Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The tightest verses of all time.

Hey my Hip Hop heads out there.I do have a light hearted side.I want to know who had the best Rhymes of all time.Now since the rise of gansta rap,crystal sipping,and rims people have forgot that this is an art that you cant throw together in a video, and spit weak verses you need rhyme skill.Although some tried to force certain rappers on us with gimicks.They will be forgotten as sure as Im sitting here.Here are some of my favorites what are your and I will know your committment to this art for by the verse that you choose.
Rakim-"I take seven MC's,
put them in a line
add seven more brothers
who think they can rhyme
well it take seven more before I go
for mine,now thats 21 Mc's eat up at the same time"
Check out my melody
KRS one "How many MC's must get dissed
before someone says dont fuck with Kris"
My Philosphy
"I slayed MC's Back in the R.E.C. ROOM era
my stlye broke muther--- back like hempfatera,
most rap niggas came loud but went unheard,
because I pull them out round them off to the nearest third".
"Check the none visual nigga with the tapes in the portrait,
Holding a seminar trying orbit its corferate."
K Solo" It your wife Mister, she dont think that Im charming
she think shes Mr Wipple, cause she thinks I squeeze the charmin."
Your moms in my buisiness
These are just a few of my favorites.I think these are the some of the best verses.These will live on in eternity.

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