Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nigerian Forces crack down on Islamic extremist

The enemies of Africa in the Arab world and the West are on notice.There is still one African country dispite all of the great challenges is going to be the next superpower.A country that will represent the hopes and dreams of millions of Africa's children who suffered and still suffer under an unjust world order.This world order has Africa who once was the center of trade,science and learning while Europe was backward and fuedal,now has Africa at the bottom.The reason is the importation of alien religions and Anti African ideologies that leads to stagnation and idleness.For example African countries have a long history of indigenous industries,trade,and communication.Instead of many African states spending millions training people to run industries why not modernize the traditional craftsmen and tradesmen like Japan did during the mejii period?That would produce automatic economic growth.The reason many in Africa rely on foreigners to run farms and it businesses is because the lact of confidence in things African.One country is bucking this trend.That country is Nigeria.Long villified by traitors and enemies Nigeria's influence in Africa and the world is threatening people who have other plans for Africa.Nigeria has all the means plus dynamic new leaders dedicated to building the country and making us proud.Nigeria has enemies in the American oil sector who only want oil.Also Nigeria has a new enemy Islamic extremist who would love to destablize the great Empire State and make it and Al Queada safe haven.The traitors under the guise of Islamic Fundamentalism want to destroy schools,hospitals,niteclubs,churches,beauty salons ect.Anything that is not strictly Sharia law.Not content with the strict Sharia codes in Northern Nigerian states they want to spread this to the rest of Nigeria and beyond.The extremist groups Boco Haram and Kala-Kato have made a fatal mistake.Nigeria is a strong military styled Pan African country,and not one to give in to what the so called international community says.Nigeria is determined to crush the insurgency in its country.Kalagenesis
The Following is an article along with a video about the growing extremism in Nigeria,and the governments fight to stop them.Could Sharia becoming to Black America?

BAUCHI, Nigeria — Dozens more bodies were recovered Wednesday after violent clashes between security forces and Islamists in northern Nigeria, bringing the death toll to around 70, a count at a hospital morgue showed.

An AFP reporter listed 42 bodies on the floor of the morgue in the city of Bauchi, all with bullet or machete wounds. Another 25 bodies, mostly young people including minors, had been placed in cold storage rooms.

"The bodies were brought in on Monday after the violence," a morgue employee told AFP.

Police late Monday said 38 people died in the fighting, including three members of the security forces.

The clashes erupted Monday between suspected members of a radical Islamist sect and security forces.

The Kala-Kato sect, also known as Maitatsine, has been present in several Muslim-dominated states in northern Nigeria for decades.

It led religious uprisings in 1980 and 1992 which claimed thousands of lives in the northern cities of Kano and Yola.

The number of its followers is not known but estimated to run into several thousands.

Sect leader Badamasi Saleh Alkaleri was among those killed by security forces, the police said.

Police forces across Africa's most populous country have been placed on high alert in the aftermath of the clashes as part of a bid to forestall further violence.

Life was returning to normal Wednesday in Bauchi where the Red Cross was organising burials of the victims. Soldiers and police deployed across the city had withdrawn by early Wednesday.

"So far we have 40 dead bodies and we have secured a warrant from the justice commissioner for the burial," Adamu Abubakar, the head of the Red Cross office in Bauchi told AFP.

"With the heat, these bodies need to be buried quickly as they will decompose rapidly," said the worker at the morgue, where the room was being cooled by a single fan.

Houses, cars and motorcycles were burnt during the clashes.

The Kala-Kato sect abhors modernity, including Western-style education and medicine. It bans television and radio in its members' homes and rejects any literature except the Koran.

A sect with similar inclinations, known as Boko Haram, led an insurrection in July. At least 800 people were killed then when security forces crushed the uprising in nearby Borno State. It's name means "Western Education is a Sin" in the local Hausa language.

The fighting in Bauchi began when sect leader Alkaleri delivered a fiery sermon to his followers, calling for the destruction of a breakaway faction, according to Bauchi state police chief Atiku Kafur.

The sect leader had called for the death of his enemies and of anyone who rejected his dogma, prompting residents to call for police help.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Enemy Within.pt5.The Radical Islam destroying African Culture

As a people not being fully educated in our history,language,culture and value system we are naturally attracted to ideas,peoples ect that fill the void.Islam or a variation of this has been in Africa for the past 1000 years.In West Africa large cities like Timbucktu,Goa,Djenne had large Berber and Arab populations and with them came Islam from the Middle East.On the East coast of Africa a new culture came about from the mixture of the Arab traders and Africans living and fellowship on the coast.City/States like Zanzibar and Kilwa were a testament to the greatness of the two cultures building together and sharing knowledge.There is evidence that many rulers converted to Islam not so much as being devote Muslims but for economic and political reasons.As the the old saying men don't live by prayer alone.In West Africa great Kings like Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire converted to Islam and made the hajj to Mecca.During his trip it is said he brought tons of gold,thousands of soldiers and servant in an impressive display of his kingdom's wealth and power.On his return from his trip the Mansa brought back many famous Islamic scholars from Cairo to build new schools and mosque in Timbucktu.One famous Muslim scholar was Es Sahali who designed new buildings in Djenne and Timbucktu.Islam for hundreds of years had an African personality.Traditional Gods of the Mande,Yoruba,Bambara were still observed along side with Islamic beliefs.In many countries where the culture was strong it was the same way.In modern Mali many observant travelers who visit madrossis marvel at how peaceful the youth are in their teachings.Gone are the rhetoric about Jihad and and killing infidels.In fact what many people do not realize is there was a reformation in Islam in West Africa much like what happened during the Protestant Reformation in about 1200Ad Europe.Although many laws were written from the Koran.Many of the day to day dealings of rulers had little regard for the constraints of Islamic teachings.For example Mansa Musa's Mali Empire heavily relied on gold production,and requiring miners to stop and pray five times a day was slowing output down.So making everyone convert was not feasible.Even during his reign 1324AD to about 1350AD the were those who wanted a pure Islamic rule and considered Mansa an infidel.Islam is not merely a religion.To believe the Mullahs and the Jihadist are concerned about salvation is foolish.From day one the whole hajj and turning to Mecca is about domination and expansion.
Radical Islam and Black America
Most of us know the story of Islam in America,or how a sect of it came into the heart of the Western World and gained a foothold. In 1930 a barely literate sharecropper from Sandersville Georgia named Elijah Poole was introduced to it by a man named WD Farad whom records now show his name was actually Ford.It was tailor made for lost souls looking for direction.In fact there were many Black cults and organizations springing up all over the North in the 1930's.What Poole did was combine bits of teachings from the most popular movements among African Americans at the time like the UNIA organization led by Marcus Garvey and some teachings of Noble Drew Ali and others.After awhile a complete belief system came about with the religion of Islam being the base.The new group was called the Nation of Islam.The NOI was very on time in uplifting the Black people in America.The NOI taught self reliance,respect,cleanliness,duty to ones community and hard work.The NOI was the first organization of any kind to teach diet,against substance abuse,and prison rehabilitation.The NOI has a long history of defending the African American community and building institutions in the community.The organization is a pillar in Black America and it is needed.
Pan Africanism vs Radical Islam
During much of our history with NOI most militants regarded the NOI as the mother ship in the many individual Black Unity movements in America.This is because Malcolm X emphasized the notion that we are Black first Christian and Muslim second.Now it was clear to Malcolm X that the interest of the Islamic world might conflict with the African world.During the sixties it was revealed that Arab states had their own issues with race and Black fair no better in those countries as they do in the West in many cases worst.In White Muslim countries Africans are 1000 times more likely to be poor and live on the margin than an Arab.In other words the question needs to be asked,'Why are so many Black men willing to join with the Arabs in the name of Islam?'Can it be more clear that the radical Muslims want to destroy any culture,state,or people that does not conform to their beliefs and ideology?Pan Africans are watching with horror as these jihadis are wrecking havoc on the African continent.Now they are recruiting African youth to kill their own people in order to spread terror in the name of Allah.Why is the respectable elements of the Black Muslim community silent?We in the Pan African community now see these Islamic extremist as a new enemy among us.Those who will destabilize an African country for Al queada to have a safe have is a traitor and you are not one of us.The time has come to choose just like the NOI use to make loyal African Americans choose America or them,now they have to choose.Do they condemn the crazy blood thirsty,savages running around in the name of Islam or are they supporting them?

Above video is about an extreme Muslim group Boco Haram in Northern Nigeria

Above is a suicide bomber blowing up Somali graduates on 12/03/2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Ra Ra Ra!!!!!!!!!!!A look at the Political Super Bowl

Fricker fracker firecracker shish cum ba!!Kala Nation, Kala Nation ra ra ra!!Or any political,social,or belief you want just form your own fan club.This is what the political scene in America is looking like.I don't believe the framers of of the political system we live in had this in mind.For example the Whig party died for this same reason.When groups of people hold on to an ideology over common sense without compromise they are leading their party to a sure destruction.They whig party stood for the values of the Declaration of Independence and strong institutions.This served the progressive forward thinking people of the time.Then some thought the same rights should be extended to people who's lively hood was made on the backs of others.Ultimately the party split over slavery and the result was the civil war.There are some things that cant be negotiated.Slavery was one of them.The right of a people to define the morals and its collective character was something worth fighting for.It is these ideals and only these ideals that we should rally and demonstrate.The idea of forming ourselves into these camps and oppose for the sake of opposing is leading to the break down of civil discourse.
Rush Limbaugh,Beck,Hannity,have turned the political world into a pep rally
One thing many people including many Progressive Pan Africanist and Black Empowerment people have in common with the left wing in this country is the opposition to the right wing zeal in the media.You see most people on the left react to the right wing.They are the aggressors.They have even convinced most people that they are the true Americans who are the banner carriers of the Founding Fathers.No matter that it was a so called right wing nut who committed the largest mass murder by a citizen of this country on fellow citizens.Tim Mcveigh in Oklahoma.Also it is the right wing who are constantly talking of succeeding from the country and over throwing the government.When Rush Limbaugh says he hopes President Obama fails,it does not even cross his mind that the country he says he loves will fail also.But to him Hannity and the other rabble rousing cheerleaders it does not matter.As long as their side wins.Look at the health care debate.Senator Demitt of South Carolina says not if we can do better for the American people with health care,but that his party can score political points if Obama fails.The chant from Demitt might go
Fricker fracker firecracker shish cum ba Republicans,Republicans, ra ra ra!!
The Danger of the Left doing the same
It seems that the left wing has its own ra ra ra's.The stalling over the health care because some wanted a completely socialized system with single payer.There also was no compromise among the left.Ive always said any passage would be a path to single payer.The left figured since it won the election it was winner take all.Lets change everything we dont like about America with one election of one man.Every ra ra ra on the left had their hand out and Obama wisely rejected many of the proposals of the extreme left.He did not endorse gay marriage,only said don't ask don't tell should be repealed.Obama wisely knows like the Whig party of the 19th century that pushing the country too fast too soon would bring a meltdown and you could see Sarah Palin as the next President.
Sarah Palin Unqualified to be President
That does not stop her ra ra ra's pushing her book.Anyone who they can rally around suddenly without thought becomes the new quarterback for the team.We need to get back to being civil and stop all the ra ra ra!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cyber Gangsters

An alarming new trend is happening on the internet which could explain the sudden rise in teen gang related murders over the last few years.They are called E-Thugs or Cyber Gangsters.Teens are now sending threats over the internet to their rivals not caring if law enforcement is listening.Some of these threats have led to murders.The question is,how are these kids able to get guns before they get an education.This is clearly not a poverty issue but a cry for help in a country that has abandoned a large segment of our youth.From coast to coast young Latino and Black youth feel the society does not love them.We have a culture that saturates youth with violence,materialism,self hate,lust and greed.In modern America it is all about how much money you have,not how you got it or how you use it.The main thing is you can buy people and buy respect.The idea of community is gone.Shooting another human being is just like shooting a bird.Now it seems our so called scholars and spokesmouths have given up the hard fight and now settled for the blame Obama for everything.Why are many militant groups flagged on youtube and the internet but cyber thugs reign supreme?The following is a video of recent incidents in Chicago and how it is out of control.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sacred Cows pt3 Islam under scrutiny in the Black Community

What our many educators,intellectuals,and thinkers failed to do the bloggersphere is now doing.A growing debate about the role of Islam in Africa and in the African American community.Without taking away from the great contributions the Nation of Islam made to the community,many are saying Islam is actually a White Arab religion colonizing Negroes the same way as the Christian White man enslaved and colonized Black people.
Radical Islam at war with America
One of the main impediments to the Nation of Islam is that it started out non political.The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught his followers to be self sufficient,clean,hard working,honest,and a dutiful Muslim.Joining the military was forbidden as was voting and working with Whites.Now on the surface the organization looked like it had it together.Underneath the surface was unchecked and unanswered questions.From the start many were uneasy with the idea that the socalled White man was a devil created by some evil scientist named Yacub.Most people who joined did so to escape the reality of a racist country.Many of the smartest,brightest and most militant people joined the early Black Muslims.It was the first organization of any kind to introduce human development and human improvement.Drug rehabilitation and prison reform were all NOI introductions.The problem is inspite of racism and the brutality most Black people knew the racist doctrine of the NOI was wrong.Many liked the beliefs in community,family,and support of Black businesses.What many people oppose is the always siding with America's enemies in the name of being united by religion with the so called Muslim world.This is now proving to be the undoing of the whole religion in the world.All over the world secular governments are under attack by people who don't recognize any law but Sharia.In Algeria,Egypt, young barley literate Muslims who dont benefit from the progress of the secular societies want to destroy them and install an Islamic one linked across the globe based out of Mecca.Now it is clear what the agenda was all along with the Muslim conquerors.It was never about brotherhood and religion.It was about political,and economic gain.Just like the modern religious movements like the Catholic Church is about power and influence more than saving souls.
Since September 11 Islam has been on a decline
When 19 highjackers attacked the Worlds Trade Centers buildings in 2001,the militant movement in Black America quickly distanced itself from the attack.Also more Black people were wearing American flag lapels,talking about"we"were attacked by"them"The them were radical Muslims.This heat was so intense that Min Farrakhan felt compelled to speak and offer regrets to the victims.For years he talked about a holy war or spiritual war against the West and its evil it produces around the world.Now the world saw Islam as the evil.In Nigeria riots in the southern city of Obasuen,and the Northern city of Katsina attracted world attention.Thousands died when Christian mobs beat Muslims and vice versa saying Islam is an evil religion.Now in America the number of people who converted back to Christianity and now emphasis traditional African culture is exploding.
Is Islam an African religion or a White Arab religion.
A recent debate in Harlem NY put a Black Nationalist and a top minister in the NOI in a heated discussion about the credibility of the origins of Farad Muhammad and weather Elijah Muhammad was a Mason.Islam was practiced among Persians,Arabs,and Black Hamites.Though many consider Hamites Black people the are actually Afro-Asiatic people like the Dravidians of southern India.Many to give Islam credibility will call them Africans but in Africa there is a distinction.Most Africans in the West are of Bantu origin the group targeted by Muslims and Europeans for the slave trade.Black Hamites of Arabia,Sudan,Mauritania,Mali,Kano seldom were treated as inferior by Arabs.But other black people were.The people who try to sell Islam to the black man now says all blacks were welcomed to join them.History tells us differently.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

African American trivia question.

The question is, what are the reasons why your perception of the following list of people has so dramatically changed in the last four years. People in our community who were held as leaders and spokesmouths for the masses of field negroes in the eyes of the world are now fighting to maintain credibility not just with White America but Black America as well.It seems no one can claim to speak on the behalf of Black people,unless they go on Fox News who still needs a Black face to represent all Black people.What has changed this dynamic?Lets see who is on point and who is still a sleep.
Bet Founder Robert Johnson
Rev Jesse Jackson
Tavis Smiley
Russel Simmons
Rev Al Sharpton
Minister Farrakhan
Maxine Waters
Gangster Rappers
Black Church
Black Colleges
Black Music
All of the people places and thing mentioned were standard in our culture but now many have lost credibility.What caused the image and perception of the above to crumble in the last few years?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kalagenesis poll question.Have you ever worked for and African American business and recieved a paycheck from payroll with tax and health deductions?

The question the Kalagenesis is asking today is,how many of us ever worked and giving our best to a fellow Black person.Are we still in slavery?Why do most of us still work for the man?Are we happy to be on the plantation?One thing could bring joy to the community is economic independence.To do so is going to take a united community building together.Now what I have discovered is that part of the reason venture capitalist don't take us seriously is they don't know anything about us.If our businesses are not using a DUNS report and and credit ratings system how can banks loan us money?Payroll taxes are an indication of what a businesses potential is.Stocks are measured by how much productivity a business have.If everything is done under the table then how can banks,equity firms know what to lend our companies?
Please take our survey

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rev Conrad Tillard protest Glenn Bekkk at Christmas performance in New York City

Glenn Beckkk is going no respect these days.His half heart attempt to reach out to Blacks by having a Black issues show was answered by a stunning rebuke from the Rev Conrad Tillard in New York yesterday.Beck is the darling of the Tea Bagger and Birther movement.The main point the Rev was making was people have the right as citizen to critique the President and engage in debate.But what the right wing wants is to destroy this President and in the process destroy the country.These are the same hypocrites who wrap themselves in the flag but support every violent anti government movement,and would overthrow the country if they could.A recent study in Idaho reveals that many of the Aryan Nation people now hold mainstream positions in the conservative movement.This is the atmosphere that ultimately led to the assassination of President John F Kennedy.Could this happen to President Obama

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kwanzaa- Kalagenesis defined

It has been over 40 years since the Honorable Dr Maulana Karenga gave to the Pan African world a new vision he called Kwanzaa.Now Kwanzaa has been ridiculed,clowned upon,slandered, hated and even banned.Now the same people have no problem with a ghetto pimp,gangster culture.But these simple little principles were suck a threat.Now there are some issues with Kwanzaa that I have always felt uneasy about.First is it was always presented like the Nation of Islam's program as a reform or rehabilitation movement.In other words you needed some guidance and structure and here it is.So from the beginning mostly brothers and sisters from the bottom of Black America were attracted to it.We were told it was a connection to Africa and its greatness which turned out to be false.Now Kwanzaa ended up being another failed movement going to the cemetery with other failed nationalist movements because of thick headed leaders wrapped up in their own twisted narrow view of the world could not see the writing on the wall.
Where Kwanzaa Failed
Kwanzaa failed in part because it tried to play a game the White man has already mastered.You cannot just reverse the racism and supremecy without having power to back it up.In other words why is Kwanzaa only seven days when we have 365 days in the year?Are we suppose to coon,shuck,and buck dance for the White man 348 days and be good slave and go back to the slave fields the rest?You see the reality of living in a racist white dominated country,is such that the dominate culture will not tolerate dissension from the norm.In other words White people believe their names you proudly wear like good slaves Washington,Cosby,Huxtible,Baker,Brown,Miller,Parker you had better keep if you know what is good for you.If the majority of African Americans never parted from their slave owners names,what made Dr Karenga think they would part with the White man's culture?In this regard we are not to far removed from chattel slavery.Which was about ownership.When you wear the slave owners name you technically are still a slave.It is my quest to explain why we see the situation in our community getting worse.No amount of money can solve these problems.
Dr Karenga and Julius Nyrere of Tanzania were staunch Socialist
Now Socialism has some good points same as capitalism.The problem is neither is good for Africa.Other developing countries like Japan looked at capitalism and socialism and borrowed from both and kept the guiding cultural principles of their culture and heritage.They knew these systems were designed in the West and would not work in Asia and they were right.This is why it is hard to tell if China is communist or capitalist right now.Dr Nyrere of Tanzania nearly destroyed his farming system implementing his Kwanzaa or African Socialism system.The people rebelled and land was taken and people were forced to work on the hated communal farms instead of their own plots of land.So to mention Kwanzaa in many parts of Africa is to invite trouble.The same thing happened here in America we had in the 70's and 80's some good but misguided brothers starting cooperative businesses in the hood.All failed miserably.Simple human individuality,ambition and apathy caused the Kwanzaa business ideas to fail.The solution to modernize Kwanzaa for the new age.For the new African century.
Old Kwanzaa compared to the New Kwanzaa Nguzo Saba Seven Principles
1 Umoja-Unity
2Kujichagulia-self determination-being able to speak for ourself and define ourself
3Ujima-collective work and responsibility-To build and maintain a community together make anyone's problem everyone's problem and share in all work.
4Ujamaa-cooperative economics-to build and maintain our own stores,shops and businesses and share in the profits together.
5Nia-Purpose-To make it a vocation to build and maintain our community and to restore our people to greatness
7Imani-Faith To believe with all our hearts in God and our faith
Those are the sacred seven Principles of Kwanzaa as told by Dr Karenga.Now I am going to humbly give my suggestion on how to update and make Kwanzaa a dynamic force again.
1Unity is on point
2 Kujichagulia self determination should be at this late date about dual citizenship and and having our community more international.
3Ujima I believe businesses,social groups,employers,teachers,bosses, should use this as a motivation for subordinates to work harder and be more productive.The old way no one is in charge we imagine a world where all responsibility is equally shared.This is socialist fantasy.
4Ujamaa I believe this is the most important redefinition of Kwanzaa.I believe exceptional people should build with like wise people.Business people need to come together and create wealth.They cannot sit around worrying about making unproductive people envious.We need to create a culture of business to business rituals rites and customs.Also societies and fraternities like the Japanese Ziabatsui clans of old.
5Nia-Purpose-Purpose should be what is our constitution,what is our collective goal?Is is begging for civil rights or is it one day being free in a nation of our own.
6Kuumba Creativity should be the artist,musicians,writers,sculptors,designers ect trying to uplife and show the beauty of our people and culture.
7Imani Our faith should be our community commitment to God.And righteousness should be our guiding principles in all decision making.