Monday, December 24, 2007

The hidden hand of mass confusion.

Is history repeating itself?Or were we fooled into believing America will change.It seems we as Black people are the butt of America's racial jokes.This time we have cooperation from fools clowns and outright race and nation traitors.Those of us who believe in the beautiful Kala Nation are now fighting an internal threat to our survival.Just this weekend I learned that a popular mall in our area was shut down due to gang violence.I am not talking about simple school yard fights,I am talking kids as young as 13 shooting guns.All youth innocence is gone forever,as our youth today are lost beyond what we could ever hope to bring back.Now you make ask is why?Self hate.Notice most of the youth in our community that are looked after or valued,none almost are dark-skinned almost always light-skinned or brown skinned.This is because we have internalized the White mans view of African people.Sad part is if you say anything about this you are considered a racist,by Whites and uncle tom Blacks.How can you have unity when you don't value your own kind.Make no mistake the Whites know this division exist and the instigate conflict among us.The biggest way to deal with this issue of self degradation is to confront it head on.We know the racist are not going to stop putting out stereotypes of us,but we don't have to buy into them.Don't be afraid to be called a racist if needed.That is the new game to silence the growing anger that is building in our community.With all the destruction of our community only a Pan African movement based on the will of god and morality can prevent chaos and oblivion from occurring.The popular media cant seem to get enough of the minstrel acts of Lil Jon,Lil Wayne,Ying Yang Twins and other ignorant rappers out there.The same as older generation enjoyed racist humor at Black folks expense.
Our ancestors were fighting and external enemy that openly oppressed us.We have mastered how to deal with them.But no one has ever talk about how to fight the enemy within.Yes we have people although share the same race as the rest of us have no knowledge of their collective past,so they don't see a collective future.This is why we sit in shock when we turn on the evening news and listening to rap lyrics.And yes those threats are made against you for being hard working law abiding.They hate you not the White man you are the enemy to them for complaining about their foolishness,their buffoonery,their violence and irresponsibility and boy acting.We dare say to them pull up your pants and look for a job.Love is a two way street if you want to be my brother then act like it.The Bible says he that desires a friend must first show himself friendly.I am my brothers keeper,I will love him enough to tell him where he is wrong and point him down a path of righteousness.We need to build our culture to include the Pan African world and work with African states to promote unity across the Atlantic and throughout the world.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

nice blog, this si a subject i have blogged on several times, i refer to them as fuck boys and the new KKK. here are some: Lift up Your Skirt and Find Your Balls,the kind of guy u take home to momma,age of the fck boy and The New Knights of the KKK. do stop by my spot when u can

Kala Nation said...

Yes my brother this is Dwayne founder of the Kala Nation.I am building an alliance of Black thinkers and bloggers like us please join us on