Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hustler vs Businessmen

In recent years there has been an attempt to legitimize drug dealing, thievery,car jacking money laundering ,prostitution,gambling you know all of the sins and vices.Through rap music and ,criminal activities are being legitimized even justified.The antics of Micheal Vick,Pacman Jones and others in sports and entertainment go unchallenged and unpunished.It seems as long as you have money all of your sins and flaws are forgiven.The more money you have dictates your place in this world.Not character or convictions.It is apparent no one wants to see a rich person rot in jail while millions sit in his or her bank account and goes unspent.We in our subconscious secretly root for the bad guy in the movies,and later feel guilty about it.The same law and order crowd will watch Sopranos,Ocean 11,read about Billy the kid,Jessie James was a hero to many.Why?Are we secretly evil?Are all of us prone to murder, robbery,kidnapping?Probably not.

A great American once said "The business of America is business".In simple terms it means we are here for the money nothing else.Hate it or love it everything in this world is moved by money it talks.A thug can get enough money and everyone will treat him with respect.

Just what is a business man? A hustler?A hustler can never be a good business why,because he doesn't take the time to develop himself for any long term commitment.A hustler want fast money. He only will venture into something where maximum profit can be made with minimum amount of risk.This is why it is a farce to believe that if given opportunity that street hustlers will become successful business people.I know you may say what about all of the rappers and moguls making millions of dollars selling records.If you notice there was already a market for the product they are selling so they are just filling a void.The big multinational music groups,the radio stations,music channels and internet control the flow or market these acts to the world.The mogul just puts their signature on the product as a sort of endorsement.Now don't get me wrong the style and design and trends do come from the moguls, but big mainstream corporation take their cut and control the marketing and advertising.Check out Toyota,Honda,Ford,GE,Bell,Kellogge ect,and see who controls their marketing mix from a-z.See that these are businessmen who shed many tears and in the end they delivered a product to the public.A hustler by nature does not like rules.So he often engages in criminal activities and find it hard to make the transition to legitimate enterprises.This is because in the criminal world deputes are settled through violence and intimidation.Trying to use courts to settle disputes or disagreements is the hallmark of a civilized people.A good business man does this and is patient,take for instance the shopkeeper who stays open even when not profit is being made.And the supermarket who takes a loss on an item just stocks it because customers need it.It is clear that a businessman may have to hustle to get ahead,and a hustler may need some business sense.But the two are clearly not the same .A businessman is a businessman and a hustler is just a hustler.

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