Thursday, December 4, 2008

Supreme Court Jusice Clarence Thomas does The Obama Shuffle

Earlier this year during the height of the Democratic primary season and epidemic swept through much of Black America that cause overwhelming emotion that lead to ones feet to tap dance and shuffle.The Kalagenesis called this the Obama Shuffle.Simply put the anger about the change in the old order caused ones feet to shuffle.On the other side the excitement about a new dynamic young politician, that could be the first African American elected to that office also caused ones feet to shuffle.What ever side your on everyone is doing the Obama Shuffle.Remember when 50 cent was trying to promote his album earlier this year?The trouble was Obama was on every magazine and no one cared about the former crack dealer from the gutters of New York.Everyone wanted to hear this young dynamic Black man,well not everyone.50 cent was caught shuffling when he said America was not ready for a Black President that Hilary made a better candidate.There was Tavis Smiley who said Obama should suspend his campaign and come talk to him at his annual State of the Black Coonion.Andrew Young,BET'S Coon n Chief Bob Johnson all did the Obama Shuffle.There legs needed restraints they were shuffling so bad.Now while many have even come up with a new dance since the publishing of the Obama Shuffle,called the Obama Shuffle or Hustle.
The latest to do the Obama Shuffle is no other than the race traitor,self hating beast US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.For years many have tried to give this troll the benefit of the doubt but after all these years he still is someone who hates his dark skin and curses Africa with all his soul.There is no redemption for Thomas he and others like him are enemies to all Black people.He is lucky Obama will save this country from a race war because the traitors will be the first to be dealt with.Thomas is asking colleges on the court to look into the request of a New Brunswick Attorney who file a suit saying Obama is not an American citizen.The fact that he was born in Hawaii does not matter to them they say his Father was not an American.Many theorize that he was born in Kenya.That his birth certificate is fake.Cokey Roberts even said Hawaii is a foreign country.Now these are the people leading us.Scary isnt it?Thomas is jealous because Obama beat all of them at their dirty White man always win rules.He did not have to sell his soul he has an African name and chose to come to a poor Black community and identify with with them.Black America did not have to chase and claim Barack Obama he claimed us.Unlike tiger Woods with his Im not Black,Jennifer Beals,or Haley Berry when it is to her convenience.Barack knows the greatness of the Black people and he was rewarded nicely for it.

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