Monday, December 3, 2007

A side of Africa you wont see on American tv.Lagos Nigeria

IT always amazes me how people who don't know anything about Africa have such a Negative image of the continent.Nigeria is beautiful and the more African Americans see images like this one the more they will understand that Africa has potential to be a partners in education,business,trade,technology,culture politics ect.The first thing is we as Black people have to get rid of the self hate.Every other group has ties to their homelands we are the only group of people who are totally dependent on White America for survival.From fancy cars to sports countries like South Africa,Nigeria,Kenya has real potential for the ambitious among our people.Above are a collection of fourteen videos made in Lagos,Abuja/Nigeria with excellent scenery,stuff you wont see on American television.Only war,aids people starving is what you will see.

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