Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Russell Simmons'The Road to hell is often paved with good intentions'Pt 2

I think there is nothing wrong with capitalism people getting rich off an idea or a product that they have created and people want or use.Problem is sometimes people get rich at the expense of others, ex big oil etc.Russell Simmons it seems was determined to get rich at the expense of hip hop.He discredited Pro Griff of Public Enemy because he thought Griffs SO-CALLED anti-Semitic statements would offend his Jewish partners, and backers of def-jam.From day one he seem like a man with no principle, no soul just the almighty dallor.Now the more we see of him the more this sounds true.If you add up all the Pr, all of the charity,donations gifts and benefits, it probably only add up to a pittance compared to what he is worth.Don't be fool by his donations, it is all tax write offs and publicity to keep focus off the damage the music industry is causing the culture.He knows the transition from Latoya,jimmy hats,and round the way girl,to snowman,make it rain,and other misogynistic graphic music that they flood the airways with.You see for years Russell has told us that music should be colorblind made for everyone.In other word white people don't want to hear Heavy D'sBlack coffee no sugar no cream.Now does anyone tell country music stars to make their music inclusive?No!They speak to large White middle America audiences and say fuck people of color.Thanks to Russell Simmons we cant say fuck the man or White America anymore.All of the rebellious aspects of hip hop is gone forever.Now for years this moron has been telling us that these idiots who are killing each other and disrespecting women are a legitimate form of expression.Insane! This nigga is looking at dollar signs.So don't tell me about the total of ten days out of his time he dedicated, or the total of 5 million he gave,because it is nothing compared to the500 million he has.By the way that is a pittance compared to the total worth of Black America coming up to TRILLION MARK.But again thanks to traitors like him all of that money goes back to the White community because ours is to dangerous to invest in, thanks to the degradations of the new hip hop.'The road to hell is often paved with good intentions'.

Kala Nation

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