BET for 3 Billion dollars making him the first Black billionaire.BET now reaches over 65 million homes in America.His company RLJ companies in partnership with the Carllyse group(the utility in the Afganistan war) formed a capital equity company to purchase 100 hotels.He wants to use pension funds of African Americans in civil services across the country and by forming new Black business groups under him.He is poised to be a baron of Black America making other Blacks rich in the process.And he still has not forgotten his roots.With all this do we still have the right to voice our disagreement with his actions?Or are we bound by the second most dangerous 'sacred cow'?

Monday, January 14, 2008

White's using rock and hip hop to send racist messages.

A few years ago heavy metal strong man Phil Anselmo of the metal band Pantera got up on stage at a concert to make an indictment of todays White youth.Phil went on about how he has the balls to say what most Whites feel about White kids following rappers and acting Black.Now I know many of you are going to ask why does this matter?Well first We Blacks and Latinos are a minority group in this country.We don't control the wealth or the power structure.Whites are part of that power structure so the government does not want White kids listening to socially relevant hip hop.I mean remember Ice T 'cop killer',NWA 'F@#$ tha police'?Or Ice Cube's 'Amerikkka's most wanted'.Unlike the east coast early hip hop the west coast was marketed directly to suburban middle America. Kid Rock came along stealing a culture to promote his Whiteness as he calls it whatever that means.The hip hop community embraced him,but hidden in his lyrics is White racist lingo and bravado.I remember the Championship basketball game three years ago in Detroit he sat in the arena with a shirt that said 'White Boy'.I said to myself,doesn't Kid Rock big up Detroit and claim to be from the streets and at one time had a flat top?Wasn't it hip hop and Black Detroit that made him rich?'Why the racial antagonism?This is done to pull the White kids away from any Black rappers to give them White alternatives.The bigger question for the straight out of the trailer cowboy,why are Whites allowed to be racist even when doing Black music and we Blacks have gotten rid of all race conscious
out of our music?Why do country music stars sing about the love of their culture and rail against their enemies but the only time Blacks can hate it is with another Black?Where is the Black mans hip hop like back in the day?Who speaks for us?Why do I only see sellouts, cowards,self hating sambos in the culture could it be that our music has lost its soul?
Above are three videos two by Pantera one by Kid Rock.On on of the Pantera videos he talks about White pride,the other he fights with a Black security guard.On the Kid rock song 'Amen' a subtle jab at Black people.Kid Rock cleverly uses the race card by saying he is persecuted for being White.This will sell him more records in redneckville.

Slumping record sales may be a good thing for hip hop.

2007 was the year that the gloss, floss, and "status of a boss" image that made rap music so commercially successful in the early 1990s stopped impressing people so much. Suddenly, rap artists were forced to create real art -- or just hustle, hard -- to be heard.

Hip-hop, it seemed, was going out of fashion. It just wasn't cute anymore. Not after 'hood hero Michael Vick got caught dog fighting, and definitely not after we taught Don Imus to call the Rutgers women's basketball team a bunch of "nappy headed hos." The act had worn thin and consumers rebelled, deciding to go out and spend their money on better things than "Curtis," 50 Cent's latest album. Nevermind the prize-fight worthy hype for "Curtis" and a record sales war waged against Kanye West. By industry standards, the album was an utter flop, barely crawling past the 1 million mark. That's quite a contrast to the over 5 million sales on his last album.

This might have hurt 50's feelings -- and pockets -- had he not been making millions off of his "Formula 50" vitamin water venture, or his ever-popular G-unit clothing line. Because, you see, '07 was also the year of diversifying your game. Creating and finding more avenues for revenue was the mantra of the past year. That entrepreneurial spirit kept the game afloat in a time a when perpetually multi-platinum artists (multi-million unit pushers) had to scratch and crawl their way to gold (500,000 sales).

Rapper Jay-Z, who was also the president of Def Jam Records from 2005 to the end of 2007, started the year with a "back from retirement" album that was a critical and commercial flop, despite a marketing blitz that was the hip-hop equivalent of the "Spiderman 2" campaign. Undaunted, he returned to the studio months later to record and release a concept album and soundtrack to Denzel Washington's street hustler epic "American Gangster," which was received better by both critics and the record-buying public -- a shot at redemption he likely would not have gotten if he, as Def Jam president, didn't give it to himself. He's also co-owner of the New Jersey Nets, and is said to have just bought my favorite clothing line, Artful Dodger. Soulja boy, Hurricane Chris, Mims, and any other new artist with a hit would do well to follow these hustling examples.

But not all rappers are in it for the money. For years, Bay Area rap artists have been at the forefront of the independent music hustle. This has long been a region where one can be commercially successful and financially comfortable with a fan base of fewer than 50,000. For an independent artist, the money is quicker, more direct and more easily accountable, meaning that you can control your business with greater accuracy than most major labels. With the consignment deals most independent artists make with local record stores, they receive between half and two-thirds of the profits generated. Not to mention live shows, which are usually a major artist's bread and butter.

The risk in being an independent artist is higher. If you are not commercially successful, not only are you not making any money, but you're losing it. Not to mention the fact that your art will never be recognized on the same level as more mainstream artists -- so, no Grammies for you. But that is a small price to pay if you can sell one-third of 50 Cent's albums and still make big money. The Bay Area's E-40, San Quinn, Messy Marv, Tha Jacka, Keak da Sneak, Mr. F.A.B., Bavgate and Beeda Weeda are artists who, for the most part, have never been on a major label and are still eating fat. Some of these dudes own homes, and with Bay Area property values being some of the highest in the country, that should tell you something.

If major labels or mainstream America lose interest in hip-hop culture and rap music, it is of no consequence. In fact, this current recession in the hip-hop economy will be a good thing if it runs off all the rappers and potential moguls who only got into the game for the money, hos and clothes. In fact, it seems like recently hip-hop has retreated aesthetically and sentimentally back to the 'hood. Some of the biggest songs of the last half of 2007, like "Duffle Bag Boy" and "I'm So Hood" and even "Crank That," have been directly and definitively made for the 'hood. Artists are trying less to cross over into white America and more to gain respect and notoriety from people who look like them. And that is a beautiful thing because hip-hop first and foremost is a street culture and rap is street music. Maybe this will be the beginning of a new golden age: one where the culture controls, exploits, and owns its image and therefore directly reaps the financial benefits.


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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

From African Queen to Porn Queen.Have most Black women sold their souls and the community out?

I know this is going to bring controversy,but I think since we are facing such dire conditions in the Black male/female relationship that we need to discuss these issues.Above are videos by a brother named MMMayor of the group Church for men only,and the website was the first to attack the myth of the strong Black woman.In these video series he exposes Rapper Queen Latifah who used to have to love and respect of the Black male across the country.Now she dyes her hair blond in an attempt to look White.A clear sign of self hate and loathing.It is one thing to self hate,but when you are in the public eye and little children look up to you then I and many others who actually care about our people will expose you.For the past 40 years since the murder of Dr Martin Luther King jr more Black women have been educated and went into the corporate world.In the sixties it was about a common struggle with our community.But many Black women like Angela Davis bought the communist/feminist line about male oppression.For Black girls the chance to sit next to Blond women who they've worshiped since they've gotten their first doll was a chance many could not resist.Am I making some of you uncomfortable?Good the truth always do.So to is the myth about the strong Black woman.This myth is designed to humiliate Black men and boys.Black men are still running most of the successful Black households,not women.It is Black men who are building businesses at the highest rate among any other group in America.Most African American organizations,churches,charities,businesses are run by Black men.This is in spite of opposition from a racist White America.Black females are helped by the government.After 1968 White feminist convinced the proleteriate Black women that being'independent' was the key and the result is every thug mama's boys,gangsta rapper you see.Get rid of strong men and the young bucks will rule.Now a solution to all of this is to mentor young men in your community.Lets fight these entertainers who are encouraging the thug criminal life just to peddle a few clown records.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Ghana's President John Agyekum Kufour's flop in Kenya.

So Kenya has no need for Ghana’s President John Agyekum Kufuor’s mediation in the on-going "Kenyan situation." As embarrassing as it is, I see it as an invitation to the plane-hopping-overseas-travel-addicted Ghanaian head of state to stay home in bed and reflect on the question “what have you done lately for Africa?” I believe it the same question the Kenyans asked and found the Ghanaian so empty that they had no difficulty telling him to take a hike. This is in spite of the fact that Mr. Kufuor is listed as chairman of the AU an organization for which Kwame Nkrumah sacrificed, suffered and eventually died.

For the years that this man has been in power in Ghana, we have endured the painful irony of a him doing his damndest to deny the Osagyefo while at the same time basking in the sunshine of a great man’s enduring legacy – the independence of Ghana linked with the total liberation of all Africa. We have watched in utter dismay as his government assumes positions that sullies Ghana’s commitment to the unity of purpose that Africa needs to battle the unrelenting designs by Europeans to take what they can from Africa and not pay for them.

Under him, Ghana has behaved at the UN and other international arenas the way neo-colonialist western nations would have it. Kufuor has not passed on any opportunity to visit western capitals to buy designer suits, be received in private audiences, be feted at state banquets and prompted to smile for cameras in photo events. No wonder he is listed as one of the best dressed suit-wearing heads of state in the world. Among his rewards (and other African leaders like him) have been invitations to useless photo-taking/dinner events during G-8 summits in recent years. I suspect Mr. Kufuor has somewhere in his trophy case an autographed replica of the torch he carried around Accra in commemoration of the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to the British throne.

When British slave trade apologists needed a “native” to help white wash their role as originators, prosecutors and beneficiaries of the devilish enterprise, they sought Mr. Kufuor out. And he obliged. Back in March of the past year, he stood at Elmina and literally repudiated the fight for the payment of reparations to the descendants of Africans enslaved by Europeans and Americans. He said among other things that Africans should look within themselves and “show remorse” rather than pursue demands for the payment of reparations from foreign nations who initiated and principally executed the heinous Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. He was speaking at a ceremony sponsored primarily by the British to mark the 200 years of the passing of legislation by the British government to abolish slave trade in its territories.

Mr. Kufuor made it be known that paying reparations to Africans as compensation for the evil commerce may prove difficult and complex owing to the fact that Africans themselves played primary role in the trade. He pinned the blame squarely on Africans because they themselves actively participated in the capture and sale of their kith and kin to foreigners. He suggested that Africans would find closure and move forward if they would “show remorse and accord those who suffered enslavement and their successors their full human rights."

No one knows whose interest the Ghanaian leader was representing by these pronouncements. Certainly it wasn’t Africa.

Everywhere you turn, Africa is choked with leaders who cannot see, let alone understand, what the Nkrumahs, the Sekou Toures, the Kenyattas, the Haile Selassies etc saw and understood, that “no single part of Africa can be safe, or free to develop fully and independently, while any part remains un-liberated, or while Africa's vast economic resources continue to be exploited by imperialist and neo-colonialist interests. Unless Africa is politically united, under an All-African Union Government, there can be no solution to our political and economic problems." (Kwame Nkrumah)

Let’s hope and pray that our dream of continental/regional integration expressed in the form of the African Union /ECOWAS etc survives the current crop of gutless leadership on the continent.

Otherwise when the epitaph of the ECOWAS comes to be written, it will record the names of the likes of Ghana’s Kufuor and Ivory Coast’s Laurent Gbagbo in infamy. In recent negotiations with the European Union over trade protocols, these two gentlemen took their countries out of ECOWAS’ official position that sought to deal with the EU as a block. Simply put, Ghana and Ivory Coast broke rank with the regional body and left their less endowed neighbors in a lurch. They betrayed the single most important bargaining chirp we have – strength in solidarity. By signing individual interim protocols with the EU, Kufuor and Gbagbo effectively broke the back of regional solidarity and allowed the time tested imperialistic divide and conquer strategy to triumph.

And it isn’t like the deal they went slobbering for is in even in their best interest. It is loaded with dangerous implications such as the permanent elimination of all forms of export taxes, which governments all over the developing world including Ghana, to discourage the excessive export of locally produced materials in their raw form, so as to encourage value added processing and export. This is in addition to an EU proposal calling for liberalization of government procurement, investment rules and capital flows.

Even the EU acknowledges that what they were offering could result in the country losing some revenue when import duties on EU goods were removed. For that the EU promises to put in place a fund to compensate for such revenue losses.

The history of our dealings with the European is littered with countless treaties they wrote in their languages that they had never honored. Let alone what amounts to nothing but a promise. And you bought that? An imperialist’s promise? What ever happened to the funds Britain agreed to provide Zimbabwe to buy back the land colonialist had stolen from the Africans by force or arms and colonial usurpation?

You know you have sold out, betrayed Africa, if you take an action or a position that earns the praises of the agent of western imperialism. So when Mr. Filliberto Ceriani Sebregondi, Head of European Union Delegation in Ghana, on December 12 hailed Ghana's decision to sign the go-it-alone interim Economic Partnership Agreements with the European Union he was in fact saying “sucker, Africa, you’ve just been had!!” Thanks to the likes of Kufuor and Gbagbo.

Those who do not learn from history’s lessons are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

By G. Ofori Anor
New York City

Lunatic The Messiah cause a stir.

Cadre Press Release 1-7-08

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The end of White Supremecy.

To the vast African diaspora,to the brothers and sisters on the great Continent of Africa where civilization was born on the banks of the Nile river 3000 B.C.We are now seeing 400 hundred years of White supremecy come to an end.Africa is now standing up to its former colonial masters and looking him eye to eye.Recently Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was branded a dictator by the Western media.I t seems any Black man holding power who does not buck dance for the White man is a dictator.A prominent Zimbabwe writer wrote a letter for the official record chronicling the events in that country this is the Kala Nation Official record on the Pan African state of unity in Zimbabwe.
ZimbabweBy Reason Wafawarova
December 29, 2007

NOW that the year 2007 is coming to an end and inflation is not at 1,5 million percent, Zanu-PF is still intact, Zimbabwean soldiers are still in the barracks and not at State House and Munhumutapa Building and the Government of Zimbabwe is still going strong it may be necessary to look at some of the political predictions and events of the year that may pass for the highlights of the year.

The year 2007 began with the suspicious "attack" on Lovemore Madhuku’s residence on January 1 that many neutral observers believe was a self-inflicted and convenient sympathy-hunting antic meant to hoodwink gullible Western donors as well as to attract international attention.

Two days later, Morgan Tsvangirai, the faction leader of one of the two fragments of the MDC capitalised on the Madhuku incident in his New Year address and claimed that the "attack" was a sign that President Mugabe and Zanu-PF were "on the verge of collapse". In the same address, Tsvangirai also claimed, authoritatively, that there was irreparable disenchantment within Zanu-PF and he even invited the so-called reformists to join his "democratic forces".

Arthur Mutambara weighed in with his own New Year message in which he bragged that he was going to lead a "defiance campaign" that would see laws being disregarded. Tsvangirai and members of the so-called Save Zimbabwe Coalition joined in the campaign for defiance.

This led to the terrible cruising for a bruising when some of those who chose to defy the law went on a collision course with the police in Highfield, Harare and as history now records the opposition activists ended up inviting the full wrath of the law on that fateful March 11. Before March 11 there were a number of interesting developments that showed that the opposition was either acting on faulty intelligence or plain naiveté. There was a belief that members of the police force would sympathise with the violent revolters, for example, and Tsvangirai even invited the police to join the "march".

The events of March 11 turned out to be the turning point where the MDC began to take African lessons down the throat, as events would show. While the West found good politics in displaying the bruises of those who front-lined the defiance campaign particularly the pictures of Tsvangirai, Africa through Sadc, decided to look at what had caused the bruises in the first place or put analytically, to look beyond the bruises and burns on both sides of the collision.

Sadc sought to tackle the issue at its ExtraOrdinary Summit held at the end of March and the prediction within the MDC and the Western circles was that President Mugabe was going to be condemned by fellow Heads of States at the Summit and that Africa through Sadc, was going to stand by the MDC.

The 14 Heads of State and Government held their closed-door session and came out to meet a legion of journalists ready to "scoop on Mugabe’s downfall". Jakaya Kikwete, the Tanzanian President and then Sadc chairman delivered a communiqué with resolutions that left a bitter taste in the mouths of MDC activists and Western journalists present.

He said Sadc noted that Zimbabwe had carried out free and fair elections in 2000 and 2002 and therefore fully believed that President Mugabe and his Government was the legitimate choice by the people of Zimbabwe – that Britain had an obligation to honour its Lancaster House commitments, that sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the Western alliance had to be lifted and that Zanu-PF and the MDC should mediate under the auspices of Sadc.

Britain immediately announced its disapproval of the stance taken by Sadc and Tendai Biti charged that Sadc was playing "ping pong with the people of Zimbabwe". Mutambara inferred that Sadc was a "club of dictators" and the US administration expressed dismay at the failure by Sadc to play to the Western bidding while the BBC marvelled at the sight of President Mugabe coming from the summit "with a spring in his step".

Then came Christopher Dell’s departure from Zimbabwe on a lower-level posting to Afghanistan in June, well coinciding with the departure of Tony Blair from No. 10 Downing Street.

These two men had a commission to see the demise of the Zimbabwean Government – a commission deriving its roots from the legacy of Western "supremacy" as well as from the mandates of imperialism as enforced by corporate democracy. Blair was going to leave his MDC political project at the mercy of these African natives who in his eyes were so mean and primitive that they seemed to okay images of terrible bruises and to be going along with a "ruthless dictator". Not least – Blair was going to suffer regime change ahead of President Mugabe and there was no sign or hope that the millions of pounds he had poured into the MDC project would yield any positive result.

As for Dell, it was a combination of shame, humiliation and self-cursing for a complete failure of a Milosovech replay on a turf he had thought to be an easy stroll in the park. He could not believe that the natives could not be stirred into an uprising and he had to make face saving predictions to the effect that inflation would be 1,5 million percent by year-end and that "the regime cannot survive."

Many will remember that Dell’s predictions were immediately followed by a sharp rise in commodity prices and that the price madness had to be arrested by a price blitz from the Government – that resulting in the current commodity shortages.

It was back to the African forum in July when all African leaders gathered for the 9th Ordinary Session of the AU in Accra, Ghana. The MDC still thought there was something fundamentally wrong with Sadc and they sent a delegation led by Thokozani Khupe to impress upon the African leaders that Zimbabwe was under a "ruthless dictatorship".

Not only were the African leaders clearly not interested in Khupe’s presence at the summit – but the Ghanaians as well as their Press also demanded to know from Khupe and her colleagues – why such a revolutionary as President Mugabe is, could suddenly just turn into the monster Khupe was preaching. They also demanded to know why her party was so much liked by the West and why they were receiving western funding and why they were opposed to the land reform programme.

Meanwhile, President Mugabe was addressing multitudes and was being honoured as a successor to the Kwame Nkrumah legacy of Pan-Africanism.

For the second time Africa was speaking to the MDC and telling them that it was the African way or the high way – and no midway measures.

In August, Sadc was once again meeting in Lusaka, Zambia for its 27th Summit, and again the MDC dispatched the battle-weary Khupe to try another demonisation campaign against the Government of Zimbabwe – this time with the support of hired protesters. Most of the hired thugs were deported at the Zimbabwe-Zambia border post while those who sneaked in had to make do with humiliating booing from the Zambian public as well as the Zambian political leaders from both sides of the divide.

The message was the same. Africa did not take kindly to the treacherous identity of the MDC.

This continued show of solidarity with Zimbabwe by African leaders was clearly not going down well in the Western circles and immediately after the Lusaka Summit something had to be done. In came Australia’s Alexander Downer with his enormous victory over eight Zimbabwean university students who were studying in Australia at the time. Downer, the then Foreign Minister reckoned that these youngsters had a case to answer in all that was happening since they happened to be born to Zimbabwean politicians and senior officials whose policies differed from the Australian government’s perspective.

During this time Downer, personally invited Tsvangirai to Australia and Tsvangirai enthusiastically thanked Downer and the Australian government for the isolation of Zimbabwe and pleaded for more isolation and more sanctions, only to be restrained by Downer who had to tell him that the measures in place then were adequate.

There was an announcement about funding of "democratic forces" in Zimbabwe to the tune of 18 million Australian dollars and while addressing invited guests at the Lowly Institute in Sydney Alexander Downer told Tsvangirai that "we definitely want to see the back of Mr Mugabe".

It is ironic that from Sydney, Tsvangirai went straight for a weaker target and showed the world the back of a poor woman by the name Lucia Matibenga, much to the surprise of Downer – whose own back was to be seen by President Mugabe as the Howard government was dismissed by the Australian electorate in an election in November.

Anyway, on September 18, 2007 Zimbabwe witnessed the first fruit of the talks between Zanu-PF and the MDC. The two parties co-sponsored Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 18) Act, which harmonised elections for Zimbabwe beginning 2008.

There was apparent disquiet from Western quarters with Tsvangirai rushing to Washington to explain issues but there was nowhere to rush in order to pacify marauding voices from Zinasu, NCA, Woza and other pro-MDC civic organisations. Madhuku literally went mad and accused the MDC of "treachery" and many political hangers-on of the MDC complained bitterly about being left out of the talks.

Britain could not understand the MDC move of moving in unison with Zanu-PF and Gordon Brown made the biggest mistake of his political life on the 21st of September when he chose to reinforce his resentment for what was happening by declaring that he would boycott the EU-Africa Summit in Portugal if President Mugabe was invited. It was game on about who would be watching the other’s empty chair.

President Levy Mwanawasa of Zambia, the Sadc chair, immediately declared that Sadc would boycott the Summit if President Mugabe was not invited, and when the Ghanaian foreign minister, whose country chaired the AU, announced that the AU position was that all African leaders were to be invited that made it minus 53 countries or NO summit.

Faced with this scenario, and a history of a Blair boycott in 2000 and a cancellation of the Summit in 2003, Europe was divided; with German, Portugal and other countries insisting that the Summit had to go ahead according to the wish of the African leaders. That left the unelected, Blair-appointed Gordon Brown with egg in the face.

Of course the Summit did materialise on December 8/9 and President Mugabe was right there watching a little lady of the African colour sitting in Brown’s chair and clearly overwhelmed by events. Attempts by the MDC to build up Brown’s case at the Summit through anti-Zimbabwe demonstrations backfired when pro-Zimbabwe protesters countered their hired protesters.

On October 30, Tsvangirai sent Khupe to preside over what is now known as the "restaurant congress" at which one Theresa Makone was "elected" to replace the ousted Lucia Matibenga. Civic groups, MDC senior officials and the private media went berserk after this and on November 7, Nelson Chamisa ranted against the media blitz claiming that there was no fall out in the MDC and accused everyone of being delusional.

On November 30, the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association organised the Million Men and Women March in support of President Mugabe’s candidature in March 2008 and the crowd that turned up shocked the MDC the most. Zanu-PF’s Extraordinary Congress followed the March and and again the opposition was shocked by the unanimous endorsement of President Mugabe as the ruling party’s candidate in the harmonised elections in March 2008.

All the predictions of pandemonium and fireworks from perceived factions within Zanu-PF were just not there at the Congress and there was no sign of a political party coming out of Zanu-PF as had been predicted throughout the year.

On December 18, amendments Bills for the Broadcasting Services Act, the Public Order and Security Act and the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act were all fast-tracked through the House of Assembly – again co-sponsored by both the MDC and Zanu-PF and the same voices of descend are crying foul.

This writer has chronicled these events in light of the new orientation the events have given to the MDC. While some argue and say the MDC just did not do its work in creating synergies in Africa, this writer asserts that it is the MDC ideology, or is it lack of it, that actually alienated the MDC from the African polity.

No government can be comfortable with a foreign funded and foreign directed opposition party, even if the party was just next-door. If the MDC were standing for African values and not doing such treacherous things as calling for sanctions against their own country they barely needed to mobilise friends in Africa – they would just get them. Is it not surprising that even other opposition parties in other African countries like Zambia have a problem with the MDC?

Now that election 2008 is around the corner and the Government of Zimbabwe has not collapsed it is time for the MDC to evaluate itself and not to blame the Constitution, food distribution, chiefs and so on and so forth for its defeat.

A clearly disintegrating opposition cannot keep blaming outside factors for its lack of organisational skills and now that the African language has been spoken loud and clear it is time to go back to the drawing board for the MDC and an introduction of an ideology might be the starting point. Abandoning the imperial agenda might be second and selling alternative policies in place of vilification might be third. That way we can start talking of movement for democratic change.