Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cooning. MTV at its lowest.

There is an old saying be careful of what you wish for,because you just might get it.With me I never had such luck,I never asked for a whole lot in life but just give me the little things.A year ago a saw Rapper Fat Man Scoop on You tube with his unattractive wife in their underwear in bed telling the world about their nasty bedroom activities.I saw red at the cooning and vile debasement of the institution of marriage being displayed before the world.Be even with hundreds of thousands of hits I felt this is only the net.A few months ago I wrote a blog called'The Writing is on the Wall.The Emerging Black Blogger Power'It seems the internet is a two edge sword.Some drug addicted White pandering vile counter cultural vermin found this fat coon Scoop and his nasty wife and with all the talent out there they get a prime time bedroom minstrel show.I never ask for much but when 90% of the images we see of our race is negative it is time to call it to the carpet.Flavor Flav must be in his 10th season by now?This show is worst than that of coon Flav.This is about a man and his wife.What in the bedroom is suppose to be private,talking in one show about oral sex,mentally disturbed young audiences listening from the studio.This show is a sample of the coming cultural genocide and neo slavery that once enslaved our ancestor in a hopeless system of helplessness and humiliation.Humiliation and embarrassment is the anger and fire the brought down every great empire from within and without.This insistence of many in the White community to mock and dehumanize Black people is going to lead to violence as sure as I am sitting here.

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