Friday, October 24, 2008

The Enemy within.Pt 3 The Jackleg Preacher

I grew up in a Christian home my parents are born again Christians.I am a believer in the lord Jesus Christ as my savior.I have accepted the Holy Spirit into my life and I believe all men are brothers.I was taught that revenge was Gods and it is he administers it.Listening to many God fearing men my whole life taught me when to know when someone is filled with the Holy Spirit and and others who are charlatans,heritics,and false prophets.The whole hidden history of faith in the Black community is often exploited by the dominate White community to mislead and misuse the teachings of the Bible to enforce their social order on the subjected Black population.God is real.Goodness mercy,tolerance,love,peace,charity is what real Christian values are all about.Vile hate,foolishness,wickedness is what the devil and his false prophets give.To many preachers are leading people to hell will false teachings, compromising Gods word in order to grow their followings so to have worldly influence.Also to build wealth and fame.The Bible says seek first the kingdom of God and all of these other things will be added on to this.If a man has God in his life he will not be a criminal,fool,Uncle Tom,coward,traitor,coon,clown ect.When you walk in the light of God a person has character.

The problem in America is the Church is too political.If the political system is rooted in corruption and wickedness,then what does that make a Church that engages in the political system?How many time was the community sold down the river by preachers who met with political leaders and allowed their message to be influenced?Too many times.I think the term reverend is given to lose in our community.The word was meant to describe someone who was revered by those who followed them.It is funny how the major media refers to many people like Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton as reverend even though they are involved in many un holy like things..So why are they refered to as that?It is because the media needs people they can always count on to be the voice of the so called community.This makes their job easier because they are lazy.Getting to know the real Black Church takes really going into Black America and finding out that we are not this sheep being led around by some buffoon behind a pulpit.Many people are really anointed by God to bring his word to all mankind.The community goes to Church for spiritual reasons not political.During slavery it out of necessity that we congregated at Church to discuss issues.The preacher has no more influence on how most Black people think or vote than the Ku Klux Klan.
Why do many preachers continue to debase the Christian faith,by making stupid comment on politics?Rev Manning is one such coon.He is either insane or being paid by someone to destroy Obama.Only a coon would disrespect a native born African by refering to him as that African in reference to Barack's Kenyan father.He decided to show love for the plantation misses's daughter in this case Bristol Palin siting that Obama's mother was trash and she had him at 17 by a dirty African.This man brings new meaning to the word coon.It is one thing to hate Obama but to call yourself a Christian.Has this man ever thought of Obama's beautiful wife and kids when making those ugly remarks?Is this what White America was supporting for 400 years?A false church teaching the White man's truth not Gods?It seems that the institution of the Black Church is in trouble and only a real return to the word of God not the word or the slave master will save it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Would you sell your soul for fame and fortune?Kalagenesis Poll.

In every movement,belief,ideal,people have to hold on to the core value of what defines a people.Its customs,beliefs,history,purpose,kinship,faith.All of these things and more make up core values of a people.These things unify a group of people like language and heritage.When people live by their core values and convictions you call that person 'principled'.We a person cares or does not have a core value they tend to be pleasure seekers and hedonist.Not always but most of the time.Now the best illustration of this is in the music industry.There used to be a time when artist sung songs about life and universal themes that uplifted their fellow man.The core value that all men are born with comes from God.God manifesting himself in human beings.We are the only creatures with a soul.Our soul enables us to survive hardship,know right from wrong.Be caring and most of all care about our fellow man.Yes we are men not some higher form of beast.We know right from wrong.God puts that in every man and woman.

When I look at the vermin,filth I see in the media I ask myself who are these people although rich continue to be used to promote counter culture,crime filth,greed,materialism?All the things that rot the soul and corrupt mankind.Well I know this people could have done what Lil Kim,50 cent,Young Jeezy,did 70 years ago but they didn'tThey refused to put on black face and coon for the world.You see once you sell your soul to the devil for fame and riches you cant come back from it.Your word is your bond.When you decide to make a song about murdering your enemies baby-Lil Kim,selling coke-Jeezy,people listen to that then go on thinking this is normal.Music is suppose to put people on the right path to inspire.You may sell half as many units but you are doing the right thing.How many good musicians are out there who will never be heard because they wont sell out?Many that is the sad part.

There is another side to this.One that every person at one time or another fantasized about.What would it be like to be a criminal?Someone that makes their own rules.Or a coon/sellout like Flavor Flav.He is making alot of money.Would you demean yourself the way James T Coon Harris did by begging John Mccain to to find and bring back the runaway slave Barack Obama?Would you sellout?Would you coon?Would you for a million dollars play Buckweat,or a mammy in the next IHOP commercial?Would you say things like" lawdy lawdy,Iz so full from these pancakes I am going to sleep for 5 days"?Would you support John Mccain like Jeezy once did.Would you diss Al Sharpton to sell more records like Lil Wayne.Would you call that racist Bill O'reilly, Mr O'reilly like Juan Williams did while he just calls you Jaun?Would you be a 40 million dollar slave like most Black athletes and entertainers? I know this is a White mans country and sometimes we are just surviving.But how much is your integrity worth?The poll question is would you coon,sellout,or compromise for fame and wealth?

Kalagenesis Poll.Selling out

Would you sell your soul for fame and fortune?

I have my price

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cooning. MTV at its lowest.

There is an old saying be careful of what you wish for,because you just might get it.With me I never had such luck,I never asked for a whole lot in life but just give me the little things.A year ago a saw Rapper Fat Man Scoop on You tube with his unattractive wife in their underwear in bed telling the world about their nasty bedroom activities.I saw red at the cooning and vile debasement of the institution of marriage being displayed before the world.Be even with hundreds of thousands of hits I felt this is only the net.A few months ago I wrote a blog called'The Writing is on the Wall.The Emerging Black Blogger Power'It seems the internet is a two edge sword.Some drug addicted White pandering vile counter cultural vermin found this fat coon Scoop and his nasty wife and with all the talent out there they get a prime time bedroom minstrel show.I never ask for much but when 90% of the images we see of our race is negative it is time to call it to the carpet.Flavor Flav must be in his 10th season by now?This show is worst than that of coon Flav.This is about a man and his wife.What in the bedroom is suppose to be private,talking in one show about oral sex,mentally disturbed young audiences listening from the studio.This show is a sample of the coming cultural genocide and neo slavery that once enslaved our ancestor in a hopeless system of helplessness and humiliation.Humiliation and embarrassment is the anger and fire the brought down every great empire from within and without.This insistence of many in the White community to mock and dehumanize Black people is going to lead to violence as sure as I am sitting here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1- 800 RENT A COON.Call now and find the right sellout for your particular venue.

Yes folks it is true right now if you are a racist who needs a parrot,puppet fool of a Black man to say what you want them to say,well look no further that your yellow pages.It is called 1-800 RENT A COON.An agency dedicated to serving the interest of white domination and Black subjugation.We have many fool,clown shuffling niggers who will say anything at anytime the master White race tells them to say.And they work cheap.They will sell their souls for a few dollars,an invite to a party or a chance to date a White girl.These Black men care not about the damage they do to the image of their own people just as long as you pay them.Look at the rap industry,recently Lil Wayne made a song called misunderstood,his AnR and label works with 1-800 RENT A COON so we had some interested racist clients hire him to spew hate about the Reverend Al Sharpton.Now Lil Wayne has more fans in Klan infested suburbs buys his cd than ever!You see have these negroes have no soul.If he had an issue with Al Sharpton why didn't he come to him Black Man to Black Man instead of playing the we all one color role and racism is only something Black people without money complain about.Because Lil Wayne knows what the racist masses want to hear young Black disrespecting older Blacks in front of the world and for money.The same racist contacted us and used another of our boys the Game.The former G UNIT member was told to dis Jesse Jackson on a song and say race is not an issue any more.You see we have many Black men selling us their souls for a few buck.Hey the reason you may get a rapper cheap these days the industry is on life support.Look at the VMA'S.We supplied MTV with most of its Black and hip hop acts.We had T pain come as a clown and Lil Wayne run around on stage,with his pants down he charged 75,000 for that one but we made 20 million.Anything you want your coon to say and do we can make it happen.We had both 50 cent and Snoop Dog out making ignorant comment about Senator Barack Obama during the primaries.Bill Clinton wanted his monies worth on that one and he got it.
But our prized buck,coon,sambo,traitor to his race is Republican Micheal Steele.The former Lt Gov of Maryland who lost his bid to become the first Black governor,now heads GOPAC.The fundraising arm of the Republican party.We are making a killing with him.He is good for showing up at racist all White political events saying right wing non sense about drilling now for oil even though oil prices are falling and we might have a burst soon like the housing market.You see he guest host on Sean Hannity,and other conservative shows.If you want him to say stupid things like drill baby drill or speak on topics that he has no knowledge about just call us now a 1800 RENT A COON.