Sunday, August 3, 2008

You Shouldn't throw Stones if you live in a Glass House.The Uhuru movement challenges Barack Obama

Those who follow the Kala Nation knows that this is the premier Nationalist/Pan African pro Black movement uncompromising when protecting the African American community.I have often said and it is coming to fruition now that we have phony leaders who only hate.These people never have a plan of their own just come by a sabotage any Black person doing well for themselves.They always start by questioning ones commitment to the Black cause or issues.Now over the last year thousands of blogs later and we can safely say they don't even know what the concerns of Black people are.First example is this Kala Nation believes we are a people like any other group.Although we are an African people we are also Americans distinct from other Black people in that we are not in our indigenous culture,language and we are mixed racially.Even though we are the strongest supporters of African and Pan African causes in the world.No other Black people has raise more awareness about racism,poverty,coruption,womens issues in the developing than we have.It was the African American community that brought international sanction against the Apartheid government in South Africa while other African States we doing business with South Africa.Our commitment inspite of the fact we have a self hate crisis,Africanism is growing again and people of all income levels are embracing it.
So the question is why do we still have these fringe so called Nationalist groups when it is clear most of us are beyond their reach?The answer is groups like Uhuru,New Black Panther party,even Kala Nation are out dated.Don't get me wrong their will always be these groups,but these groups have to understand there is a new Black Community emerging.One that knows it self,loves itself and knows what it wants.Right now the African American community wants Barack Obama.
Recently a few young men from the Uhuru movement in St Petersburg Florida heckled the Senator at a High School event.After looking foolish and uninformed the two sat down.I watched the young guy talk and you could tell that he was reading someone else s talking points.Back in late 1996 an incident in St Petersburg Fl put Uhuru on the map.A Black youth was shot in cold blood by the police.This started a battle between the community and the police and it was spearheaded by the Uhuru movement.This was a year after the million man march and militancy was everywhere.The Uhuru militant brought down a police helicopter by gunfire.This made the Uhuru heroes to many in that part of the deep south.To underestimate the strength of this movement would be foolish.But what is foolish is for the leader to try to ride to prominence off the back ofthe most popular man since Marcus Garvey.These fools cant understand that if Obama is elected opportunities for ambitious Black people will go up.Take for instance Africom the new African command.It will have a Pan African agenda.The leaders of Uhuru are not serious about independence for Black people if so then why cant they see the biggest threat to independence is DEPENDENCY!Socialism without productivity is mediocrity.The community is moving from failed Nationalism and anti Americanism which breeds mediocrity and dependency.We embrace Barack Obama as a symbol of the success we hope to achieve.The losers will never be happy and in that vain I am a Pan Africanist I thinks people should have the right to leave the United States and settle in Africa hopefully they can start something new in our motherland

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