Sunday, December 21, 2008

1800 Rent a Coon Christmas sale.Rev Jesse Lee Peterson thanks White America for Slavery!

Hey White America this is the friendly people at 1800 Rent a Coon,your premier coon supply company who will never go out of business because over the next eight year of Obama many coons will come out of the woodwork and shuffle.We know from looking at the education system and popular culture that many of you think the Black man has achieved the top because we are in America.Many believe Africa has no great history and would have died had the White man come there.Now although that is just the opposite during the middle ages three great empires ruled the civilized world in commerce,learning,art,science,trade,math,language,religion,These were Black countries that was located in West Africa.The names if you want to google are the Ghana,Mali,Songhai Empires.Learning centers like Timbucktu and Gao kept light in the world while Europe was in a 1400 year dark age.It was contact with West African scholars who traveled to Spain,Venice,France ect that sparked the European renesainse,and brought Europe out of the dark ages.But since many of you are convinced that you did the Black man a favor by taking his land,language,culture from him and subjecting him to the worst form of abuse mankind has ever seen we now have a coon who will tell you just that for a price.His name is Jesse Lee Peterson a real sick degenerate coon who loves even the most racist White and will let them spit in his face call him nigger and he will only blame himself.You cant beat that bargain!He loves White people!When I say he loves you I mean he thinks your farts smell like sweet spices!This nigger has even convinced the KKK to give him a lifetime achievement award.Recently according to Dr Boyce Watkins he got on radio thanking the White man for bringing him over here from Africa in chains.The best thing that has happened to the Black man according to Uncle Rutkus oh I mean Peterson!Well that is a step up at least he now admits he is from Africa.For years this coon said he was from a royal Dutch family who developed a skin disease like what Micheal Jackson has in reverse.Now for all the Black people out there I am sorry we cant offer any White people to coon for you,it just doesn't happen.Just like Black people owning White people in America never happened.Please don't shoot Jesse we are making to much money off of him.Fox Noise pays us a million for a 15 minute segment with our prized buck,coon,jigaboo,sambo the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson whom you can rent at 1800 Rent A Coon.


Micia said...

Hahahaha!! This is too sweet and true! I really don't see how coons like Jesse Lee Peterson, Larry Elder, and Ron Christie (to name a few) can seriously sleep at night.

Kala Nation said...

Thank you for your comment.