Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Black girl lost

I remember back when I was a small boy we move from the poor but relatively stable neighborhood in South Jamaica Queens in the suburbs in upstate New York.The year was 1976.So long ago I barely can remember.The short but brief time period in an all Black community shaped the way I see the world today.Remembering images of beautiful sisters of all complexions walking hand in hand on school trips,to the bus stop,to the corner store.We would all sing black power slogans on the school bus(although most of us didn't know what we were saying).I was serounded by strong women who did not go there.What do I mean by go there?Look at the current black female singers,rappers,actress who paraded on our television every day as role models.I remember women who went to church stood by their husbands through thick and thin.I remember a time when it was a shame for a woman to be unmarried with kids.Even worst children by by many fathers.Look at Maury Polvich,Ricky Lake,Jerry springer.You see whorish women who think it is okay to disrespect men.It is okay for women to shake their ass on apoll as long as you are making money.I had this argument with a brother a few weeks ago and he told me "well some times a person has to do what hey have to do".I asked him well what about the kids,what should she tell them when they get older.He said they will understand.I said bull@##**!That kids life and innocence is gone and now society has one more burden in the criminal justice system.All because so woman couldn't keep her legs closed until the night of her wedding.Our community used to be the moral standard of the world.Many Black women have adopted the wicked ways of the sinful world.
The poster girl for Black girl lost is rapper Lil Kim.Point that is always missed in to days popular culture,is that most black females hate Lil Kim and what she stands for.In the neo minstrel age she is celebrated along with the other clowns we see in the entertainment media.Listening to her rap about getting even with men and using men the way they use us is an sin.She tells young girls to hate young boys and look for material and use your sexuality for material pursuit.In her world according to her latest song 'keep your lighters up'a 12 year old prostituting is something to brag about.Is Lil Kim our fault?Ive often ask myself that question.I mean not everyone had the love and family structure I Had so I might not be the best person to judge.But something deep down inside me tells me everyone knows right from wrong.We all bend the rules sometimes but we kept the strait and narrow.The problem is that in our current hip hop culture there is no one telling right from wrong.When our women turn on us and become our enemies we are domed as surely as Im sitting here.What am I saying?My mother,grandmother,aunts,cousins could have went there but they didn't.They stayed by their husbands,and in turned our families were raised and prospered.It wasn't hard.I am not impressed by how much money you make it me and nothing if you don't have peace and happiness.There are many Black girls lost in America AIDS,HIV,teen pregnancy,obesity,self hate.We can change this I remember the very early years of my youth when my beautiful sisters were walking hand in hand telling my mother if I did mischief.Arguing with me over a game of tag.Innocence of my youth.I pray those days come back for future generations to enjoy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sacred Cows

In life we sometimes find it hard to give up symbols,items or people that we hold as sacred.We will hold these things even though it will be to our detrement.Many people ask me what do I mean by sacred cows?In the country of India a sect of the people called Hindus worship their cows and other animals in their mist.They will not harm them for any reason.Rats run free and get fat spreading disease on the streets of Bombay.People consider them the spirits of their ancestors reincarnated.The cow holds the most esteemed post in Hindu culture.They believe a very close relative is reincarnated in the cow.Now the problem is that people for years have been starving in that country,and not only don't the people eat the cows they will feed it the last bit of grain.Does this sound sane?Of course not.But when you have believed something for hundreds of years you hold on to it even to your own demise.

In America Black America in particular we have sacred cows or beliefs we hold to our demise.We still believe in to many quarters in our community that talking proper English,working hard,and be honest and law abiding is being White or square.We have a false belief in black unity,and to stick together even when we are in the wrong.We justify this by saying we are an oppressed people, and by any means to make in the White mans world we must do anything to get ahead.Yes slavery was wrong and unjustified,and those people who still want to oppress us will be dealt with.Have we forgotten the bible?The ten commandments?Could it be God is judging us for or sins?For too long we never condemned bad behavior among each other.Even during slavery their were some who preyed on others and get away with it why?Because he knew he could get away with it so long as he is in good hands with the master.It is same today in music and entertainment.People sell themselves out for money and the only thing they fear is the White man.Not the wrath of their people.A sacred cow of ours is nothing is wrong so long as you are making money in the White mans world.Pornography,murder,gangster rap,prostitution,stripping,gambling ect.This did not just happen over night.It was always there, good news is that rap music exposed this side of our culture that we tried to keep hidden.Now we can deal with it.We need to get rid of the sacred cows of false beliefs that is holding us back.The White man or White America is not our enemy the enemy is in the mirror looking back at us.Our still love for light skin,non black features.These things sacred we hold on to because we scared to give these beliefs.We find refuge in ignorance and self hate.It is a comfort zone.Now our demise is at hand the self hate is now seen on tv,and make no mistake the whole world sees it.

Lets get rid of the sacred cows and if you have a sacred cow then tell Kala Nation and share it with us.

Kala Nation

The tightest verses of all time.

Hey my Hip Hop heads out there.I do have a light hearted side.I want to know who had the best Rhymes of all time.Now since the rise of gansta rap,crystal sipping,and rims people have forgot that this is an art that you cant throw together in a video, and spit weak verses you need rhyme skill.Although some tried to force certain rappers on us with gimicks.They will be forgotten as sure as Im sitting here.Here are some of my favorites what are your and I will know your committment to this art for by the verse that you choose.
Rakim-"I take seven MC's,
put them in a line
add seven more brothers
who think they can rhyme
well it take seven more before I go
for mine,now thats 21 Mc's eat up at the same time"
Check out my melody
KRS one "How many MC's must get dissed
before someone says dont fuck with Kris"
My Philosphy
"I slayed MC's Back in the R.E.C. ROOM era
my stlye broke muther--- back like hempfatera,
most rap niggas came loud but went unheard,
because I pull them out round them off to the nearest third".
"Check the none visual nigga with the tapes in the portrait,
Holding a seminar trying orbit its corferate."
K Solo" It your wife Mister, she dont think that Im charming
she think shes Mr Wipple, cause she thinks I squeeze the charmin."
Your moms in my buisiness
These are just a few of my favorites.I think these are the some of the best verses.These will live on in eternity.

Russell Simmons'The Road to hell is often paved with good intentions'Pt 2

I think there is nothing wrong with capitalism people getting rich off an idea or a product that they have created and people want or use.Problem is sometimes people get rich at the expense of others, ex big oil etc.Russell Simmons it seems was determined to get rich at the expense of hip hop.He discredited Pro Griff of Public Enemy because he thought Griffs SO-CALLED anti-Semitic statements would offend his Jewish partners, and backers of def-jam.From day one he seem like a man with no principle, no soul just the almighty dallor.Now the more we see of him the more this sounds true.If you add up all the Pr, all of the charity,donations gifts and benefits, it probably only add up to a pittance compared to what he is worth.Don't be fool by his donations, it is all tax write offs and publicity to keep focus off the damage the music industry is causing the culture.He knows the transition from Latoya,jimmy hats,and round the way girl,to snowman,make it rain,and other misogynistic graphic music that they flood the airways with.You see for years Russell has told us that music should be colorblind made for everyone.In other word white people don't want to hear Heavy D'sBlack coffee no sugar no cream.Now does anyone tell country music stars to make their music inclusive?No!They speak to large White middle America audiences and say fuck people of color.Thanks to Russell Simmons we cant say fuck the man or White America anymore.All of the rebellious aspects of hip hop is gone forever.Now for years this moron has been telling us that these idiots who are killing each other and disrespecting women are a legitimate form of expression.Insane! This nigga is looking at dollar signs.So don't tell me about the total of ten days out of his time he dedicated, or the total of 5 million he gave,because it is nothing compared to the500 million he has.By the way that is a pittance compared to the total worth of Black America coming up to TRILLION MARK.But again thanks to traitors like him all of that money goes back to the White community because ours is to dangerous to invest in, thanks to the degradations of the new hip hop.'The road to hell is often paved with good intentions'.

Kala Nation

Satire in the neo-minstrel age.Did BETgo to far?

Black Entertainment Television recently aired a satirical cartoon inwhich the the two creators Tyree Dillahay and Bomani Armah say they created to encourage young people to read.The cartoon is recieving a backlash by angry Black parents who say the cartoon is demeaning.Others say it is an acurate depiction of the current state of hip hop youth.Satire is suppose to be funny or to poke fun at vices in order to change or effect behavior.I n this video what is disturbing is that this socalled satire is not to far off from what most of America sees as images of young Blacks depicted in videos.Once again in the year 2007 we find ourselves the victims of images we cant refute,regect or deny.Does a message come though?In a subtle way I think it might just help.Already I ve seen the anger of the way they are being portrayed(Black youths)and for the first time they are distancing themselves from ingnorance presented in their name.So this might be a good thing.After all who wants to be called the brother who was stinking and needed deodorant.Now maybe some will think it is okay to read a book instead of living their life through a famous rapper

Do rappers like Nas owe restitution to the communities that they have slandered in their lyrics?

It has been a minute since my last discussion but this is one that need to be addressed.I am talking about the damage to the good people who live in the communities that these rappers and their record company masters spread false images to the world. I am going to start with Nas because this is close to me.My Aunt and Uncle lived in Queesbridge Long Island City New York around the same time Nas did.My Uncle(by marriage) knew Nas and his father,and played with him in his Jazz band for a time.He said Nas was nothing like the image in "Illmatic" and "It was written".Nor was Queens bridge where he and his family lived.Anyone familiar with New York knows for a big city with so many people you still have to look for trouble.I t was like that in Queens bridge.Now there were some other prodjects like 40 prodjects in South Queens everyone knows to stay away from.My point here is when I would tell someone that I had relatives in Queens bridge they would say oh my god! how could they live there?Arent there drug dealers on every corner? Id ASK HAVE YOU BEEN THERE? They'd say no but I heard Mobb Depp,Nas album.Now for all of you psycopaths and morons who are going to tell me that they are only rapping about their surroundings and what they see,let me drop something on your thick skulls.These rappers are only rapping about one side of the community.It is what they choose to see.What about the kids getting off the subway with books in their arm coming from the library or community college?Is it because that wont sell an album cover for massa the way having guns and drugs will?Getting back to Queensbridge.My Aunt was a Nurse my uncle worked for the city.They were doing very well saving for a house.They were not unique to Queensbridge mostwere working class people who obeyed the law paid taxes like any other citizen.At one time my Uncle opened a clothing store selling leathers right there in Long Island city.My whole point is this is just one example I am sure there are others.Just like during the days of black exploitation.It seems that there is an appetite for black misery and degradation.The rappers are feeding this for money.So since Nas got rich off of Queensbridge's defaming, do he and others owe restitution to the people of these places that they have exploited?

Deadly Clowns.Is Carlos Mencia'sracist comedy skits causing tensions between Afrikan-Amerikan and Latinos to grow?

Before I get started I just would like to say,I by no means am a racist.I do not take pleasure in someone Else's pain or misfortune.Although we can debate the issues between the two groups,it is when we feel the need to adopt beliefs or attitudes of the White racist toward each other the tension begins. At a critical time in American history when by numbers non white people in America is growing to an economic,cultural,and political block that cannot be ignored by the White majority.The goal of the people who practice White Supremacy is to keep nonwhite people in strife with each other.Most of the strife between the two groups are built around circumstances that neither have any control over.For example Illegal Mexicans looking for work and cutting wages,Blacks reacting by joining and supporting White xenophobic mania by supporting mass deportation.Hispanics see this and react by adopting the same attitudes towards Blacks as racists Whites.Also many light skinned Hispanics pass them self off as white on most government documents.There lies the problem,race is only something Blacks only are truly subjugated too.So the farce about people of color being united is an insult.Not so as long as we got sellouts in the Asian,Black,Latino,communities like Dave Chapelle(Before he told Comedy Central to go to hell and kiss his Black ass)and Carlos Mencia who will buck dance and do the White Racist bidding for them.Carlos Mencia born Ned Holness in Honduras 1967 was the 17th of 18 children.After making it across to the US, his family settled in East Los Angeles with relatives.Mencia says he is not afraid to offend ethnic groups.Yet most of his skits tend to be an Anglo racist vision of American life.Now for all of you snarcotic brain dead idiots who want to debate me on this,let me remind you that no one gets a major TV gig like that unless their is some hidden agenda somewhere.Black Degradation is the real goal.Tensions between Blacks and Latinos which is growing is another.This clown came out of nowhere and filled Dave Chapelle spot on Comedy Central.Why?Because they didn't like the fact that Chapelle exposed them for what they are.Chapelle admitted he went to far.He also said Comedy Central is politically charged and potent.Nearly all of the skits concerning Blacks take an usually crude mean-spirited gesture.He often says I of end everyone.No he doesn't,He takes time to support La Raza or Hispanic causes.Finally Whites are in power in this country,so any talk of race leaves them with a false sense of superiority,which is what to many Latinos and Whites believe in.

Black America's civil war The Reverend Al Sharpton vs Rapper David Banner

There is an on going civil war raging in Black America and it would be easy for me to take sides on this against David banner.The controversy started around the beginning of August when the southern rapper lashed out at the Reverend publicly.He started talking in disrespectful tones in expressing his resentment towards the Reverend for his work in stopping the offensive lyrics put out by record companies.He called the Reverend a pimp with a dried up perm.Such disrespect drew criticism towards Banner and he came under fire.He miscalculated the level of anger towards rappers who most Blacks feel are helping to denigrate our culture.Fearing the bad publicity he decides take a more civil approach towards the Reverend but it might be Little to late.Rappers are a dime a dozen a leader like Sharpton comes once a lifetime.So he wrote a letter at the advice of his attorneys no doubt and here is how it went: To all the black 'so called leaders'. Al, Oprah, Jesse, etc, etc, etc… I'm saddened by your current direction and current 'pet projects' you guys have taken under your wing at the expense of Young Black America. As an urban professional living in this crazy world, I dare ask, who are you leading? I listen to what you say, I hear you complain about the youth, and about the direction of our lives, the kids, and where Black America is going and yet I still ask – who are you guys leading? And most importantly, where are we going? Do we know the goal we are trying to reach before we get there? Have we identified our end before articulating our means to an end! Who are you REALLY reaching? Why do you feel the need to attack the young generation for the things we are doing? "WHO DID WE LEARN THESE THINGS FROM? We are trying to have fun in the midst of our traumatic circumstances. People are trying to make a living by any means necessary, people are voicing their experiences, people are speaking the truth about situations and honestly the truth hurts and sometimes it's ugly. If music/hip hop/ rappers are wrong with the language they use, the images they portray in their videos – then come talk to us – I use the term 'us' as a collective because I'm defending what I have a passion for so this also involves me. Pull us to the side and say "hey kids, that's not the way to go" and then we can say "change what we see daily so we can sing and rap about the roses and not about the bullets". We will say, help give us better situations to create better verbal material". Don't just go running off to the media to air the dirty laundry of the family and not expect us to fight back in some kind of way. What you are doing is wrong and it's pissing off a lot of people with less money and camera time! Young Black America's problem is not Hip Hop or the music, Young Black America's problem is Old White America. In the young black community, there is a growing level of resentment toward the 'so called leaders' because you guys DON'T WANT TO REALLY FIX OUR PROBLEMS. You guys don't really want to be on our side fighting for better school systems, more after school programs, more money for college funding! Where are you leaders at when there's a need to break down to freshman in college on how not to get caught up with credit cards by singing up for an MB NA card, with high interest rates that eventually screw up your credit and makes it that much harder for you to become a homeowner after you graduate college pending you can find a job in your field after you've spent all this money in student loans! Where are those seminars? Dubious had it right when he spoke of the Talented Tenth! Rally around us to help teach us about THIS life! It's not our fault that the world is messed up and filled with debauchery. It's not our fault that our communities are screwed! The problems in our community should not fall on our lap. And if you begin to hold us accountable for simply our words – then I will begin to hold you accountable for your actions; or lack there of. Right is right and wrong is wrong. You as our leaders should have taken a better approach to gaining the attention of those that you are dissatisfied with and had a conversation with them. You don't scold your child in public without fair warning! Al Sharpton: You run around towns and cities speaking words of wanting to better our community by cleaning up the airwaves. You hold rallies in front of radio stations saying turn off the music and clean the airwaves. You want to shut down local stations that are playing urban music when most of these local stations house and employ the same people in your community – the black community. When you visit any station in any city (big or small) playing urban/rap music, the staff is generally black. Now if those stations were to ever shut down – where do those employees go? Al, if you are for the people, where was your rally when the 3 college students were executed in New Jersey by black men. Where is the rally at for those families and that neighborhood??? I don't see you out there asking for justice yet that incident happened in a black community. If someone was to rap about "how f**** up black on black crime is and how even if you go to college you aren't safe on the streets and nigga's ain't' s—" – that kind of tone is offensive to you and you want to stop that! If that's the truth, then why are you censoring it? No, you need to stop the crime before it happens so that there is no gangster song about a gangster situation. Oprah: You recently you held a town hall meeting dedicating 2 days of talk to have an open forum about the "Nappy Headed Ho" comment from Imus. Everyone had their 2cents to say and yet the people that needed to REALLY be there were not at all on your panel of 'experts'. The questions all were about "why use the word ho or b**** or nigga etc" yet the rappers in question Ala Nelly, Snoop, Ludacris weren't anywhere present on your panel. In my eyes you had all the wrong people on there representing and speaking on behalf of other people. Common is great but he's not gangsta. If you had a problem with the true content of rap songs then where were those that do that kind of rap 100%? You want to talk about change, and about having us not call women in rap songs "bitches" and "hoes" but one thing I noted, you had all men on your panel of executives. Russell is wonderful but he's not the Zenith when it comes to new school rappers or their new school mentality. Kevin Liles is great but what happened to Sylvia Rhone the head of the label that Nelly is signed to, or Kathy Hughes the head of Radio One or Deborah Lee the head of BET. If the problem really was about women and the "bitch, ho" term being used, where were those ladies to speak on their stance on this issue! They are the ones with the ultimate say pulling all the strings and yet they weren't dully noted as absent from your panel! Oprah you are suppose to protect us, I can find more harm being done to the black community by the movies and sponsors you promote than any rap song. Just like your son or daughter, niece or nephew… rappers are just kids growing into their own. They aren't always right, but they aren't always wrong either. If our path is misguided, then help us get back on the right road. I'm young, I'm black, and I'm a hard worker. I'm from the hood where mother's leave their kids in the hands of strangers and never look back, I've been with killers, dope dealers, b******, church folk, grandparents, bad parenting from good parents, pushers, junkies, robbers, middle class workers, but that's the life I've been around. Gunshots and church hymns usually go hand in hand in most neighborhoods. The grim reality for a lot of kids out there living alone is that life is harsh and cold; kids grow up faster than they want to because they are forced too! Kids are growing up in situations that are f***** up. So the songs we listen to mirror the things we see, the things we dream about and the fantasies we have! Don't change the songs I listen to, change the circumstance from which it comes from—then the situation will be better! Growing up in this world of hip hop it's disheartening to see our 'so called leaders' leave us out to dry. Fine you don't like what we say. Fine disagree with our choice of topics; however, the things we talk about aren't new. We didn't invent the term pimps, pushers, hoes, tricks, boobies, nigga's and gangsta's. Hip Hop didn't create that. Those words were left here for us to use by you guys, your generation. This life we are continuing to live was handed to us by the people before us who didn't do much to clean it up. There may never be a time that we agree on anything, but there is always room for change. As a family – we will agree to disagree but it's the synergy in which we do it. If you are on one extreme tangent, and I'm on another, we will never meet eye to eye. At the same time, I will not allow you to bash, yell, condemn, and have a condescending tone on my source of refugee and happiness. As you leaders call out the hip hop community saying that we are wrong for what we do and how we do it, I am CALLING EACH OF YOU OUT saying you are wrong for what you are doing to us. How dare you guys not call Nelly, Snoop, Lil Wayne, David Banner, Jim Jones, Akon, Rick Ross, Fabulous, 50 cent, Young Buck, Bun B, Too Short and say lets talk this through. Do you even know who ANY of these people are??????? You are so disconnected from us that we don't even look at you for guidance. If you really want to change something, start by changing your dialogue. Don't talk at us, talk to us! -DAVID BANNER
I often thought of Rapper David Banner as an ignoramus,and after viewing his open letter by beliefs were confirmed.Now I am going to try and be as fair to both men as possible in this essay.There are things about both men that I dislike.The institution of the Black Leader has been a controversial one since the end of slavery.Before that in terms of our presence in America one leader could speak for the masses because most were under similar circumstances.So it didn't take much for anyone to say lets oppose slavery.The way and means differed but make no mistake all leaders were after the same end.Now in modern times we all come from different backgrounds and now have different beliefs systems so it makes it difficult for one man to honestly say he speaks for the masses of our people.This is the opposition that most Black leaders face.You see the so called Black leader in Modern time is largely the creation of the dominate White Media.It is easy to simplify the hope and aspirations of 40 million Black Americans by only talking to the same six men every night on CNN,FOX,ABC,CBS etc then to engage the community at large.The Black leaders who are chosen live high off the hog.Jesse Jackson is worth 50 million.Sharpton is wealthy so are the rest of them while they always talk about the struggle to us suckers in the grass roots.I mean payoff from corporations they bully and shakedown has them rich and White America angry with us.We could not get rid of Al or Jesse if we tried.The New York Times editorial board has decided that these leaders of Blacks or men who lead Blacks should be there because the Black community cant be trusted to vote On their own.Why since most of us cant stand the gay agenda we might just vote against it.Cant HAVE THAT!So its best to keep us politically enslaved to our democratic party masters.
Some issues Black leaders are on the money and they can galvanise the masses of our people.Just like any White leader they have good qualities and bad qualities.I believe in the big picture they do good for us.I seem to think they care more about the community they come from that the rappers.50 cent sold that energy drink,why didn't he open factories or distribution centers in South east Queens NY?I'll tell you why he like nearly all rappers will give crumbs,donations here and there but not their blood.They will never invest long term.Unless to sell crack or heroine.Jay Z sold Rocawear to a major corporation.Why didn't go to Black Business leaders for help?Think of the psychological uplift that would have had to the youth.He doesn't care.Or maybe it is not that urgent to him.So to the people who even put Earl Graves,Oprah Winprhey,Bill Cosby on the same level as these rappers I am going to break it down for you.The majority of our people are behind our traditional leaders not these rappers.David Banner made a huge miscalculation when he decided to call the Rev out.Sharpton is no Dr King he is from Harlem and it can go down anyway Banner wants it.Sharpton is fearless unafraid of NY PD,The mob or KKK.How many of these rappers even said one word about George W Bush on record?None.They are all sellouts to their MTV VH1 White audiences.David Banner wants to sell more records to the mainstream so he attacks one of his own?Where was he when KKK leader Pickens who lived a long comfortable life in Mississippi where Banners is from just finally went to jail from the 1965 civil rights murders.Not one breath from any of the so called tough dirty south rappers.So now with the slave mentality that they have to please our enemies he attacks the Reverend personally and told him "suck my dick".Such disrespect can only come from the sickest and the lowest Black people among us.Just look at his songs the guy looks and sounds like a predatory rapist.The disrespect for women on his records is appalling.I don't give a damn about your little bit of contributions.You do more damage at the expense of the people you are talking about.Now he has a big house money and fame.That is all he will ever get.Respect I am sorry sir that is asking for to much.None of the rappers you mentioned deserve respect.They forfeited that but selling their souls for pleasure.
Kala Nation

Arrested Development

God created man in his own image it says that in genesis.Like all things mankind must have food,water,shelter to survive.We like all living things want to reproduce and live in comfort.We are the only creatures who believe in god and have a conscious.So you atheist and hedonist listen up.It is in all men to be there own master.Our Constitution and our great Republic was founded on those ideals.You might say wasn't there slavery and repression in this land even when the country was founded?Yes.But no other civilisation ever tried to at least guarantee liberty to the common man.Much of the world live under feudalism and tyranny.Some were benevolent others were not.It is the natural order of man to provide for himself and his family.It is not natural for a man to abandon his duties as a father or patriarch.As we are the only creatures who murder,rape,and bear false witness.Why would a man not progress into the natural state of adulthood and leave childish behavior alone?In my community the African-American there is an epidemic of boy acting men who just wont take responsibility for there own behavior.Not to single us out entirely it seems like everyone in America has an excuse for the way they behave.Look recently at Paris Hilton going to jail.She blamed everyone but herself for her circumstances.This prolonged adolescence is contrasted Development'.
This problem is out of control Among the Black and Latino male populations in America.Many of my brothers don't take care of their seeds and think it is okay for a woman to pay the bills.It is not my friend.If you are in a relationship and all of the bills are in you girls name not yours you are not a man.Even if you are contributing, have something in your name.That is a sign of independence.Now in the hip hop community most rappers celebrated the arrested development in their lyrics.If you are over the age of twenty five and you pay more for cloths than you do for books,savings,investing,you need to grow up.Money in your pocket means nothing is you don't know how to speak.If you cant point to your state on a map then your development has been arrested.If you live at home with your parents and don't work or go to school your development has been arrested.If you don't know how to hold a conversation with a woman without gawking then your natural development has been arrested.If you cant settle a dispute without violence or confrontation,your development has been arrested.You see this in hip hop everyday.Most defenders of rappers now tell us that it is not their fault the material is negative its the record companies fault.Or the White man made me do it.he White man made me sell my soul.I am not a man I am 30 YEAR OLD BOY!Someone else is responsible for what I am going through.Recently Drew Pickett advised rappers not to appear on TV to defend themselves.I thought they were so tough and gangsta.Why cant they stand up like men and defend themselves?More shocking and surprising, is when the people that defend them advise them not to defend themselves.Are they men?Or boys?I say it is arrested development again.
Where did this come from?According to leading African-American scholars,this has its root in slavery no surprise.You see male slave were separated from children and females.He had no responsibility for the survival and future or his family.This took the natural paternalistic nature away.The slave owner fed the slaves all he had to is make them when the slave owner wasn't horny himself.The natural state of progression to manhood was arrested by a cruel racist system.This continues to this day.Rappers instead of being men and standing up for their beliefs,and not tell us its the record labels fault.They say I am a boy not a man.THEY BRAG ABOUT SELLING DRUGS,etc Fat Joe Joey Crack,The Chemist,Tony Ya yo.Ya yo is Spanish for cocaine.But the rappers call themselves victims of an evil White record label.And we Black fools in the community should concentrate on the CIA and the Government bringing the drugs in not them.These brothers at the end of the day should simply grow up.
Kala Nation

The Kala Nation

I just want to give thanks to god amighty for giving me wisdom and giving me the most precious gift of all life. To many of us take that for granted that we forget what is important.What is important is being a good human being and being proud of what you are. You should accept the hand that god gave you.God wishes that we all live in harmony with one another.Wars are not of god.Hatred is not of god but of man.In other words hatred towards your fellow man for no reason is not of god.There is a time to hate as there is a time for all things.As long as god is guiding the situation,and men of high moral respectability.When one is called to lead he has a responsibility to be an example to others.Leadership requires one to exceptional not ordinary.A true leader sometimes tell us what we dont always want to hear.As a person whos opinions will effect the lives of others he/she is obilgated to be impartial,uncorupted,and be an example to others.Once that trust is broken then he loses his right to represent the people.
With that said the next question is how do we as African-Americans wind up with the most corupted people leading or being spokemouths for us? In my studies I have read nearly all leading Black scholars and authors and I came to the conclusion the the problem of lack of leadership comes from a continued slave/master culturethat we've embarassing carried on to the new mellinium.For the most part leaders were often chosen by Whites.Booker T Washington in his Atlanta Compromise was championed as the new Negro leader.Whites would get a subduded submissive Black poputlation who who work hard making White Businessmen wealthy rebuilding the war torn south.Granted Blacks were cut off fromthere homeland,so they had no choice but to submit or die.After the defeat of the confederacy most of the former slaves knew they would be targeted for retaltiation from ex planters and their henchmen.The Ku Klux Klan was born.The Klan rank even today as on of the most successful movements or organisations in history.There was no stopingthem their goal was restoring the lost cause of the conferderacy.What was their cause? It was a romantic image of Scotish Old England where a lily White wonderland existed.Blacks were mere beast after beautiful White women and it was up the White Knights to protect the White Race from being destroyed through race mixing.The former slaves didnt stand a chance.Most the leaders urges the ex slaves to stay in the south.Lynchings,Jim Crow,segregation,forced them to migrate elsewhere.The leaders were seen as uncle tom negroes.
For most of our history our people were on a"zion quest"People may ask what is that?Just as the Children of Isreal were led out of Eygypt by moses so too is our history paralelled to that of the Children of Isreal.It was alway a big lie that we were trying to move into White Society and become 'Black Americans these were things that were forced apon us.Raising families,owning land men living by god laws that is all we ever wanted.When this did not happen we took to hedenism,sin,crime and god knows what else.It is in every man to want to be free.America was built around freedom and the human spirit.Why should we be any different than any other people?Why should we feel guilty about us unifiying around our race?Are we so far gone that we feel we are being racist when we say we want to preserve our institutions,businesses,communities,culture,common heritage ect?Just who is responsible for this?What happened to the love that was once the envy of the world.One of the things was we had very little until recently.Some of us alwasy had money but were so steep into the struggle that the money on got you so far.Read Paul Robeson,Langhston Hughs Richard Wright,James Baldwin.All knew the extraordinary capabilities among African-American were being wasted in the slums of America.What kept us safe was love.There were always evil among us but the good dominated because we kept Whites away from core strongholds like Black radio,newspapers,colleges,banks, churches mosques and the hidden language we always spoke to each other.So it asks the question is so much exposure to our culture by the outside world damaged the way we see and communicate with each other?For example nowadays it is considered unusual for you call another Black Man Brother.Years ago the was the norm.The lose of the nation conciousness among our people is the root cause of the problems among our people.We once was a very deeply religious people we are no longer.Our music of today has a disconnect from our church past.When we were following god we were united because we drew parallels between ourselves and the children of Isreal.Only a people that think wholistically can do this.Much ofhip hopand todays Black cullture teach individualism or secular humanism.A collective purpose or in Swahiili Nia is frowned apon.It is in this mindset where we find Black on Black violence because it is every man for himself.I once heard Biggie Smalls ranting on a cable show about Tupac.It was at this time I realised the danger of thug life.Usually when two Black men talk about each other they try to rashion that in the end we are both Black males living in a racist society so lets not quarell among each other in public.When you hear thugs talk you would think it was an Isreali and a Palistinian fighting.How did this disunity happen?One was the welfare system, the other was agrowing underworld culture that glorified negativity in our community.Remember their was always that one house at the end of the block that the bad people lived in?The house that kids cursed drank and listen to sinful music?The dominate communty for the most part went to church and did their thing.The music,art, culture and media images reflected the positive majority.Even the people that lived in the house down the block was effected by the positivity they saw.I remember even the drunks would tell you to stay in school while hidding their liquor in a bag.Black music picked up the world with songs of love and triumph.So what is Kala Nation?Well lets define what is a nation.A nation is defined by its common land,race,language,culture.A people with a common destiny and history.A people cannot be a nation without its own land.Every people that is advanced on this earth has an indegeneous culture that bonds them together like glue.Make no mistake no matter how rich a man is in this world it is because the nation he helped build blessed him with wealth.Look at every American city.Some Anglo Saxon built it and got rich.Look at Japan hundreds of corporations now dominate the world in trade and industry.Could the Japanese have gotten that by all coming to America?No,they had Japan to build and make strong.That is the difference between us and everyone else,we are the only people who fully believe in America.Even more than White people.White people benefit from a system of White Supremecy and racial chavenism that gives them skin color priveledge and advantage over non whites in this country.If that system is threatened then whites turn on this country.Example the Arayan Nations/militia/Tim McVeigh,all want to over through this government in Washington DC.These are the Whites who feel that the country doesnt belong to him anymore and they are losing what their forefathers fought for.Can to races coexist in peace?Well because of the history of slavery,jim crow ect this is highly unlikely.Mutual respect is need on both sides.cont--