Monday, July 19, 2010

A plan for a settlement in Liberia.Introducing Apostle Thomas Rogers

Introducing Bishop Rogers
I am Apostle Thomas L. Rodgers, Sr., a 65 year old missionary and visionary. I am a local pastor in the Charlotte area and I am very concerned about my people, here and in Africa. For some years now I have been involved with Liberia, West Africa and I now have the opportunity as well as resources to begin a great agriculture project there. I have been given access to over 250,000 acres of land in Africa. I have acquired machinery and farming equipment to help cultivate that land for one of the greatest agriculture development ever. With this equipment we can implement a vast farming industry in Liberia and other parts of Africa. This will not only feed millions of people, but create jobs for them to sustain themselves for much longer than a bowl of soup. We hope to not only farm this land, but provide adequate housing, hospitals, and schools for thousands of refugees that have been displaced due to dire circumstances. In my closing, I hope to Unite Africans and African Americans in a joint effort to restore a homeland.

Apostle Thomas L. Rodgers, Sr.

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Their Mission
Our Mission is to help alleviate world hunger by utilizing the vast wealth of resources found in the continent of Africa. The soil is some of the richest in the world. The climate is conductive to year around harvesting of crops and labor source is endless. By doing so, we hope to create industries that will provide jobs for those seeking an alternative to the poverty and harsh treatment that we now face.We will use an international joint effort to re-establish Africa as the "cradle of civilization". We intend to apply the same concepts and industrial tatics used to create America and apply it to the reconstruction of Africa. We are a non-profit organization with a 501 (c)3 status and any donations would be greatly appreciated and is consiidered as tax deducible.

The Vision for Restoration and Reunification
Mission of the Ministry of Holism
is organization was developed to bring aid to war-torn Liberia, West Africa during and after the civil uprising that resulted in the displacement and death of many Liberians. Several shipments of relief items have been sent to Liberia, and 40 churches have come together under the leadership of Apostle Thomas L. Rodgers, Sr., to not only learn and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, but to facilitate the aid distribution under Unison-Liberia.

Unison-Liberia made available to many displaced citizens of Liberia a compound facility to be used for housing. The efforts of Unison-Liberia still continue today.

African Americans of various backgrounds have long desired to return to their native homeland with hopes of helping in the construction of technological advances for that great continent. Through Unison-Liberia, African Americans and Africans are seeking to enter into cooperative relationships with each other. Combined efforts would put both nationalities in the position to build interstate highways throughout Africia, embark on large scale commercial farming projects, enhance the airline industry, shipping and banking industries, invest in business of rock quarrying, develop electrical and water systems, solar, nuclear, and windmill energy systems, and so much more. Africa has the potential to become the greatest agriculture exporter in the world.
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Young Namibians want want African Americans to come there!

The number of young progressive Africans who are tired of the Chinese,Indians,and Europeans coming to take opportunity is growing.The real threat of losing their countries is ever more present.While the foreigners are bringing investment and skills,many are secluding themselves from the local population.Recently an African worker was fired by a Chinese businessman.The man was made to strip out of company uniform and made to walk home naked.Abuses like this one are happening all to often in Namibia,Angola and several African countries.A young Namibian recently contacted me about the prospects for African American settlement in his country.The broad consensus African Americans who have skills talent and want to build are welcomed.African Americans can build farms,IT companies,trade schools,tourist companies,hotels.What is stressed is they dont want the gangsters and thugs.Most realize that is not the true Black American community.Thanks to the internet.The following is a convo with my Namibian comrade.
so you want to buy a house in south africa?but why not namibia.we ere once part of SA and we have very clean swakopmund and walvisbay

I want to buy a House in Namibia too

I think Namibia is the most beautiful country in the world

There is a new movie about Sam Nujomo coming out.I remember your independence

I am coming to visit Namibia next year

I am coming to visit Namibia next year

my man,namibia is the best.there are black americans here to.south africa has those other black americans already,namibia is a vacuum being filled by chinese and indians.we need black diaspora to fill this vacuum houses in namibia are cheaper to build and buy compared to build an average double story costs US$40000

Yes I know I want one in Walvis Bay

We are serious about a AA government one day.We cannot trust the US gov to allow its prized slaves to escape

go to swapoparty facebook.the ruling party,recently one of our female ministers said she was treated like trash in EU coz of her skin and that its time for black africans to start trading with black diaspora.even our former president said so a month ago

Yes it is going to take your country's officials to use skype and the internet to recruit AA's.We will come.Namibia could overtake South Africa as the AA destination of choice.

my hometown ongwediva is one of the most beautiful growing towns in africa,you wont see picture on the internet,but if you want to start a restaurant or something here,it will be like a walk in the please come and invest in the vaccum,not only in SA.i wish i could call you,but my free student internet is only limited to 4 hours per day.

My brother I will visit you and invest in your country.

There are millions of AA looking to Africa for repatriation and investment.We have to here from your government.

AA are looking to help build all of Africa in return a small piece of land we can call our own.

as much as i support that,we have to look at reality,some namibians will see this as a threat.thoughts such as,that used to be part of namibia,now we cant visit that place coz some negroes from USA took over it.this will fuel civil wars.

Try to set up a VIRTUAL AA land,that consists of AA businesses,houses and schools.thats how the chinese and whites are doing here.they have enclaves that they virtually control.

We would never try to take over Namibia.We respect you too much.Our concern is we dont have a government of our own to negotiate on our behalf

Yes we want a AA province in Namibia

This would bring tourism,trade,investment,brotherhood between our two people's

yes,but remember,the ignorant blacks here would see this as an invation.A virtual AA government would be better,not an official,if you bring jobs here,and give them to AAs,violence and clashes will take place.thats why i say,only AA who are investors should come and settle with their families and give the jobs to local namibians.that is why you see whites and chinese are not physically attacked.

I believe the jobs will go to the locals

Look at the AA investment model in South Africa.Black South Africans have access to the US market because of partnership with AA'S

The beauty of this is we AA's are not tribal.We accept you as one of us

Trust me it would be a beautiful marriage.

Let me speak to your people

for example,some ignorant namibians would see a province in namibia run by african americans but does not hire black namibians.this will create thoughts like,how can those foreigners come here on our land and not give us,let us attack them,and that is the last thing we want.foreign whites here dont bring whites from europe to do the job,they hire locals and this makes helps keep strife away

That would not happen.We need the local people that is the point.Also the skills that would be imported would train locals to help build the rest of the country

We understand your concern about the whites.We AA's would blend in with the locals that is the beauty

We have may skilled people here ready to come!

whats needed is a direct mutual relationship.EG a black american business man,with his family running a company in namibia with namibian workers labouring for them.because the chinese also did this once,bringing their friends to come and work onprojects in namibia and a racial war almost broke out.and now they started hiring local ppl

Chinese are trying to flood the continent with males they dont need

They think Africa is a dumping ground for them.We would mix with the locals because we are family

yeah man,chinks and the crackers are really making me angry.the white afrikaners here in namibia dont like it when black people from abroad come to live here.there is an AA woman here in a tourist business and she is getting attacked by the cracker boere here,complaining about putting them out of business.WE only need the GOOD well educatd blackamericans who want to build the black race.not gangbanggers 50 cents and all those going to the anc facebook.

Brother you are singing my song.I hate the gangster rappers too.Young Africans have to reject the coons,and thugs from America.You know they are agents of the White man.The Kala Nation is a Pan African pro Black movement dedicated to building Africa.It would take off overnight once it is known that there is a beautiful settlement for them!

When we get there the Boers are going to flee

Monday, July 5, 2010

Wholistic healing.Real or Fraud?

I would be the first to admit I don't know a whole lot about metaphysics,Wholistic healing(which is not a word or academically defined)or anything the many gurus in the community sell us on.I think of the money Ive spent on so called Egyptian oils,incense,herbs,potions,seeds ect I could be rich by now.Now I do know that certain herbs do fight toxins and cancer.And that my hidden healing is also in many plants around the world.But what most of the gurus don't tell you is that modern medicine is based on these plants,and modern pharmacy techniques involve duplicating these natural medicines as to mass produce them and make them safe and affordable.For example oxicotin is a herb that has pain killing ability.It is also close to heroin.PCP,marajana,cocaine are all natural should we consume them?
I suspect the Wholistic Movement is Counterculture
For the longest time we have had uneducated gurus wearing dashikis in the community peddling misimformation and paranoia as revolution.I asked what is the nutritional value of a bean pie?Why is that better than sweet potato pie?I will get mumbo jumbo for the next two hours.There are many who refuse to except science,math,engineering,technology as inevitable and the future.Asleep in a dangerous world.Many talk about the dangers of modern farming and we should grow things ourselves.I ask why?Because they use chemicals!That is a dirty word except when they are smoking chemicals in their weed.Chemicals signifies science!And Lord knows if some Negroes will have to pick up a book and research some facts!This is all a rebellion against progress.It is the main thing hold the African people back.Most food in the world that African people eat comes from other people.Africans are the only people who cant feed themselves,produce their own cars,cloths,books,computers ect.The same people who say industries are bad.I ask why are you on your computer?It is industry that brought you the facebook you are on.
We need balance
The one thing we as African Americans need is balance and common sense.Go to the doctor and find out what is wrong with you.Ask him his opinion about certain herbs.He cannot recommend non medicine but do your own research.Understand that the modern world people live longer because we have the science to save lives.Feel good gurus are more likely after your money and control of your mind than helping you.