Friday, December 7, 2007

The African Union

In 400 hundred years of White supremecy and colonial domination the people of African decent are finally seeing a dream come true.It is an old saying that this revolution will not be televised.We as African Americans are the only people on this earth who accepts racial subordination and servitude.Africa has untold resources and territory to be exploited.We here in America have to start being to representatives of the AU in this country.At the same time we should be able to represent the US in Africa.This will give our people Nia the first principle of Kwanzza,which means purpose.If a people don't have a purpose then they have nothing to build around.If they have nothing to build around then they are prey to division and self hate.Any group of people can unite if they have something to build on.The enemy of Black people know this and they want to keep telling us that tired old lets be American crap.If we are not truly American by now then we will never be American.I believe we only can be American when we become Africans first.African American businessmen need markets to trade and invest in.Look at India look at China the world network of business in India is because India is a powerhouse.Indian businessmen have a base in which to draw from.It is so simple.All of the English speaking states should unite first.All of the Swahilli speaking states should unite.It is already taking place.African American businessmen are looking into opportunity in Africa.Not just business.Political,cultural,musical,educational,spiritual opportunities exist in the new Africa.We who are Africanist should respect the people and laws of the Countries we live in.We are Americans,Brits,French,ect but what unites us is what Unites the Zionist of the 19th century,that is a homeland to identify with.This is not being racist this being very noble and righteous.(cont)

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