Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Do rappers like Nas owe restitution to the communities that they have slandered in their lyrics?

It has been a minute since my last discussion but this is one that need to be addressed.I am talking about the damage to the good people who live in the communities that these rappers and their record company masters spread false images to the world. I am going to start with Nas because this is close to me.My Aunt and Uncle lived in Queesbridge Long Island City New York around the same time Nas did.My Uncle(by marriage) knew Nas and his father,and played with him in his Jazz band for a time.He said Nas was nothing like the image in "Illmatic" and "It was written".Nor was Queens bridge where he and his family lived.Anyone familiar with New York knows for a big city with so many people you still have to look for trouble.I t was like that in Queens bridge.Now there were some other prodjects like 40 prodjects in South Queens everyone knows to stay away from.My point here is when I would tell someone that I had relatives in Queens bridge they would say oh my god! how could they live there?Arent there drug dealers on every corner? Id ASK HAVE YOU BEEN THERE? They'd say no but I heard Mobb Depp,Nas album.Now for all of you psycopaths and morons who are going to tell me that they are only rapping about their surroundings and what they see,let me drop something on your thick skulls.These rappers are only rapping about one side of the community.It is what they choose to see.What about the kids getting off the subway with books in their arm coming from the library or community college?Is it because that wont sell an album cover for massa the way having guns and drugs will?Getting back to Queensbridge.My Aunt was a Nurse my uncle worked for the city.They were doing very well saving for a house.They were not unique to Queensbridge mostwere working class people who obeyed the law paid taxes like any other citizen.At one time my Uncle opened a clothing store selling leathers right there in Long Island city.My whole point is this is just one example I am sure there are others.Just like during the days of black exploitation.It seems that there is an appetite for black misery and degradation.The rappers are feeding this for money.So since Nas got rich off of Queensbridge's defaming, do he and others owe restitution to the people of these places that they have exploited?

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