Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Black girl lost

I remember back when I was a small boy we move from the poor but relatively stable neighborhood in South Jamaica Queens in the suburbs in upstate New York.The year was 1976.So long ago I barely can remember.The short but brief time period in an all Black community shaped the way I see the world today.Remembering images of beautiful sisters of all complexions walking hand in hand on school trips,to the bus stop,to the corner store.We would all sing black power slogans on the school bus(although most of us didn't know what we were saying).I was serounded by strong women who did not go there.What do I mean by go there?Look at the current black female singers,rappers,actress who paraded on our television every day as role models.I remember women who went to church stood by their husbands through thick and thin.I remember a time when it was a shame for a woman to be unmarried with kids.Even worst children by by many fathers.Look at Maury Polvich,Ricky Lake,Jerry springer.You see whorish women who think it is okay to disrespect men.It is okay for women to shake their ass on apoll as long as you are making money.I had this argument with a brother a few weeks ago and he told me "well some times a person has to do what hey have to do".I asked him well what about the kids,what should she tell them when they get older.He said they will understand.I said bull@##**!That kids life and innocence is gone and now society has one more burden in the criminal justice system.All because so woman couldn't keep her legs closed until the night of her wedding.Our community used to be the moral standard of the world.Many Black women have adopted the wicked ways of the sinful world.
The poster girl for Black girl lost is rapper Lil Kim.Point that is always missed in to days popular culture,is that most black females hate Lil Kim and what she stands for.In the neo minstrel age she is celebrated along with the other clowns we see in the entertainment media.Listening to her rap about getting even with men and using men the way they use us is an sin.She tells young girls to hate young boys and look for material and use your sexuality for material pursuit.In her world according to her latest song 'keep your lighters up'a 12 year old prostituting is something to brag about.Is Lil Kim our fault?Ive often ask myself that question.I mean not everyone had the love and family structure I Had so I might not be the best person to judge.But something deep down inside me tells me everyone knows right from wrong.We all bend the rules sometimes but we kept the strait and narrow.The problem is that in our current hip hop culture there is no one telling right from wrong.When our women turn on us and become our enemies we are domed as surely as Im sitting here.What am I saying?My mother,grandmother,aunts,cousins could have went there but they didn't.They stayed by their husbands,and in turned our families were raised and prospered.It wasn't hard.I am not impressed by how much money you make it me and nothing if you don't have peace and happiness.There are many Black girls lost in America AIDS,HIV,teen pregnancy,obesity,self hate.We can change this I remember the very early years of my youth when my beautiful sisters were walking hand in hand telling my mother if I did mischief.Arguing with me over a game of tag.Innocence of my youth.I pray those days come back for future generations to enjoy.

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