Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Deadly Clowns.Is Carlos Mencia'sracist comedy skits causing tensions between Afrikan-Amerikan and Latinos to grow?

Before I get started I just would like to say,I by no means am a racist.I do not take pleasure in someone Else's pain or misfortune.Although we can debate the issues between the two groups,it is when we feel the need to adopt beliefs or attitudes of the White racist toward each other the tension begins. At a critical time in American history when by numbers non white people in America is growing to an economic,cultural,and political block that cannot be ignored by the White majority.The goal of the people who practice White Supremacy is to keep nonwhite people in strife with each other.Most of the strife between the two groups are built around circumstances that neither have any control over.For example Illegal Mexicans looking for work and cutting wages,Blacks reacting by joining and supporting White xenophobic mania by supporting mass deportation.Hispanics see this and react by adopting the same attitudes towards Blacks as racists Whites.Also many light skinned Hispanics pass them self off as white on most government documents.There lies the problem,race is only something Blacks only are truly subjugated too.So the farce about people of color being united is an insult.Not so as long as we got sellouts in the Asian,Black,Latino,communities like Dave Chapelle(Before he told Comedy Central to go to hell and kiss his Black ass)and Carlos Mencia who will buck dance and do the White Racist bidding for them.Carlos Mencia born Ned Holness in Honduras 1967 was the 17th of 18 children.After making it across to the US, his family settled in East Los Angeles with relatives.Mencia says he is not afraid to offend ethnic groups.Yet most of his skits tend to be an Anglo racist vision of American life.Now for all of you snarcotic brain dead idiots who want to debate me on this,let me remind you that no one gets a major TV gig like that unless their is some hidden agenda somewhere.Black Degradation is the real goal.Tensions between Blacks and Latinos which is growing is another.This clown came out of nowhere and filled Dave Chapelle spot on Comedy Central.Why?Because they didn't like the fact that Chapelle exposed them for what they are.Chapelle admitted he went to far.He also said Comedy Central is politically charged and potent.Nearly all of the skits concerning Blacks take an usually crude mean-spirited gesture.He often says I of end everyone.No he doesn't,He takes time to support La Raza or Hispanic causes.Finally Whites are in power in this country,so any talk of race leaves them with a false sense of superiority,which is what to many Latinos and Whites believe in.

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