Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nigeria!Africa's Empire State

When I was about 13 years old I learned about a place that had buildings,hotels,cars,highways,airplanes,tv sets,zoos.I heard this place was where only Black people lived and controlled things.Every Black male in America wonders at one time or another what it would be like living in a Black world.Many fantasies since days of Marcus Garvey dared us to dream the impossible,fantasies about a modern Black metropolis free from racist,poverty,division,self hate.A brotherhood of Black men building their own world like every other people's have done.Japan is the Japanese dream,China is becoming a Chinese dream,India is becoming an Indian dream.It is as though the Black man of African origin is destined to live under White domination forever.Although I grew up with every thing every other American kid had I often wondered when I used to pick up books on Africa and I was particularly fascinated by one place in particular.It was Nigeria,I used to see strong Black men in military gear,tall buildings,cars,finely dressed African women with their hair in cornrows.They looked like people I know around my family but in their own country!No one telling them what to do.They had the basics to free themselves but this sadly has not materialized because of the political situation in that great country.

Nigeria.Africa's Empire State
Nigeria is moving ahead to become a super power in Africa as everyone knows.But what many people don't realize is that Nigeria has the potential to be a super power in the world.With over 155 million people the largest Black nation on earth.More wealthy,educated Black people in her borders than anywhere in the world even the United States where Black people are falling behind in employment,HIV infections,wealth creation,education ect.Nigeria is improving on all fronts including science and technology.Nigeria now dominates the Black film world producing tons films a year.Only US and India produce more.Affectionately called Nollywood after Hollywood we see the culture shift in the Pan African world.Every since 1977 FESTAC events in Lagos Nigeria where the largest contingents of participants came from the African American community in the US,The African American culture dominated the African world.Now that all has changed.With hip hop becoming more and more commercialized,Black music,art and culture becoming more mainstream,the African American culture has lost relevancy in much of Africa.Now in Nigeria or Niaja black culture lives along with a modernizing progressive nation making Nigeria an exciting place to be right about now for people especially young Black males.
Lagos.The Black Metropolis
With a bright young visionary leader Barashunde Fashola Lago's new state governor he is building a new city outside Victoria Island.This will use sand dredged up to form artificial islands like the ones in Dubai and build futuristic cities rivaling Manhattan,London,Tokyo,Paris.Lago's population is expected to hit 25 million in 5 years making it the third largest in the world.Governor Fashola is also building a light rail network the first in West Africa that will connect with the new high speed rail system linking the whole country.Nigeria has all the means to solve its problems and be the capital of the black world.The question is will the African American community be apart of this revolution?Or will they miss another opportunity

Monday, April 20, 2009

Racism is a sick mental disorder.The teabagger's protest.

When I read some journals,articles,books,or watch movies I always rate what I am viewing by the amount of intelligence the author of the medium conveys.For instance I get bored when the bad guy or antagonist is revealed to soon because it leaves nothing to challenge for the reader.In other words I hate when my intelligence is insulted.On November,4 2008 Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States the most sacred office in the Western world.While it is natural for people to be optimistic about people they are not sure about it is also natural to be suspicious of that same person.The majority of White people still did not vote for Obama which is the reason he feels he has to gain the trust of that segment of the society.In his victory speech he said I hear your voices,I need your help and I will be your President too.Now on policy Obama is no different that any other President who make judgments based on political,economic,social issues of the time.These decisions are weighed on the concerns of the people balanced with what is right and just.This ability defines a Presidency and a great leader.Abraham Lincoln rose to this challenge when he opposed slavery while wanting to preserve the Union.The easy road would have been to ignore the concerns of the abolitionist and what was just for political expediency.President Franklin Roosevelt did this during the depression.We are better because of both men.Now President Obama inherited a budget deficit of 4 trillion dollars, two wars,a country divided,terrorism,racism,poverty and climate change and you still have people who thought we were on the right track.These are you tea bag protesters people who have nothing really to complain about but would rather see the country fail than have a Black man run it.Or have Black people rise above poverty and become Americans like anyone else.Clown comedian Rush Limbaugh said it best how the racist feel in America"I hope he fails"also "we have to save America,the country is too important"telling a group of empty headed conservatives.Why do these White people who live in their selfish miserable world that this country is theirs no one elses?Are they the only ones paying taxes?No they are not.In fact most of the revenue going into the government comes from blue states,and from the consumer taxes collected by the feds from everyday people.Taxes from estate,income,bank interest,wire transfers,cell phones,gas,electric,phones long distance and the list goes on.This issue over taxes is not new it is just because there is a Black man in the White house and it is time for these racist people to show their asses.Where were they during Bush's 8 years of spending?They were defending him the same people.Now Obama is trying to get this economy back on track suddenly they concerned over spending.This is hypocrisy plain and simple.This is about white people losing their entitlement and privilege based on skin color.This is going to back fire on them and marginalize the GOP even further than they are