Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obamakala Nation."Yes we can "or another let down?

I was an election official in Tuesdays historic Presidential election between Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain.I got to the polls around 5am and saw the crowd was already forming we were told that we might have to stay past 7pm.Half still sleep sipping on coffee I was about to turn around and go back to bed!But an inner strength from God took over me.When I walked in with my black suit people thought I was secret service.I made the point of trying to represent my community look as strong,serious as I can to kill any last minute doubts that anyone might have about pushing the button for a Black man.You see in spite the uncle toms,coons,race traitors,self loathing fools that oppose Kala Nation and the Kalagenesis,I was determined to to be every strong Black man in history that I have read.This is why it is important that the image that Obama projects and the new image Black America is searching for stays.What died yesterday is the coon,sambo,uncle tom,Black coward.I wanted the mostly White polling station to see Barack is not alone.Over the coming years we Black men are not going to be confined to your second class role in your racist society.Even a good portion of White America wants to see what a Black man can do.Everything the many people who follow Kala Nation know is hatred is not the answer.Being what God intended us to be is the answer.Not living up to your full potential is not of God.Any country, place,region,religion that only has a belittling role for any Black man is not of God and upheaval is inevitable.Many times in our history we were given a moment to believe.During the Revolutionary War many headed the words of the founders of this great nation that all men are created equal.I am please to say after 400 years of the worst systematic cruelty man has ever known the possibility of liberty and the chains of oppression is finally broken.But it is not over!There is still one problem plaguing Black people itis those who self hate,and even more dangerous than that is racial apathy.Or the uncaring about ones people,heritage,culture,values ect.To many people outside our community dont want to see a peaceful productive African American community.These are on the far left and the far right.Those who want to destroy America and discredit her need Black people as their pawns.Is it no wonder you never see nice Black communities in the major media.This is because black misery sells. I am talking about hundreds of millions of dollar are made each year off black exploitation.It is now Black entertainment companies who supply the market with negative ghetto culture real or exaggerated.Obama's victory signals the death of this genre.But expect 50cent,Russell Simmons,Lil Wayne to disappear over night.
What has to happen is ten things:
1)President Obama must move away from any influence of the cultural left and move towards that part of America and Black America that values,family,hard work,God,traditions and values.
2)President Obama has a 99% mandate from every corner of Black America.He should build on the self responsibility,education,and self reliance theme he stressed during Fathers Day.
3)He must address the need for Black empowerment zones in inner cites and stress that true development partnering with community based business leaders be encouraged
4)He realize that the African American community is his base.We are patient because we love him,and we will support him even in the darkest of times.
5)He should address the friction between himself and the establish Black leadership that happened over the past two years.Only then can we find out who are for the community or who are traitors to the community.
6)President Obama should take these white supremecist groups seriously.He should spent time to crush these groups in America.
7)Gun violence and school shootings are out of control.Along with him being president Obama should work with law enforcement,community activist,and musicians to wage war against the gangs and people who promote them.Also punish record execs who push this garbage on our kids in the name of making a fast buck.
8)Africa needs to be developed.By encouraging educated not just cultural Pan AFRICANISN,trade with Africa,Asia,Europe,will grow.Young Black people will benefit from education in a global market if they like to travel and explore.
9)President Obama should include some conservative people in his administration.Military action abroad is coming soon to new places.Obama will have a very powerful electorate backing him.He should help out in the Congo,Dafur,and Somalia.
10)Lastly he should remember The Garvey Movement,Million Man March and other failed mass movements among Black people that failed and recognize that there will be people inside Black America working to undermine him out of jealousy,envy.

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