Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1- 800 RENT A COON.Call now and find the right sellout for your particular venue.

Yes folks it is true right now if you are a racist who needs a parrot,puppet fool of a Black man to say what you want them to say,well look no further that your yellow pages.It is called 1-800 RENT A COON.An agency dedicated to serving the interest of white domination and Black subjugation.We have many fool,clown shuffling niggers who will say anything at anytime the master White race tells them to say.And they work cheap.They will sell their souls for a few dollars,an invite to a party or a chance to date a White girl.These Black men care not about the damage they do to the image of their own people just as long as you pay them.Look at the rap industry,recently Lil Wayne made a song called misunderstood,his AnR and label works with 1-800 RENT A COON so we had some interested racist clients hire him to spew hate about the Reverend Al Sharpton.Now Lil Wayne has more fans in Klan infested suburbs buys his cd than ever!You see have these negroes have no soul.If he had an issue with Al Sharpton why didn't he come to him Black Man to Black Man instead of playing the we all one color role and racism is only something Black people without money complain about.Because Lil Wayne knows what the racist masses want to hear young Black disrespecting older Blacks in front of the world and for money.The same racist contacted us and used another of our boys the Game.The former G UNIT member was told to dis Jesse Jackson on a song and say race is not an issue any more.You see we have many Black men selling us their souls for a few buck.Hey the reason you may get a rapper cheap these days the industry is on life support.Look at the VMA'S.We supplied MTV with most of its Black and hip hop acts.We had T pain come as a clown and Lil Wayne run around on stage,with his pants down he charged 75,000 for that one but we made 20 million.Anything you want your coon to say and do we can make it happen.We had both 50 cent and Snoop Dog out making ignorant comment about Senator Barack Obama during the primaries.Bill Clinton wanted his monies worth on that one and he got it.
But our prized buck,coon,sambo,traitor to his race is Republican Micheal Steele.The former Lt Gov of Maryland who lost his bid to become the first Black governor,now heads GOPAC.The fundraising arm of the Republican party.We are making a killing with him.He is good for showing up at racist all White political events saying right wing non sense about drilling now for oil even though oil prices are falling and we might have a burst soon like the housing market.You see he guest host on Sean Hannity,and other conservative shows.If you want him to say stupid things like drill baby drill or speak on topics that he has no knowledge about just call us now a 1800 RENT A COON.


THE SHADOW said...

Man, you are RIGHT ON-THE-MONEY! Every time I think I've read your best work, you come out with something 1000 times more real.

You really touched a nerve with me in your latest post. I think I'll spend a little more time writing about Coons myself. I've been guilty of writing praises about some coons that I thought could be helped.


The best example I can think of is Lil-Wayne. I'm friends with a professional football player, and he's told me that some rappers read some of what I have to say. I wrote about the need for such visible people to join the ranks of Negros who haven't "sold out" to material comfort.

To my displeasure, and dissapointment, Mr. Wayne came out with some vile filth (don't remember what the song's name is).

Anyway, brothers like yourself are doing an excellent job of letting the people know what time it is. That includes people like me, who sometimes get their hopes up, hoping that some coons are convertible. MOST prove otherwise.

Keep up the great work! As you well know, you aren't alone in this fight to reclaim the soul of the Black Nation.

George M

Kala Nation said...

Thank my good brother it never ceases to amaze me that people think we Black people are stupid.They think they can shuck and jive,sellout,buck dance,self hate,slander the Black male in the name of being a feminist or victim out right treachery and they think we will embrace them.Sorry thanks to the internet we can fight back.This post is causing a stir on the net and people are talking.Yes this is a battle for the soul of the Black nation and we are winning.The White man thought through money they could buy the soul of our people.He forgot millions of us still have out Message to the Black Man books,our philosophies and opinions of Marcus Garvey,Richard Wright,Malcolm X,Langston Hughes ect.We have not forgotten African or our great history.We know we want to be free and these entertainers are putting us back into bondage.