Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Satire in the neo-minstrel age.Did BETgo to far?

Black Entertainment Television recently aired a satirical cartoon inwhich the the two creators Tyree Dillahay and Bomani Armah say they created to encourage young people to read.The cartoon is recieving a backlash by angry Black parents who say the cartoon is demeaning.Others say it is an acurate depiction of the current state of hip hop youth.Satire is suppose to be funny or to poke fun at vices in order to change or effect behavior.I n this video what is disturbing is that this socalled satire is not to far off from what most of America sees as images of young Blacks depicted in videos.Once again in the year 2007 we find ourselves the victims of images we cant refute,regect or deny.Does a message come though?In a subtle way I think it might just help.Already I ve seen the anger of the way they are being portrayed(Black youths)and for the first time they are distancing themselves from ingnorance presented in their name.So this might be a good thing.After all who wants to be called the brother who was stinking and needed deodorant.Now maybe some will think it is okay to read a book instead of living their life through a famous rapper

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