Friday, December 14, 2007

Minister Louis Farrakhan.Looking for love in all the wrong places.

I remember being one of the chief organizers of the Million man march back in the summer of 1995 here in Virginia.I was a believer in the minister and the movement I still am.The year leading up to the march there was turmoil in young Black America.We saw a rise in KKK/Skinhead activity in America on one side and Bloods,crips,thug life on the other.Squeezed in the middle Minister Farrakhan,Khallid Abdul Muhammed and Ben Chavis seemed like a godsend.There was no in between either you was lost an 85% or you followed Farrakhan.Most rappers although they did wrong still supported the movement.No sellout was the thing.The rapper that idealized this was Ice Cube.When he dropped Amerikkka's most wanted in the late 80's along with Ice T,KRS ONE,Public Enemy,even NWA,Militancy was the main current running through hip hop.It was on this foundation that the youth saw The minister as a leader.Fighting a racist government,being proud of our history and ancestry was stamped in early hip hop.Remember Queen Latifah's 'Ladies first'and others.Now back then when I spoke to people about Black Unity only a few objected.So all of the signals were there for a mass mobilization of our people.In 1994 Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa so Black power and Black solidarity was the buzz and it seemed no one inthe mainstream media could stop it.Right before Farrakhan held the Million man march about 9 months prior he held a Pan-African summit in Accra Ghana.This was ground breaking,the President of Ghana at the time was Jerry Rawlings,who opened his country to the Nation of Islam and Black America.We would now have a Government to connect to.Since that time the number of our people visiting Ghana quadrupled.Farrakhan was the man of the hour.Remember what was going on on the hip hop scene back then.Remember east coast west coast beef.Something those vermin scum in hip hop publications would not stop talking about.In the final call there were no mention of this conflict only unity.The mainstream media would not stop instigating this rivalry.A few years earlier Farrakhan held a gang summit that would come back to haunt him.The gangs now had legitimacy.After the march on October 16,1995 the whole movement fell apart.People thought he had a plan and it turned out he didn't.As a result the Pan/Africa movement fell apart and the Minister looked like a lonely old man without a following.A year later 2Pac Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas while the Minister was in town for the Tyson fight.After that he mentioned rap,but revealed he never listened to it but his kids did.A few months later Biggie was murdered then he got involved.Since that time he has abandoned to extent nationalism and saw hip hop as the future.This left us Nationalist brothers without a spokesman.Then hip hop turned against us.Nas 'Black girl lost' Biggie's song about slaying militants,and the blunts,guns violence,40 oz,cristal sipping,it was over for us.For a time not even Farrakhan would speak against them.Chuck D was irrelevant trying to attack Puff daddy.In other words this was the age of cash rules everything around me.
Now fast forward to 2007 the minister is fighting a credibility problem.There are still us Nationalist who turn up eyebrows at all of this compromising with traitors and sellouts.He seems to still be looking for love in all the wrong places.

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