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Ode to the Dragon Slayers!Neo Chiterling Circuit aka The Lecture Circuit 11/14 by Kalagenesis | Politics Progressive Podcasts

Ode to the Dragon Slayers!Neo Chiterling Circuit aka The Lecture Circuit 11/14 by Kalagenesis | Politics Progressive Podcasts*** (22:57:32):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:33:10):
Peace Kala, Antoinette
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:33:23):
Salif Keita, nice choice
Kalagenesis says (23:33:37):
Hey brother
a12iggymom says to  (23:34:43):
hello Kalagenesis, biddles,Prime
a12iggymom says to  (23:34:56):
hello Antoinette if you are the guest
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:42:03):
Peace a12iggy
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:42:11):
Exactly Kala
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:42:42):
Right, that why the real folks don't run their mouths
Chef Robb says to  (23:43:40):
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:46:15):
Peace Rob
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:46:59):
I can't stay the whole show, but i will listen as much as I can
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:47:32):
Yeah, they were ridiculous on doing that, $3500 for a BELT?!!? geez
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:47:55):
oh, that's right. my bad
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:48:25):
Unless that bag give you super powers, it's not worth htat much
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:48:26):
Socially Engineered
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:48:28):
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (23:49:32):
Aspiring Brothers don´t need USA.
Kalagenesis says (23:49:52):
how is my sound?
a12iggymom says to  (23:50:27):
sound is goood
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:50:37):
You're good
a12iggymom says to  (23:50:49):
hello Robb
Chef Robb says to  (23:52:04):
Chef Robb says to  (23:52:20):
Kala going back to the 70's sound
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:52:41):
Early 80's hip hop
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:52:52):
This hasthe NYC feel
Chef Robb says to  (23:53:05):
(Tp), digging in the crates
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:53:16):
But I am ROOTED in Chi-town House!
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:53:43):
I pledge the House sound
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:54:09):
Chef Robb says to  (23:54:17):
Sounds like you talking from a fish bowl
Chef Robb says to  (23:54:23):
Louder Kala
Chef Robb says to  (23:54:31):
Chef Robb says to  (23:57:18):
Dont forget Tap Dancing!!!
Chef Robb says to  (23:58:06):
Self-Hatred !!!
Chef Robb says to  (00:00:13):
Hey, the best one I heard was spaceships brought us here 8-|
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:00:41):
Yeah, the whole Anuuaki nonsense
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:01:18):
There is a distinction in Slave and Slave from Afrika, what the brother was trying to say, is he was not a Slave brought from Afrika.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:02:32):
It is documented that there were Highly Melaninated beings in the Amerikas long before Columbus.
Chef Robb says to  (00:03:12):
Eye, I dont dispute that....the spaceship stuff is crazy tho...
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:03:13):
Columbus himself, noted such in his log.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:04:17):
Concurred, CR
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:04:41):
"The Alien Deception"
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:05:47):
Most make the mistake of thinking Star Wars´Technology is from outerspace.
Chef Robb says to  (00:06:48):
Did Kala say he eats grass ???
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:11:54):
Apartheid still exists in South Afrique.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:14:21):
They don´t have to write laws when they own the land/currency/economy.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:15:58):
Eye disagree !
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:16:15):
Eye have travelled often to Afrika.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:16:32):
Presently working in switzerland.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:16:46):
no body attacking you, hommie...
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:17:01):
stop being so Insecure.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:17:27):
But if you claim it, wear it....
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:21:31):
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:21:58):
Sophisticated Servitude
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:24:44):
Most brothers should know, Obama has made global business for self employed brothers more difficult.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:26:46):
Obama has harmed our international innocence.
C O G says to  (00:27:37):
    obama is a liar          obama is a liar          obama is a liar          obama is a liar          obama is a liar          obama is a liar          obama is a liar          obama is a liar          obama is a liar          obama is a liar          ob
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:28:39):
Many overseas potential clients/customers & consumers see the Melaninated in the same form as the US Caucazoid.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:30:26):
For you all still on the US Plantation, it probably denotes little, but to those of us outside the plantation it denotes much.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:31:32):
We were Innocent business wise globally, but now things have changed.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:34:01):
Globally, the Asians/Europeans/S.Amerikans must consider, if this Brother Eye from the US is gonna spy on us, or worse.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:37:03):
sensere750 says to  (00:37:41):
why belabor these arguments about what people with access to resources dont do for the culture wasted energy=wasted time
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:38:22):
Why should somethang be done for Kulture ?
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:38:44):
Heritage is much more important.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:39:14):
Kulture is not yours.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:39:29):
Kulture was imposed on you.
sensere750 says to  (00:39:45):
what r u talking about
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:39:57):
Socially Engineered aka Kulture Kreation
sensere750 says to  (00:40:21):
you are speaking in ***tics
sensere750 says to  (00:40:27):
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:40:43):
Kulture = Kult + u´re = Kult you are
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:41:02):
Kult as in to Kultivate a crop.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:41:13):
Feel Me ?
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:41:30):
That is what has happened to most.
sensere750 says to  (00:41:30):
this is what i am talking about why is this even a discussion
sensere750 says to  (00:42:14):
the point is why worry about people who dont knoe championingw or dont care about the cause you ar
sensere750 says to  (00:42:44):
why worry about people who dont care about your cause or see your vision
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:42:56):
not my forum(show)
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:44:01):
Eye´m outside the plantation, just dropping some knowledge, nuttin´personal.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:47:35):
Brothers would not believe the opportunity overseas for an aspiring, creative Brother/§istar.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:47:49):
Harlem was originally caucazoid.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:48:09):
Harlem, do you know what Harlem is ?
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:48:42):
New York originally New Amsterdam
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:49:06):
Harlem is a city in Holland.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:49:42):
Eye guess they should have called it New Harlem.
Kalagenesis says (00:52:41):
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:55:18):
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:55:26):
South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma hosted the Fifth BRICS Summit on 27 March 2013 in Durban under the theme: “BRICS and Africa: Partnership for Development, Integration and Industrialisation.”
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:56:42):
The BRICS Leaders agreed to the establishment of a New Development Bank and indicated that the initial capital contribution to the bank should be substantial and sufficient for the bank to be effective in financing infrastructure.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:57:30):
In addition, the Leaders also agreed on the establishment of the contingent reserve arrangement (CRA) with an initial size of US$100 billion.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:57:53):
It has since been raised to 200 billion.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:59:06):
Amb JM Matjila - Director-General
Department of International Relations and Cooperation
Tel: +27 12 351 0204
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (00:59:33):
Amb is Ambassador
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (01:00:34):
Mr C Ramashau - Acting Deputy Director-General: Corporate Services
Department of International Relations and Cooperation
Tel: +27 12 351 1446
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (01:01:04):
Chef Robb says to  (01:04:12):
Thomas, My mom past in June...I know it goes deep...
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (01:11:02):
We all know Bitcoin is a sham !
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (01:11:33):
At least we professionals in switzerland know it is a sham.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (01:11:49):
The feable minded may not know.
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (01:13:21):
Physical Gold ?
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (01:13:46):
It must be Physical Gold not Gold Certificates.
KatGirl23 says to  (01:14:56):
AA's steal from each other too
KatGirl23 says to  (01:15:36):
only millions?
KatGirl23 says to  (01:15:42):
This wont work, guys
KatGirl23 says to  (01:16:06):
eye, do you like listening to this fairytale?
EyeamtheUniverse says to  (01:17:25):
Eye missed a portion KG.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kala Nation.Blood and Soil 11/10 by Kalagenesis | Politics Progressive Podcasts

Kala Nation.Blood and Soil 11/10 by Kalagenesis | Politics Progressive Podcasts*** (22:40:55):Welcome to the Kalagenesis Chat Room.
Kalagenesis says (22:55:21):
Show starts at 11:30 est
Kalagenesis says (22:55:37):
Tonight Blood and Soil............Kala Nation
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:31:32):
Peace Bro. Kala. Welcome back.
Kalagenesis says (23:32:28):
Oh yes
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:33:12):
Taking us back to the ol' school hip hop!
Kalagenesis says (23:34:00):
Oh yes 1983
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:34:57):
Have you figured out who I am yet? :D
Kalagenesis says (23:35:48):
Kalagenesis says (23:36:00):
Who are you
Kalagenesis says (23:36:07):
I guess Pain less?
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:36:15):
It's Mikha`el
Kalagenesis says to Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX (private) (23:36:20):
Kalagenesis says to Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX (private) (23:36:25):
Hey brother
Kalagenesis says to Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX (private) (23:36:36):
watching Kung Fu all day
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:36:45):
Wassup man. Glad I took tomorrow off so I can listen to the whole show
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:36:57):
Yeah, the series?
Kalagenesis says to Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX (private) (23:37:04):
Great it will be
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:37:06):
Or Shaw Brothers?
Kalagenesis says to Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX (private) (23:37:14):
No a movie called Death Chamber
Kalagenesis says to Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX (private) (23:37:21):
Shaw Brothers
Kalagenesis says (23:37:29):
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to Kalagenesis (private) (23:37:57):
Haven't seen that one. I have one for you that i will inbox you tonight. It;s in low quality, but it's still good
Kalagenesis says to Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX (private) (23:38:23):
Chef Robb says to  (23:38:41):
Chef Robb says to  (23:39:36):
Dogs in a blanket...COOK the dogs....Weinnie roast
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:41:10):
Peace Rob
Chef Robb says to  (23:42:39):
Chef Robb says to  (23:49:09):
Kanye West wears a Rebel flag....
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (23:49:18):
They are casting illusions
PAINLESS says to  (23:56:46):
no...this is painless
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:00:13):
That's right, he did try and bring that nonsense to Africa
PAINLESS says to  (00:10:23):
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:19:19):
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:19:43):
I don't acknowledge any of them
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:19:50):
Right caller
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:21:42):
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:24:23):
Yes, that is played out.
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:27:10):
You have to buckdance!
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:27:49):
Hence the reason I will never be"at the top". No buckdancing for me
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:30:19):
Chef Robb says to  (00:31:30):
Kala, ok no more insults....Lets step outside....
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:32:15):
UH OH!!! 3 o`clock beatdown time!
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:32:23):
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:34:25):
They never out it behind them, thye just hid it well
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:34:29):
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:36:07):
PercyFranklin says to  (00:36:32):
that doesn't even make sense
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:36:47):
No it doesn't.
Chef Robb says to  (00:37:39):
Define getting out of line and causing trouble?
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:38:20):
Getting angry at injustice.
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:38:41):
Wearing a hoodie...
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:39:19):
you know " looking the 'wrong' way"
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:42:01):
That's the image that is projected
Chef Robb says to  (00:43:44):
Going to school is partying...
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:45:57):
For some, it definitely is.^^^
The Soul Grifter says to  (00:55:07):
The Soul Grifter Welcome Big D back to BTR.   May God have mercy on your soul.
The Soul Grifter says to  (00:55:59):
The Soul Grifter would like to advise D to use a better microphone.
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (00:56:11):
Like "Brother Sabu and `nem"
The Soul Grifter says to  (00:56:13):
Your mobile hand phone will not suffice
The Soul Grifter says to  (00:56:44):
ah ah ah ah ah - nice to hear you again Kala.  You haven't changed a wit.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:00:23):
He waits for you.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:00:28):
He comes.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:00:33):
ah ah ah ah
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (01:00:36):
Thorium reactors
PercyFranklin says to  (01:01:17):
nuclear energy is dangerous
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:01:18):
I cannot find my Miracle Whip and I need some tuna.
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (01:02:21):
Thorium does not produce the dangerous waste like typical reactors do
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:02:35):
He waits for you.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:07:05):
I've only been black for 2 months.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:07:14):
I'm starting to like myself.
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (01:08:42):
Who is this?
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:09:18):
this is me
uBpJessie says to  (01:13:05):
black people can not be racist
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (01:13:37):
Not in this country.
uBpJessie says to  (01:13:42):
black people are too weak to be racist
PercyFranklin says to  (01:14:39):
im out
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (01:15:19):
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:15:20):
I'm muted.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:15:30):
I came for your soul Kala
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:15:37):
I came to save your soul
uBpJessie says to  (01:15:46):
kala stop wrestling with these... things
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:15:47):
Embrace the white man inside you.
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (01:16:06):
Oy gevalt...
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:16:06):
Say his name Kala
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:16:15):
He is "The One Angry Jew"
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:16:24):
Do not fear him.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:16:30):
He loves you.
Chef Robb says to  (01:16:45):
How many Chinese do you see eating in a Black Restaurant ??
uBpJessie says to  (01:17:13):
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:17:23):
You live in a white community.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:17:31):
How many black people live on your street?
uBpJessie says to  (01:17:41):
they do not have the resources or the WILL to be racist
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:18:56):
How does a blind black boy understand that he is black?
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:20:01):
The Africans will never accept you as African.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:20:35):
You have never been to Africa.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:20:43):
Pish posh.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:20:56):
You will never know Africa.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:21:09):
Until you have lived in Africa.   You are a phony Kala.
uBpJessie says to  (01:24:33):
what is the point this back and forth?
MsXtotheM says to  (01:25:02):
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:25:30):
Another know nothing caller with nothing to say.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:25:38):
Assume away.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:25:43):
Ask him how black he is.
uBpJessie says to  (01:25:55):
wow taking calls with weed heads now?
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:26:13):
Yes, Kala thinks this guy is more interesting than I am.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:26:20):
I sharpen his wit.
MsXtotheM says to  (01:26:27):
MsXtotheM says to  (01:26:34):
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:26:47):
This conversation is now officially boring.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:26:54):
Barack Obama kills children.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:27:06):
True or False Msx2thMMMM
MsXtotheM says to  (01:27:20):
Chef Robb says to  (01:27:36):
Every US President has killed kids
MsXtotheM says to  (01:27:49):
MsXtotheM says to  (01:27:59):
uBpJessie says to  (01:28:07):
are there images liking bush to hitlet?
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:28:09):
He kills innocent children with drone strikes.
Chef Robb says to  (01:28:14):
No US President is innocent...Every US President is a liar, Murderer
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:28:22):
He killed two Americans, Anwar al awlacki and his 16 year old son.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:28:26):
Both Americans.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:28:31):
The son committed no crime.
sensere750 says to  (01:28:33):
Kala your message is not resonating because we are rehashing old arguments and the means to change someones life has not been made a reality by a change in paradigm starting with confronting a brutal harsh past and some truths about melanated  people
Chef Robb says to  (01:28:42):
Hey, Jew Bush started the Drone Wars....
sensere750 says to  (01:28:44):
forward progress can not be made
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:28:58):
Obama has taken them to a new level.
MsXtotheM says to  (01:29:04):
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:29:18):
Not willing to concede Msx?
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:29:22):
I'm right.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:29:26):
I proved my point.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:29:36):
Now man up and show us that you can tell us you were wrong.
MsXtotheM says to  (01:30:11):
Chef Robb says to  (01:30:15):
Grifter, Clinton has bombed innocent people, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Johnson, Roosevelt...Show me which American President that doesnt have blood on their hands
MsXtotheM says to  (01:30:47):
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:30:48):
and you are telling me what?  that this makes it right?
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:30:50):
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:31:27):
sensere750 says to  (01:31:31):
Economics is the key to the problem not bloodshed people
MsXtotheM says to  (01:31:32):
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:31:33):
Ms X cannot Man UP
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:31:39):
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:31:43):
Way to go MSX
MsXtotheM says to  (01:31:44):
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:31:47):
you are a phony
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:31:56):
another know nothing with no facts
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:32:12):
I know you have a vagina.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:32:15):
So what.
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:32:17):
Man up
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:32:21):
Admit you were wrong.
sensere750 says to  (01:32:46):
soul grifter is being a provacateur and you are playing into his hands by responding to distractions
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (01:33:19):
sensere750 says to  (01:33:27):
the conversation should revolve around things that are substantive and actionable
MsXtotheM says to  (01:33:56):
sensere750 says to  (01:34:13):
these sessions become intellectual masturbation with no course to plod forward in any meaningful way
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:34:16):
I'm happy I didn't come from yours.
Kalagenesis says (01:35:15):
sensere750 says to  (01:36:25):
No one talks about mastering the one of the 9 areas of human activity that can be mastered regardless of your melanin genotype.
sensere750 says to  (01:36:32):
Kalagenesis says (01:37:32):
Hey my brother
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (01:39:22):
As much as I enjoy Chinese martial arts, I never trusted China in Africa
sensere750 says to  (01:39:52):
That is what the nigerians are doing by paying off their debt and using natural resources
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (01:40:54):
sensere750 says to  (01:41:29):
Nigeria is ranked 30th in the world in terms of GDP
sensere750 says to  (01:42:12):
between 2010-2050 nigeria will be a leader in gdp growth year over year 40 years of a boom while pontificate
Kalagenesis says (01:42:47):
Thomas call in brother
sensere750 says to  (01:43:18):
Learn about markets how they work why they work how to participate and oew to quietlt amass resources and dominate a space to effect change
sensere750 says to  (01:43:25):
the show is off
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:49:12):
Better off than on.  The Jew made your show intellectual instead of the typical I hate whitey shyte
The Soul Grifter says to  (01:49:17):
See ya
Prime 0 In The BeginningXXX says to  (01:56:05):
Good show Kala

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kala Nation New Terminology AFRIKSTAN

Afrikstan adjective or noun.A description of a place or and actual tangible place.Afrik is part of"Africa".Broken the K replaces the C.Stan means homeland or territory.Afrikstan means a African homeland for African Americans and African victims of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.An Afrikstan should be governed and administered by African diaspora people.An Afrikstan will right the wrongs of the slave trade.An Afrikstan can be an enclave,protectorate,autonomous region,province,or independent nation state.It is our humble opinion that the total sum of all African Nationalist movements should be towards an Afrikstan.The actual name should be decided later.There can be multiple Afrikstans located around Africa to host countries.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The International Criminal Court(ICC).Is it a White man's Justice in Africa?

I have been an outspoken critic of the ICC for a few years now.I have been critical since the tribunals in Bosnia and the imprisonment of Melosovich.My biggest concern came after the launching of the Iraq War in early 2003.I watched as The Neo Cons and George Bush instigate a war in Iraq on flimsy evidence.Make no mistake there is no justice in being weak.The strong generally dictate the terms of justice.If the arch of humanity bends towards justice,then it must take manipulation and strength to bend it.On the allegation of a professional dissident,Aqmed Chalabi head of the INC or Iraqi National Congress,the United States tried to install a puppet government in Iraq even before the fall of Saddam Hussein.When it was clear that he had no capability of holding the country together,a sectarian war broke out threatening to destabilize the entire region.Now since there were no weapons of mass destruction ever found and the UN did not mandate an invasion of a sovereign nation,President George W Bush found himself and America in an endless war with no support in the world.Then came the idea of selling a transitional government,then eventually elections.Now remember none of these were even discussed until Chalabi's government collapsed.The next few years saw hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed and millions displaced.A catastrophic upheaval on such a huge scale rivaling WW2.The question after reading this should be"Where is the indictment from the ICC towards George W Bush?Was there a hearing?The answer is no.One of the reasons is the ICC is voluntary.It is voluntary for developed nations but involuntary to poor nations.Being a signatory to the ICC means good standing with donor nations. Most of the nations running the court are former colonial powers Europe still desires to control Africa.They control Africa through fear and propaganda.It is European Intelligence Agencies that arm dictators in the first place.Dictators are easy to control.They only want to stay in power.They do not want to challenge the status quo.This dirty little arrangement is the reason Patrice Lumumba was murdered in the Congo,Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown and why the Americo Liberian True Whig Party and Liberia's President William R Tolbert was overthrown and his entire cabinet executed.Any African leader who challenges the West is targeted good or bad.None of the nations on the Security Council in the UN are signatories to the ICC but they are calling the shots in who is to be prosecuted.Nigeria and Ghana two colonial countries support the ICC.It was Nigeria that handed over former Liberian President Charles Taylor at the request or demand of George Bush.Imagine Bush who orchestrated a mass genocide of Iraqis demands Charles Taylor be held liable for a war in Sierra Leone!A war that has been waging since the early 1960's.A war former Nigerian President Obasanjo took part in plundering.It is clear certain people are being singled out,while others escape justice. The International Criminal Court (commonly referred to as the ICC or ICCt)[2] is a permanent tribunal to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression (although jurisdiction for the crime of aggression[3] will not be awakened until 2017 at the earliest).[4][5] The ICC was created by the Rome Statute which came into force on 1 July 2002.[6][7] The Court has established itself in The Hague, Netherlands, but its proceedings may take place anywhere.[8] It is intended to complement existing national judicial systems, and may only exercise its jurisdiction when national courts are unwilling or unable to investigate or prosecute such crimes. Currently, 122 states[9] are states parties to the Statute of the Court, including all of South America, nearly all of Europe, most of Oceania and roughly half the countries in Africa.[10] A further 31 countries,[9] including Russia, have signed but not ratified the Rome Statute.[10] The law of treaties obliges these states to refrain from “acts which would defeat the object and purpose” of the treaty until they declare they do not intend to become a party to the treaty.[11] Three of these states—Israel, Sudan and the United States—have informed the UN Secretary General that they no longer intend to become states parties and, as such, have no legal obligations arising from their former representatives' signature of the Statute.[10][12] 41 United Nations member states[9] have neither signed nor ratified or acceded to the Rome Statute; some of them, including China and India, are critical of the Court.[13][14] On 21 January 2009, the Palestinian National Authority formally accepted the jurisdiction of the Court.[15] On 3 April 2012, the ICC Prosecutor declared himself unable to determine that Palestine is a "state" for the purposes of the Rome Statute and referred such decision to the United Nations.[16] On 29 November 2012, the United Nations General Assembly voted in favor of recognizing Palestine as a non-member observer state.[17] The ICC has yet to punish Israel.It has yet to punish former Apartheid leaders in South Africa.The idea of the ICC was suppose to be that certain countries are incapable of prosecuting people because of cost and function.But Uganda and Kenya has functioning judicial systems.Why do they insist those countries hand over Bashir and Kenyatta?Are Africans incapable of governing themselves?Why did the ICC ignore rebel activity in the Coate de Ivoire in 2006?Then when their chosen leader supposedly won the election a few years ago and the same Gabagbo refuse to step down,they indict him?Why are they not holding those rebels who caused the insurgency accountable?Could it be because of Gabagbo's policies towards his former master in France?Most of the arms flowing into Africa come from the West.Most of the illegal diamonds flow to the West.Most of the smuggled oil goes to the West.Will we ever see ICC prosecutions of Haliburton or Shell oil?Don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ode to the Dragonslayer!

The Kala Nation has been putting out talking points concerning the quagmire Black America seems to be trapped in.The"Enemy Within""Sacred Cows""Arrested Development"and others point to pathologies to a people broken and in moral,spiritual and emotional decline.The next series I want to talk about it using Parallels matching historical fables,stories,mythologies to the current state of Black African people in America,specifically the Trans Atlantic slave trade victims or Maafa. After the fall of the Roman Empire most of the Western world went into the Dark Ages.Kingdoms formed around the fragments of the Roman Empire,kept many of the customs of Rome except much of the ability to learn and reason.As the Bible became the only literature permitted in much of Europe.During this time period ignorance ruled along with its sisters superstition and intolerance.During the Middle Ages most people believed in Dragons,although no one had ever seen one.People no matter what village or kingdom feared the mythical beast more than they did God.This created opportunity for men of valor,charlatans,wizards,warriors ect to distinguish themselves as the one who can protect people against the damnation of the dragon.Since most people believed in the dragon it was important to keep the myth alive as to keep people in check.Wizards sold magic spells,noblemen offered gold,men offered their virgin daughters as sacrifice to the dragon to keep the kingdom safe.This created power vacuums,where as men created huge followings around their ability to scare off the dreaded dragon.Now of course there were people who did not believe this,but they were quickly silenced as heretics and many times burned at the stake.The dragonslayer was the most powerful commoner in the kingdom. The question is what happens when people find out the truth?Or what happens when the dragon makes a deal with the people himself instead of words and imagery of the dragonslayer?Who is more dangerous to the people the dragon or the dragonslayer? We can fast forward the same scene to Black America in the latter 20th century and the early 21st century.We have Dragonslayers running around calling themselves Black Militants.Black Militancy is a prisoner to Captivity.The Dragon is the"White Man"Although there are racist and Black America is under a White supremacy system,these modern dragonslayers do not have the capability to save themselves much less 43 million African Americans.But the dragonslayers are here to save us from the White Devil.There is no time for logic,reason,education,self empowerment and even nationhood eventually.No it is just support them,buy their books,come to their rallies and they will save us from the White Dragon.Come on buy this beanpie,this newspaper,this video,pump your fist and the dreaded White Dragon will go away.The question is how do we get rid of the dragonslayer so we can actually deal with the dragon ourselves?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Enemy Within..........Deadly Clowns

Over the years the Kala Nation Blogs has been the leader in attacking threats to the Black culture of America.The Neo Minstrel Age is the continuation of human degradation and bondage done to facilitate White Supremacy and African submission in American culture.There are very few bloggers or pundits talking about the ignorant forces inside the Black so called community.Image making is the biggest weapon the hidden hand use to keep the masses of Black folks in line.Self hate leads to self doubt.Self doubt causing an individual to be dependent on others for what they should be doing for themselves. Black men as clowns,buffoons,hambones,shines and coons There is a well known false image of Black men the media and popular culture promotes.The sexual beast lusting for White flesh as his sole desire in life.The"Mandingo Image"is something some traitors in the Black porn industry capitalize on to make money.Selling the dignity,and all great Black men fought against.The traitors are known.Another image is the clown,simpleton,buffoon,joke America puts out as a non threatening cowardly boyish fool,who never grows up and becomes a man.I saw this first hand moving back to the South.Grown men in their 50's with boyish childish ways.This is a continuation of the White power structure,where the only man is the White man.When a Black man wants to open a business no one supports him because the culture does not take him seriously.There is no such thing as a community without and economic base.It is a unwritten code that the White boy's life and future is taken seriously in the South more than a Black boy's future.Especially by Black folks.This is an internalize forfeiting of ones God given right to a life of happiness on Earth.The Black African male is used as entertainment,amusement and wonder for the American public.It is to the point that African immigrants do not want to be confused for being African American.They take their image seriously.Their image is how they will rise and fall in the world.The image of the African American is create by White racist to keep a permanent underclass.Even when the underclass is doing well,it is Whites who benefit the most from it,and the one trillion in earning power the Black community generates a year.No other race will settle for such an arrangement.It is fear that preserves the order of things.Fear of the police.Fear of losing a job,fear of foreclosure,fear of death.To survive in America one has to smile and be a clown,foot shuffling,sports going,partying dancing man till the day he dies.Not some Civil Rights Movement.This was well documented recently.A study found very few Black people supported integration into American society,and that the Back to Africa movement was stronger than previously believed.What you see is surrender of a people to survive. Deadly Clowns Not everyone wants to live in a suburb and objectified.Not everyone wants to be marginalized and forgotten about tucked away in some Hood.Some people will do anything to break out of the mold.To be taken seriously.You know the types.One day he was a boy play ball,then a few years later he is killed in a gun battle."He was a good boy happy go lucky funny"."What happened"?What happened was Pookey was tired of being laughed at.Pookey was tired of being a joke,tired of being dismissed,tired of being a clown.These brothers in the hood in the coming years are the most serious threat to Black America,and they are being encouraged by White Suburbanites.They are the ones fascinated by the crime and antics in the inner city.I've seen first hand overblown reputations having people believe they were hood superstars when then were just clowns,mothers on section 8 and living in roach infested apartments.Becoming a drug dealer and carrying a gun means no one will look at you as a clown again.You are now feared.You have juice.This is the challenge I give to the so called conscious community.This our most dangerous"Enemy Within"is getting worst.We need a cultural revolution.We need nationhood.We will perish in another generation it is time to act.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

American Independence VS Liberian Independence

The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade brought African culture and civilization total destruction.The same system built the modern Western World.America's birth is the direct result of the enslavement of tens of millions of Africans in the Western Hemisphere for 345 years.Slavery created a new ideology called racism or White Supremacy.Such ideology did not exist in the ancient world.That is the belief that the White races were superior and that the darker peoples inferior or subservient to the master race.Although many Whites do not believe it,they benefit from having White skin,which is a mark of dominance and power anywhere in the world. The American Revolution One of the remarkable contradictions of the American revolution is that it was fought for liberty.The rights of man to enjoy happiness,own private property,have a voice in his society and the consent to being governed.Now all the while the wealth of America was built on the procurement of Black bodies,which by the way was how Wall Street grew.There were voices against slavery in America.Most people either were indifferent or opposed to it on principle.But few thought war or bloodshed was worth ending slavery, so it grew even bigger after the Constitution was ratified.When the Constitution of America was written,it was clear that America the United States was meant to be a European homeland.The original Declaration of Independence of America from England contained passages condemning slavery.This would not sell so it was edited out.The American Revolution was a fragile experiment no one thought would work.It lasted as is seventy three years without internal war.It held together after the Civil War. Free Blacks in America Contrary to popular belief,not all African Americans in America were slaves.Infact at first slavery was not based on race initially.But it grew out of a cultural belief,that held Africans as naturally fit for a life of bondage.Such a race was not fit to live in a society dominated by Whites.Since the first Africans who came to America,called Atlantic Creoles,manumitted slaves existed as far back as the 1600's.These Westernized Blacks lived in communities of their own throughout the English colonies in America.Some even married Whites in the beginning.As the African slave trade progressed,so did the numbers of free Africans.A unique Black culture developed with its own customs and ways that were remembered African traditions and American influences.There were many well established Black towns throughout North America.Many during the American Revolution adopted the views of Thomas Payne and Thomas Jefferson concerning the rights of the common man to rule himself.But many were realistic about their prospects of living in a White dominated country.Many thought the time had come to return to the land of their forefathers and build a life based on the ideals of liberty,private property,inalienable rights from God.Such a land would give the Black man a chance to live in dignity and control his own affairs. America vs Liberia Both America and Liberia were founded on the principles of individual liberties,both having contradictions.For the Black man of the 18th and 19th centuries,what was the direction.Both countries were lands.Both were republics.There is nothing America cannot give the Black man that Liberian cannot.So why is the Liberian Declaration of Independence not looked at in the same light as the American Declaration of Independence?Why do Black people put more faith in what White men write not in what Black men write?The following is a passage from a Liberian Founding Father John Day"The elder John Day, a skilled cabinetmaker, saw his status decline and he fell back among the common lot of free blacks. The father took to drink, lost his business and property and left the state. He left behind John Day, Jr., who had been schooled and socialized with his white age mates, to work off his father's debts. A brother, Thomas Day, became a legendary cabinetmaker in North Carolina, and John Day, Jr., became a Baptist minister. He felt his calling to be a missionary in Haiti. But he received little or no support from Virginia Baptists in this endeavor and turned his attention to Liberia, leaving Hicks Ford, Virginia for that colony in 1830. His wife, Polly Wickham, and their four children died soon after the family arrived in Liberia. A generation later, in 1854, he wrote an open letter to free blacks in America saying, " I have noticed the prohibitory and oppressive laws enacted in many of the states in regard to you, I have wept and wondered whether every manly aspiration of soul had been crushed in the colored man, or does he pander to the notion that he belongs to an inferior race?"2 Until his death, John Day continued to believe that Liberia offered more opportunity for free black families than did the United States, and that one of those opportunities was for Christianizing Africa."Like his contemporaries in the early 19th century,John Day believed the Black man needs his own nation.The founding Fathers of Liberia were just as educated and more honorable than the men who wrote the US Constitution.This Liberian Constitution was written solely for the Black man who was enslaved.Why did we not take this offer?Is this the root of our problems in America?The love of anything not Black?