Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Writing is on the WallPt 2The Farrakhan Effect

When I first starting publishing essays years ago I handled the Great Nation of Islam with respect.I still do.But what I did not want to believe,is exactly what whispers and side debates I heard among Black folks around the water cooler,at family dinners,churches,book clubs,political meetings ect,is that many question the man and the myth of Min Louis Farrakhan.In my youth I saw him as a leader.Even though he had no plan or vision.You see Min Farrakhan is good at crowd pleasing.He is the master at knowing exactly what to say at the exact right time.A person who is skilled in"Farrakhanism"can see his talking points come before it is delivered.Like a skilled Kung Fu master,the minister maneuvers his message as to keep harmony and balance.Now many of his core positions are questioned on the internet,with the result being destructive to the carefully crafted image the Final Call and even the White media who seems to love the Black boogeyman they created to scare White folks.Does the emperor really have no closes? The Internet is the writing on the wall On these blogwalls debate and open warfare is going on and no one person's image or legacy is safe.I have seen Garvey's relevance questioned,even by his supporters.Every detail of what someone said or believed can be examined without the confines of a classroom,institute or some Guru.The internet is a dangerous place for people who rely on image without substance.Those who rode to fame on soundbites from the mainstream media now find themselves hunted relentlessly by Blog/warriors.With video edit,pictures photo shop,text,and a billion people on line means a video can go viral and build or destroy any person no matter how many years work they have put in.It is no doubt that the dwindling numbers supporting the minister is a result of the internet and the growing number of Pan African groups serious about African Nationalism.Islam itself because of the web is now seen as an Arab colonizing religion as opposed to a Black power religion.Images even of early Master Farad showing criminal pictures and mugshots of the messiah,clearly damages the image of the NOI's savior. To me the most damaging thing on the internet is the language hurled at the minister and the growing contempt for religion and Black leaders in general.It is clear from reading the thousands of Blog post,that there is no such thing as a Black leader.This institution was a creation of the White media.There are no so called Black leaders who are respected on the internet.Where people really express how they feel and think.On the the internet Black leaders are fools,handkerchief heads,Uncle Toms,hambones,ect.Barack Obama cannot do what no one else has ever done in Black America--delivery the goods.The rivalry between Obama and the professional spokemouths who claim to be the voice of the voiceless Black folk is especially embarrassing.At no time have anyone given these men a mandate to speak on the community's behalf.But that wont stop a dictator like Minister Farrakhan who recently proclaimed himself the ruler of Black people in America.On youtube names like Sinister Farraklown,Farraperm,Screwy Loui,Arab bootlicker.This was compounded that 80% of African Americans are interested in Africa and African current events.The same Black people support Obama and America in the world to 96%.A growing number of African Americans do business globally.None of these things were brought by any so called Black leader in the Black media or the mainstream media.They were brought by the networks built in cyberspace.So maybe when the mothership comes back,the Black so called leadership and the minister can board it.