Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kalagenesis Debate.Nation of Islam vs The Kala Nation

I few weeks ago I happened to pick up a Final Call Newspaper from a Muslim Brother I knew from back when we were organizing the Million Man March.I noticed that even the Final Call is not immune to the decline in readership of newspapers, because the old fire and brimstone, and sanctuary that the organization was known for is gone.Instead I see a once great institution, that was the moral authority in Black America, is no more than that of another failed social movement.What happened to the NOI?How could Min Farrakhan bring 2 million men to the capital but no achievement can be seen now?I am first going to talk about the foolish relationship the NOI developed with the so called hip hop nation,and the Minister looking for love in all the wrong places.Also we will talk about the severing of ties with the only true nationalist leader in the past 2 decades Khallid Abdul Muhammed.Recently the minister gave a speech to so called hip hop artist in which he put the blame of the filthy lyrics (that he failed to convince one rapper to clean it up since his speech in 2001)on White people buying the glorifying of Black on Black crime and sexism toward Black women.See Minster Farrakhan wants to be loved and seem accomplished.So all the rap execs have to do his invite him to speak and use what little credibility he has left to excuse their exploitation on some hidden White force or the government.Is it no wonder no one gets into activism anymore?When someone like Minister Farrakhan can be compromised then what?Russell Simmons is a businessman,he makes millions off filth and degeneracy,all he needs is an apologist and someone who wont slaughter that most dangerous "Sacred Cow"The notion that as long as you make lots of money you are justified in what ever you do.Because this is a racist country so crime,stealing,cheating,lying,killing is justified.Problem is America or no America we still have to answer to God,and I would rather be a lamb to the slaughter than to have God ask me why did I sell poison and sin to millions of children.The Minister and Russell Simmons need to repent or there will be hot flames in hell waiting for both of them.The following is the sparing I had with the Final Call Staff over the Ministers recent hip hop event.-Kalagenesis

The following is a letter sent to News:

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Name: kala nation
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Article: Hip Hop lives


Comments: Ever wonder why no one takes the Nation of Islam serious and Min Farrakhan is now a laughing stock of the Black world.It is cowardly articles like this one who keep apologizing for the traitors,murderers,drug dealers,pimps and even predators among us.I know the NOI is desperate for members and some support, so the have to try to reach out to anyone who will nod their head in agreement.This is why the Nationalist and progressive element in the African American community have all but written Farrakahn off as a panderer to these money chasing suburban market driven rap acts who have as much love for their community as the devil has for holy water.I remember Farrakhan outed Khallid Muhammed for saying so called violent things that were not in the so called teachings of Islam.But the same minister goes to concerts with people and rappers that promote drugs,Black on Black violence and he is to afraid to condemn them.Russel Simmons,Nas,Jay Z are all pimps but they pay the ministers hotel bill if he buck dances to their tune.The NOI thinks we are to stupid to see this.We are not that is why Farrakhan is irrelevant in the Black world.
The Kala Nation



kala.. you evidently took the Nation of Islam serious enough to sit down to craft a paragraph.

There are two words that sum up your comments. Willie and Lynch. See:

Your words are almost verbatim to those of the open enemy as used in COINTELPRO. They actually wrote (and write) letters to provoke conflict and mistrust and when opportunities arise, they use the ignorant ones among us to stir the pot. This was
successful in the 60s but that weak small time stuff is ineffective in this day and time.

You can read a bit more at:

Regards.. Staff


To my brother in the NOI.I am sorry if my words sound a bit harsh but I am just voicing what a lot of people are now saying about The NOI and Farrakhan in particular.It is so funny that we are still using that COINTELPRO BOOGYMAN to make the White man out to be more powerful than he is.The truth is is we were true to what we are and who we are the no man could defeat us.All of the so called White mans tricks would fail if we were in our right state of mind.You see every movement among our people was sabotaged from within.Weak men with no core beliefs,values ,convictions,or faith just zombies looking for the next pleasure or anyone who will make an excuse for why they are in the position they are in.
It has become apparent the Min Farrakhan does not know his own people that he says he is trying to lead.The masses of Black people are seething with anger.The thing that makes most of us angry is the fact that we have those Black people who are only out for themselves and prey on their own community.It seems Farrakhan is okay with this as long as the predator is another person of color and not White or Jewish.Recently the Black community was protesting special treatment of Latinos in Los Angeles at the expense of long time Black residents.Show me one thing the good Minister has said about that situation.Latino gangs are murdering innocent Black children in cold blood deliberately because they are Black,where is the NOI on that issue?Absent they are so out of date they do even know it.We the African community are facing peril and those of us who want to live are fighting back and lines are are now being drawn.The people who live this so called hip hop way of life is called the 'Culture of the Damned'read the Kalagenesis at truth as seen by the growing Kala Nation shows us that the NOI is now in the pocket of race traitors and sellouts in the music industry.Like I have said please don't give that COINTELPRO crap because most of us are not buying it.We want to be free and God help the NOI if they keep deciding to sell us out for a seconds of fame and peanuts from those hip hop coons.
The Kala Nation Under God


There is no "boogyman". COINTELPRO is real and it is foolish to think otherwise. An even more powerful reality is the self-hatred that causes some in the Black community to attempt to tear down its own leaders and organizations due to egos, arrogance and philosophical differences in the approach to our collective struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

As our Brother Kwame Ture repatedly said, Black people MUST become an organized people. He urged us to join organizations like the All Afrikan People's Revolutionary Party, join the Nation of Islam, join the NAACP, join the Black Panthers, etc., and if none of those seem to be your cup of tea then get up off your rusty behinds and create your own organization that is about the business of liberation.. but BECOME ORGANIZED as a people or you will continue to languish in hell. The majority of our people do not belong to any organization and could frankly care less about your or our philosphical arguments over who has the best methods of struggle for our people!

If you feel that the Nation of Islam is not doing what you think needs to be done to prevent Black on Black violence, Brown on Black violence or influencing the Hip Hop nation to infuse the mantle of Black liberation into their rhymes, then get up off your behind and do it yourself! If you are not, why not? If you are, you should be working your backside off every day to become more successful at it!

Wheter you like it or not, Hip Hop in reality is a leading influence for the youth! Most of our youth can more easily recite a few lines from Soldier Boy or 50 Cent that their lessons in school! No amount of whining or complaining is going to change that reality except through a stonger more positive influence.. the type of influence that in the past inspired a Public Enemy, a KRS-One, X-Clan and a number of other formerly prominent Hip Hop artists. Nas is an artist that has decided to put some more positive songs out to his millions of fan and we applaud that and encourage others to follow suit.

As opposed to wasting time complaining about what others are or are not doing, our suggestion is that you focus much more of YOUR energies on effectively solving the issues we face.

Regards, Staff


You are obviously very young and naive so to continue this battle of wits with you is unfair.What part of if we were real and loved ourselves and followed the word of God no weapon formed against us would prosper.The truth is we are a self hating people that is why other people can come in our communities and take over.You still have not given me answer to why The NOI is silent about the growing Black on Black crime that is celebrated in hip hop nowadays.This is all for White entertainment and Farrakhan approves of this modern day minstrel show?You mentioned Nas have you read the blogs or you only read what they tell you too.Nas is being ostracized by progressive rappers like my brother and good friend NYOIL,who is calling Nas a hippocrite.He tries to sound conscious then turns around and makes a song that is pure blasphemy called kill kill kill, murder murder murder.You my young friend need to understand although I don't give this music much respect it is at war with it self.You said that this is the voice of the youth.Is it?Why is Mily Cirus,Jonas Brothers,Cheetah Girls more popular among the youth then?Even Black kids are turning from the filth that modern hip hop has become.Rappers cant even make money off their so called music, and you say this is the biggest thing.I think the old Minister was mislead into believing this was where the Black community was going.Not so the majority of us are not in the ghetto,most of us take care of our families and we love African culture and we respect and love this country.The Nationalism comes from the fact that we know we are a minority group and we need to unify and build globally for our future.We need a nationalist movement to connect all progressive African people here and in Africa like every other race has,this is no fantasy this is practical.Min Farrakhan never was a nationalist he always was against anything that would better Black people that he could not get credit for.No he has joined with thugs,pimps criminal,traitors,self haters in the name of'Black unity'.Problem is the people he has joined with has as much love for their own community as the devil has for holy water.
Kala Nation under God
Khallid Muhammed vs Min Farrakhan

This tension lead to the attempted assassination of Bro Khallid Abdul Muhammed.Minister criticized the warrior for carrying a gun but has no problem reaching out to every rapper who not only carries guns but proudly boast about bodying people on their records,and clapping back.Remember his sit down with Ja Rule?The Minister turned his back on militants the people who supported him,not the hip hop nation it was the Pan Africanist,Nationalist,and militant Islamist that supported his movement.He kicked us to the curb and saw where the money was and married Russell Simmons.


THE SHADOW said...

Very interesting, my brother. Since Min. Farrakhan saved my life, through a televison broadcast, I have a special place for him in my heart.

However, as I've been fortunate enough to communicate with you, I realize that you and MLF have the same goals, but differing ideals.

Since both you, and the N.O.I. love black people, let them attempt to uplift our beloved in their traditon, you and I in ours, and in harmomy, we'll beat the devil to his kneecaps.

Peace always,


Kala Nation said...

You know George I love the Minister also.I like many other Nationalist feel like the story of the prodical son in the Bible.I cant understand why he clearly choose sides against the militants in the community and went to the so called hip hop thug musicians.To me he should have known better.Min Farrakhan save my life.It was prayer and listening to him on video and reading the Final Call which kept me on the straight and narrow.We both love our people it is time for him to let others have a voice,because we have lost an entire generation to crime,drugs,self hate, poverty,envy ect.The min can regain himself by stop trying to be loved.It is better to have 10 people listening to the truth rather than having 20,000 who are not listening and are in comfort in their sin.