Thursday, November 8, 2007

Revenge of the nerds.Micheal E.Dyson

In discussing the teachings of author Mike Dyson one has to be familiar with the conditions and mind set of modern African American community.In several of my post I listed the problems of the Black race in America.First was Sacred Cows,another was,'The road to hell is often paved with good intentions,the 'Arrested Development.I said 'A mans word is his bond.'Finally I explained to the world what the Kala Nation is and how are we going to achieve it.Well the first thing we have to do is to identify who we are as a people(knowledge of self)and then identify how we can collectively come together as a people and a nation within a nation for our survival.I have often wrote men are made and judged by his words and deeds.In the bible it say you are known by the fruits you bear.This I bear witness to.It is not above any man not to forgive our fellow man for misdeeds so long as that man trys to make amends for wrong doing.Right now Black America is in a serious meltdown.We are the only group of people who refuse to believe or should I say live by what is right and what is wrong.A man who loves his people will tell them when they are doing wrong.A man who is a con artist,a hustler,a fraud tells you what he think you want to hear.No let us examine Mike Dysons book 'Is Cosby right'Now Dyson has a right to critisise Cosby all he wants that is his right.What he does not have the right to do is is character assassination or trying to pit classes of black people against each other.Dyson is a dangerous liar.He says Cosby hates poor blacks.COSBY HATES BAD BEHAVIOR!!That is different than hating his own race.Does anyone believe this academic fraud who has a history of defaming black icons like Martin Luther King jr.In his book which is written on a fifth grade reading level with simplistic insults aimed at attracting an ignorant unintellectual so called hip hop generation.He said cosby should just eat his jello pudding pop.See he has taken on the swagger of the no good hood thug who listen to him.He is desperate for followers weak uneducated misinformed fools who want to hear all day how its the white mans fault why they cant read a book and succeed.Cosby has always represented the best of what black america is about.Now was cosby involved in scandals?Sure but what about the founding fathers?Look at Mt Rushmore look at you money see how other races protect their elders and heroes who fought for them.Has not cosby given enough to his people? Isn't his word enough?Why don't we forgive our own the way every other people protect their own?I know why NIGGERTIVITY!!We are so negative we cant even do anything for ourselves.Dyson feeds into this negativity by pandering to the ignorant among us.He insults the poor because the negative in Black America or ghettoism is practiced by all income levels so Cosby never singled out the poor.That was Dyson playing class warfare.You see he is working for enemies of the real black community.
Now let us examine just why this tragic mullatto would chose to go against Bill Cosby a real Black man who is a pillar in black america.One is insecurity he is a nerd who looks like one of those dudes everyone beat up in grade school.He trys to put on a black mans venacular but underneath his voice there is weakness,in other word he has no soul.He is not a real blackman but an oreo who is using hip hop to try and gain black relevance but to a wise black man like myself he isnt fooling anyone.I can see through anyone,This man is evil,self serving and disrespectful.He disrespected Nation of Islam minister Conrad Muhammad on BET the black exploitation television.Now I say it is time to take the gloves off to these race traitors,coons,mullattos,drug dealers,minstrel rappers.Dyson is a fool and a whore prostituting himself to minstrel rap artist for financial gain and prominence.I would love for him to come on this or any forum and debate me.He is not on my level,and I dont have a masters degree.We never got our moneys worth from The United Negro College Fund look at Dyson.I am not sending anymore money,if a mind is a terrible thing to waist,so is my dollars.

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