Friday, October 24, 2008

The Enemy within.Pt 3 The Jackleg Preacher

I grew up in a Christian home my parents are born again Christians.I am a believer in the lord Jesus Christ as my savior.I have accepted the Holy Spirit into my life and I believe all men are brothers.I was taught that revenge was Gods and it is he administers it.Listening to many God fearing men my whole life taught me when to know when someone is filled with the Holy Spirit and and others who are charlatans,heritics,and false prophets.The whole hidden history of faith in the Black community is often exploited by the dominate White community to mislead and misuse the teachings of the Bible to enforce their social order on the subjected Black population.God is real.Goodness mercy,tolerance,love,peace,charity is what real Christian values are all about.Vile hate,foolishness,wickedness is what the devil and his false prophets give.To many preachers are leading people to hell will false teachings, compromising Gods word in order to grow their followings so to have worldly influence.Also to build wealth and fame.The Bible says seek first the kingdom of God and all of these other things will be added on to this.If a man has God in his life he will not be a criminal,fool,Uncle Tom,coward,traitor,coon,clown ect.When you walk in the light of God a person has character.

The problem in America is the Church is too political.If the political system is rooted in corruption and wickedness,then what does that make a Church that engages in the political system?How many time was the community sold down the river by preachers who met with political leaders and allowed their message to be influenced?Too many times.I think the term reverend is given to lose in our community.The word was meant to describe someone who was revered by those who followed them.It is funny how the major media refers to many people like Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton as reverend even though they are involved in many un holy like things..So why are they refered to as that?It is because the media needs people they can always count on to be the voice of the so called community.This makes their job easier because they are lazy.Getting to know the real Black Church takes really going into Black America and finding out that we are not this sheep being led around by some buffoon behind a pulpit.Many people are really anointed by God to bring his word to all mankind.The community goes to Church for spiritual reasons not political.During slavery it out of necessity that we congregated at Church to discuss issues.The preacher has no more influence on how most Black people think or vote than the Ku Klux Klan.
Why do many preachers continue to debase the Christian faith,by making stupid comment on politics?Rev Manning is one such coon.He is either insane or being paid by someone to destroy Obama.Only a coon would disrespect a native born African by refering to him as that African in reference to Barack's Kenyan father.He decided to show love for the plantation misses's daughter in this case Bristol Palin siting that Obama's mother was trash and she had him at 17 by a dirty African.This man brings new meaning to the word coon.It is one thing to hate Obama but to call yourself a Christian.Has this man ever thought of Obama's beautiful wife and kids when making those ugly remarks?Is this what White America was supporting for 400 years?A false church teaching the White man's truth not Gods?It seems that the institution of the Black Church is in trouble and only a real return to the word of God not the word or the slave master will save it.

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