Monday, November 17, 2008

Let our works be not in vein.The Gay movement in peril.

I remember watching Oprah back in the late 80's and she had a show on the Gay/lesbian movement.Although Oprah and her audience was understanding to their cause and we all should listen to what they have to say,some key points were observed that before them were always assumed.First was Black people did not like being equated with gays in that their struggle was the same.Oprah even pointed that out on her show.African Americans are still struggling now twenty years after the show.In fact this was before the rise of gangster rap and the genocidal sub culture of gangs,drugs,AIDS,unemployment hit the community.It is obvious that the gay community think the same way the dominate White community on the issues of Affirmative Action,minority set asides,gentrification,and redistricting.Gays do tend to be more liberal on social issues.But no evidence to suggest that they support Black causes.We live in a culture of vanity.Everything about our culture is a farce designed to make to make groups of people feel good with symbolic gestures and images.

The biggest over played farce was the so called civil rights movement,which in the 60's was debated among African American scholars,students to its importance.The SNVCC started by Stokely Charmicheal aka Kwame Ture challenged the who notion of non violence and cooperation with White America.There was a undercurrent of militancy and nationalism among Black people that tinged on violence.As so called civil right legislation was being passed and the world saw Black kids going to White schools in the South during the 1960's urban Black America exploded in rage.City after city burned.This is because instead of giving the Black community what it wanted,jobs,housing,credit,schools,police protection,basic human rights and dignity.They listened to uncle tom negroes and thought that a few intergrated lunch counters was enough.It was leaders like Jesse Jackson,Leon Sullivan,John Johnson,of Ebony publishing,and Earl Graves who made Black wealth and business a reality.It was the countless teachers,politicians,who made things better.It was not some bill signed by President Johnson that made Black America grow, it was our hard work.Hilary Clinton found this out the hard way and paid a price for her White benevolence.People are now using a movement that was over blown thinking,1 we would support anything that has civil rights on it,that we don't look at the fine print before reading it.I remember back in the 80's some civil rights bill came across the first Bush's desk.He signed it and the so called civil rights leaders rejoiced.A careful look at the bill showed it had nothing to do with helping Black people as civil rights is commonly proposed,but it only created more legal loopholes for lawyers profiting off of black suffering and pain.It was during this time Min Farrakhan's Nation of Islam began to grow.Why because again the community was being misrepresented.This is what is happening now with the gay movement.They constantly misrepresent the African American community by silly assumptions.They assumed that because they read about a civil rights movement they could call their movement civil rights and get our support.They miscalculated and 73% of African Americans voted for proposition 8.What is shocking is the reaction from the gay community towards the African American community.Form obliging to insults to out rite threats and intimidation all have been hurled our way.The community spoke and we made it clear we don't support same sex marriage period.But will the Gay community respect the will of our community or at least reach out and educate us on their view?Or with they try to impose it on the rest of us by force.I hope the former the latter will lead to violence as sure as I am sitting here.

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